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All Listings in V9C,Colwood

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
546 Taylor Rd, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C3Y7V9CColwood$9,600,0005/1/2022
567 Windthrop Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3B6V9CColwood$4,200,0005/1/2022
836 Hackamore Dr, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C4A3V9CColwood$2,950,0005/1/2022
5260 La Bonne Rd, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C0A5V9CColwood$2,800,0005/1/2022
4590 Rocky Point Rd, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C4E5V9CColwood$2,599,0005/19/2022
3157 Metchosin Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1Z9V9CColwood$2,500,0005/1/2022
585 Ledsham Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1J9V9CColwood$2,395,0005/1/2022
5015 Rocky Point Rd, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C4G4V9CColwood$2,200,0005/1/2022
830 Latoria Rd, Langford, British Columbia V9C3A7V9CColwood$2,200,0005/17/2022
668 Medalist Ave, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0R7V9CColwood$2,099,0005/1/2022
3642 Ridge View Terr, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0M3V9CColwood$1,999,9005/1/2022
664 Medalist Ave, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0C3V9CColwood$1,999,0005/1/2022
696 Demel Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3L6V9CColwood$1,995,0005/17/2022
1135 Woodley Ghyll Dr, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C4H9V9CColwood$1,950,0005/1/2022
659 Medalist Ave, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0C3V9CColwood$1,950,0005/1/2022
425 Pelican Dr, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0A4V9CColwood$1,875,0005/15/2022
915 Greystone Pl, Langford, British Columbia V9C0N8V9CColwood$1,849,9005/1/2022
Lot 18 Olympian Way, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0C3V9CColwood$1,849,9005/21/2022
783 Cuaulta Cres, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3H3V9CColwood$1,799,0004/30/2022
393 Longworth Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C4L8V9CColwood$1,799,0005/17/2022
581 Ledsham Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1J9V9CColwood$1,695,0005/1/2022
809 Bexhill Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3V5V9CColwood$1,695,0005/1/2022
3512 Wishart Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3B1V9CColwood$1,649,9005/1/2022
289 Seafield Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0R1V9CColwood$1,649,9005/1/2022
509 Gurunank Lane, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3R9V9CColwood$1,599,0005/1/2022
3541 Joy Close, Langford, British Columbia V9C3A5V9CColwood$1,599,0005/1/2022
572 Heatherly Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1K1V9CColwood$1,580,0005/1/2022
3433 Mary Anne Cres, Colwood, British Columbia V9C4K4V9CColwood$1,499,9005/6/2022
3545 Joy Close, Langford, British Columbia V9C3A5V9CColwood$1,499,8885/17/2022
945 Blakeon Pl, Langford, British Columbia V9C0R3V9CColwood$1,499,0005/1/2022
3497 Ryder Hesjedal Way, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0J6V9CColwood$1,499,0005/14/2022
292 Perimeter Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C4J6V9CColwood$1,499,0005/1/2022
301 Whimbrel Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0P3V9CColwood$1,475,0005/1/2022
311 Seafield Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0R1V9CColwood$1,474,9995/20/2022
815 Ashbury Ave, Langford, British Columbia V9C0L5V9CColwood$1,469,0005/1/2022
920 Blakeon Pl, Langford, British Columbia V9C3X3V9CColwood$1,450,0005/1/2022
576 Heatherly Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1K1V9CColwood$1,450,0005/1/2022
630 Lombard Dr, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C3Y9V9CColwood$1,420,0005/1/2022
370 Tideline Lane, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0P8V9CColwood$1,399,9995/3/2022
4525 Lindholm Rd, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C4C5V9CColwood$1,399,9005/21/2022
3478 Curlew St, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0N3V9CColwood$1,399,9005/20/2022
2113 Triangle Trail, Langford, British Columbia V9C0R2V9CColwood$1,399,9005/22/2022
514 Allandale Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2M3V9CColwood$1,399,8005/21/2022
