304 TWEED STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R9

2 2 33 Ft (under 1/2 acre)

Welcome to this recently updated 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-storey home nestled on a large lot in a prime location, just moments away from Lake Ontario, Downtown, and the Peace Park! Step onto the covered porch and immediately feel at home. The main floor welcomes you with a spacious living room/dining room combination perfect for entertaining, a well-equipped kitchen featuring an island & full appliance package + a 4pc. bathroom. Adjacent to the kitchen is a convenient mudroom with access to the expansive rear fenced yard, allowing for seamless indoor-outdoor living within the downtown core. On the upper level, you'll discover a tastefully designed 3-piece bathroom & 2 cozy bedrooms as well as an office nook which could easily be transformed into a walk-in closet. Several upgrades have been made to enhance the comfort and convenience of this home, including a new furnace in 2023, updated cupboards, and the addition of a dishwasher. The lot is nature lover's paradise, featuring a full perennial garden in both the front and back yards, two apple trees, raspberry bushes, strawberry bushes, a pumpkin patch, and a kale garden that flourishes year after year. You'll find a large shed with hydro, offering plenty of storage options as well as an unfinished basement. Schedule a showing today and experience the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and natural beauty in this prime location! (66038943)

Listing Price History


Listing Price History Chart benchmarked with K9A and Cobourg

Map of All Listings in K9A, Cobourg

All Listings in K9A, Cobourg

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
3135 THEATRE RD N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$5,299,9006/2/2023
9317 DANFORTH RD E, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$2,999,9996/1/2023
7685 BETHEL GROVE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$2,695,0005/11/2023
8168 DANFORTH RD W, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A0P1K9A$2,290,0006/2/2023
8168 DANFORTH Road W, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A0P1K9A$2,290,0006/2/2023
17 SUNSET Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,999,9956/7/2023
17 SUNSET DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,999,9956/7/2023
40 TREMAINE Terrace, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5A8K9A$1,789,0006/2/2023
40 TREMAINE TERR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5A8K9A$1,789,0006/2/2023
283 CLYDE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2S6K9A$1,699,0006/1/2023
3031 STU BLACK RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,650,0005/9/2023
198 BAGOT ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3G4K9A$1,625,0006/2/2023
198 BAGOT Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3G4K9A$1,625,0006/2/2023
7290 TELEPHONE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,600,0006/2/2023
8003 JIBB RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,595,0005/17/2023
8003 JIBB Road, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,595,0005/17/2023
3780 DEJONG RD E, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$1,588,0006/1/2023
4 FORESTVIEW CRT, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K9A0A8K9A$1,580,0006/2/2023
4095 FRANK RITCHIE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,549,0005/1/2023
4 MCCARTY Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0K5K9A$1,525,0006/2/2023
4 MCCARTY DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0K5K9A$1,525,0006/2/2023
25 STONERIDGE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0Y3K9A$1,499,9996/2/2023
25 STONERIDGE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0Y3K9A$1,499,9996/2/2023
4095 FRANK RITCHIE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,489,9006/1/2023
4095 FRANK RITCHIE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A7J7K9A$1,489,9006/1/2023
8393 TROTTERS Lane W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0Z8K9A$1,488,0006/1/2023
8393 TROTTERS LANE W, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A0Z8K9A$1,488,0006/1/2023
8467 WILLIS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$1,449,0005/12/2023
2736 CASTLEHILL DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0M3K9A$1,399,0006/2/2023
2736 CASTLE HILL Drive, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$1,399,0006/2/2023
895 CHARLES WILSON PKWY, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0L2K9A$1,359,9006/1/2023
895 CHARLES WILSON Parkway, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0L2K9A$1,359,9006/1/2023
174 KING Street W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2M9K9A$1,350,0006/1/2023
174 KING ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2M9K9A$1,350,0006/1/2023
9 SUNSET DRIVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,349,0005/2/2023
9 SUNSET DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,349,0005/2/2023
242 LAKESHORE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$1,335,0006/2/2023
242 LAKESHORE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$1,335,0006/2/2023
7791 BICKLE HILL Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,335,0006/2/2023
