14358 BATHURST ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5

5 8 (317.65 x 286.55 FT)

~Welcome to the World Class Masterpiece inspired by the Elegance of 17th-Century French Chateau Estates Fortified with State-of-the-art ICF Nudura Technology That Will Last Generations To Come!!!***Situated atop of the elevated grounds of King's most coveted area**Over 20,000 Sq/Ft of Luxury Living Space, Impeccable Design, Meticulous Craftsmanship, and Unparalleled Amenities.*** Featuring; The Gourmet Kitchen With Soaring 21.5' Ceilings and Average Ceiling Height of 13' Throughout.*Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury Living with amenities including a sophisticated Bar & Wine Room, a well-equipped Gym, Theatre Room, and a Spa with dry Finnish Sauna and Steam Room. For added peace of mind, there's a dedicated Security Room! Step outside to your private outdoor Oasis Retreat, complete with a refreshing pool, Inviting cabana, and Lush Landscaping.***Visit 14358bathurst.com for full Virtual Tour!*** **** EXTRAS **** This Premier Residence is ideally situated near Top-Rated Private Schools and Offers effortless access to Scenic Walking/Cycling trails, Hwy 400/404, Shopping and Much More... (34668830)

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All Listings in L7B, King

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
14358 BATHURST ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7B$33,998,0004/2/2024
116 EDEN VALE DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7B$14,500,0003/2/2024
21 WESTGATE BLVD S, King, Ontario L7B1J9L7B$11,999,9994/14/2024
250 SOUTH SUMMIT FARM RD, King, Ontario L7B1J8L7B$10,800,0004/3/2024
105 KING HILLS LANE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$8,995,0003/2/2024
62 MOUNT MELLICK DR, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$8,975,0004/13/2024
111 MANITOU DR, King, Ontario L7B1E7L7B$8,880,0004/3/2024
2 BLUEBERRY LANE, King, Ontario L7B1C5L7B$8,780,0004/3/2024
340 CHURCHILL AVE, King, Ontario L7B0G9L7B$7,999,0004/2/2024
95 EDEN VALE DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7B$7,995,0004/3/2024
95 EDEN VALE Drive, King City, Ontario L7B1L9L7B$7,995,0004/3/2024
15725 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B0L4L7B$7,450,0004/3/2024
141 KINGSCROSS DR, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7B$7,378,0004/3/2024
409 DEARBOURNE AVE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$7,300,0004/10/2024
15763 DUFFERIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7B$6,950,0004/3/2024
3815 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7B$6,888,8884/5/2024
2155 19TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0G1L7B$5,900,0004/9/2024
140 EAST HUMBER DR, King, Ontario L7B1B6L7B$5,649,0004/11/2024
11 CRANBERRY LANE, King, Ontario L7B1J9L7B$5,595,0004/5/2024
30 ORLIN CHAPPEL CRT, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$5,498,0004/2/2024
3565 16TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$5,495,0003/1/2024
17725 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G5L7B$5,350,0004/3/2024
103 CARMICHAEL CRES, King, Ontario L7B0N2L7B$5,199,9994/2/2024
52 NORMAN DR, King, Ontario L7B1J2L7B$4,988,0004/3/2024
75 KINGSWORTH Road, King City, Ontario L7B1C5L7B$4,988,0004/2/2024
13790 BATHURST ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7B$4,899,0004/3/2024
1246 15TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7B$4,638,0004/2/2024
121 ELMERS LANE, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7B$4,500,0003/2/2024
