38 ROYAL OAK Drive, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0

2 1 (under 1/2 acre)

Cute 2 Bedroom Bungalow In Semi Retirement/Retirement Community. Close To Highway 400, Walking Distance To Cookstown Main Street. Home Is Being Sold In As-Is Condition And Is A Landlease. (64767714)

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All Listings in L0L, Elmvale

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
1775 RIDGE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$37,000,00010/3/2023
5 MONICA RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$9,999,99910/2/2023
5 MONICA Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$9,999,99910/2/2023
17 Pemberton Lane, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$7,999,99910/3/2023
5856 HIGHWAY 89, Essa, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$7,900,00010/3/2023
153 BAY ST, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$7,025,00010/2/2023
4572 HWY 89, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$4,200,00010/3/2023
16 VALLEYCREST DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$3,999,9859/3/2023
183 LAKESHORE Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$3,750,00010/3/2023
183 LAKESHORE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$3,750,00010/3/2023
200 COUNTY 6 Road N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$3,500,00010/3/2023
1748 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$3,499,90010/2/2023
250 11 Concession E, Tiny Twp, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$3,495,00010/3/2023
6409 10TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$3,450,0009/2/2023
1614 RIDGE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$3,359,00010/3/2023
24 FINLEY Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$3,350,00010/2/2023
24 FINLEY DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$3,350,00010/2/2023
1 PIERCE Court, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$3,349,90010/2/2023
1 PIERCE CRT, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$3,349,90010/2/2023
LOT 28 GILFORD ESTATES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$3,339,90010/3/2023
301 4 Concession E, Tiny Twp, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$3,300,0009/3/2023
301 4 CONCESSION E, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$3,300,0009/3/2023
26 NOTTAWAGA DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$3,300,00010/2/2023
38 WILLOW Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$3,299,00010/3/2023
38 WILLOW DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$3,299,00010/3/2023
199 3 CONCESSION Road W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$3,200,00010/3/2023
12 SUTTON HTS, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$3,050,0009/3/2023
12 SUTTON Heights, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$3,050,0009/3/2023
316 OLD BARRIE ROAD EAST RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,995,00010/3/2023
14 JAMES Street, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$2,949,00010/2/2023
LOT 2 GILFORD ESTATES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$2,914,90010/3/2023
176 DALE CRES, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$2,899,99910/3/2023
176 DALE Crescent, Bradford, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$2,899,99910/3/2023
31 BAY ST, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$2,875,00010/3/2023
31 BAY Street, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$2,875,00010/3/2023
40 BALMORAL Avenue, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$2,799,99010/2/2023
20 SYMOND Avenue, Oro Station, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,789,00010/3/2023
20 SYMOND AVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,789,00010/3/2023
100 CONCESSION 13 W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$2,780,00010/2/2023
1548 1 Line S, Shanty Bay, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$2,750,00010/3/2023
396 BALM BEACH RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$2,750,00010/2/2023
396 BALM BEACH Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$2,750,00010/2/2023
17 OHARA Lane, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$2,749,0009/2/2023
8 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$2,700,00010/3/2023
8 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$2,700,00010/3/2023
1336 RAINBOW VALLEY Road E, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$2,699,88810/3/2023
3327 LINE 4 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$2,650,00010/2/2023
105 MENNILL Drive, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$2,649,99910/3/2023
105 MENNILL DR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$2,649,99910/3/2023
22 EAST JOHN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$2,600,00010/2/2023
22 EAST JOHN Street, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$2,600,00010/2/2023
4443 LINE 6 LINE N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,599,00010/3/2023
4443 LINE 6 NORTH Line N, Moonstone, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,599,00010/3/2023
1524 FLOS 8 RD E, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,550,00010/3/2023
1524 FLOS 8 Road E, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,550,00010/3/2023
23 GRANDVIEW CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,500,00010/3/2023
23 GRANDVIEW Road, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,500,0009/3/2023
219 BAYSHORE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$2,500,00010/3/2023
219 BAYSHORE Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$2,500,00010/3/2023
2916 7 LINE N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,500,00010/3/2023
2916 LINE 7 N, Simcoe, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,500,00010/3/2023
14 SELBY ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$2,499,90010/3/2023
14 SELBY Street, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$2,499,90010/3/2023
112 LAKESHORE Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,499,90010/2/2023
112 LAKESHORE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,499,90010/2/2023
