1212 COUNTY ROAD 18, Cherry Valley, Ontario K0K1P0

3 2 250 Ft (1/2 - 1.99 acres)

Welcome to this stunning county home. This spacious property offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere with its 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The open concept kitchen, living room and dining room create a seamless flow, perfect for entertaining and enjoying quality time with family and friends. The fully finished walk-out basement with its own separate entrance is a highlight featuring an additional kitchen, family room, bedroom, bathroom and office space. This versatile area provides ample room for various activities and can easily accomodate guests or be used as a separate living quarters. The property boasts three expansive decks, offering plenty of outdoor space to relax, entertain and soak up the beautiful surroundings. The top deck provides breathtaking views of East Lake, allowing you to unwind while enjoying the serene scenery. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the wooded area at the back of the property, providing a peaceful and private backdrop. Accross the road, you'll find picturesque farmer fields, adding to the charm and rural ambiance of the location. Conveniently located, this home is just a 15-minute drive to Picton, providing easy access to shopping, dining and other amenities. Additionally, the renowned Sandbanks Provincial Park is only minutes away, allowing you to explore and enjoy the area's natural beauty and stunning beaches. Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional country home. Call us today to view it. (66050540)

Listing Price History


Listing Price History Chart benchmarked with K0K and Hillier

Map of All Listings in K0K, Hillier

All Listings in K0K, Hillier

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
107 THOMPSON RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$6,500,0006/9/2023
247 DUNNETTE LANDING RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$5,188,0006/1/2023
1261 COUNTY ROAD 20, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$4,900,0006/1/2023
3360 COUNTY ROAD 8 Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$4,499,0006/2/2023
8860 HIGHWAY 41 HIGHWAY, Kaladar, Ontario K0K1Z0K0K$3,999,9006/1/2023
8860 HIGHWAY 41, Addington Highlands, Ontario K0K1Z0K0K$3,999,9006/1/2023
3 & 5 RICHMOND Street, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$3,500,0005/1/2023
297 NEVILLE POINT RD, Stone Mills, Ontario K0K2A0K0K$3,498,0006/1/2023
3592 KRAUMANIS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$3,299,9006/2/2023
1338 MCDONALD Road, Roseneath, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$3,200,0006/6/2023
1338 MCDONALD RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$3,200,0006/6/2023
29 & 49 TRUMBLE Lane, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$2,999,0006/1/2023
107 VILLENEUVE Drive, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$2,956,5456/1/2023
191 COUNTY RD 20, Hillier, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$2,950,0006/1/2023
191 COUNTY RD 20 RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$2,950,0006/1/2023
#6 -3323 COUNTY RD, Stone Mills, Ontario K0K3N0K0K$2,930,0006/1/2023
374 PLEASANT BAY Road, Hillier, Ontario K0K2J0K0K$2,900,0006/10/2023
9 LANDS END Lane, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$2,798,0006/1/2023
524 HOOVER RD, Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$2,765,0006/1/2023
65 KANATA Lane, Tweed, Ontario K0K2J0K0K$2,750,0006/9/2023
65 KANATA LANE, Tweed, Ontario K0K3J0K0K$2,750,0006/9/2023
480 NORTH BIG ISLAND Road, Prince Edward, Ontario K0K1W0K0K$2,699,9006/1/2023
1618/1605 COUNTY ROAD 17 Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$2,699,9006/1/2023
662 COUNTY ROAD 7 Road, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$2,699,0006/1/2023
#LOT 2 -13688 COUNTY RD 2 RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$2,599,0006/1/2023
171 FLATROCK RD, Belleville, Ontario K0K2Y0K0K$2,500,0006/3/2023
206 LILAC VALLEY RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2E0K0K$2,500,0006/8/2023
131 PEATS POINT RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1K0K0K$2,498,8006/1/2023
131 PEATS POINT Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1K0K0K$2,498,8006/1/2023
9431 STEVENSON RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0K2E0K0K$2,450,0006/2/2023
