1063 WOODINGTON Road, Minett, Ontario P0B1J0

3 4 227 Ft (1.6 ac|1/2 - 1.99 acres)

Custom contemporary finished year round cottage on a level lot with big water views, located on beautiful Lake Rosseau. Open concept living space with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a large media room. A spacious sunroom and low maintenance decks overlook the lakeside with a fire pit, sand beach shoreline and mini soccer pitch. Heated floors throughout the cottage, in all 5 bathrooms, and in the sunroom. Located with close proximity to the JW Marriott and Port Carling for spa and dining excursions, and many world class golf courses minutes away by car and boat. This property is the perfect place for family and friends to enjoy Muskoka together. (65254019)

Listing Price History


Listing Price History Chart benchmarked with P0B and Baysville

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All Listings in P0B, Baysville

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
1140 MORINUS Road Unit# 6, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$21,995,0009/3/2023
#6 -1140 MORINUS RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$21,995,0009/3/2023
1 BASS Island, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$17,500,0009/3/2023
1589 JUDDHAVEN Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$14,995,0009/23/2023
1406 MORTIMERS POINT Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$8,995,0009/11/2023
1033 ROSSCLAIR Road Unit# 11, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$8,895,0009/2/2023
1380 PENINSULA Road, Port Sandfield, Ontario P0B1K0P0B$6,995,0009/3/2023
166 BIGWIN ISLAND, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$6,950,0009/3/2023
1160 WHITESIDE Road Unit# 41, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$6,895,0009/3/2023
1043 HEATHER LODGE Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$6,495,0009/2/2023
1019 BLUFF Road Unit# 5, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$5,995,0009/3/2023
#5 -1019 BLUFF RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$5,995,0009/3/2023
1205-2 JOE RIVER Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$5,750,0009/3/2023
1205 JOE RIVER RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$5,750,0009/3/2023
1052 LONGHURST Road Unit# 7, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$5,695,0009/23/2023
1053 BRACKENRIG RD Road Unit# 2, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$5,395,0009/3/2023
1213 HIGHLAND PARK Road, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$4,999,9009/3/2023
#9 -1113 GOLF AVENUE RD W, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,995,0009/3/2023
1113 GOLF AVENUE Road Unit# 9, Windermere, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,995,0009/3/2023
#LOT 3 -1213 INNISFREE RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,995,0009/2/2023
1213 INNISFREE Road Unit# LOT 3, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,995,0009/2/2023
30 BIGWIN Island, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$4,950,0009/3/2023
707 EVERGREEN Trail, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$4,898,0009/12/2023
1023 SCOTTS BOATHOUSE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$4,700,0008/16/2023
1052 PENNEY Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,495,0009/2/2023
1052 PENNEY RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,495,0009/2/2023
1090 ARUNDEL LODGE Road Unit# 6, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,350,0009/15/2023
1405 JUDDHAVEN Road Unit# 32, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,289,0009/2/2023
1057 MONTGOMERY DR, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,095,0009/2/2023
1057 MONTGOMERY Drive, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$4,095,0009/2/2023
1023 & ACREAGE KINGS Road, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$3,890,0008/15/2023
1040 SKELETON LAKE #1 Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$3,800,0009/3/2023
111 TONDERN Island, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$3,750,0009/3/2023
1023 KINGS Road, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$3,650,0008/15/2023
260 EDGEMERE RD E, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$3,599,0009/3/2023
260 EDGEMERE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$3,599,0008/13/2023
1611 PENINSULA Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$3,595,0009/3/2023
1438 PENINSULA RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$3,495,0009/23/2023
1438 PENINSULA Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$3,495,0009/23/2023
1450 ACTON ISLAND RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$3,495,0009/8/2023
1450 ACTON ISLAND Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$3,495,0009/8/2023
1049 ROCKWOOD LANE, Lake of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$3,249,9009/2/2023
0 M (MOSSY ROCK) Island, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$3,200,0009/2/2023
0 M (MOSSY ROCK) Island, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$3,200,0009/19/2023
100 CROWN ISLAND, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$3,050,0009/3/2023
200 EDGEMERE Road E, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$2,999,9009/3/2023
1018 MILFORD BAY Road, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$2,995,0009/12/2023
1223 INNISFREE RD LOT 4/5 ST, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$2,995,0009/2/2023
1223 INNISFREE RD LOT 4/5, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$2,995,0009/2/2023
3691 BRUNEL Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$2,950,0009/2/2023
1069 MONTGOMERY Drive, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$2,650,0009/2/2023
1558 FISH HATCHERY Road Unit# 35, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,595,0009/3/2023
2324 BEAUMONT BAY Road Unit# 7, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,450,0009/2/2023