148 GOLDFINCH Crescent, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$2,499,77710/3/2023
1373 MAPLE Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$2,499,00010/3/2023
2679 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$2,499,00010/3/2023
2679 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$2,499,0009/3/2023
2284 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,495,00010/3/2023
2284 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,495,00010/3/2023
943 BARRY AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$2,450,00010/3/2023
943 BARRY Avenue, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$2,450,00010/3/2023
81 PARKSIDE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$2,399,00010/3/2023
81 PARKSIDE Drive, Hawkestone, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$2,399,0009/3/2023
81 PARKSIDE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$2,399,0009/25/2023
2749 13 LINE, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$2,398,88810/2/2023
5 MORAN ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$2,388,0009/2/2023
4437 5TH SIDE RD, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$2,380,00010/2/2023
283 BEACH RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$2,349,00010/3/2023
134 TINY BEACHES Road N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$2,300,00010/2/2023
134 TINY BEACHES ROAD RD N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$2,300,00010/2/2023
35 GALLAGHER CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$2,299,99510/2/2023
35 GALLAGHER Crescent, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$2,299,99510/2/2023
34 MARNI Lane, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$2,288,00010/3/2023
16761 COUNTY RD 27 Road, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,275,0009/19/2023
16761 COUNTRY 27 RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,275,00010/2/2023
16761 COUNTY 27 Road, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,275,00010/2/2023
95 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,269,00010/2/2023
95 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$2,269,00010/2/2023
2872 OLD SECOND RD S, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$2,250,00010/2/2023
5013 10TH SDRD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$2,245,00010/2/2023
5013 10TH Side Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$2,245,00010/2/2023
5662 WESSON Road, New Tecumseth, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$2,200,00010/3/2023
90 SPRUCE ST E, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$2,199,90010/2/2023
2300 FLOS ROAD 11 W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,199,90010/2/2023
2300 FLOS ROAD 11 W, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$2,199,90010/2/2023
927 BARRY AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$2,199,00010/3/2023
927 BARRY Avenue, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$2,199,00010/3/2023
21 HEATHERWOOD DR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X1L0L$2,189,99910/3/2023
21 HEATHERWOOD Drive, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X1L0L$2,189,99910/3/2023
203 BARRIE ST, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$2,180,00010/2/2023
1304 BASS LAKE SIDE ROAD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$2,100,00010/3/2023
1304 BASS LAKE SD Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$2,100,00010/3/2023
1370 1 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$2,100,00010/3/2023
25 TIMBER WOLF TR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$2,099,60010/2/2023
7 PINEHURST LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$2,029,99910/2/2023
7 PINEHURST Lane, Anten Mills, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$2,029,99910/2/2023
2988 MARGARET RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,999,95010/3/2023
2988 MARGARET Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,999,95010/3/2023
185 LAKESHORE Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,999,90010/2/2023
185 LAKESHORE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,999,90010/2/2023
LOT 47 UNNAMED Street, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,999,00010/3/2023
1217 GOLF COURSE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,999,0009/3/2023
22 LOFTUS RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$1,999,00010/2/2023
22 LOFTUS Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$1,999,00010/2/2023
5832 5 SIDE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,998,00010/3/2023
3 DALE CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,997,0009/7/2023
26 VICTORIA ST W, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,990,9909/3/2023
1195 SHORE ACRES DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,980,00010/2/2023
1271 MAPLE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$1,899,00010/3/2023
1284 FLOS RD 3 E, Phelpston, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$1,899,0009/3/2023
985 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,899,0009/3/2023
985 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,899,0009/3/2023
5 LOFTUS RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$1,895,00010/3/2023
1749 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,895,00010/2/2023
1749 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,895,00010/2/2023
38 CAIRNS Boulevard, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X1L0L$1,888,80010/3/2023
38 CAIRNS BLVD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X1L0L$1,888,80010/3/2023
22 STEWART CRES, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,888,0009/3/2023
22 STEWART Crescent, Thornton, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,888,0009/3/2023
5 DALE Court, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,875,00010/2/2023
5 DALE CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,875,00010/2/2023
0 EAGLES REST ESTATES DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,875,0009/25/2023
359 LIMERICK ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,850,00010/2/2023
