434 1st AVENUE S, Wroxton, Saskatchewan S0A4S0

6 2 50 Ft (50x125)

Small town living with a lot of value for little cost. This 2-story home has seen numerous updates including, exterior siding, all new triple pane windows, high efficient furnace, upgraded water heater just to mention the few expensive things done in the home. This 6-bedroom 2 bath property allows for a lot of space with your family. Large yard to construct your shop or triple car garage. Looking to get out of the city with taxes at $800 a year this your place. Situated only 20 mins from Lake of the Prairies in the town of Wroxton. Don't overlook this opportunity today (24716125)

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All Listings in S0A, Melville

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
Paradis-Cunningham Quarter, Lintlaw, Saskatchewan S0A2H0S0A$1,100,0004/1/2024
4 Whispering Valley Estates, Round Lake, Saskatchewan S0A3Y0S0A$999,9884/1/2024
Baillie Acreage, Abernethy Rm No. 186, Saskatchewan S0A0A0S0A$890,0004/1/2024
1003 Togo AVENUE, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$850,0004/1/2024
109 Piller ROAD, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$850,0004/1/2024
105 Smith STREET, Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$849,9004/1/2024
Holars Haven Acreage, Spy Hill Rm No. 152, Saskatchewan S0A4B0S0A$788,0004/1/2024
1210 DENNIS STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$785,0004/11/2024
KARAU ACREAGE, Fertile Belt Rm No. 183, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$749,0004/1/2024
118 Lakeside WAY, Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$699,9004/1/2024
139 Acre Acreage, Rocanville Rm No. 151, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$660,0004/1/2024
Scissors Creek Acreage, Rocanville Rm No. 151, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$650,0004/1/2024
Solitude Acres, Fertile Belt Rm No. 183, Saskatchewan S0A3Y0S0A$646,0004/6/2024
307 B Currie AVENUE, Round Lake, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$625,0004/12/2024
613 Gonczy AVENUE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$609,0004/1/2024
6 Brylee TERRACE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$600,0003/6/2024
Comfort Acreage, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$599,9004/1/2024
9 Park BOULEVARD, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$588,0004/1/2024
1 Park BOULEVARD, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$575,0004/5/2024
RM of Cana 24.34 acres, Cana Rm No. 214, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$550,0004/1/2024
NCC St Philips Acreage, St. Philips RM No. 301, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$549,9004/1/2024
Weiss Acreage, Langenburg Rm No. 181, Saskatchewan S0A2A0S0A$539,0004/1/2024
Yagelniski Acreage RM of Clayton No. 333, Hyas, Saskatchewan S0A1K0S0A$499,0004/19/2024
701 Sumner STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$485,0004/1/2024
177 5TH AVENUE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$480,0004/1/2024
120 Oldroyd DRIVE, Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$479,9004/5/2024
Lambert Acreage, Lakeside Rm No. 338, Saskatchewan S0A3E0S0A$475,0004/1/2024
509 Bay Hill DRIVE, Good Spirit Acres, Saskatchewan S0A0L1S0A$455,9004/1/2024
RB Acreage, Cote Rm No. 271, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$444,9004/11/2024
410 Oldroyd DRIVE, Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$439,9004/1/2024
114 Cedar CRESCENT, Churchbridge, Saskatchewan S0A0M0S0A$439,0004/17/2024
19.97 Acres RM of Foam Lake, Foam Lake Rm No. 276, Saskatchewan S0A1A0S0A$425,0004/1/2024
12 Oskunamoo DRIVE, Greenwater Provincial Park, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$425,0004/1/2024
Bulych Acreage, Ituna Bon Accord Rm No. 246, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$399,9994/1/2024
Edison Acreage, Big Quill Rm No. 308, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$399,0004/10/2024
Kuzub Acreage, West End, Saskatchewan S0A3Y0S0A$398,0004/1/2024
Flaman/Vermette 16.11 Acreage, Cana Rm No. 214, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$395,0004/1/2024
NE-36-20-10-w2- BILLY SUNDAY RANCH, Abernethy Rm No. 186, Saskatchewan S0A2B0S0A$380,0004/1/2024
Gardner Acreage, Preeceville Rm No. 334, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$379,0004/1/2024
Janes Acreage, Mount Hope Rm No. 279, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$375,0004/1/2024
Janes Acreage, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$375,0004/5/2024