941 JOHN FAIRHURST BLVD S, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1L9K9A$1,295,9996/8/2023
2720 CASTLE HILL Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0M3K9A$1,290,0006/1/2023
2720 CASTLE HILL DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0M3K9A$1,290,0006/1/2023
10040 DANFORTH RD E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$1,249,9006/2/2023
244 LAKE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1R5K9A$1,245,0006/1/2023
244 LAKE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1R5K9A$1,245,0006/1/2023
1868 STANTON RD N, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$1,225,0006/2/2023
1868 STANTON Road N, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$1,225,0006/2/2023
9692 DANFORTH Road E, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$1,200,0006/2/2023
9692 DANFORTH RD E, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$1,200,0006/2/2023
8378 MAJESTIC HILLS DR, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,175,0006/2/2023
3291 CORNISH HOLLOW RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$1,169,0006/2/2023
3291 CORNISH HOLLOW Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$1,169,0006/2/2023
7690 BICKLE HILL RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,150,0006/2/2023
3455 ALBERT'S ALLY, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,100,0006/2/2023
3455 ALBERT'S Alley, Camborne, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$1,100,0006/2/2023
879 CHARLES WILSON Parkway, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0L2K9A$1,099,9005/2/2023
879 CHARLES WILSON PKWY, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0L2K9A$1,099,9005/2/2023
858 JOAN CHALOVICH Way, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0G4K9A$1,099,0006/2/2023
169 ALBERT ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R5K9A$1,089,0005/17/2023
58 SKYE VALLEY DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0Z1K9A$1,085,0005/25/2023
1969 JARVIS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4L1K9A$1,075,0006/6/2023
2515 VAN LUVEN Road, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$999,9006/8/2023
252 LAKESHORE RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$999,0005/18/2023
351 DURHAM Street N, Colborne, Ontario K9A3B4K9A$999,0006/1/2023
304 COLLEGE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3V4K9A$999,0006/2/2023
304 COLLEGE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3V4K9A$999,0006/2/2023
8803 DALE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$999,0005/3/2023
8803 DALE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$999,0005/3/2023
4 DEERFIELD DR, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$995,8005/16/2023
760 KING ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2P2K9A$995,0006/8/2023
760 KING STREET WEST Street W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2P2K9A$995,0006/8/2023
1200 ALDER RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W5K9A$989,9006/1/2023
142 ARMOUR CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4S6K9A$987,0006/3/2023
4568 COUNTY 45 RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$969,0006/8/2023
1041 FREI ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L4K9A$949,0006/2/2023
736 PRINCE OF WALES DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5X8K9A$929,9006/2/2023
203 HIBERNIA STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3K1K9A$929,0006/2/2023
203 HIBERNIA ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3K1K9A$929,0006/2/2023
148 ARMOUR Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4S6K9A$929,0006/1/2023
148 ARMOUR CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4S6K9A$929,0006/1/2023
1273 ASHLAND DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S5K9A$920,0006/6/2023
374 LONSBERRY DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0K4K9A$899,9005/12/2023
374 LONSBERRY Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1M6K9A$899,9005/12/2023
116 READ Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5Y4K9A$899,0005/15/2023
116 READ ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5Y4K9A$899,0005/15/2023
649 ROBINSON DRIVE Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J5K9A$899,0005/5/2023
649 ROBINSON DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J5K9A$899,0005/6/2023
2321 DIVISION ST N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A0T9K9A$889,9005/3/2023
388 BALL ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3J2K9A$879,9006/2/2023
21 GLEN WATFORD RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4S4K9A$875,0005/2/2023
21 GLEN WATFORD ROAD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4S4K9A$875,0005/2/2023
807 LONDON ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5X9K9A$875,0005/2/2023
807 LONDON Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5X9K9A$875,0005/2/2023
641 ROBINSON DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J5K9A$875,0005/13/2023
641 ROBINSON Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J5K9A$875,0005/13/2023
108 TREMAINE TERR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5A8K9A$874,9005/23/2023
510 JOSEPH GALE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3L4K9A$850,0005/2/2023