#7 -2324 BEAUMONT BAY RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,450,0009/2/2023
32 JOSEPH Street, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$2,295,0009/2/2023
32 JOSEPH ST, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$2,295,0009/2/2023
1119 SKELETON ROAD 2 Unit# 33, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,199,9999/21/2023
#33 -1119 SKELETON LAKE ROAD 2, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,199,9999/21/2023
1293 WINDERMERE Road Unit# 101, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,199,0009/18/2023
1293 WINDERMERE RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,199,0009/21/2023
111 ROSE LAKE Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,195,0009/2/2023
111 ROSE LAKE RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,195,0009/2/2023
2054 PENINSULA Road Unit# 27, Minett, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$2,129,0009/3/2023
2054 PENINSULA RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$2,129,0009/3/2023
1250 OLD PARRY SOUND Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$2,099,0009/2/2023
1034 QUINN Road Unit# 3, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,999,9009/2/2023
1086 BRACKENRIG Road Unit# 2, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,995,0009/3/2023
#LOT 2 -1213 INNISFREE RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,995,0009/2/2023
1213 INNISFREE ROAD Unit# LOT 2, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,995,0009/2/2023
2872 MUSKOKA 118 Road W, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,899,9999/3/2023
1119 SKELETON LAKE ROAD 2 Unit# 29, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,895,0009/3/2023
#3 -2324 BEAUMONT BAY RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,849,9009/2/2023
2324 BEAUMONT BAY Road Unit# 3, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,849,9009/2/2023
197 ROWANWOOD Lane, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,849,0009/3/2023
1020 BIGWIN VIEW Lane, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,799,0009/3/2023
1096 SANDWOOD Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,789,0009/3/2023
1064 FAIR-LEE PARK Road, Minett, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$1,789,0009/3/2023
1653 BRACKENRIG Road Unit# 1, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,789,0009/6/2023
1059 N TOOKE LAKE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,739,0009/3/2023
180 BIGWIN Island, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,650,0009/3/2023
1023 SOUTH RIL LAKE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,599,0009/3/2023
1385 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,579,9999/2/2023
1120 MUSKOKA 10 Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$1,575,0009/3/2023
48 LOGGING Trail, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,575,0009/3/2023
2112 WINDERMERE Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,570,0009/11/2023
48 ESTATE DRIVE, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,499,0009/3/2023
183 RIVER VALLEY Drive, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$1,499,0009/12/2023
183 RIVER VALLEY DR, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$1,499,0009/12/2023
1378 THREE MILE LAKE RD W, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,499,0009/3/2023
1378 THREE MILE LAKE Road, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,499,0009/3/2023
1318 HIGHWAY 141, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,490,0009/3/2023
1318 HIGHWAY 141, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,490,0009/8/2023
22 MIRROR LAKE DR, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,460,0009/9/2023
61 ROWANWOOD Heights, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,450,0008/19/2023
4308 ASPDIN Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1N0P0B$1,399,9009/3/2023
1234-6 SHEA RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,399,0009/11/2023
1234-6 SHEA ROAD, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,399,0009/11/2023
1077 NORTH TOOKE LAKE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,399,0009/25/2023
1378 OLD HIGHWAY 117 Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,399,0009/3/2023
225-R60 TOBIN Island, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,395,0009/3/2023
1081 SKELETON LAKE ROAD 1 Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,350,0009/3/2023
1062 PENNWOOD Road Unit# 3, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,350,0009/12/2023
954 DICKIE LAKE RD, Lake of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,349,9999/3/2023
954 DICKIE LAKE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,349,9999/3/2023
3 TODHOLM DRIVE, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,349,0009/2/2023
1417 Dickie Lake Road W, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,349,0009/2/2023
1417 DICKIE LAKE RD W, Lake of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,349,0009/2/2023
489 BALSAM CHUTES Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$1,325,0009/3/2023
1558 FISH HATCHERY Road Unit# 12, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,325,0008/23/2023
132 OLD ASPDIN Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,324,9009/2/2023
24 MCGREGOR Way, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$1,299,9009/3/2023
1854 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,299,9009/3/2023
1053 NORTONS LANE, Lake of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,295,9009/15/2023
2054 PENINSULA Road Unit# 41, Minett, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$1,295,0009/3/2023
3142 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 Road W, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,295,0009/3/2023
1044 YOUNG'S Road Unit# 1, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,295,0009/3/2023
3109 ASPDIN Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,275,0009/8/2023