121 Elmers Lane, King City, Ontario L7B1E6L7B$4,500,0003/2/2024
72 CHELSEA LANE, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7B$4,498,0004/13/2024
23 RICHARD SERRA CRT, King, Ontario L7B0A7L7B$4,388,0004/12/2024
4165 18TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0H7L7B$4,350,0004/7/2024
4165 18TH SIDEROAD SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0H7L7B$4,350,0004/8/2024
16331 7TH CONCESSION RD, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7B$4,299,0003/1/2024
204 HOLLINGSWORTH DR, King, Ontario L7B1G8L7B$4,288,8883/2/2024
470 WARREN RD, King, Ontario L7B1C4L7B$4,238,8883/1/2024
80 CHUCK ORMSBY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0A9L7B$4,088,0004/2/2024
28 LANGDON DR, King, Ontario L7B1C9L7B$3,999,9004/3/2024
65 KINGSWOOD DR, King, Ontario L7B1K8L7B$3,998,0003/2/2024
16660 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G1L7B$3,995,0004/2/2024
171 KINGSCROSS DR, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7B$3,898,0004/3/2024
811 16TH SIDEROAD, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7B$3,868,0003/2/2024
2145 16TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$3,799,0004/2/2024
50 AUSTIN RUMBLE CRT, King, Ontario L7B0B2L7B$3,698,8884/2/2024
50 AUSTIN RUMBLE Court, King, Ontario L7B0B2L7B$3,698,8884/2/2024
27 SIR HENRY CRT, King, Ontario L7B0P5L7B$3,568,0004/3/2024
302 BENNET DR, King, Ontario L7B1G7L7B$3,499,9994/2/2024
12450 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$3,499,0004/3/2024
181 KINGSLYNN DR, King, Ontario L7B1H1L7B$3,498,0004/2/2024
32 SIR HENRY CRT, King, Ontario L7B0P5L7B$3,490,0004/2/2024
250 WARREN RD, King, Ontario L7B1G9L7B$3,488,0004/3/2024
5050 LLOYDTOWN-AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E2L7B$3,488,0004/3/2024
15550 DUFFERIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7B$3,399,0004/2/2024
45 JAMES STOKES CRT, King, Ontario L7B0M8L7B$3,338,0004/2/2024
8 TIERO CRT, King, Ontario L7B0L9L7B$3,338,0004/3/2024
21 LANGDON DR, King, Ontario L7B0L9L7B$3,338,0004/3/2024
45 LANGDON DR, King, Ontario L7B0L9L7B$3,298,0004/2/2024
16745 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G1L7B$3,290,0004/3/2024
420 KETTLEBY RD, King, Ontario L7B0C9L7B$3,195,0004/2/2024
48 CAIRNS GATE, King, Ontario L7B0P5L7B$3,188,0004/2/2024
7 KINGHORN RD N, King, Ontario L7B0M8L7B$3,150,0004/2/2024
88 FOG RD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$3,085,0004/3/2024
116 ROBERT BERRY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0M3L7B$2,999,0004/2/2024
116 ROBERT BERRY Crescent, King City, Ontario L7B0M3L7B$2,999,0004/2/2024
14449 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$2,988,8884/7/2024
194 MARTIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1J5L7B$2,949,0004/2/2024
54 HOGAN CRT, King, Ontario L7B0M1L7B$2,899,0003/1/2024
3065 16TH SIDE ROAD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$2,850,0004/2/2024
3065 17TH SIDE RD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$2,799,0004/2/2024
108 BURNS BLVD, King, Ontario L7B0M5L7B$2,748,0004/5/2024
40 LARKIN AVE, King, Ontario L7B0N9L7B$2,729,0004/3/2024
80 FINDLAY AVE, King, Ontario L7B1E1L7B$2,712,5004/3/2024
70 HUMBER VALLEY CRES, King, Ontario L7B1B7L7B$2,688,0004/3/2024
37 MUNSIE DR, King, Ontario L7B0N8L7B$2,688,0004/3/2024
92 MCCLURE DR, King, Ontario L7B1C1L7B$2,650,0003/26/2024
19 PARADISE VALLEY TR, King, Ontario L7B0A5L7B$2,648,0004/2/2024
13076 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7B$2,599,9994/3/2024