8289 ALBERT CRT, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$849,9006/3/2023
8289 ALBERT Court, Camborne, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$849,9006/3/2023
1165 ASHLAND DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S2K9A$845,0005/2/2023
1165 ASHLAND Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S2K9A$845,0004/26/2023
980 FREI ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L5K9A$839,9005/2/2023
980 FREI Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L5K9A$839,9005/2/2023
692 EWING STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N8K9A$829,0005/12/2023
692 EWING ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N8K9A$829,0005/12/2023
661 EWING Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N7K9A$825,0006/3/2023
661 EWING ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N7K9A$825,0006/3/2023
996 GLENHARE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G3K9A$825,0006/1/2023
996 GLENHARE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G3K9A$825,0006/1/2023
961 CURTIS CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W4K9A$824,9005/2/2023
479 JOSEPH GALE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3N3K9A$824,0006/2/2023
479 JOSEPH GALE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3N3K9A$824,0006/2/2023
473 JOSEPH GALE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3N3K9A$824,0006/2/2023
473 JOSEPH GALE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3N3K9A$824,0006/2/2023
911 WESTWOOD Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B6K9A$815,0005/5/2023
911 WESTWOOD CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B6K9A$815,0005/10/2023
190 MASSEY RD, Haldimand, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$799,9995/10/2023
319 DIVISION ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3R4K9A$799,9006/2/2023
404 DUFFY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N3K9A$799,9005/3/2023
404 DUFFY Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N3K9A$799,9005/3/2023
149 EAST HOUSE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K5K9A$799,9005/5/2023
17 GARDINER CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1W7K9A$799,9006/2/2023
17 GARDINER Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1W7K9A$799,9006/1/2023
4 RAVENSDALE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2B9K9A$799,0005/2/2023
4 RAVENSDALE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2B9K9A$799,0005/2/2023
2092 NAGLE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$789,0005/2/2023
2092 NAGLE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9A$789,0005/2/2023
216 CARROLL CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5P8K9A$789,0005/11/2023
148 CARROLL Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K5K9A$769,0005/2/2023
148 CARROLL CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K5K9A$769,0005/2/2023
12 THOMAS ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4P6K9A$759,0005/9/2023
32 GLENWATFORD RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4S5K9A$759,0005/11/2023
39 MEREDITH Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4R3K9A$750,0006/1/2023
39 MEREDITH CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4R3K9A$750,0006/1/2023
736 WESTWOOD DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2B8K9A$749,9005/2/2023
1096 TILLISON AVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N4K9A$749,9006/2/2023
1096 TILLISON Avenue, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N4K9A$749,9006/2/2023
42 COVERDALE AVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4H3K9A$745,0006/6/2023
32 GLEN WATFORD RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4S5K9A$745,0006/2/2023
27 BROOK RD N, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5A3K9A$739,9006/2/2023
1105 TILLISON AVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N4K9A$739,9005/9/2023
1105 TILLISON Avenue, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N4K9A$739,9005/9/2023
1332 ALDER RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J8K9A$735,0005/13/2023
850 MUNSON CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5P2K9A$727,0005/18/2023
653 SPRAGGE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4R4K9A$719,9995/2/2023
653 SPRAGGE Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4R4K9A$719,9996/2/2023
850 WESTWOOD CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B5K9A$699,9995/2/2023
279 SPRING ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3K3K9A$699,9006/2/2023
128 SUTHERLAND CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L6K9A$699,9005/3/2023
128 SUTHERLAND Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L6K9A$699,9005/3/2023
1 CORONATION CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1T3K9A$699,9005/18/2023
1 CORONATION Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1T3K9A$699,9006/1/2023
150 READ ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5Y4K9A$699,9006/1/2023
2824 BURNHAM ST N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$699,0005/9/2023
2824 BURNHAM Street N, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9A$699,0005/9/2023
439 COTTESMORE AVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4E4K9A$699,0006/1/2023
439 COTTESMORE Avenue, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4E4K9A$699,0006/1/2023