949 RAYMOND Road, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,250,0009/21/2023
1093 DELIA Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$1,249,9009/14/2023
1046 PINE LAKE SHORES PRIVATE Road, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,249,0009/8/2023
#2 -1087 SANDWOOD RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,249,0009/3/2023
1046 PINE LAKE SHORES RD, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,249,0009/8/2023
186 CAMP NEWPORT Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,240,0009/2/2023
186 CAMP NEWPORT RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,240,0009/2/2023
1307 THREE MILE LAKE RD 1 Road Unit# 7, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,225,0009/14/2023
#7 -1307 THREE MILE LAKE RD 1 RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,225,0009/15/2023
#27 -1158 SHEA RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,200,0009/2/2023
1158 SHEA Road Unit# 27, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,200,0009/2/2023
127 SOUTH LANCELOT Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,199,9009/3/2023
127 SOUTH LANCELOT RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,199,9009/2/2023
1027 MCPHERSON POINT Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,199,9009/2/2023
24 RUBY Lane Unit# 1, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,199,9009/3/2023
1027 MCPHERSON POINT RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,199,9009/2/2023
1019 MCCABE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,199,9009/21/2023
36 ESTATE Drive, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,199,0008/18/2023
#10 -1326 WINDERMERE RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,199,0009/25/2023
1087 SANDWOOD RD Road Unit# 2, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,199,0009/3/2023
1010 BEAUMARIS Road, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$1,195,0009/3/2023
1150 CLEARWATER SHORES BLVD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,179,0009/3/2023
90 CANDYTOWN Lane, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$1,175,0009/6/2023
83 HIAWATHA Drive, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$1,149,9009/3/2023
3014 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 W Unit# 2, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,149,0009/3/2023
1097 BRUCE LAKE Drive, Minett, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$1,149,0009/16/2023
1077 SANDWOOD Road, Windermere, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$1,099,0009/23/2023
1019 TOOKE LAKE Road N, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$1,095,0009/3/2023
17 INDIAN CRES, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,050,0009/9/2023
17 INDIAN Crescent, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,050,0009/9/2023
7 MIRROR LAKE Drive, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$1,000,0009/21/2023
50 NORTH DEER LAKE Road N, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$999,0009/3/2023
260 STEPHENSON 2 Road W, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$999,0009/3/2023
1663 JUDDHAVEN RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1G0P0B$999,0009/2/2023
1299 DICKIE LAKE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$999,0009/2/2023
11 CAROL Street, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$999,0009/2/2023
764 SOUTH MARY LAKE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$995,0009/21/2023
21 TODHOLM Drive, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$975,0009/14/2023
1274 WINDERS BAY Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$950,0009/2/2023
24 MIRROR LAKE Drive, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$950,0009/2/2023
1351 S RIL LAKE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$950,0009/21/2023
46 ALLENSVILLE Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$925,0009/2/2023
149 N DEER LAKE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$900,0009/3/2023
1164 CLEARWATER SHORES BLVD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$898,0009/2/2023
1265 MILFORD BAY Road, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$879,0009/18/2023
200 TIMOTHY Lane, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$875,0009/3/2023
200 TIMOTHY LANE, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$875,0009/3/2023
68 BIRCH Island, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$869,0009/3/2023
245 STEPHENSON ROAD 8 E, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$859,9009/10/2023
1 HARRIS ST, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$849,9999/5/2023
1 HARRIS Street, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$849,9999/5/2023
79 ORR ROAD Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$849,9999/2/2023
79 ORR RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$849,9999/2/2023
198 CARDWELL LAKE Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$849,9009/8/2023
1033 LAKEVIEW Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$849,9009/20/2023
1033 LAKEVIEW RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$849,9009/20/2023
1510 BUTTER AND EGG Road, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$849,8889/2/2023
1510 BUTTER & EGG RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1E0P0B$849,8889/2/2023
117 BALA PARK Island, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1K0P0B$849,0009/6/2023
1803 LONE PINE Drive, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$849,0009/22/2023
1527 BRACKENRIG Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$839,0009/3/2023
1035 SANDWOOD Road Unit# 1, Windermere, Ontario P0B1P0P0B$829,0009/2/2023
1099 FAWN LAKE Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$799,9009/3/2023
459 DEER LAKE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$799,9009/3/2023
459 DEER LAKE RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$799,9009/2/2023
90 CLARKE CRESCENT, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$799,0009/3/2023