17413 LOYALIST Parkway, Wellington, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$2,400,0006/1/2023
1818 MARYSVILLE Road, Marysville, Ontario K0K2N0K0K$2,399,9996/1/2023
692A COUNTY ROAD 15, Tamworth, Ontario K0K3G0K0K$2,399,0006/8/2023
179 SPRY Road, Marmora, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$2,350,0006/1/2023
179 SPRY RD, Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$2,350,0006/1/2023
229 SKINKLE ROAD, Warkworth, Ontario K0K3K0K0K$2,349,9006/1/2023
67 CRESSY BAYSIDE Drive, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$2,345,0006/1/2023
146 KEEWATIN DR, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$2,299,9996/2/2023
146 KEEWATIN Drive, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$2,299,9996/2/2023
898 COUNTY ROAD 12, Roblin, Ontario K0K2W0K0K$2,299,0006/1/2023
3605 COUNTY ROAD 7, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$2,250,0006/1/2023
3605 COUNTY 7 RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$2,250,0006/1/2023
#LOT 6 -13688 COUNTY RD 2 RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$2,249,0006/1/2023
#LOT 15 -13688 COUNTY RD 2 RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$2,249,0006/1/2023
44 OLDE STONE Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$2,200,0006/1/2023
419 COUNTY RD 25, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$2,200,0006/1/2023
1618 COUNTY ROAD 17 Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$2,199,9005/2/2023
#LOT 7 -411 MAIN ST, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$2,151,0006/1/2023
LOT 7 411 MAIN Street, Wellington, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$2,151,0006/1/2023
17315 LOYALIST Parkway, Prince Edward, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$2,150,0005/2/2023
17315 LOYALIST PKWY, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$2,150,0005/2/2023
329 MAIN Street, Bloomfield, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$2,100,0006/1/2023
124 OLD ORCHARD Road, Carrying Place, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$2,060,0006/1/2023
124 OLD ORCHARD RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$2,060,0006/1/2023
285 SCHRIVER RD, Quinte West, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,999,9996/1/2023
862 CHRISTIAN Road, Bloomfield, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,999,9006/6/2023
225 MITCHELL'S CROSSROAD, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,999,0006/1/2023
229 POINT PLEASANT Lane, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,999,0006/9/2023
5 SOLMES Street E, Northport, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,999,0006/1/2023
45 WELSH Lane, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,995,0006/1/2023
1742 COUNTY ROAD 17, Milford, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$1,995,0006/8/2023
2821 12TH LINE EAST LINE, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,990,0006/1/2023
252 DUNNETTE LANDING RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$1,988,0006/2/2023
29 BURSTHALL STREET, Marmora, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,950,0006/1/2023
316 COLEBROOK RD, Stone Mills, Ontario K0K3N0K0K$1,950,0006/1/2023
316 COLEBROOK ROAD, Yarker, Ontario K0K3N0K0K$1,950,0006/1/2023
3524 HICKERSON Road, Baltimore, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$1,950,0006/1/2023
3524 HICKERSON RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$1,950,0006/1/2023
9910 COMMUNITY CENTER RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$1,950,0006/2/2023
9910 COMMUNITY CENTRE Road, Baltimore, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$1,950,0006/2/2023
346 MAIN ST, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,935,0006/1/2023
2464 COUNTY ROAD 3, Carrying Place, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,915,0006/1/2023
2464 COUNTY ROAD 3, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,915,0006/1/2023
3061 COUNTY ROAD 7, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,899,0006/1/2023
#LOT 7 -13688 COUNTY RD 2 RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,899,0006/1/2023
1976 SHELTER VALLEY Road, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,895,0006/7/2023
1463 OLD MILFORD RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$1,890,0006/1/2023
