T0M House Prices, Trochu

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All Listings in T0M, Trochu

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
3245 Twp Rd 292, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$4,850,92211/1/2021
15 Hilltop Cove, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M0T0T0MTrochu$2,999,00011/1/2021
28125 Highway 587, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M0K0T0MTrochu$2,850,00011/1/2021
84038 591 Highway, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$2,500,00011/15/2021
25052 South Pine Lake Road, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1S0T0MTrochu$2,490,00011/1/2021
32325 Range Road 24, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$2,450,00011/1/2021
262201 John Church Lane, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M0E0T0MTrochu$1,999,00011/1/2021
63227 whispering Pines Rd, water valley, Rural Bighorn No. 8, M.D. of, Alberta T0M2E0T0MTrochu$1,900,00011/1/2021
30457 Rge Rd 44, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M2E0T0MTrochu$1,800,00011/3/2021
300055 Range Road 253, Rural Kneehill County, Alberta T0M1J0T0MTrochu$1,740,00011/2/2021
292212 Twp Rd 262, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M0E0T0MTrochu$1,600,00011/2/2021
29049 294 Township, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$1,450,00011/1/2021
10, 3348 TWP Rd 334, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0K0T0MTrochu$1,350,00011/1/2021
#30 5139 HWY 27, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$1,325,00011/1/2021
#10 - 3348 334 Township, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0K0T0MTrochu$1,275,00011/24/2021
36576 RANGE ROAD 272, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$1,250,00011/1/2021
323023 Range Road 241, Rural Kneehill County, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$1,224,90011/1/2021
3139 Highway 54, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1V0T0MTrochu$1,199,00011/3/2021
7263 Highway 584, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$1,174,99011/2/2021
29529 Rge Rd 45, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M2E0T0MTrochu$1,150,00011/4/2021
34266 Range Road 61 Range, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$1,149,00011/2/2021
26411 Highway 597, Rural Lacombe County, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$1,122,00011/2/2021
15B-32579 Range Road 52, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$1,100,00011/2/2021
38172 Highway 766, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$1,100,00011/9/2021
3216 Township Road 303 Road, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$1,100,00011/19/2021
3216 Township Road 303 Road, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$1,100,00011/21/2021
30563 Range Road 20, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$1,099,90011/4/2021
30563 Rge Rd 20, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$1,099,90011/19/2021
32578 Range Road 52 Road, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$1,099,00011/23/2021
263103 Butte Hills Way, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M0E0T0MTrochu$1,065,00011/2/2021
15 29508 Rge Rd 52, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M2E0T0MTrochu$999,90011/13/2021
4 FIR Close, Burnstick Lake, Alberta T0M1T0T0MTrochu$997,00011/12/2021
38538 Range Road 23, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M0H0T0MTrochu$995,00011/1/2021
2555 Twp Rd 304, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$994,90011/6/2021
33106 RGE RD 52, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$990,00011/25/2021
32156 Range Road 50 Range, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$979,00011/1/2021
322071A Range Road 244 Road, Rural Kneehill County, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$949,90011/1/2021
126 Delrich Meadows, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M0T0T0MTrochu$899,99911/2/2021
2150 Township 312 Rural Mountain View County, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$899,90011/2/2021
15 Butte Valley Bay, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M0E0T0MTrochu$899,90011/2/2021
19 Stage Coach Trail, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M0E0T0MTrochu$899,00011/2/2021
54048 Highway 598, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M1H0T0MTrochu$895,00011/2/2021
29161 Rge Rd 43, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M2E0T0MTrochu$889,00011/2/2021
261110 Township Road 273, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M1B0T0MTrochu$885,00011/2/2021
401040 Range Road 5-0, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M1H0T0MTrochu$875,00011/1/2021
394073 Range Road 44, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0H0T0MTrochu$859,00011/1/2021
32571 Rge Rd 52, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$835,00011/1/2021
32571 Rge Rd 52, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$820,00011/17/2021
410 Pine Martin Drive, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M2H0T0MTrochu$819,00011/9/2021
12, 120 Burbank Road, Rural Lacombe County, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$798,98211/1/2021
282247 Range Road 12, Rural Rocky View County, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$750,00011/3/2021
16 Cutbank Close, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1S0T0MTrochu$750,00011/1/2021
30105 Range Road 283, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$749,00011/1/2021
5104 55 StreetClose, Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$699,00011/2/2021