Charnstrom Acreage RM of Preeceville 7.8 Acres, Preeceville Rm No. 334, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$370,0004/1/2024
638 Acreage, Grayson Rm No. 184, Saskatchewan S0A0R0S0A$370,0004/18/2024
721 3rd STREET NE, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$369,0004/1/2024
114 Taylor AVENUE, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$369,0004/1/2024
644 3rd AVENUE NE, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$365,0004/1/2024
123 1st AVENUE, Kelliher, Saskatchewan S0A1V0S0A$364,9004/1/2024
216 Alexander STREET, Rocanville, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$359,9004/1/2024
180 SHORELINE DRIVE, North Shore Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan S0A1Y0S0A$359,0004/5/2024
Ford Acreage, Fertile Belt Rm No. 183, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$355,7004/1/2024
Todoschuk Acreage, Sliding Hills Rm No. 273, Saskatchewan S0A4H0S0A$350,0004/1/2024
Fernie Acreage, Kellross Rm No. 247, Saskatchewan S0A1V0S0A$350,0004/1/2024
603 Laurie BAY, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$349,0004/1/2024
606 Heritage LANE, Good Spirit Acres, Saskatchewan S0A0L1S0A$349,0004/1/2024
205 Taylor AVENUE, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$349,0004/1/2024
517 Sussex AVENUE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$335,0004/1/2024
KOROL ACREAGE, Fertile Belt Rm No. 183, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$334,9004/16/2024
715 Togo AVENUE, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$329,9004/1/2024
80 Lakeshore DRIVE, North Shore Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$329,0004/1/2024
1009 Veterans AVENUE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$325,0004/1/2024
1122 Borden DRIVE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$322,4004/1/2024
635 Fourth AVENUE NE, Ituna, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$320,0004/1/2024
Daniel Acreage, Rocanville Rm No. 151, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$320,0004/1/2024
Horvath Acreage, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$320,0004/16/2024
52 Banks CRESCENT, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$310,0004/1/2024
733 8th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$310,0004/1/2024
918 Portage DRIVE, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$299,9004/1/2024
Fishing Lake Acreage, Sasman Rm No. 336, Saskatchewan S0A1A0S0A$299,9004/1/2024
573 8th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$299,5004/1/2024
Honey House Acreage, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$298,0004/1/2024
2 Knights PLACE, Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan S0A1A0S0A$289,0004/1/2024
605 1st AVENUE, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$284,9004/1/2024
GT Acreage Rhein, Sliding Hills Rm No. 273, Saskatchewan S0A3K0S0A$284,3004/1/2024
902 Sure Way Drive, Good Spirit Acres, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$284,0004/1/2024
MacKillop Acreage, Willowdale Rm No. 153, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$279,9004/10/2024
Devine Acreage, Mcleod Rm No. 185, Saskatchewan S0A2B0S0A$279,9004/1/2024
118 Eugene DRIVE, Good Lake Rm No. 274, Saskatchewan S0A0L1S0A$279,9004/19/2024
21 Lawrence ROAD, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$275,0004/1/2024
633 Mary STREET, Canora, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$275,0004/1/2024
De Moissac Acreage, Sliding Hills Rm No. 273, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$275,0004/1/2024
202 BROOKDALE PLACE, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$274,0004/1/2024
6 Hunter BAY, North Shore Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan S0A1Y0S0A$269,9004/1/2024
248 Armour DRIVE, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan S0A1A0S0A$269,9004/1/2024
Crescent 425 Corofin CRESCENT, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$269,9004/6/2024
220 2nd AVENUE, Ebenezer, Saskatchewan S0A0T0S0A$269,0004/1/2024
212 Taylor AVENUE, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$269,0004/1/2024
Roc City Acreage, Rocanville, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$265,0884/1/2024
565 Alberta STREET, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$265,0004/1/2024
Fleischhaker Acreage, Mount Hope Rm No. 279, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$265,0004/1/2024
3 on 3 Acreage, Abernethy Rm No. 186, Saskatchewan S0A0A0S0A$260,0004/1/2024
Ast Acreage, Mount Hope Rm No. 279, Saskatchewan S0A3S0S0A$259,9004/1/2024
