42 STOREY Drive, Acton, Ontario L7J2P4

3 3 64 Ft (under 1/2 acre)

This home is a must see!! 42 Storey Drive, located in Acton on a manicured lot with beautiful gardens, double driveway, attached garage & mature trees. This meticulously cared for two-storey has 3 bedrooms upstairs, two washrooms above grade & a beautifully finished basement with an additional rec. room, 3pc washroom and another bedroom/ office for plenty of extra space and storage. The primary bedroom was originally two separate bedrooms converted into one to create a larger, more enjoyable space to relax & unwind. The upstairs 4pc washroom is an ensuite privilege with a Jacuzzi tub & a separate shower. Each bedroom has upgraded windows (2017) allowing in plenty of natural light and laminate flooring throughout the 2nd floor. The living room has hardwood flooring, a large principle window showcasing the beautiful porch & front yard. Dining room is open to the kitchen with ceramic flooring, wood plank ceiling & a large window looking out towards the backyard. The kitchen is great for entertaining with a large island, tray ceiling, ceramic flooring & plenty of pot lights. This is the perfect family home in the perfect family neighbourhood. Call today for a private viewing! (65097265)

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Listing Price History Chart benchmarked with L7J and Halton Hills

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All Listings in L7J, Halton Hills

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
13738 SIXTH LINE NASSAGAWEYA, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$6,395,0009/5/2023
13738 SIXTH LINE, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$6,395,0009/6/2023
11106 FOURTH Line, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2M1L7J$6,300,0009/3/2023
25 Turtle Lake Drive, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2W7L7J$6,188,0009/2/2023
25 TURTLE LAKE DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2W7L7J$6,188,0009/2/2023
5031 SIXTH LINE, Erin, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$3,950,0009/2/2023
5046 WELLINGTON 125 RD, Erin, Ontario L7J2L9L7J$3,950,0009/2/2023
5046 WELLINGTON 125 Road, Erin, Ontario L7J2L9L7J$3,950,0009/2/2023
11678 REGIONAL ROAD 25 Road, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2M1L7J$3,625,0009/3/2023
5224 6TH LINE, Erin, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$3,499,0009/20/2023
10214 HIGHWAY 7, Halton, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$3,200,0009/11/2023
12084 SIXTH LN NASSAGAWEYA, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,999,9999/2/2023
12084 SIXTH LINE NASSAGAWEYA, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,999,9999/2/2023
15 TURTLE LAKE Drive, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2W7L7J$2,988,8009/2/2023
15 TURTLE LAKE DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2W7L7J$2,988,8009/2/2023
3 TURTLE LAKE DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2W7L7J$2,950,0009/2/2023
11948 DUBLIN LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2M1L7J$2,850,0009/14/2023
7 DEER RUN CRES, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,850,0009/22/2023
11948 DUBLIN Line, Acton, Ontario L7J2M1L7J$2,850,0009/14/2023
12097 6TH LINE NASSAGAWEYA, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,800,0009/3/2023
5291 25 SDRD, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,799,3979/21/2023
5291 25 SIDE Road, Acton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,799,3799/21/2023
5291 25 SIDE Road, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,799,3799/23/2023
9620 WELLINGTON ROAD 42, Erin, Ontario L7J4S8L7J$2,649,9999/4/2023
4962 THIRD Line W, Erin, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$2,600,0009/2/2023
12355 SIXTH LI NASSAGAWEYA, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,499,9009/13/2023
8 MORGAN DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,395,0009/13/2023
8 MORGAN Drive, Acton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,395,0009/14/2023
15 TRILLIUM TERR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2W8L7J$2,395,0009/21/2023
15 TRILLIUM Terrace, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2W8L7J$2,395,0009/21/2023
11174 SIXTH LN NASSAGAWEYA, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,350,0009/26/2023
9 MORGAN DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,249,9009/22/2023
9 MORGAN Drive, Acton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,249,9009/22/2023
6 MORGAN DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,200,0009/2/2023
6 MORGAN Drive, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$2,200,0009/2/2023
8957 WELLINGTON 50 RD, Erin, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$1,999,0009/2/2023
8957 WELLINGTON 50 ROAD Road, Erin, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$1,999,0009/2/2023
12 Davidson Drive, Acton, Ontario L7J0A4L7J$1,998,0009/6/2023
12 DAVIDSON DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J0A4L7J$1,998,0009/6/2023
5383 25TH SIDE RD, Milton, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$1,899,0009/2/2023