200 SHORELINE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,800,00010/3/2023
417 Limerick Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,799,9009/20/2023
417 LIMERICK ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,799,90010/2/2023
1069 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,799,90010/3/2023
1519 1 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,799,90010/3/2023
1069 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,799,90010/3/2023
15 DUNDAS DR, Essa, Ontario L0L2N2L0L$1,799,85010/2/2023
15 DUNDAS Drive, Thornton, Ontario L0L2N2L0L$1,799,85010/2/2023
91 Old Barrie Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,799,00010/3/2023
3 BEST CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,799,00010/3/2023
909 BASELINE RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,799,0009/3/2023
909 BASELINE Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,799,0009/3/2023
90 COPELAND CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,799,00010/2/2023
90 COPELAND Crescent, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,799,00010/2/2023
401 RIDGE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,795,00010/3/2023
401 RIDGE Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,795,00010/3/2023
6 JENNA CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,795,0009/2/2023
6 JENNA Court, Shanty Bay, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,795,0009/2/2023
1389 HENDRIE Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,775,00010/2/2023
1389 HENDRIE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,775,00010/2/2023
13 NORDIC TR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,768,00010/3/2023
13 NORDIC TRAIL, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,768,00010/3/2023
20 CLOVERHILL Crescent, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,750,00010/2/2023
20 CLOVERHILL CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,750,00010/2/2023
4422 3RD Line N, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,750,00010/2/2023
4422 3RD LINE N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,750,00010/2/2023
16 YARWOOD Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,749,0009/3/2023
783 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,749,0009/8/2023
5277 5TH SDRD, Essa, Ontario L0L1N0L0L$1,699,99910/3/2023
5277 5TH Sideroad, Egbert, Ontario L0L1N0L0L$1,699,99910/3/2023
938 CORNER Avenue, Lefroy, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,699,9009/3/2023
938 CORNER AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,699,9009/3/2023
32 PARK TR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$1,699,90010/2/2023
32 PARK Trail, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$1,699,90010/2/2023
16 LILAC LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X1L0L$1,699,90010/3/2023
651 BASS LAKE SDRD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,699,90010/3/2023
651 BASS LAKE Sideroad W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,699,90010/3/2023
4580 2 LINE N, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,699,9009/2/2023
4580 2 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,699,90010/3/2023
993 GILMORE AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,699,00010/2/2023
1409 LORMEL GATE AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,699,00010/3/2023
951 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,699,00010/3/2023
225 LAKESHORE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,695,0009/3/2023
225 LAKESHORE Road W, Oro Station, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,695,0009/3/2023
LOT 83 EMILY Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ontario L0L0L0L0L$1,690,25010/3/2023
LOT 83 EMILY BLVD, Niagara Falls, Ontario L0L0L0L0L$1,690,25010/3/2023
37 CHURCH ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,678,90010/3/2023
25 RED OAK CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,675,00010/3/2023
45 ALPINE Way, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,669,00010/2/2023
37 NICHOLSON Crescent, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$1,650,00010/3/2023
37 NICHOLSON CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$1,650,00010/3/2023
8 EARL'S CRT, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,649,90010/3/2023
2 ALGONQUIN TR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,649,00010/2/2023
54 MUMBERSON ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,648,00010/3/2023
1442 GILFORD RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,600,00010/3/2023
83 GOLDFINCH CRES, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,600,00010/3/2023
3804 HWY 89 W, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,600,00010/3/2023
5574 PENETANGUISHENE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,599,99910/3/2023
2600 GILFORD RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,599,0009/3/2023
20 CHESTNUT Lane, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,598,00010/2/2023
17 PALM BEACH RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,588,00010/3/2023
209 SKYLARK RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,575,00010/3/2023
88 WAVERLEY HTS, Tay, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,574,90010/3/2023
81 BEARBERRY RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$1,550,00010/3/2023
81 BEARBERRY Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$1,550,00010/3/2023
81 BEARBERRY RD, Barrie, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$1,550,0009/6/2023
83 GOLDFINCH Crescent, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,549,99910/3/2023
1399 GILFORD RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,499,99910/3/2023
24 MILL ST W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,499,90010/2/2023
24 MILL Street W, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,499,90010/2/2023
2388 MCDONALD RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,499,00010/3/2023
2388 MCDONALD Road, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,499,00010/3/2023
29 FAIRWAY Court, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,499,00010/3/2023
