92 MANITOU DR, King, Ontario L7B1E7

4 6 (151 x 608 FT ; 151 X 608 X 140 X 520|1/2 - 1.99 acres)

Nestled In Coveted Kingscross Estates, This Exquisite Custom Home Is On 2 Acres Of Pristine Ravine Backing Onto Humber River. Sprawling Open Concept Living Spaces, Expansive Windows Throughout, Ideal For Entertaining, Complete With Chef's Kitchen. Grand Foyer With Cathedral Ceilings And Built-In Lift. Opulent 2 Principal Bedrooms + Ensuite And Dream Closets. Award-Winning Architecture - Virtual Tour Is A Must See!**** EXTRAS **** Elevator, Walk-In Fridge, Hunter Douglas Control Blinds, Security System, Control 4, Gas Fp, Wolf & Subzero Appliances, 2 Laundry Rooms, Irrigation System. 2X Laundry Rooms, Elevator, Backing Onto Humber River (30372468)

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PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
116 EDEN VALE DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7BKing$14,500,0006/2/2023
340 CHURCHILL AVE, King, Ontario L7B0G9L7BKing$8,899,0006/8/2023
15763 DUFFERIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$7,800,0006/2/2023
409 DEARBOURNE AVE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$7,500,0006/2/2023
15725 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B0L4L7BKing$7,450,0006/2/2023
21 BLUEBERRY LANE, King, Ontario L7B1C5L7BKing$6,599,0006/2/2023
17725 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G5L7BKing$6,500,0006/2/2023
116 PATRICIA DR, King, Ontario L7B1H3L7BKing$6,488,0006/2/2023
256 PATRICIA DR, King, Ontario L7B1H3L7BKing$6,388,0006/2/2023
121 ELMERS LANE, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7BKing$5,900,0006/7/2023
121 Elmers Lane, King City, Ontario L7B1E6L7BKing$5,900,0006/7/2023
11 CRANBERRY LANE, King, Ontario L7B1J9L7BKing$5,500,0006/1/2023
44 EVERSLEY HALL, King, Ontario L7B1L8L7BKing$5,499,9996/1/2023
182 HOLLINGSWORTH DR, King, Ontario L7B1G8L7BKing$5,488,8886/2/2023
49 AUSTIN RUMBLE CRT, King, Ontario L7B0B2L7BKing$4,989,0006/1/2023
470 WARREN RD, King, Ontario L7B1C4L7BKing$4,698,0006/3/2023
204 HOLLINGSWORTH DR, King, Ontario L7B1G8L7BKing$4,499,9996/2/2023
16331 7TH CONCESSION RD, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7BKing$4,499,0006/2/2023
78 DENNIS DR, King, Ontario L7B0M1L7BKing$4,488,0005/2/2023
38 CLEARVIEW HTS, King, Ontario L7B1H5L7BKing$4,488,0006/2/2023
15130 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$4,450,0006/2/2023
109 COLLARD DR, King, Ontario L7B1E4L7BKing$4,449,9996/2/2023
28 LANGDON DR, King, Ontario L7B1C9L7BKing$4,295,0006/2/2023
82 ELIZABETH GRVE, King, Ontario L7B1H6L7BKing$4,278,8806/1/2023
60 KINGSWOOD DR, King, Ontario L7B1K8L7BKing$4,250,0006/2/2023
16660 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G1L7BKing$4,199,0006/2/2023
192 BANNER LANE, King, Ontario L7B1H2L7BKing$4,188,0006/2/2023
122 BURNS BLVD, King, Ontario L7B0M2L7BKing$4,128,0006/1/2023
15935 DUFFERIN ST E, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$3,999,0006/2/2023
14775 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,950,0005/2/2023
87 SCOTT CRES, King, Ontario L7B1E4L7BKing$3,898,0006/2/2023
44 WATCH HILL RD E, King, Ontario L7B1K1L7BKing$3,898,0006/1/2023
9 LANGDON DR, King, Ontario L7B1C9L7BKing$3,888,0006/9/2023
56 RIA CRT, King, Ontario L7B0N5L7BKing$3,798,0006/2/2023
2 RICHARD SERRA CRT, King, Ontario L7B0B1L7BKing$3,699,0006/1/2023
3245 16TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,690,0006/1/2023
3245 16TH Side Road, King City, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,690,0006/1/2023