776 8th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$259,9004/1/2024
Excel Rd Acreage, Fertile Belt Rm No. 183, Saskatchewan S0A3E0S0A$250,0004/1/2024
1115 Asquith DRIVE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$249,0004/1/2024
1104 Borden DRIVE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$249,0004/1/2024
219 Carl AVENUE E, Langenburg, Saskatchewan S0A2A0S0A$245,0004/1/2024
478 2nd AVENUE E, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$239,0004/1/2024
303 Kalmakoff AVENUE, Canora, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$239,0004/1/2024
1125 Broadview ROAD, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$239,0004/1/2024
603 Stanley STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$239,0004/1/2024
305 Pelly STREET, Rocanville, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$235,0004/5/2024
218 COLLINS AVENUE, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$234,9004/1/2024
314 Main STREET, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$234,9004/1/2024
KJ Acreage, Churchbridge Rm No. 211, Saskatchewan S0A0M0S0A$234,9004/1/2024
RM of Insinger Acreage, Insinger Rm No. 275, Saskatchewan S0A1L0S0A$230,0004/1/2024
500 Main STREET, Kelliher, Saskatchewan S0A1V0S0A$229,9004/5/2024
311 8th STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$229,0004/1/2024
36 Centennial CRESCENT, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$229,0004/1/2024
1141 Broadview ROAD, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$229,0004/1/2024
117 Coronation DRIVE, Canora, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$229,0004/1/2024
Szucs Acreage, Sliding Hills Rm No. 273, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$225,0004/1/2024
929 VETERANS AVENUE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$223,9004/17/2024
907 Maple DRIVE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$220,0004/1/2024
408 408 Main STREET, Good Lake Rm No. 274, Saskatchewan S0A0T0S0A$220,0004/1/2024
437 Esterhazy STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$220,0004/5/2024
722 Portage AVENUE, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$220,0004/1/2024
1129 Kaposvar DRIVE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$219,0004/1/2024
419 Tesky CRESCENT, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$219,0004/5/2024
126 4th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$219,0004/1/2024
609 Weikle AVENUE, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$219,0004/10/2024
616 Maple STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$217,0004/1/2024
401 Short STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$215,0004/1/2024
202 Pitt STREET, Rocanville, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$215,0004/6/2024
201 George CRESCENT, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$210,0004/1/2024
1 Park STREET, West End, Saskatchewan S0A3Y0S0A$210,0004/1/2024
358 Prince Edward STREET, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$210,0004/18/2024
401 1st STREET NW, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$209,9004/5/2024
224 Schafer STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$209,0004/1/2024
410 March AVENUE E, Langenburg, Saskatchewan S0A2A0S0A$204,9994/14/2024
134 9th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$204,9004/1/2024
43 Jubilee CRESCENT, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$200,0004/10/2024
760 Mary STREET, Canora, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$199,9004/1/2024
203 Bergmann AVENUE, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$199,0004/1/2024
Saint Acreage, Keys Rm No. 303, Saskatchewan S0A1K0S0A$199,0004/1/2024
704 B AVENUE E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$199,0004/5/2024
709 4th AVENUE, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$198,5004/1/2024
336 Scotia STREET, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$195,0004/1/2024
2 Obenauer DRIVE, Melville Beach, Saskatchewan S0A1X0S0A$194,5004/6/2024
405 2ND AVENUE, Gerald, Saskatchewan S0A1B0S0A$192,5004/1/2024
1004 Carlton DRIVE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$190,0004/1/2024
26 Noel STREET, Dubuc, Saskatchewan S0A0R0S0A$189,9004/1/2024
305 Main STREET N, Rhein, Saskatchewan S0A3K0S0A$189,9004/10/2024
532 Sumner STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$189,0004/6/2024
410 4th STREET W, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$189,0004/5/2024
719 Maple STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$189,0004/1/2024
212 Birch STREET, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$185,0004/1/2024