30 MAIN STREET, Bloomfield, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,875,0006/1/2023
9841 ELLIS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$1,875,0006/8/2023
9841 ELLIS Road, Baltimore, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$1,875,0006/8/2023
1724 COUNTY ROAD 3, Ameliasburgh, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,850,0006/1/2023
293 ASHLEY Street, Foxboro, Ontario K0K2B0K0K$1,829,0006/8/2023
293 ASHLEY ST, Belleville, Ontario K0K2B0K0K$1,829,0006/3/2023
34 KING Street, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,800,9906/1/2023
15124 HIGHWAY 62, Madoc, Ontario K0K2K0K0K$1,800,0006/1/2023
715 MOIRA RD, Centre Hastings, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,800,0006/1/2023
1602 OLD WOOLER Road, Quinte West, Ontario K0K3M0K0K$1,799,0006/1/2023
#LOT 11 -13688 COUNTY RD 2 RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,799,0006/1/2023
1953 COUNTY 7 Road, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,799,0006/1/2023
25 QUEEN Street, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,799,0006/1/2023
6066 COUNTY RD 1, Prince Edward, Ontario K0K1T0K0K$1,762,0006/2/2023
6066 COUNTY ROAD 1, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1T0K0K$1,762,0006/2/2023
189 EAST HUNGERFORD ROAD, Tweed, Ontario K0K3J0K0K$1,750,0006/1/2023
189 EAST HUNGERFORD RD, Tweed, Ontario K0K3J0K0K$1,750,0006/1/2023
1850 NORTH BIG ISLAND ROAD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1W0K0K$1,699,9996/8/2023
274 ROCKIES Road, Queensborough, Ontario K0K3J0K0K$1,695,0006/1/2023
102-1 BELLAMY Road, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,690,0006/1/2023
102-1 BELLAMY RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,690,0006/1/2023
118 KANATA DR, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,690,0006/9/2023
118 KANATA Drive, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,690,0006/9/2023
101 NORTH SHORE RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,669,3306/6/2023
101 NORTH SHORE Road, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,669,3306/8/2023
152A WANNAMAKER Road, Stirling, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,650,0006/1/2023
223 MILGATE RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,650,0006/2/2023
152A WANNAMAKER RD N, Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,650,0006/1/2023
953 HOGS BACK Road, Marlbank, Ontario K0K2L0K0K$1,649,0006/1/2023
953 HOGS BACK RD, Tweed, Ontario K0K2L0K0K$1,649,0006/1/2023
8770 Oak Ridges Drive, Norfolk County, Ontario K0K2E0K0K$1,649,0006/1/2023
8770 OAK RIDGES DR, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0K2E0K0K$1,649,0006/1/2023
8770 Oak Ridges Drive, Gores Landing, Ontario K0K2E0K0K$1,649,0006/2/2023
36 BENTLEY Crescent, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,649,0006/8/2023
16175 LOYALIST Parkway, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,630,0006/2/2023
2 & 4 MARSHALL ST, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,625,0005/2/2023
2&4 MARSHALL Street, Bloomfield, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,625,0005/2/2023
665 HARMONY Road Unit# 17, Corbyville, Ontario K0K1V0K0K$1,600,0006/1/2023
2110 13TH LINE, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,600,0006/8/2023
2110 13TH LINE E, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,600,0006/9/2023
59 BULLS Road, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K3K0K0K$1,600,0006/9/2023
59 BULLS RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K3K0K0K$1,600,0006/9/2023
854 BAPTIST CHRUCH Road, Stirling, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,599,9996/1/2023
854 BAPTIST CHURCH RD, Quinte West, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,599,9996/1/2023
1509 VICTORIA RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1A0K0K$1,599,9005/1/2023
1509 VICTORIA Road, Ameliasburg, Ontario K0K1A0K0K$1,599,9005/1/2023
1712 COUNTY ROAD 3, Carrying Place, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,599,0006/1/2023
102154 HIGHWAY 7, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,599,0006/1/2023
61 SIMPSON ST, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,599,0006/1/2023
420 BLOOMFIELD MAIN Street, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,599,0006/1/2023
12693 LOYALIST Parkway, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,599,0006/2/2023