22 JAMES STOKES CRT, King, Ontario L7B0M7L7BKing$3,649,9006/1/2023
302 BENNET DR, King, Ontario L7B1G7L7BKing$3,499,9996/2/2023
5050 LLOYDTOWN-AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E2L7BKing$3,488,0006/1/2023
88 FOG RD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,488,0006/2/2023
82 WILKIE AVE, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$3,388,0005/26/2023
116 ROBERT BERRY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0M3L7BKing$3,299,0006/2/2023
16385 DUFFERIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$3,299,0005/1/2023
116 ROBERT BERRY Crescent, King City, Ontario L7B0M3L7BKing$3,299,0006/2/2023
42 STOKES DR, King, Ontario L7B0P7L7BKing$3,249,9906/8/2023
15550 DUFFERIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$3,199,0005/2/2023
48 CAIRNS GATE, King, Ontario L7B0P5L7BKing$3,198,0005/2/2023
420 KETTLEBY RD, King, Ontario L7B0C9L7BKing$3,195,0006/2/2023
4753 19TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7BKing$2,999,0006/1/2023
3410 19TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0H9L7BKing$2,999,0005/1/2023
47 BRULE TR, King, Ontario L7B0C7L7BKing$2,998,0006/2/2023
4 KINGHORN RD, King, Ontario L7B1L6L7BKing$2,998,0005/3/2023
54 HOGAN CRT, King, Ontario L7B0M1L7BKing$2,998,0005/2/2023
78 WILKIE AVE, King, Ontario L7B0P1L7BKing$2,998,0005/2/2023
194 MARTIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1J5L7BKing$2,980,0006/2/2023
9 WESTBROOKE BLVD, King, Ontario L7B1N2L7BKing$2,950,0006/1/2023
80 WILKIE AVE, King, Ontario L7B0P1L7BKing$2,949,0006/1/2023
13076 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7BKing$2,895,0006/2/2023
12 LARKIN Avenue, Nobleton, Ontario L7B0N8L7BKing$2,895,0006/8/2023
12 LARKIN AVE, King, Ontario L7B0N8L7BKing$2,895,0006/9/2023
40 LLOYD'S LANE, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7BKing$2,888,0006/2/2023
16415 7TH CONCESSION RD, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7BKing$2,875,0006/2/2023
54 BRITNELL CRT, King, Ontario L7B0P2L7BKing$2,850,0006/2/2023
9 DENNIS DR, King, Ontario L7B1C8L7BKing$2,770,0006/2/2023
39 LARKIN AVE, King, Ontario L7B0N9L7BKing$2,758,0005/8/2023
60 BROAD WAY, King, Ontario L7B0P9L7BKing$2,699,9995/9/2023
3 WESTBROOKE BLVD, King, Ontario L7B1N2L7BKing$2,699,9006/1/2023
20 ELMERS LANE, King, Ontario L7B0P5L7BKing$2,688,9006/1/2023
25 SIMCOE Road, Pottageville, Ontario L7B0C7L7BKing$2,599,9005/6/2023
32 COPPERMINE CRT, King, Ontario L7B0A5L7BKing$2,599,9006/1/2023
13066 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1H8L7BKing$2,599,0006/2/2023
4 BALLARD DR, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$2,598,0006/3/2023
43 LARKIN AVE, King, Ontario L7B0N9L7BKing$2,597,8105/9/2023
380 KETTLEBY RD, King, Ontario L7B0C9L7BKing$2,575,0006/2/2023
25 SIMCOE Road, Kettleby, Ontario L7B0C7L7BKing$2,500,0005/8/2023
25 SIMCOE Road, King, Ontario L7B0C7L7BKing$2,500,0006/2/2023
20 BASIL RIDGE CRT, King, Ontario L7B0B9L7BKing$2,499,9995/5/2023
3050 16TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$2,499,9006/2/2023
191 DEW ST, King, Ontario L7B1L1L7BKing$2,499,0006/1/2023
71 HODGSON AVE, King, Ontario L7B0C7L7BKing$2,498,0006/1/2023
188 FOG RD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$2,498,0006/2/2023
170 SPRUCE HILL RD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$2,498,0006/8/2023
98 ROBERT BERRY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0M3L7BKing$2,489,0005/2/2023