9342 SIDEROAD 9, Erin, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$1,870,0009/12/2023
10 GORDON'S CREEK CRT, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$1,799,9009/2/2023
244 MAIN ST S, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1Y2L7J$1,749,0009/2/2023
4922 FIRST LINE, Erin, Ontario L7J2L9L7J$1,499,9999/19/2023
12557 REGIONAL ROAD 25 RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2M1L7J$1,450,0009/2/2023
10498 HIGHWAY 7, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L8L7J$1,299,0009/14/2023
5024 WELLINGTON 125 Road, Erin, Ontario L7J2L9L7J$1,299,0008/16/2023
19 ELLIOTT DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2Y7L7J$1,289,9009/21/2023
19 ELLIOTT Drive, Acton, Ontario L7J2Y7L7J$1,289,9009/25/2023
5452 FIRST LINE, Erin, Ontario L7J2L9L7J$1,287,8889/13/2023
11750 DUBLIN Line, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2M1L7J$1,249,9999/12/2023
57 RACHLIN DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J3B3L7J$1,249,9009/2/2023
18 SPROWL ST, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J3A8L7J$1,239,9009/2/2023
184 ACTON BLVD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J3B7L7J$1,149,9008/24/2023
184 ACTON Boulevard, Acton, Ontario L7J3B7L7J$1,149,9008/24/2023
235 ACTON BLVD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2Y4L7J$1,099,9009/2/2023
5 BEARDMORE CRES, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2Y9L7J$1,099,0009/6/2023
5 BEARDMORE Crescent, Acton, Ontario L7J2Y9L7J$1,099,0009/6/2023
34 SPROWL ST, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J3A9L7J$1,099,0009/2/2023
34 SPROWL Street, Acton, Ontario L7J3A9L7J$1,099,0009/2/2023
108 Acton Boulevard, Acton, Ontario L7J2H7L7J$1,089,9999/2/2023
108 Acton Boulevard, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2H7L7J$1,089,9999/11/2023
6268 32 SIDE RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$1,075,0009/2/2023
156 MAIN ST S, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1X9L7J$1,059,0009/20/2023
156 MAIN Street S, Acton, Ontario L7J1X9L7J$1,059,0009/20/2023
25 SPROWL ST, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J3A9L7J$999,0009/26/2023
73 ELIZABETH DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1B4L7J$995,0009/15/2023
6703 25 RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$989,5009/8/2023
6703 25 Side Road, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$989,5009/9/2023
6703 25TH SDRD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L7L7J$989,5009/11/2023
21 DIVISION ST, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2R2L7J$989,0009/13/2023
183 CHURCHILL RD S, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J3B4L7J$974,9009/22/2023
7 STOREY DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2N4L7J$969,8009/12/2023
28 STOREY DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2S9L7J$959,0009/14/2023
281 QUEEN ST E, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1P8L7J$949,0009/2/2023
108 DOCTOR MOORE CRT, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J3A7L7J$899,9999/2/2023
108 DOCTOR MOORE Court, Acton, Ontario L7J3A7L7J$899,9999/2/2023
41 STOREY DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2N4L7J$899,0009/15/2023
11 WRIGHT AVE, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2T7L7J$878,0008/18/2023
11 WRIGHT Avenue, Acton, Ontario L7J2T7L7J$878,0008/18/2023
122 LONGFIELD RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2K4L7J$860,0009/6/2023
122 LONGFIELD Road, Acton, Ontario L7J2K4L7J$860,0009/6/2023
70 ROSEFORD TERR, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L3L7J$849,9009/13/2023
70 ROSEFORD Terrace, Acton, Ontario L7J2L3L7J$849,9009/13/2023
55 MOWBRAY PL, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2J9L7J$849,0009/26/2023
55 MOWBRAY Place, Acton, Ontario L7J2J9L7J$849,0009/26/2023
13 YOUNG Street, Acton, Ontario L7J2G5L7J$799,0009/20/2023
12 HILL ST, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2W2L7J$797,0009/29/2023
194 MCDONALD Boulevard, Acton, Ontario L7J1B1L7J$749,9999/2/2023
194 MCDONALD BLVD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1B1L7J$749,9999/2/2023
8 PARK AVE, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1Y4L7J$699,9999/12/2023
8 PARK Avenue, Acton, Ontario L7J1Y4L7J$699,9999/12/2023
14111 REGIONAL RD 25, Acton, Ontario L7J2L9L7J$699,9009/7/2023
14111 REGIONAL RD 25, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2L9L7J$699,9009/9/2023
66 MAIN ST N, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1W2L7J$689,8899/14/2023
16 CAMERON Street, Acton, Ontario L7J1Y7L7J$649,9009/2/2023
16 CAMERON ST, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1Y7L7J$649,9009/2/2023
130 LONGFIELD RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2K4L7J$649,9009/9/2023
178 LONGFIELD RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2K4L7J$649,9009/12/2023
178 LONGFIELD Road, Acton, Ontario L7J2K4L7J$649,9009/12/2023
37 YOUNG ST, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J2G7L7J$600,0009/2/2023
89 CHURCH ST E, Halton Hills, Ontario L7J1K9L7J$499,9009/7/2023
89 CHURCH Street E, Acton, Ontario L7J1K9L7J$499,9009/7/2023
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