365 CLEARWATER LAKE RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$799,0009/12/2023
365 CLEARWATER LAKE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$799,0009/12/2023
2867 MUSKOKA 118 Road Unit# 1, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$799,0009/3/2023
2867 MUSKOKA RD 118W RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$799,0009/3/2023
153 DEER LAKE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$799,0009/2/2023
2797 MUSKOKA ROAD 169 RD S, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$799,0008/12/2023
232 BIGWIN Island, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$799,0009/8/2023
1307 DICKIE LAKE Road W, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$795,0009/3/2023
1017 WONDER BEACH RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$785,0009/3/2023
1017 WONDER BEACH Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$785,0009/3/2023
39 JOSEPH Street, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$775,0009/2/2023
355 STEPHENSON ROAD 2 W, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$774,9009/2/2023
1258 WINDERMERE Road Unit# 10, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$769,9008/24/2023
1154 DEEBANK Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$765,0009/15/2023
1126 COWAN PARK Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$759,9009/11/2023
1404 MUSKOKA #10 Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$750,0008/29/2023
81 SPRUCE Drive, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$749,0009/2/2023
1053 WATSON Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$749,0009/3/2023
4061 MUSKOKA ROAD 169, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$749,0009/3/2023
4061 MUSKOKA 169 RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$749,0009/3/2023
1903 WINDERMERE Road, Windermere, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$749,0009/18/2023
38 BRIDGEDALE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$749,0008/27/2023
1258 WINDERMERE Road Unit# 4, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$725,0009/13/2023
49 BRIDGEDALE CRES, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$724,0009/3/2023
49 BRIDGEDALE Crescent, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$724,0009/3/2023
988 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$719,0009/3/2023
803 STEPHENSON ROAD 1 E, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$699,9009/8/2023
803 STEPHENSON ROAD 1 E, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$699,9009/8/2023
1052 COVE Road Unit# 3, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$699,0009/3/2023
3138 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 W, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$695,0009/2/2023
252 PINEDALE Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$689,0009/2/2023
181 BALSAM CHUTES RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$670,0009/2/2023
886 MUSKOKA ROAD 10 RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$665,0009/6/2023
886 MUSKOKA ROAD 10 Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$665,0009/5/2023
321 HIGHWAY 141, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$650,0009/2/2023
477 BALSAM CHUTES RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$649,9009/2/2023
532 SKELETON LAKE, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$649,0009/2/2023
552 BALSAM CHUTES Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$648,9009/18/2023
1033 WEST WHITES Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$639,0009/25/2023
1108 ROSSEAU LAKE ROAD 1, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$629,9009/3/2023
2540 ASPDIN Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$599,9999/2/2023
1402 WINDERMERE Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$599,9009/3/2023
#16 -1326 WINDERMERE RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$599,0009/16/2023
231 KAY RD W, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$599,0009/2/2023
231 KAY Road W, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$599,0009/2/2023
1041 LONG LINE LAKE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$575,0009/2/2023
2482 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$529,9009/2/2023
72 HOTHS Lane, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$524,9009/3/2023
1291 WINDERMERE Road, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$469,0009/2/2023
1112 STRATHDEE Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$464,9999/3/2023
1300 NORTH SHORE Road, Windermere, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$450,0008/19/2023
182 BRODIE KAY Trail, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$399,9009/9/2023
2357 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$375,0009/3/2023
3327 MUSKOKA 117 Road, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$359,9009/3/2023
902 STEPHENSON Road E, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$359,0008/15/2023
902 STEPHENSON 1 Road E, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0B$359,0009/2/2023
1003 MATTHEWS Drive Unit# C5 12SA, Windermere, Ontario P0B1P0P0B$299,9009/15/2023
1003 MATTHEWS Drive Unit# C4 7C, Windermere, Ontario P0B1P0P0B$239,9009/3/2023
3876 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 W Unit# Sandfield 8 W2, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0B$164,0009/20/2023
1020 BIRCH GLEN MAPLE COTTAGE WEEK 7 ROAD, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$139,0009/3/2023
1020 BIRCH GLEN ROAD, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0B$129,0009/3/2023
1003 MATTHEWS Drive Unit# C6 7E, Windermere, Ontario P0B1P0P0B$109,9009/18/2023
1146 OLD PARRY SOUND Road Unit# 40, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$59,0009/2/2023
1146 OLD PARRY SOUND Road Unit# 38, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0B$55,0009/2/2023
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