24 Havenfield Drive, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$682,50011/4/2021
29508 Range Road 24, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$675,00011/19/2021
331062 Range Road 234, Rural Kneehill County, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$660,00011/2/2021
32106 Highway 760, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$650,00011/5/2021
36332 Range Road 275, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$649,90011/2/2021
5040 Township Road 342, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$649,50011/15/2021
8 1468, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$649,00011/19/2021
8 1468, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$649,00011/23/2021
45 Deer Coulee Drive N, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$639,90011/1/2021
44056 Township Road 380, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0P0T0MTrochu$619,90011/2/2021
102 Amery Crescent, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$619,00011/2/2021
39230 Range Road 273, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$609,90011/1/2021
292017 RR251, Rural Kneehill County, Alberta T0M0A0T0MTrochu$600,00011/1/2021
208 Sunset Heights, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$599,90011/2/2021
32256 Range Road 60, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$595,00011/22/2021
355003 Range Road 4-5, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$595,00011/2/2021
1109 Veterans Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$595,00011/13/2021
194 North Road, Beiseker, Alberta T0M0G0T0MTrochu$589,90011/1/2021
3406 Township Road 380, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$589,00011/1/2021
124 Hollman Close, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$586,50011/25/2021
6072, 25054 South Pine Lake Road, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$579,90011/2/2021
34072 Range Road 53, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$575,00011/2/2021
606 West Highland Crescent, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$575,00011/4/2021
37429 Range Road 240 A, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M0V0T0MTrochu$574,00011/2/2021
154 Amery Crescent, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$567,30011/3/2021
152 Sunset Heights, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$565,00011/3/2021
3370 Township Rd 310, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$564,90011/17/2021
1162 Stevens Street, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$559,90011/22/2021
319 3 Avenue SE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$559,00011/2/2021
1201 Smith Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$550,00011/3/2021
229, 36246 Range Road 251, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$550,00011/1/2021
217 James River Ridge, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$549,90011/2/2021
31034 Range Road 45, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0R0T0MTrochu$549,90011/3/2021
1487 Aldrich Place, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$549,90011/4/2021
19 Kodiak Drive NW, Leslieville, Alberta T0M1H0T0MTrochu$548,00011/2/2021
89 Deer Coulee Drive, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$544,80011/1/2021
402039 Range Road 4-4, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M1H0T0MTrochu$540,00011/1/2021
4023, 25054 South Pine Lake Road, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1S0T0MTrochu$539,90011/1/2021
312 Elizabeth Avenue, Nordegg, Alberta T0M2H0T0MTrochu$539,90011/1/2021
51035 Township Road 37-2, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$530,00011/1/2021
30276 Range Road 40, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$525,00011/12/2021
32375 Range Road 62 Road, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$519,90011/2/2021
1416 Price Road, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$519,90011/4/2021
150 Amery Crescent, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$519,20011/4/2021
1402 Price Close, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$514,90011/6/2021
1370 Lackner Boulevard, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$509,90011/26/2021
8 West Highland Court, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$509,00011/17/2021
10 McClung Gate, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$500,00011/3/2021
32540 Range Road 43, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$499,90011/2/2021
128 Harrison Court, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$499,90011/3/2021
106 HOLLMAN Close, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$499,90011/1/2021
2 West Highland Bay, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$499,90011/22/2021
36539 Range Road 251A, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$499,00011/1/2021
1407 Price Close, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$498,00011/1/2021
134 Coachman Way, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$494,90011/2/2021
1365 Price Road, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$494,90011/17/2021
1016 2 Street NE, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$489,90011/21/2021
38 Condor Way, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0P0T0MTrochu$489,00011/1/2021
1000 Shantz Place, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$488,00011/1/2021
710 Ranch Crescent, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$487,00011/1/2021
1935 Boundary Road, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$485,00011/1/2021