28 ASPEN KING CRT, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$2,488,0005/2/2023
2 PARK HEIGHTS TR, King, Ontario L7B0N3L7BKing$2,450,0006/2/2023
510 WARREN RD, King, Ontario L7B1C4L7BKing$2,425,0006/2/2023
39 BLUFF TR, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$2,389,0004/27/2023
12868 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$2,299,0006/1/2023
14835 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$2,288,8006/1/2023
39 BLUFF TR, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$2,279,0006/1/2023
35 CLEARVIEW HTS S, King, Ontario L7B1H5L7BKing$2,199,9996/2/2023
8 COOK DR S, King, Ontario L7B0E5L7BKing$2,199,9876/2/2023
24 BLACK DUCK TR E, King, Ontario L7B0A4L7BKing$2,199,7866/2/2023
13 WEST COAST TR, King, Ontario L7B0A3L7BKing$2,188,0005/11/2023
14 NICORT RD, King, Ontario L7B0B6L7BKing$2,150,0005/2/2023
30 ARCHIBALD RD, King, Ontario L7B0E5L7BKing$2,100,0006/2/2023
12 BIGHORN TR, King, Ontario L7B0A4L7BKing$2,099,9005/2/2023
3 BLUEBERRY RUN TR, King, Ontario L7B0A6L7BKing$2,050,0006/1/2023
101 BURTON GRVE, King, Ontario L7B1C6L7BKing$1,999,9996/1/2023
3635 19TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0C7L7BKing$1,998,0005/1/2023
30 FAIRMONT RIDGE TR, King, Ontario L7B0A5L7BKing$1,988,0005/12/2023
2420 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1J7L7BKing$1,899,0006/2/2023
187 JAMES ST, King, Ontario L7B1J7L7BKing$1,888,0006/6/2023
81 BURNS BLVD, King, Ontario L7B0M5L7BKing$1,828,0005/2/2023
16585 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G8L7BKing$1,799,0005/1/2023
13150 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1J2L7BKing$1,799,0005/2/2023
#19 -12870 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1H7L7BKing$1,799,0006/2/2023
352 KETTLEBY Road, Kettleby, Ontario L7B0C9L7BKing$1,799,0005/1/2023
352 KETTLEBY Road, King City, Ontario L7B0C9L7BKing$1,799,0005/5/2023
111 DENNISON ST, King, Ontario L7B1B8L7BKing$1,788,0005/2/2023
352 KETTLEBY RD, King, Ontario L7B0C9L7BKing$1,699,0006/2/2023
2410 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1J6L7BKing$1,699,0006/2/2023
350 WOODCHOPPERS LANE, King, Ontario L7B0L7L7BKing$1,690,0006/1/2023
764 FIFTEENTH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$1,599,9996/1/2023
30 GREAT HERON CRT, King, Ontario L7B0P4L7BKing$1,598,8006/2/2023
2400 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1J6L7BKing$1,580,0006/2/2023
4605 LLOYDTOWN AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E3L7BKing$1,550,0006/2/2023
4875 LLOYDTOWN-AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E2L7BKing$1,500,0005/12/2023
12915 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$1,500,0006/2/2023
105 HUMBER CRES, King, Ontario L7B1J3L7BKing$1,480,0006/9/2023
3085 16TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$1,479,0006/6/2023
72 COOK DR, King, Ontario L7B0E5L7BKing$1,439,0005/3/2023
5 ARCHIBALD RD, King, Ontario L7B0E5L7BKing$1,437,0005/2/2023
2390 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1J6L7BKing$1,399,0006/3/2023
355 KETTLEBY RD, King, Ontario L7B0C9L7BKing$1,395,9005/1/2023
130 DAVIS Road, Kettleby, Ontario L7B0J2L7BKing$1,325,0006/2/2023
440 KETTLEBY RD, King, Ontario L7B0C9L7BKing$1,100,0006/2/2023
155 ELMPINE TR, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$1,049,9996/2/2023
16605 JANE Street, King City, Ontario L7B0G8L7BKing$995,0005/19/2023
16535 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G1L7BKing$988,0005/1/2023
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