29 FAIRWAY CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,499,00010/3/2023
1283 MAPLE Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,490,00010/3/2023
1283 MAPLE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,490,00010/3/2023
66 RED OAK CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,484,9008/23/2023
66 RED OAK Crescent, Shanty Bay, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,484,9008/23/2023
56 COPELAND CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,456,00010/3/2023
8 MARIPOSA Crescent, Hawkestone, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,450,00010/3/2023
8 MARIPOSA CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,450,00010/3/2023
21A WELLINGTON ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,450,00010/3/2023
2A CENTRE ST E, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,450,00010/2/2023
429 LIMERICK ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,450,0009/7/2023
24 VICTORIA ST W, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L9L0L$1,450,00010/3/2023
311 LIMERICK ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,449,0009/3/2023
311 LIMERICK Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,449,0009/3/2023
4 CENTRE ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,449,00010/2/2023
214 THORNTON AVE, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,439,00010/3/2023
214 THORNTON Avenue, Thornton, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,439,00010/3/2023
1834 THIRTEENTH LINE, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,429,99510/3/2023
41 WHIPPOORWILL DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,429,90010/2/2023
41 WHIPPOORWILL Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,429,90010/3/2023
5 NICHOLSON CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$1,425,00010/3/2023
5 NICHOLSON Crescent, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$1,425,00010/3/2023
901 SLOAN CIRCLE DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,425,00010/2/2023
901 SLOAN CIRCLE Drive, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,425,00010/2/2023
LOT 4 COTTONWOOD Street, Anten Mills, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,399,90010/3/2023
LOT 4 COTTONWOOD ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,399,90010/3/2023
35 HEATHERWOOD Drive, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$1,399,0009/3/2023
35 HEATHERWOOD DR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$1,399,0009/3/2023
767 LINE 4 S, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,399,00010/2/2023
767 LINE 4 S, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,399,00010/3/2023
73 15/16 SDRD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,399,00010/3/2023
73 15/16 Sideroad W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,399,00010/3/2023
1690 HENDRIE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,399,00010/2/2023
1690 HENDRIE Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,399,00010/2/2023
61 STANLEY AVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,379,00010/2/2023
61 STANLEY Avenue, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,379,00010/2/2023
1458 UPPER SHERMAN Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario L0L1X1L0L$1,375,00010/3/2023
811 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,374,90010/2/2023
10 FLAY CRT, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,369,90010/3/2023
10 FLAY Court, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,369,90010/3/2023
521 LINE 5 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,369,00010/2/2023
521 LINE 5 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,369,00010/2/2023
1038 HARDY WAY, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,359,0009/3/2023
93 O'BRIEN ST, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,349,9009/6/2023
18 ST ANTOINE Crescent, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,349,90010/3/2023
18 ST ANTOINE CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,349,90010/3/2023
46 ALPINE WAY, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,349,90010/2/2023
5676 14TH LINE, New Tecumseth, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,349,00010/2/2023
1044 HARDY WAY, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,300,00010/3/2023
1060 COUNTY ROAD 6 S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,300,00010/3/2023
1060 COUNTY ROAD 6 S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,300,00010/3/2023
5909 14TH LINE, New Tecumseth, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,299,99910/3/2023
10 PINE HILL Drive, Phelpston, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$1,299,99910/2/2023
10 PINE HILL DR, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$1,299,99910/2/2023
29 MILTON ST, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,299,88810/3/2023
93 O'BRIEN Street, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,299,80010/2/2023
260 12 Concession E, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,299,77710/3/2023
1743 OLD BARRIE Road, Orillia, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,299,00010/3/2023
85 BEARBERRY RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$1,299,00010/2/2023
1 KENNEDY BLVD, New Tecumseth, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,299,00010/3/2023
85 BEARBERRY Road, Snow Valley, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$1,299,0009/27/2023
85 BEARBERRY Road, Snow Valley, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$1,299,00010/2/2023
5450 5TH SIDEROAD SDRD, Essa, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,298,90010/2/2023
LOT 7 COTTONWOOD ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,269,90010/3/2023
LOT 7 COTTONWOOD Street, Anten Mills, Ontario L0L1Y2L0L$1,269,90010/3/2023
35 FAIRWAY CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,269,9009/2/2023
35 FAIRWAY Court, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,269,9009/2/2023
569 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,269,0009/3/2023
712 MT ST LOUIS RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,265,00010/3/2023