579 Bezanton Way, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0H2V9CColwood$1,399,0005/14/2022
1011 Sundance Dr, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C3X7V9CColwood$1,398,0005/1/2022
1078 Brookview Dr, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C3X6V9CColwood$1,398,0005/1/2022
248 Caspian Dr, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0P8V9CColwood$1,375,0005/21/2022
372 Tideline Lane, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0P8V9CColwood$1,374,9995/1/2022
1022 Golden Spire Cres, Langford, British Columbia V9C0N7V9CColwood$1,370,0005/11/2022
532 Ridge Pointe Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2Z9V9CColwood$1,350,0005/19/2022
588 Heatherly Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1K1V9CColwood$1,350,0005/1/2022
362 Tideline Lane, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0P8V9CColwood$1,349,9995/1/2022
374 Tideline Lane, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0P8V9CColwood$1,299,9995/1/2022
3516 Honeycrisp Ave, Langford, British Columbia V9C0K4V9CColwood$1,299,9005/12/2022
624 Cairndale Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2R2V9CColwood$1,299,9005/21/2022
3245 Puffin Pl, Langford, British Columbia V9C0G7V9CColwood$1,299,0005/14/2022
252 Caspian Dr, Colwood, British Columbia V9C0P8V9CColwood$1,298,0005/6/2022
976 Wild Blossom Crt, Langford, British Columbia V9C4M8V9CColwood$1,274,9005/13/2022
972 Wild Ridge Way, Langford, British Columbia V9C4M8V9CColwood$1,258,8805/12/2022
792 Braveheart Lane, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3R5V9CColwood$1,249,9885/12/2022
905 Columbus Pl, Langford, British Columbia V9C3T7V9CColwood$1,199,9505/13/2022
624 Libra Pl, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C4G6V9CColwood$1,199,9005/14/2022
3244 Cora Hill Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3H4V9CColwood$1,199,0005/14/2022
3279 Zapata Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3G6V9CColwood$1,199,0005/19/2022
3163 Woodpark Dr, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1P2V9CColwood$1,149,9005/6/2022
3319 Merlin Rd, Langford, British Columbia V9C0H3V9CColwood$1,149,0005/1/2022
3346 Acemink Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2J6V9CColwood$1,125,0005/19/2022
528 Stornoway Dr, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2R4V9CColwood$1,099,9005/12/2022
992 Ariane Pl, Langford, British Columbia V9C3A4V9CColwood$1,099,9005/19/2022
646 Cairndale Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3L3V9CColwood$1,099,0005/1/2022
3449 Happy Valley Rd, Langford, British Columbia V9C2Y2V9CColwood$1,099,0005/6/2022
3314 Hazelwood Rd, Langford, British Columbia V9C0H3V9CColwood$1,090,0005/20/2022
3252 Clement Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2S2V9CColwood$1,050,0005/19/2022
3211 Willshire Dr, Langford, British Columbia V9C2V4V9CColwood$999,9005/1/2022
1011 Foxwood Pl, Langford, British Columbia V9C0H5V9CColwood$999,8885/14/2022
3307 Haida Dr, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3G2V9CColwood$999,0005/7/2022
465 Webb Pl, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2E4V9CColwood$998,0005/14/2022
592 Heatherly Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1K1V9CColwood$980,0005/1/2022
584 Heatherly Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C1K1V9CColwood$980,0005/1/2022
3339 Roberlack Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2J9V9CColwood$949,6395/10/2022
777 Drummond Way, Colwood, British Columbia V9C3R5V9CColwood$929,9005/4/2022
3450 Vision Way, Langford, British Columbia V9C0C4V9CColwood$899,9005/1/2022
1246 McLeod Pl, Langford, British Columbia V9C0K6V9CColwood$899,0005/1/2022
995 Acadian Rd, Langford, British Columbia V9C0B2V9CColwood$895,0005/10/2022
3350 Myles Mansell Rd, Langford, British Columbia V9C2P3V9CColwood$889,0004/27/2022
988 Walfred Rd, Langford, British Columbia V9C2P4V9CColwood$799,9005/16/2022
4710 Sooke Rd, Metchosin, British Columbia V9C4B9V9CColwood$749,0005/4/2022
3271 Galloway Rd, Colwood, British Columbia V9C2S8V9CColwood$725,0005/23/2022
34 CHARLES STREET, Kitimat, British Columbia V9C2J3V9CColwood$424,9905/1/2022
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