204 7th STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$184,9004/1/2024
1022 Queen STREET, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$184,0004/1/2024
8 4th STREET W, Norquay, Saskatchewan S0A2V0S0A$181,5004/1/2024
235 Rathgeber AVENUE, Churchbridge, Saskatchewan S0A0M0S0A$179,9994/1/2024
1132 Broadview ROAD, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$179,9004/1/2024
5 Spiritwood LANE, Good Spirit Acres, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$179,9004/5/2024
609 B AVENUE W, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$179,0004/18/2024
49 Cranberry CRESCENT, Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$175,5004/16/2024
32 1st AVENUE NW, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$175,0004/1/2024
311 Persson STREET, Stockholm, Saskatchewan S0A3Y0S0A$175,0004/1/2024
207 Pitt STREET, Rocanville, Saskatchewan S0A3L0S0A$175,0004/9/2024
515 First STREET NW, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$174,9004/1/2024
506 Maple STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$173,8884/1/2024
206 Park AVENUE, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$172,0004/18/2024
320 3rd STREET, Bredenbury, Saskatchewan S0A0H0S0A$169,9004/1/2024
701 4TH AVENUE, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$169,5004/1/2024
26 Drobot STREET, Quill Lake, Saskatchewan S0A3E0S0A$169,0004/1/2024
1130 Broadview ROAD, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$169,0004/1/2024
Duiker Acreage, Sasman Rm No. 336, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$169,0004/12/2024
608 B AVENUE W, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$168,0004/1/2024
731 Sumner STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$166,7004/1/2024
77 Second STREET NE, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$165,0004/1/2024
342 6th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$165,0004/1/2024
Springburn Acreage, Elfros Rm No. 307, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$164,9004/1/2024
Springburn Acreage, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$164,9004/9/2024
241 4th AVENUE E, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$163,9994/1/2024
357 4th AVENUE, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$163,0003/9/2024
357 4th AVENUE E, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$163,0003/11/2024
218 4th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$162,5004/1/2024
238 1st AVENUE E, Canora, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$162,5004/10/2024
Wolkowski Acreage, Buchanan Rm No. 304, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$159,9004/9/2024
109 Cumming STREET, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$159,9004/1/2024
723 Maple STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$159,0004/1/2024
310 3rd AVENUE NE, Ituna, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$159,0004/1/2024
412 4th STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$154,9004/1/2024
510 4th STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$152,0004/1/2024
214 2nd AVENUE E, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$150,0004/1/2024
15 Kim Dawn CRESCENT, North Shore Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan S0A1Y0S0A$149,9004/1/2024
304 Stewart STREET, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$149,9004/5/2024
16 Jubilee CRESCENT, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$149,9004/6/2024
101 5th AVENUE W, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$148,9004/17/2024
120 Road AVENUE, Langenburg, Saskatchewan S0A2A0S0A$147,0004/1/2024
349 Second STREET, Togo, Saskatchewan S0A4E0S0A$145,0004/1/2024
318 4th AVENUE E, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$145,0004/1/2024
226 Vincent AVENUE W, Churchbridge, Saskatchewan S0A0M0S0A$144,9004/1/2024
KM Acreage, Wallace Rm No. 243, Saskatchewan S0A3N0S0A$144,0004/5/2024
405 3rd STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$140,0004/1/2024
42 1st AVENUE NE, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$140,0004/1/2024
39 3rd AVENUE NW, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$140,0004/1/2024
118 Carl AVENUE W, Langenburg, Saskatchewan S0A2A0S0A$139,9004/1/2024
304 4th STREET W, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$139,0004/1/2024
414 6th STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$139,0004/1/2024
318 4th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$135,0004/1/2024
142 8th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$135,0004/1/2024