93 SIMPSON ST, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,597,0006/1/2023
LOT 26 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,595,0006/2/2023
LOT 26 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,595,0006/2/2023
28 PINERIDGE Drive, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,589,9996/1/2023
277 LAKE TANGAMONG WEST SHORE Landing, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,589,9006/2/2023
LOT 17 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,575,0006/2/2023
LOT 17 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,575,0006/2/2023
LOT 32 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,550,0006/2/2023
LOT 34 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,550,0006/2/2023
LOT 32 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,550,0006/2/2023
LOT 34 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,550,0006/2/2023
1387 COUNTY RD 22 RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,550,0006/8/2023
665 HARMONY Road Unit# 13, Belleville, Ontario K0K1V0K0K$1,549,9006/1/2023
11 HENDERSON Lane, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,549,0006/9/2023
184 COUNTY ROAD 16 Road, Milford, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$1,525,0006/1/2023
981 COWIE RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,500,0006/1/2023
887 COUNTY RD 64, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,500,0006/1/2023
887 COUNTY ROAD 64, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,500,0006/1/2023
578 BROWN Road, Enterprise, Ontario K0K1Z0K0K$1,499,9996/1/2023
2600 13TH LINE EAST, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,499,9846/1/2023
301 CHRISTIANI Road, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,499,9006/1/2023
131 A NORTH SHORE Lane, Madoc, Ontario K0K2K0K0K$1,499,9006/8/2023
43 CLIFFORD Street, Carrying Place, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,499,9006/2/2023
43 CLIFFORD ST N, Quinte West, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,499,9006/2/2023
24 BENHAM PLACE Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,499,0006/1/2023
325 ISLAND Road, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,499,0006/1/2023
1169 WILSON Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2J0K0K$1,499,0006/1/2023
60 TORONTO ST, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,499,0006/1/2023
214 ISLAND Road, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,499,0006/8/2023
22 SUMMER Lane, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K3K0K0K$1,495,0006/1/2023
1207 COUNTY ROAD 23, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,495,0006/2/2023
1207 COUNTY ROAD 23, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,495,0006/2/2023
1408 CLOSSON RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2J0K0K$1,495,0006/1/2023
1408 CLOSSON ROAD Road, Hillier, Ontario K0K2J0K0K$1,495,0006/1/2023
LOT 41 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,475,0006/2/2023
LOT 41 GRAFTON HEIGHTS, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,475,0006/2/2023
138 SALEM Road, Ameliasburg, Ontario K0K1A0K0K$1,475,0005/18/2023
138 SALEM RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1A0K0K$1,475,0005/19/2023
11438 C LOYALIST Parkway, Prince Edward, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,450,0006/1/2023
11438C LOYALIST PKWY, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,450,0006/1/2023
14324 COUNTY RD 29, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K3K0K0K$1,450,0006/1/2023
127 OAK LAKE RD, Quinte West, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,449,9006/1/2023
1595 HARRINGTON RD, Quinte West, Ontario K0K2C0K0K$1,449,0006/1/2023
1595 HARRINGTON Road, Frankford, Ontario K0K2C0K0K$1,449,0006/1/2023
12918 COUNTY ROAD 2 ROAD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,439,9006/7/2023
300 LEACH RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$1,439,9006/2/2023
12918 COUNTY ROAD 2 RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,439,9006/7/2023
18 CENTRE ST, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,439,0006/1/2023
300 LEACH Road, Roseneath, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$1,439,0006/2/2023
518 UPPER FLINTON RD, Tweed, Ontario K0K3J0K0K$1,400,0006/1/2023
518 UPPER FLINTON Road, Tweed, Ontario K0K3J0K0K$1,400,0006/1/2023
71 GALLIVAN Road, Quinte West, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,400,0006/8/2023