414 KING ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N7K9A$695,0005/2/2023
547 SANDMERE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4R7K9A$689,0005/2/2023
140 UNIVERSITY Avenue E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1E1K9A$689,0006/6/2023
140 UNIVERSITY AVE E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1E1K9A$689,0006/6/2023
676 MACKECHNIE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4X8K9A$687,5005/2/2023
21 SPRINGBROOK RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4H8K9A$679,0005/2/2023
21 SPRINGBROOK Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4H8K9A$679,0005/2/2023
361 MATHEW ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3E6K9A$679,0005/18/2023
361 MATHEW Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3E6K9A$679,0005/18/2023
143 SPENCER ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1C3K9A$675,0005/3/2023
143 SPENCER ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1C4K9A$675,0005/5/2023
743 MUNSON CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N9K9A$667,0006/2/2023
743 MUNSON Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N9K9A$667,0006/2/2023
556 SINCLAIR ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Y7K9A$659,9005/13/2023
556 SINCLAIR Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Y7K9A$659,9005/13/2023
664 ONTARIO ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3C4K9A$649,9005/2/2023
664 ONTARIO Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3C4K9A$649,9005/2/2023
136 CHAPEL Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1J3K9A$649,0005/9/2023
136 CHAPEL ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1J3K9A$649,0005/9/2023
2715 DIVISION ST N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A0M9K9A$649,0005/1/2023
988 FRASER Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5M9K9A$649,0005/17/2023
988 FRASER CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5M9K9A$649,0005/17/2023
433 RAYNER RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5M8K9A$640,0005/5/2023
481 BURNHAM MANOR CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5C1K9A$629,9006/2/2023
912 FAIRBANKS RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G9K9A$629,0005/2/2023
837 EWING CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E4K9A$599,9005/2/2023
304 TWEED STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R9K9A$599,9006/1/2023
519 SINCLAIR ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Y5K9A$599,9005/2/2023
837 EWING Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E4K9A$599,9005/2/2023
304 TWEED ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R9K9A$599,9006/1/2023
1291 ONTARIO ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3E1K9A$599,9006/6/2023
328 D'ARCY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4A3K9A$599,5005/2/2023
328 D'ARCY Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4A3K9A$599,5005/2/2023
906 WESTWOOD CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B7K9A$599,0006/1/2023
320 DENSMORE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$599,0005/2/2023
959 FAIRBANKS RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A7Y8K9A$579,9005/9/2023
959 FAIRBANKS Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5H1K9A$579,9005/9/2023
520 BURNHAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W7K9A$575,0006/8/2023
183 BLAKE STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2K4K9A$574,5005/2/2023
183 BLAKE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2K4K9A$574,5005/2/2023
464 BURNHAM MANOR CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5C2K9A$559,9006/2/2023
158 JAMES ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1H3K9A$549,9005/18/2023
158 JAMES Street E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1H3K9A$549,9005/18/2023
649 COTTESMORE AVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0E8K9A$549,9006/1/2023
649 COTTESMORE Avenue, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0E8K9A$549,9006/1/2023
485 BURNHAM MANOR CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5C1K9A$529,9005/10/2023
341 TWEED Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R8K9A$525,0005/17/2023
341 TWEED ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R8K9A$525,0005/18/2023
348 KING ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N5K9A$489,9005/2/2023
267 UNIVERSITY Avenue W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2H8K9A$479,9006/2/2023
267 UNIVERSITY AVE W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2H8K9A$479,9006/2/2023
8681 WALLACE JIBB RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$479,0006/2/2023
4121 BURNHAM ST N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9A$479,0005/1/2023
9 HAVELOCK ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2J2K9A$419,9005/3/2023
13 JAMES Street E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1G8K9A$395,0005/3/2023
13 JAMES ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1G8K9A$395,0005/3/2023
395 A WILLIAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A1K9A$395,0006/2/2023
395 A WILLIAM Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A1K9A$395,0006/2/2023
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