9035 ASHBURN RD, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0

3 2 (160 x 168 FT)

The Property Required Total Renovation Or Be Rebuilt. Located In Area Of High-End Homes In The Hamlet Of Ashburn. Take A Flashlight And Enter Home At Own Risk. Debris On Floors, So Very Easy To Trip. The Property Is Registered As A Historical Site. (31442097)

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Listing Price History Chart benchmarked with L0B and Kawartha Lakes

Map of All Listings in L0B, Kawartha Lakes

All Listings in L0B, Kawartha Lakes

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
15 CALISTOGA DR, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0B$3,699,9006/1/2023
690 VIEW LAKE ROAD RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$3,599,9995/1/2023
690 VIEW LAKE RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$3,488,8006/2/2023
9475 DAGMAR RD, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0B$3,399,0006/2/2023
15151 MAHOODS RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$2,995,0006/1/2023
15151 MAHOODS Road, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$2,995,0006/1/2023
80 ORMISTON ST, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$2,524,9995/2/2023
9795 BALDWIN ST N, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0B$2,499,9996/2/2023
24 TAMBLYN RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$2,388,0006/2/2023
4605 HANCOCK RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B0J0L0B$2,298,8885/17/2023
4605 HANCOCK RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$2,298,8886/2/2023
746 JANETVILLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$2,288,0006/2/2023
746 JANETVILLE Road, Janetville, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$2,288,0006/2/2023
10239 COCHRANE RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,999,9996/2/2023
8644 CANYON ROAD LINE, Milton, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,999,0005/1/2023
8644 CANYON RD, Milton, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,999,0006/2/2023
36 SUGAR BUSH RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$1,999,0006/2/2023
219 SUMMIT DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$1,888,0006/2/2023
7 BLUMENWEG, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,849,0006/2/2023
8733 LESKARD RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$1,800,0006/1/2023
660 MYRTLE RD W, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0B$1,799,9006/3/2023
3531 REGIONAL 57 RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$1,799,0006/2/2023
2002 TAUNTON RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$1,799,0006/1/2023
12 PERRY AVE, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$1,774,9005/2/2023
704 VIEW LAKE RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$1,750,0006/8/2023
704 VIEW LAKE Road, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$1,750,0006/8/2023
14201 MCLAUGHLIN RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,749,0006/2/2023
12501 REGIONAL ROAD 57, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,699,0006/2/2023
73 MAPLE CRES, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$1,699,0006/9/2023
108 MORRIS LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$1,649,0006/2/2023
9487 WOTTEN RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,599,9006/1/2023
28 BRADLEY BLVD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$1,499,9006/1/2023
23 ORMISTON ST, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$1,499,9006/9/2023
3865 MORGANS RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$1,495,0006/2/2023
115 CEDAR GROVE DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$1,490,0006/8/2023
4751 HIGHWAY 7A RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$1,479,0006/7/2023
4740 MAIN ST, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$1,379,9006/8/2023
150 TAMBLYN RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$1,375,0006/2/2023
3230 BEACOCK RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$1,299,9006/1/2023
71 WAITE RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,299,9005/3/2023
6 HILLSIDE DR, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$1,299,9006/1/2023
17900 CEDARDALE RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$1,174,0006/2/2023
13830 CARTWRIGHT EAST QUAR LINE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$1,149,0006/1/2023
21 JANET Drive, Janetville, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$1,125,0005/27/2023
21 JANET DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$1,125,0005/27/2023
19140 SCUGOG POINT RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$1,074,0006/2/2023
19140 SCUGOG POINT Road, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$1,074,0006/2/2023
24 MILLVILLE AVE, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$1,030,0005/5/2023
24 MILLVILLE AVENUE AVE, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$1,030,0005/5/2023
208 WILLIAMS POINT RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$998,8005/20/2023
12 SUNRISE DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$979,9006/9/2023
12 SUNRISE Drive, Blackstock, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$979,9006/9/2023
60 CEDAR GROVE DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$949,0006/2/2023
3750 HIGHWAY 7A, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$924,9996/1/2023
3790 HIGHWAY 7A RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$899,0005/11/2023
8970 BALDWIN ST. N, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0B$899,0005/21/2023
8970 BALDWIN ST. ST N, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0B$899,0005/22/2023
8970 BALDWIN ST N, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0B$899,0006/1/2023
166 WILLIAMS POINT RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$898,8006/9/2023
8 JOHNSTONE LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$895,0006/2/2023
65 IRWIN RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$873,0005/3/2023
65 IRWIN Road, Orono, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$873,0005/3/2023
30 PIER ST, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$850,0006/1/2023
21201 MAN/CART LINE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$849,9996/2/2023
21201 CARTWRIGHT MANVERS B RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$849,9996/8/2023
1642 TAUNTON RD E, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$849,9006/2/2023
5 MCGILL DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$849,9006/2/2023
3956 HIGHWAY 7A RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$849,0005/1/2023
5061 MAIN ST, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$799,9996/9/2023
3787 PROUTT RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$799,9005/5/2023
8450 OLD SCUGOG RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$799,9005/12/2023
19 HILLCREST LANE, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$799,9006/2/2023
3787 PROUTT Road, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0B$799,9005/5/2023
4211 EDGERTON RD N, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$794,9006/2/2023
3574 REGIONAL ROAD 57 RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$769,0006/1/2023
3525 CHURCH ST, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$749,9006/2/2023
19 MCGILL DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$749,0006/9/2023
116 CEDAR GROVE DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$745,0005/1/2023
4754 TRULLS RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0B$699,9005/25/2023
3 ORONO DIVISION ST, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$699,9006/8/2023
3 WIESENWEG RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$685,0006/2/2023
9 PARK ST, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$649,9006/8/2023
18 CENTREVIEW ST, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0B$649,9005/18/2023
3 ANGLE ST, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$649,0006/3/2023
52 TANNENWEG CRES, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0B$599,0006/1/2023
32 MARINA DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$589,0006/1/2023
530 VIEW LAKE RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0B$549,9005/3/2023
120 CEDAR GROVE DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$499,9006/1/2023
36 CENTRE LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0B$468,0005/1/2023
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