712 MT ST LOUIS Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,265,00010/3/2023
9 WHITE PINE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,265,00010/3/2023
9 WHITE PINE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,265,00010/3/2023
1351 DALLMAN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,259,90010/2/2023
30 QUEENS ST N, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,250,00010/3/2023
1311 DALLMAN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,250,0009/2/2023
36 ROSEMARY Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,249,90010/2/2023
2529 3RD Line, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,249,00010/3/2023
267 BARRIE Street, Thornton, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,249,00010/3/2023
267 BARRIE ST, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,249,00010/3/2023
9 SUNNYSIDE AVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,249,0009/2/2023
9 SUNNYSIDE Avenue, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$1,249,0009/2/2023
1088 BELLE AIRE BEACH Road, Belle Ewart, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$1,245,00010/2/2023
1088 BELLE AIRE BEACH RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$1,245,00010/2/2023
11 VICTORIA Street E, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,225,00010/3/2023
11 VICTORIA ST E, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,225,00010/3/2023
1341 BARDEAU ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,219,00010/3/2023
1358 HARRINGTON ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,219,00010/3/2023
25 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,200,0009/8/2023
25 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,200,0009/9/2023
137 9 LINE S, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,199,90010/3/2023
1203 TINY BEACHES RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,199,8889/9/2023
1203 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,199,88810/3/2023
878 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,199,00010/3/2023
837 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,199,0009/6/2023
837 GREEN Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,199,0009/6/2023
23 MILTON ST, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,198,00010/2/2023
1007 RANGE RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,196,00010/3/2023
1458 STOVELL CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,190,00010/3/2023
32 LANDSCAPE DRIVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,188,00010/3/2023
32 LANDSCAPE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,188,00010/3/2023
150 SPRUCE ST, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$1,188,0009/3/2023
150 SPRUCE Street, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$1,188,0009/3/2023
2100 SOUTH ORR LAKE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,188,00010/3/2023
2100 SOUTH ORR LAKE Road, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,188,00010/3/2023
LOT #45 1513 STOVELL ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,179,90010/3/2023
1739 COUNTY 92 Road, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,175,00010/3/2023
1739 COUNTY RD 92 RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,175,00010/3/2023
35 CLOVERHILL CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,150,0009/2/2023
LOT 9 ANGIE Drive, Niagara Falls, Ontario L0L0L0L0L$1,150,00010/3/2023
LOT 9 ANGIE DR, Niagara Falls, Ontario L0L0L0L0L$1,150,00010/3/2023
1050 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,150,00010/2/2023
1050 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$1,150,00010/2/2023
1270 HARRINGTON ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,149,0009/16/2023
1546 STOVELL Crescent N, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,149,00010/2/2023
1546 STOVELL CRES N, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,149,00010/3/2023
6431 11TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L2N2L0L$1,149,00010/3/2023
6431 11TH Line, Thornton, Ontario L0L2N2L0L$1,149,00010/3/2023
4539 PENETANGUISHENE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,149,00010/3/2023
4539 PENETANGUISHENE Road, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,149,00010/3/2023
1350 LORMEL GATE Avenue, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,135,00010/2/2023
1350 LORMEL GATE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,135,00010/2/2023
28 NORDIC TR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,129,0009/2/2023
2155 NORTH ORR LAKE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$1,120,0009/3/2023
856 ALLAN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$1,100,00010/3/2023
5 20TH SDRD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,100,00010/2/2023
5 20TH Side Road, Gilford, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,100,00010/2/2023
9 TEANAUSTAYE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,099,99910/3/2023
9 TEANAUSTAYE Drive, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,099,99910/3/2023
17 FLAY CRT, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,099,99910/3/2023
3413 Ryder Hesjedal Way, Colwood, British Columbia L0L0L0L0L$1,099,90010/2/2023
90 BEARBERRY RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$1,099,90010/2/2023
1452 MAPLE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,099,88810/2/2023
26 SHADES VALLEY ROAD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,099,00010/3/2023
2 ALGONQUIN HEIGHTS CRT, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,099,00010/3/2023
446 CONCESSION 11 RD E, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,099,00010/2/2023
14 EVERTON DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$1,099,0009/3/2023
26 SHADES VALLEY RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,099,00010/3/2023
2 ALGONQUIN HEIGHTS Court, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$1,099,00010/3/2023
4303 3 Line N, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,099,0009/2/2023
4303 THIRD Line N, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,099,00010/3/2023