117 HUMBER VALLEY CRES, King, Ontario L7B1B7L7B$2,599,9994/3/2024
79 WILKIE AVE, King, Ontario L7B0P1L7B$2,598,9004/2/2024
6 STOKES DR, King, Ontario L7B0P7L7B$2,598,0004/12/2024
112 ROBERT BERRY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0M3L7B$2,589,0004/2/2024
74 COUNTRY CLUB DR, King, Ontario L7B1M4L7B$2,559,0003/4/2024
66 BROAD WAY, King, Ontario L7B0P9L7B$2,499,9993/7/2024
48 COOK DR, King, Ontario L7B0E5L7B$2,499,9003/1/2024
20 LASKAY LANE, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7B$2,495,0004/3/2024
21 HUMBER VALLEY CRES, King, Ontario L7B1B7L7B$2,488,0003/8/2024
167 BANNER LANE, King, Ontario L7B1G9L7B$2,399,9994/2/2024
60 COUNTRY CLUB DR, King, Ontario L7B1M4L7B$2,399,0004/12/2024
103 EAST HUMBER DR, King, Ontario L7B1R6L7B$2,395,0003/1/2024
167 BANNER LANE, King, Ontario L7B1C6L7B$2,388,0004/12/2024
49 PATRICIA DR, King, Ontario L7B1H5L7B$2,298,0004/2/2024
315 BENNET DR, King, Ontario L7B1G7L7B$2,288,0003/1/2024
188 FOG RD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$2,200,0004/2/2024
24 BLACK DUCK TR, King, Ontario L7B0A4L7B$2,199,7864/13/2024
136 DEW ST, King, Ontario L7B1L1L7B$2,199,0004/11/2024
65 BURTON GRVE, King, Ontario L7B1C6L7B$2,189,0004/2/2024
10 KINGSCROSS DR, King, Ontario L7B1E5L7B$1,999,9003/2/2024
130 EDWARD POTTAGE CRES S, King, Ontario L7B0E2L7B$1,999,9003/6/2024
4640 LLOYDTOWN-AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E3L7B$1,999,9004/10/2024
104 HAMBLY AVE, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7B$1,999,8883/1/2024
18395 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G5L7B$1,900,0004/3/2024
15 OLD CHURCH RD S, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7B$1,888,0004/2/2024
81 HUMBER CRES, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7B$1,799,9994/2/2024
35 CLEARVIEW HTS S, King, Ontario L7B1H5L7B$1,799,9994/3/2024
35 CLEARVIEW HTS, King, Ontario L7B1H5L7B$1,799,9994/14/2024
17 FAIRMONT RIDGE TR, King, Ontario L7B0A4L7B$1,799,9003/1/2024
2440 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1J7L7B$1,799,0004/2/2024
2420 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1J7L7B$1,799,0004/2/2024
2410 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1J6L7B$1,799,0004/2/2024
3415 16TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7B$1,790,0004/2/2024
177 PATTON ST, King, Ontario L7B1H2L7B$1,788,0004/2/2024
108 COOK DR, King, Ontario L7B0E5L7B$1,788,0004/5/2024
12 VALLEY POINT CRES, King, Ontario L7B0B7L7B$1,780,0004/5/2024
1572 17TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7B$1,750,0003/13/2024
233 BENNET DR, King, Ontario L7B1G6L7B$1,750,0003/1/2024
2430 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1J7L7B$1,729,0004/11/2024
17 ANDERSON COVE TR E, King, Ontario L7B0A3L7B$1,699,9994/3/2024
57 HAMBLY AVE, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7B$1,699,0003/21/2024
12868 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7B$1,588,0004/3/2024
12952 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7B$1,588,0004/2/2024
352 KETTLEBY RD, King, Ontario L7B0C9L7B$1,485,0004/11/2024
4086 LLOYDTOWN-AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E6L7B$1,399,0004/2/2024
4645 LLOYDTOWN AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E3L7B$1,289,9004/9/2024
#LOT 19 -12870 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1H7L7B$1,200,0004/3/2024
4165 LLOYDTOWN - AURORA RD E, King, Ontario L7B0E6L7B$1,185,0004/3/2024
130 DAVIS RD, King, Ontario L7B0J2L7B$799,0004/5/2024
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