22 Valarosa Point, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$484,90011/1/2021
157 Norseman Close, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$479,90011/1/2021
251056 Township Road 344, Rural Kneehill County, Alberta T0M0Z0T0MTrochu$479,90011/1/2021
320071b Range Road 240, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$474,90011/1/2021
6126, 25054 South Pine Lake Road, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$469,90011/1/2021
1123 5A Avenue SE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$469,90011/1/2021
146 Valarosa Drive, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$469,90011/2/2021
1075 Stevens Place, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$466,90011/1/2021
4114 Highway 12, Rural Lacombe County, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$460,00011/1/2021
1071 Stevens Place, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$456,90011/1/2021
86 Henderson Crescent, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$449,90011/1/2021
1058 Stevens Place, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$449,90011/1/2021
1705 Mossip Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$449,00011/1/2021
1129 iron landing Way, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$445,90011/1/2021
1115 Milt Ford LANE, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$445,00011/1/2021
384040 RANGE ROAD 53, Alhambra, Alberta T0M0C0T0MTrochu$440,00011/3/2021
85 Pondside Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$439,90011/1/2021
61042 Highway 54, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$438,00011/16/2021
786 Stonehaven Drive, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$437,50011/1/2021
24 Hanson Green, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$430,90011/2/2021
41021 37-2A Township, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$430,00011/1/2021
2410 21 st Street, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$429,90011/1/2021
227 11A Avenue NE, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$429,90011/1/2021
603 5 Avenue SW, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$429,00011/2/2021
118 Main Street, Alhambra, Alberta T0M1T0T0MTrochu$425,00011/2/2021
461 Sunset Link, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$424,90011/3/2021
73 Portway Close, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$419,00011/1/2021
1500 McAlpine Street, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$415,00011/13/2021
5 Valarosa Way, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$409,90011/2/2021
109 Mann Drive, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$405,00011/16/2021
1225 Smith Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$399,99911/2/2021
107 Poplar Avenue, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$399,90011/5/2021
4115 Highway 580, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0R0T0MTrochu$399,90011/2/2021
140 Eagle Ridge Drive, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$399,00011/2/2021
53 Sandpiper Drive, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$399,00011/3/2021
5 CHINOOK Road, Beiseker, Alberta T0M0G0T0MTrochu$398,90011/3/2021
36 Chinook Crescent, Beiseker, Alberta T0M0G0T0MTrochu$398,00011/3/2021
81 Athabasca Crescent, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$398,00011/2/2021
1302 2 Street NE, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$394,50011/2/2021
1402 Idaho Street, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$392,50011/8/2021
540 Carriage Lane Drive, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$389,00011/4/2021
232 Vista Drive, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$384,90011/1/2021
1133 Grey Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$379,90011/1/2021
1718 Athabasca Street, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$379,90011/10/2021
430 Carriage Lane Crossing, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$379,00011/1/2021
114 4042 Hwy 587, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M0K0T0MTrochu$379,00011/25/2021
35078 Range Road 272, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M0M4T0MTrochu$377,00011/2/2021
1110 Smith Avenue, Crossfield, Alberta T0M0S0T0MTrochu$375,00011/10/2021
86 Pondside Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$374,90011/14/2021
1339 Gough Road, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$374,90011/1/2021
152 Eagle Ridge Drive, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$370,00011/13/2021
10 Westridge Drive, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$369,90011/1/2021
21 Paramount Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$367,70011/26/2021
1413 Idaho Street, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$364,90011/1/2021
1504 McAlpine Street, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$364,90011/24/2021
724 Stonehaven Drive, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$362,50011/26/2021
841 1 Street S, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$359,90011/1/2021
138 Morris Court, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J2T0MTrochu$359,90011/2/2021
4045, 25054 South Pine Lake Road, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$359,00011/1/2021
428 6 Avenue, Elnora, Alberta T0M0Y0T0MTrochu$359,00011/1/2021
629 5 Avenue SW, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$359,00011/2/2021
29 Westheights Drive, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$359,00011/2/2021
77 Mann Drive, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$358,50011/1/2021