303 2nd STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$134,9004/1/2024
407 3rd STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$134,9004/15/2024
49 8th STREET NE, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$134,9004/7/2024
464 1st AVENUE E, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$134,0004/18/2024
9 Walker AVENUE, Yarbo, Saskatchewan S0A4V0S0A$132,5004/1/2024
159 Queen Elizabeth BOULEVARD, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$132,0004/1/2024
435 6th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$132,0004/1/2024
205 1st AVENUE NW, Gerald, Saskatchewan S0A1B0S0A$130,0004/9/2024
234 2nd AVENUE S, Norquay, Saskatchewan S0A2V0S0A$129,9004/6/2024
509 Railway AVENUE, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$129,9004/10/2024
202 1st AVENUE NW, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$129,0004/1/2024
35 Porcupine DRIVE, Hudson Bay Rm No. 394, Saskatchewan S0A0W0S0A$129,0004/1/2024
410 East AVENUE, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$128,9004/1/2024
912 Railway AVENUE, Sheho, Saskatchewan S0A3T0S0A$125,0004/9/2024
T V Acreage, Orkney Rm No. 244, Saskatchewan S0A0B5S0A$124,9003/14/2024
209 Prouse STREET, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$124,0004/1/2024
510 East AVENUE, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$121,0004/1/2024
303 3RD STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$119,9004/1/2024
325 4th AVENUE E, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$119,0004/1/2024
613 Westview DRIVE S, Leslie Beach, Saskatchewan S0A1A0S0A$119,0004/1/2024
214 6th AVENUE E, Canora, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$118,0004/1/2024
12 Davies STREET, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$117,0004/18/2024
606 2nd AVENUE, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$117,0004/1/2024
314 Main STREET, Gerald, Saskatchewan S0A1B0S0A$115,0004/1/2024
508 Margaret STREET, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4B0S0A$115,0004/1/2024
724 Sumner STREET, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan S0A0X0S0A$115,0004/1/2024
118 Allan AVENUE, Churchbridge, Saskatchewan S0A0M0S0A$114,9004/1/2024
317 Wells AVENUE E, Langenburg, Saskatchewan S0A2A0S0A$112,0004/1/2024
12 Railway STREET S, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$110,0004/1/2024
103 Brooks AVENUE, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$109,0004/1/2024
200 High STREET, Bredenbury, Saskatchewan S0A0H0S0A$109,0004/1/2024
517 2nd STREET, Ituna, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$109,0004/11/2024
26 2nd AVENUE NE, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$105,0004/1/2024
344 5th AVENUE E, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$105,0004/1/2024
307 1st STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$102,0004/1/2024
110 5th AVENUE W, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$99,9004/1/2024
169 Road Allowance, Calder, Saskatchewan S0A0K0S0A$99,9004/1/2024
829 Sturgis AVENUE, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A0J0S0A$99,0004/1/2024
6 Nelson Lake, Preeceville Rm No. 334, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$99,0004/6/2024
106 Cumming STREET, Springside, Saskatchewan S0A3V0S0A$98,9004/1/2024
218 Poplar AVENUE, Canora, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$98,9004/5/2024
7 Joseph STREET, Dubuc, Saskatchewan S0A0R0S0A$95,0004/1/2024
1009 Martin PLACE, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$95,0004/5/2024
300 BROADWAY AVENUE, Bredenbury, Saskatchewan S0A0H0S0A$94,9004/9/2024
432 2nd AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$90,0004/1/2024
128 HARVEY STREET, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$89,9004/1/2024
113 2nd AVENUE E, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$89,9003/27/2024
316 Bismark AVENUE, Langenburg, Saskatchewan S0A2A0S0A$89,0004/1/2024
115 Second AVENUE S, Pelly, Saskatchewan S0A2Z0S0A$89,0004/9/2024
309 A AVENUE E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$89,0004/1/2024
515 Garden STREET, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$85,9004/19/2024
414 Forget STREET, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan S0A1A0S0A$85,9004/5/2024
406 Second STREET, Pelly, Saskatchewan S0A2Z0S0A$85,0004/1/2024
RM of Keys Acreage, Keys Rm No. 303, Saskatchewan S0A0L0S0A$85,0004/5/2024
365 7th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$84,0004/1/2024
406 1st AVENUE S, Pelly, Saskatchewan S0A2Z0S0A$80,0004/1/2024