446 CONCESSION 11 Road E, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,099,00010/2/2023
24 NORDIC TR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,089,00010/2/2023
24 NORDIC Trail, Shanty Bay, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$1,089,00010/2/2023
31 MILL Street E, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,085,00010/2/2023
31 MILL ST E, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$1,085,00010/2/2023
1153 PEELAR CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,065,00010/2/2023
1153 PEELAR Crescent, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,065,00010/2/2023
1 BEAUMONT COURT, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$1,053,00010/2/2023
77 WENDAKE RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,050,00010/3/2023
77 WENDAKE Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$1,050,00010/3/2023
6 TOMPOROSKI TR, New Tecumseth, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$1,049,88810/3/2023
968 GILMORE AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$1,049,80010/3/2023
1775 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0L1B0L0L$1,049,00010/2/2023
347 BALM BEACH Road W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$999,90010/3/2023
3401 Ryder Hesjedal Way, Colwood, British Columbia L0L0L0L0L$999,90010/2/2023
1102 SIESTA DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$999,90010/2/2023
51 LANDSCAPE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$998,0009/2/2023
51 LANDSCAPE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$998,0009/2/2023
39 ROSEMARY RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$997,99910/3/2023
39 ROSEMARY Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$997,99910/3/2023
6371 6TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L1N0L0L$995,00010/3/2023
1327 DALLMAN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$979,90010/2/2023
639 5 CONCESSION W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$969,90010/3/2023
639 5 CONCESSION RD W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$969,90010/3/2023
20 SHELSWELL Boulevard, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$969,90010/2/2023
4449 PENETANGUISHENE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$950,00010/3/2023
4449 PENETANGUISHENE Road, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$950,00010/3/2023
5154 10TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$949,90010/2/2023
8 ALBERT ST W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$949,9009/2/2023
8 ALBERT Street W, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$949,9009/2/2023
1304 DALLMAN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$949,0009/3/2023
47 SHELSWELL BLVD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$934,90010/3/2023
47 SHELSWELL Boulevard, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$934,90010/3/2023
12 HURON Street, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$925,00010/2/2023
12 FREDRICK AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$925,00010/2/2023
12 HURON ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$925,00010/2/2023
2250 SOUTH ORR LAKE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$925,0009/3/2023
2250 SOUTH ORR LAKE Road, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$925,0009/3/2023
2021 SNOW VALLEY RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0L$924,90010/3/2023
167 6 COUNTY ROAD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$899,99910/3/2023
11 SHELSWELL Boulevard, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$899,99910/3/2023
11 SHELSWELL BLVD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$899,99910/3/2023
28 WILLOW DRIVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$899,90010/2/2023
28 WILLOW DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$899,9009/12/2023
1451 LORMEL GATE AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$899,9009/2/2023
967 11 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$899,90010/3/2023
45 HURON ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$899,90010/3/2023
45 HURON Street, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$899,90010/3/2023
2032 SOUTH ORR LAKE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$899,9009/2/2023
2032 SOUTH ORR LAKE Road, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$899,9009/2/2023
25 MELVILLE Court, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$899,9009/2/2023
25 MELVILLE CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$899,9009/2/2023
28 WILLOW AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$899,90010/2/2023
5 ELLEN Street, Thornton, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$899,90010/2/2023
5 ELLEN ST, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$899,90010/2/2023
24 TRIPP Lane, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$899,00010/3/2023
7 ROWLEY CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$899,00010/3/2023
7 ROWLEY Crescent, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$899,00010/3/2023
7 GEORGE Street, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$895,00010/2/2023
7 GEORGE ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$895,00010/2/2023
19 GLENVIEW AVE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$889,50010/3/2023
2 YVONNE CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$879,90010/3/2023
2 YVONNE Crescent, Hawkestone, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$879,90010/3/2023
47 SHORELINE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$859,90010/2/2023
47 SHORELINE Drive, Hawkestone, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$859,90010/2/2023
38 NICOLE BLVD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$859,00010/3/2023
38 NICOLE BLVD Boulevard, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$859,00010/3/2023
14 SIMCOE AVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$850,0009/3/2023
917 SHEPPARDS TR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$849,90010/2/2023
1228 LINE 2 S, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$849,90010/2/2023
84 NICOLE BLVD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$849,90010/2/2023