225 COUNTY ROAD 30, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,399,9996/1/2023
34 ROSSLYN DR, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,399,9005/1/2023
34 ROSSLYN Drive, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,399,9005/1/2023
103 VICTORIA BEACH RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,399,0006/2/2023
244 SALMON POINT RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,399,0005/2/2023
157 GLENS OF ANTRIM Way, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,399,0006/2/2023
157 GLENS OF ANTRIM WAY, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,399,0006/2/2023
95 WEST MARY ST, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2K0K0K$1,399,0006/1/2023
9585 CORKERY Road, Baltimore, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$1,399,0006/2/2023
95 WEST MARY Street, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,399,0006/1/2023
33 CHRIST CHURCH LANE, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,395,0006/6/2023
180 GRANDVIEW DR, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$1,385,0006/2/2023
180 GRANDVIEW Drive, Roseneath, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$1,385,0006/2/2023
763 PHILLIPS RD S, Tyendinaga, Ontario K0K3A0K0K$1,380,8005/1/2023
763 PHILLIPS RD S, Tyendinaga, Ontario K0K3A0K0K$1,380,8005/3/2023
#15 -5374 CLOSE POINT RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0K2E0K0K$1,350,0006/1/2023
5374 CLOSE POINT Road Unit# 15, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K0K2E0K0K$1,350,0006/1/2023
748 FRY RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,350,0006/1/2023
748 FRY Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,350,0006/1/2023
180 HUFFMAN Road, Frankford, Ontario K0K2C0K0K$1,350,0006/3/2023
433 MARBLE POINT RD, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,350,0006/7/2023
433 MARBLE POINT Road, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,350,0006/8/2023
872 CLARKE Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1P0K0K$1,349,9006/1/2023
739 MATTHIE ROAD, Bloomfield, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,349,0006/9/2023
739 MATTHIE RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,349,0006/9/2023
86 CAVERLY Lane, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,349,0006/2/2023
11464 LOYALIST PARKWAY, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,347,0006/1/2023
11464 LOYALIST PKWY, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,347,0006/1/2023
364 LAKESHORE Road, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,340,0006/6/2023
364 LAKESHORE RD, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,340,0006/6/2023
5966 CURTIS POINT Road, Roseneath, Ontario K0K2X0K0K$1,339,0006/2/2023
71 KING Street, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,329,9006/1/2023
231 CARMAN Road, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,325,0006/1/2023
231 CARMAN RD, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,325,0006/1/2023
2442 RAPIDS Road, Tweed, Ontario K0K3J0K0K$1,300,0006/1/2023
1222-1248 MINTO Road, Stirling, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,300,0006/1/2023
21953 LOYALIST Parkway, Carrying Place, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,300,0006/1/2023
1222 1248 MINTO RD, Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,300,0006/1/2023
605 BARCOVAN BEACH Road, Quinte West, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,299,9006/1/2023
665 HARMONY Road Unit# 8, Belleville, Ontario K0K1V0K0K$1,299,9006/1/2023
117 FRONT ST, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,299,9006/2/2023
2203 COUNTY ROAD 2, Hillier, Ontario K0K2J0K0K$1,299,9006/1/2023
2203 COUNTY ROAD 2 RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2J0K0K$1,299,9006/1/2023
1024 COUNTY ROAD 19, Prince Edward, Ontario K0K1A0K0K$1,299,9006/1/2023
605 BARCOVAN BEACH RD, Quinte West, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,299,9006/1/2023
7 CLARKE Road, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,299,0006/1/2023
38 WAYS Landing, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,299,0005/1/2023
71 MICHAELS WAY Way, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,299,0005/13/2023
71 MICHAEL'S Way, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,299,0006/1/2023