441 1st AVENUE SE, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$79,9004/1/2024
624 Forget STREET, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan S0A1A0S0A$79,9004/1/2024
17 Adolphe AVENUE, Lestock, Saskatchewan S0A2G0S0A$79,9004/1/2024
309 1st AVENUE SE, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$79,9004/1/2024
309 Durham STREET, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$79,9004/1/2024
17 Saskatchewan AVENUE, Quill Lake, Saskatchewan S0A3E0S0A$79,9003/15/2024
51 Railway AVENUE SW, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$79,9003/21/2024
601 Main STREET, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$78,9004/1/2024
135 6th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$78,0004/1/2024
207 Queen STREET, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$76,9004/1/2024
258 5th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$76,0004/1/2024
325 Victoria STREET, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$75,0004/1/2024
660 3rd AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$74,9004/1/2024
525 1st AVENUE, Raymore, Saskatchewan S0A3J0S0A$74,9004/1/2024
181 Main STREET, Grayson, Saskatchewan S0A1E0S0A$74,9004/1/2024
402 7th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$74,0004/1/2024
309 2nd STREET W, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$72,0004/1/2024
Morton Acreage, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$69,9004/1/2024
409 Anderson AVENUE, Theodore, Saskatchewan S0A4C0S0A$69,9004/1/2024
308 Ohlen STREET, Stockholm, Saskatchewan S0A3Y0S0A$69,5004/1/2024
304 1st AVENUE SW, Norquay, Saskatchewan S0A2V0S0A$69,0004/1/2024
307 A AVENUE E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$68,0004/1/2024
306 2nd STREET NE, Ituna, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$65,4004/12/2024
504 7th STREET E, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$65,0004/12/2024
102 1st STREET N, Endeavour, Saskatchewan S0A0W0S0A$65,0004/1/2024
105 Prouse STREET, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$59,9004/1/2024
201 Fourth STREET NE, Ituna, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$59,9004/1/2024
105 4th AVENUE W, Kelvington, Saskatchewan S0A1W0S0A$59,9004/1/2024
302 Montreal AVENUE, Saltcoats, Saskatchewan S0A3R0S0A$59,9004/5/2024
301 6th AVENUE E, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$59,9004/18/2024
213 Wall AVENUE, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$59,0004/1/2024
153 Miles STREET, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$57,0004/1/2024
320 Saskatchewan DRIVE, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$54,9004/1/2024
207 4th STREET W, Wynyard, Saskatchewan S0A4T0S0A$54,9004/1/2024
301 Rongve STREET, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$54,9004/1/2024
359 2nd AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$54,0004/1/2024
45 Assiniboia AVENUE, Dubuc, Saskatchewan S0A0R0S0A$51,9004/1/2024
218 Third STREET NE, Ituna, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$50,0004/1/2024
49 2nd AVENUE NE, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$49,9004/1/2024
301 MCINTOSH STREET, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan S0A1A0S0A$49,0004/1/2024
305 Louis STREET, Neudorf, Saskatchewan S0A2T0S0A$49,0004/1/2024
410 Central AVENUE, Buchanan, Saskatchewan S0A0J0S0A$47,5004/1/2024
108 1st AVENUE NE, Ituna, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$45,0004/16/2024
232 7th AVENUE W, Melville, Saskatchewan S0A2P0S0A$44,0004/19/2024
23 6th AVENUE SW, Ituna, Saskatchewan S0A1N0S0A$42,9003/6/2024
213 Carment AVENUE, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$42,5004/1/2024
125 2nd STREET NW, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$39,9004/1/2024
504 Highway AVENUE E, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$39,9004/6/2024
302 Morken STREET, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$36,9004/1/2024
330 Railway AVENUE, Sturgis, Saskatchewan S0A4A0S0A$35,0004/1/2024
22 2nd AVENUE NW, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A3B0S0A$35,0004/1/2024
106 Henry STREET, Sheho, Saskatchewan S0A3T0S0A$35,0004/1/2024
201 1st STREET W, Wishart, Saskatchewan S0A4R0S0A$32,9004/6/2024
365 5th STREET NE, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$29,9004/1/2024
307 EAST AVENUE, Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A1S0S0A$29,9004/10/2024
124 Theodore STREET, Theodore, Saskatchewan S0A0H1S0A$23,0004/1/2024
117 1st STREET NE, Wadena, Saskatchewan S0A4J0S0A$19,9004/1/2024
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