84 NICOLE Boulevard, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$849,90010/2/2023
917 SHEPPARDS Trail, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$849,90010/2/2023
92 MARINE Drive, Gilford, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$849,9009/21/2023
92 MARINE DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$849,9009/21/2023
910 BARRY AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$849,88810/2/2023
910 BARRY Avenue, Lefroy, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$849,88810/2/2023
38 SHORELINE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$849,00010/3/2023
38 SHORELINE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$849,00010/3/2023
53 ARCHER CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$824,90010/3/2023
53 ARCHER Crescent, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$824,90010/3/2023
67 EVERTON DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$819,00010/3/2023
640 TINY BEACHES Road N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$799,99910/2/2023
5 GLENVIEW AVE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
5 GLENVIEW AVENUE, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
41 TRIPP LANE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
12 VICTORIA ST W, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
1049 SPRUCE Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$799,9009/2/2023
1020 EWART ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$799,9009/3/2023
1020 EWART Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$799,9009/3/2023
1679 GEORGE JOHNSTON Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
1679 GEORGE JOHNSTON RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
12 VICTORIA Street W, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
16 HURON ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$799,90010/3/2023
16 HURON Street, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$799,90010/3/2023
43 QUEEN Street E, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$799,90010/3/2023
1049 SPRUCE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$799,9009/2/2023
41 TRIPP Lane, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$799,90010/2/2023
40 BEVERLY Street, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
40 BEVERLY ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$799,90010/2/2023
966 EWART ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$799,50010/3/2023
967 GILMORE AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$798,90010/2/2023
14308 COUNTY 27 Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$789,00010/3/2023
14308 COUNTY 27 RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$789,00010/3/2023
25 ROWLEY CRESCENT CRES E, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$789,00010/3/2023
25 ROWLEY Crescent, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$789,00010/3/2023
30 WINTERSET AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$780,00010/2/2023
6273 YONGE ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0L$779,0009/2/2023
74 BEAUREMI RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$774,90010/2/2023
74 BEAUREMI Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$774,90010/2/2023
2 GLENVIEW Avenue, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$769,9998/21/2023
2 GLENVIEW AVE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$769,9998/21/2023
70 YONGE Street N, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$769,90010/3/2023
70 YONGE ST N, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$769,90010/3/2023
79 FINLAY MILL RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$769,00010/3/2023
79 FINLAY MILL Road, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X0L0L$769,00010/3/2023
1217 GLEN KERR DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$769,0009/9/2023
98 LAKESHORE BLVD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$765,00010/2/2023
11 KNOX DRIVE, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$764,90010/2/2023
11 KNOX DR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$764,90010/2/2023
32 FOREST RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$749,90010/2/2023
2 GEORGE ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$749,00010/3/2023
6 EAST JOHN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$749,00010/2/2023
20 WILLIAM ST, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$749,00010/2/2023
138 EVERGREEN Avenue, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$749,00010/2/2023
138 EVERGREEN AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$749,00010/2/2023
2 GEORGE Street, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$749,00010/3/2023
859 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L0T0L0L$749,00010/2/2023
2197 TINY BEACHES Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$749,00010/3/2023
2197 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$749,0009/16/2023
20 WILLIAM Street, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0L$749,00010/2/2023
948 COUNTY RD 6 S RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$745,00010/2/2023
948 COUNTY RD 6 S Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0L$745,00010/2/2023
10 STANLEY AVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$739,9009/11/2023
10 STANLEY Avenue, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$739,9009/11/2023
27 TRIPP Lane, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$725,0009/3/2023
824 FREDERICK ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$725,00010/2/2023
824 FREDERICK ST Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$725,00010/2/2023
980 ANNA MARIA AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L2M0L0L$724,90010/3/2023
6057 VASEY Road, Waverley, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$724,57910/2/2023
23 ALBERT AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$720,0009/3/2023
50 KING ST N, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$700,00010/3/2023
50 KING Street N, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$700,0009/6/2023