21 STORMS Lane, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$1,295,0006/1/2023
548 LORNA LANE, Greater Napanee, Ontario K0K2Z0K0K$1,295,0006/1/2023
548 LORNA Lane, Selby, Ontario K0K2Z0K0K$1,295,0006/1/2023
10963 COUNTY 2 RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,295,0006/2/2023
17682 LOYALIST Parkway, Wellington, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$1,290,0006/1/2023
300 MAIN Street, Deseronto, Ontario K0K1X0K0K$1,290,0005/1/2023
5304 RICE LAKE SCENIC DR, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0K2E0K0K$1,289,0006/2/2023
17A LAKESHORE RD, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,279,9995/1/2023
17A LAKESHORE Road, Marmora, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,279,9995/1/2023
15927 LOYALIST PKWY, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,272,0006/1/2023
15927 LOYALIST Parkway, Bloomfield, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,272,0006/1/2023
480 HAYNES Road, Castleton, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,254,0006/1/2023
480 HAYNES RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,254,0006/1/2023
132B SCOTTS MILL Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$1,250,0006/1/2023
132B SCOTTS MILL RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$1,250,0006/1/2023
1440 SHANNON RD, Tyendinaga, Ontario K0K2V0K0K$1,250,0006/8/2023
396 CHURCH Road, Enterprise, Ontario K0K1Z0K0K$1,249,0006/2/2023
21 MACDONALD ST, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$1,249,0006/1/2023
21 MACDONALD Street, Wellington, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$1,249,0006/1/2023
682 SALMON POINT Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1P0K0K$1,219,0005/2/2023
71 BAYSHORE Road, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,200,0005/1/2023
71 BAYSHORE RD, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,200,0005/1/2023
96 ISLAND RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,200,0006/1/2023
1948 EIGHTH LINE E, Trent Hills, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,200,0006/1/2023
159 GALLIVAN Road, Quinte West, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,200,0006/8/2023
96 ISLAND Road, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,200,0006/1/2023
320 CONCESSION ROAD 8 Road W, Warkworth, Ontario K0K3K0K0K$1,200,0006/1/2023
20441 LOYALIST Parkway, Consecon, Ontario K0K1T0K0K$1,200,0006/1/2023
3067 COUNTY ROAD 27, Croydon, Ontario K0K1Z0K0K$1,200,0006/1/2023
329 MICHAEL'S WAY, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,199,9996/1/2023
329 MICHAEL'S Way, Carrying Place, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,199,9996/1/2023
17 LAKESHORE Road, Marmora, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,199,9996/1/2023
17 LAKESHORE RD, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,199,9996/1/2023
9 FIELDCREST CRT, Brighton, Ontario K0K1R0K0K$1,199,9006/1/2023
9 FIELDCREST Court, Codrington, Ontario K0K1R0K0K$1,199,9006/1/2023
32 VICARI RD, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,199,9006/8/2023
533 GALLIVAN Road, Stirling, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,199,9006/1/2023
533 GALLIVAN RD, Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,199,9006/1/2023
1176 COUNTY ROAD 27, Brighton, Ontario K0K1R0K0K$1,199,9006/6/2023
802 SMITH ST, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,199,0006/1/2023
108 FOSTER Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1W0K0K$1,199,0006/1/2023
329 COUNTY ROAD 7, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,199,0006/1/2023
1339 COUNTY ROAD 12 Road, West Lake, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,199,0006/1/2023
5256 COUNTY ROAD 1 Unit# C, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1T0K0K$1,199,0005/2/2023
66 STORMS Road, Prince Edward, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$1,199,0006/1/2023
19 HEARTHSTONE Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,199,0006/1/2023
40 DRUMMOND Road, Marmora, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,199,0006/1/2023
40 DRUMMOND RD, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0K2M0K0K$1,199,0006/1/2023
20091 LOYALIST Parkway, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1T0K0K$1,195,0006/2/2023
19113 LOYALIST Parkway, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1T0K0K$1,194,9006/2/2023