5 SIMCOE Street, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$699,90010/3/2023
47 GRANDVIEW Crescent, Oro Station, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$699,9009/3/2023
47 GRANDVIEW CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$699,9009/3/2023
32 LORNE ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$699,9009/6/2023
32 LORNE Street, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$699,9009/6/2023
5 SIMCOE ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$699,90010/3/2023
12 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$699,0009/2/2023
1000 FERRIER AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$699,00010/2/2023
12 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$699,0009/2/2023
1275 KILLARNEY BEACH RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$699,00010/3/2023
1275 KILLARNEY BEACH Road, Lefroy, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$699,00010/3/2023
1000 20 AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$699,0009/17/2023
1058 ISABELLA ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$687,00010/3/2023
1309 TEMPLE AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$679,90010/2/2023
1020 CORNER AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0L$675,0009/3/2023
445 MOUNT ST. LOUIS RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$675,00010/2/2023
445 MOUNT ST. LOUIS Road W, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$675,00010/2/2023
13 SOKIL Boulevard, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$675,00010/2/2023
13 SOKIL BLVD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$675,00010/2/2023
19 HASTINGS AVENUE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$674,90010/3/2023
19 HASTINGS AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$674,90010/3/2023
19 PIONEER Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$657,00010/3/2023
19 PIONEER DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$657,00010/3/2023
9 BALM BEACH RD W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$650,00010/3/2023
100 LAKESHORE Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$649,9009/20/2023
1966 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$649,90010/3/2023
1966 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$649,90010/3/2023
100 LAKESHORE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0L$649,90010/2/2023
71 YONGE STREET N Street, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$645,90010/3/2023
4081 HORSESHOE VALLEY Road W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$639,90010/2/2023
4081 HORSESHOE VALLEY RD W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0L$639,90010/2/2023
117 W QUEEN Street W, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$639,77710/3/2023
1226 MAPLE RD W, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$630,00010/3/2023
51 MOORE Avenue, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$625,00010/3/2023
51 MOORE AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$625,00010/3/2023
15 GLENWAY Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$619,90010/2/2023
15 GLENWAY RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$619,90010/3/2023
2195 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$599,90010/3/2023
20 FOREST RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$599,9009/3/2023
20 FOREST Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$599,9009/3/2023
28 YONGE ST N, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$599,90010/3/2023
28 YONGE Street N, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$599,90010/3/2023
1309 TEMPLE Avenue, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0L$599,9009/3/2023
130 QUEEN ST W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$599,9009/2/2023
130 QUEEN Street W, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$599,9009/2/2023
2195 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$599,90010/2/2023
2063 HIGHWAY 11, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$599,00010/2/2023
2063 HIGWAY 11 Highway, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0L$599,00010/2/2023
53 PILON Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$589,90010/3/2023
6538 HIGHWAY 93, Waverley, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$574,9009/2/2023
6538 HIGHWAY 93, Tay, Ontario L0L1P0L0L$574,9009/2/2023
266 MAPLE GROVE DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$569,90010/2/2023
266 MAPLE GROVE Drive, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0L$569,90010/2/2023
8 ARBOR ROAD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$549,90010/3/2023
8 ARBOR RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$549,90010/3/2023
51 BOBLYN Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$549,9009/13/2023
51 BOBLYN RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$549,9009/13/2023
5 TRUMBLE Lane, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$525,00010/3/2023
18 PARK Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$524,90010/3/2023
18 PARK RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$524,90010/3/2023
117 OLIVER Drive, Tiny Twp, Ontario L0L2J0L0L$499,7779/2/2023
820 11 LINE N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$499,0009/3/2023
820 LINE 11 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$499,0009/3/2023
#PART 2 -712 MT ST LOUIS RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$499,00010/3/2023
3 SIMCOESIDE Avenue, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$474,90010/2/2023
3 SIMCOESIDE AVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0L$474,90010/2/2023
29 WILLOW DRIVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$465,0008/24/2023
29 WILLOW DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0L$465,0008/24/2023
4 PELLISSIER Street, Campbellford, Ontario L0L1L0L0L$427,70010/3/2023
5 CENTRE ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$425,00010/2/2023
5 CENTRE Street, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0L$425,00010/2/2023
2160 ATKINSON RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0L$259,9999/2/2023
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