0 CLEARVIEW RD, Centre Hastings, Ontario K0K2Y0K0K$1,185,0006/8/2023
00 CLEARVIEW Road, Roslin, Ontario K0K2Y0K0K$1,185,0006/8/2023
143 LAKE RD E, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,181,0006/1/2023
746 NAPHAN Road, Roslin, Ontario K0K2Y0K0K$1,180,0006/1/2023
15015 LOYALIST Parkway, Bloomfield, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,175,0006/1/2023
37 CONGER Drive, Wellington, Ontario K0K3L0K0K$1,175,0006/1/2023
333 PRINYERS Cove, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,175,0006/10/2023
15015 LOYALIST PKWY, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,175,0006/1/2023
11 RIVER VALLEY ROAD, Stirling, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,150,0006/1/2023
520 CONCESSION ROAD 4 E, Warkworth, Ontario K0K3K0K0K$1,150,0006/1/2023
LOT 8 GRIFFIN ST, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,150,0006/1/2023
LOT 8 GRIFFIN Street, Picton, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,150,0006/1/2023
12342 COUNTY ROAD 2, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,150,0006/1/2023
1 MILL POND Drive, Tamworth, Ontario K0K3G0K0K$1,149,0006/2/2023
2624 COUNTY ROAD 3 Road, Carrying Place, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,149,0006/1/2023
404 TOBACCO RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,149,0006/1/2023
404 TOBACCO Road, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,149,0006/1/2023
181 ONTARIO ST, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,149,0006/1/2023
181 ONTARIO Street, Lakeport, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,149,0006/1/2023
488 HAYNES Road, Castleton, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,140,0006/1/2023
488 HAYNES RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,140,0006/1/2023
12342 COUNTY ROAD 2, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,140,0006/9/2023
214 BULLIS Road, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,139,0006/1/2023
214 BULLIS RD, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,139,0006/1/2023
1055 FULLER Road, Thomasburg, Ontario K0K3H0K0K$1,125,0005/1/2023
1055 FULLER RD, Centre Hastings, Ontario K0K3H0K0K$1,125,0005/1/2023
488 HAYNES RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,115,0005/1/2023
498 HAYNES Road, Castleton, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,114,0006/1/2023
498 HAYNES RD, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1M0K0K$1,114,0006/1/2023
607 MCGRATH Road, Erinsville, Ontario K0K2A0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
185 PINE HILL Crescent, Belleville, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
203 PINE HILL Crescent, Belleville, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
68 HALLOWAY Heights, Belleville, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
245 VICTORIA Street, Tweed, Ontario K0K3J0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
1450 COUNTY 19 Road, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K1T0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
40 WESLEY ACRES Road, Bloomfield, Ontario K0K1G0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
90 COUNTY RD 13, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
90 COUNTY RD 13, Prince Edward, Ontario K0K2P0K0K$1,100,0006/1/2023
529 SWAMP COLLEGE RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2J0K0K$1,099,9996/6/2023
184 LONG REACH Road, Brighton, Ontario K0K1H0K0K$1,099,9005/1/2023
432 CLEARVIEW Road, Belleville, Ontario K0K3E0K0K$1,099,9006/8/2023
280 BOYCE RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,099,0006/1/2023
3 NORTH STREET, Colborne, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,099,0006/1/2023
3 NORTH ST, Cramahe, Ontario K0K1S0K0K$1,099,0006/1/2023
203 PRINYERS COVE CRES, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,099,0006/1/2023
203 PRINYERS COVE Crescent, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,099,0006/1/2023
203 EDWARDSON RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,099,0006/2/2023
203 EDWARDSON Road, Grafton, Ontario K0K2G0K0K$1,099,0006/2/2023
2494 HIRCOCK RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0K1C0K0K$1,099,0006/1/2023
1835 COUNTY ROAD 3, Prince Edward, Ontario K0K1L0K0K$1,099,0006/8/2023
2947 COUNTY 30 Road, Codrington, Ontario K0K1R0K0K$1,099,0006/9/2023
54 NORTH MARYSBURGH COURT, Prince Edward County, Ontario K0K2T0K0K$1,095,0006/1/2023