607 Henricks Drive, Irricana, Alberta T0M1B0T0MTrochu$358,00011/1/2021
20 Evron PL, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$354,90011/1/2021
2117 12 Avenue, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$353,00011/2/2021
1905 24 Avenue, Delburne, Alberta T0M0V0T0MTrochu$350,00011/1/2021
36 Oxford Boulevard, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$349,90011/1/2021
1426 Westview Drive, Bowden, Alberta T0M0K0T0MTrochu$349,00011/2/2021
1043 Carriage Lane Drive, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$349,00011/26/2021
664 Macewan Drive, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$339,00011/3/2021
1 Goddard, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$335,00011/12/2021
650 Wallace Drive, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$334,90011/27/2021
109 Westheights Close, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$333,00011/4/2021
47 Beaver Place, Beiseker, Alberta T0M0G0T0MTrochu$329,90011/1/2021
610 2 Street, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$329,90011/2/2021
9 MacKenzie Way, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$329,00011/3/2021
33045 Hwy 584, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$329,00011/2/2021
4 Edengrove Close NW, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$329,00011/2/2021
126 Devilder Avenue, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$327,50011/1/2021
5223 48 Street, Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$325,00011/2/2021
301 Westridge Drive, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$325,00011/1/2021
210 Westridge Drive, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$325,00011/1/2021
611 Henricks Drive, Irricana, Alberta T0M1B0T0MTrochu$325,00011/1/2021
1231 21 Street, Bowden, Alberta T0M0K0T0MTrochu$325,00011/3/2021
149 Wellington Close, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$325,00011/9/2021
1 Goddard Circle, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$325,00011/28/2021
134 Carriage Lane Road, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$324,90011/8/2021
14 Cascade Street, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$320,00011/1/2021
16 Village Green, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$319,90011/20/2021
87 Heartland Crescent, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$319,90011/1/2021
A & B, 4801 Lansdowne Avenue, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$314,90011/2/2021
73 Coachman Way, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$312,00011/2/2021
102 Westview Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$309,90011/2/2021
34 Stanford Blvd, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$309,90011/2/2021
1008 8 Street, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$309,90011/2/2021
23256 Township Road 352, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M0V0T0MTrochu$309,90011/2/2021
34 Stanford Boulevard, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$309,90011/27/2021
Range Road 40, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$309,00011/2/2021
5224 54 Avenue, Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$299,90011/2/2021
22 Cedar Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$299,90011/1/2021
36456 Range Road 232, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1K0T0MTrochu$299,90011/1/2021
34 Hawthorne Way, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$299,90011/1/2021
211 2 Avenue S, Torrington, Alberta T0M2B0T0MTrochu$299,90011/1/2021
45003 Township Road 370, Rural Clearwater County, Alberta T0M1W0T0MTrochu$299,00011/2/2021
603 4 SW Avenue, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$299,00011/19/2021
6 Hanson Green, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$297,90011/27/2021
36102C Range Road 250, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1S0T0MTrochu$297,50011/2/2021
234080 Township Road 314, Rural Kneehill County, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$295,00011/2/2021
14 Westgate Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$295,00011/2/2021
440 6 Street, Irricana, Alberta T0M1B0T0MTrochu$294,90011/3/2021
1501 25 Street, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$294,00011/25/2021
5 Rolling Hills Close, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$290,00011/8/2021
1400 Lucina Street, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$289,90011/2/2021
306 1St Street, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$289,90011/2/2021
10 Rolling Hills Bay, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$289,90011/4/2021
37 Sunrise Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$288,50011/6/2021
2109 18 Avenue, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$287,90011/25/2021
33 Stanford Boulevard, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$284,90011/1/2021
78 Mann Drive, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$284,90011/24/2021
1320 18 Street, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$279,70011/2/2021
808 Prospect Avenue, Acme, Alberta T0M0A0T0MTrochu$279,00011/1/2021
4721 Womacks Road, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$279,00011/6/2021
308 9th Avenue, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$277,50011/1/2021
408 Royal Crescent N, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$275,50011/1/2021
1122 Centre Street, Carstairs, Alberta T0M0N0T0MTrochu$275,00011/28/2021
21 Davis Street, Acme, Alberta T0M0A0T0MTrochu$274,90011/1/2021
751 4 Avenue, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$272,50011/5/2021
58 WESTGLEN Boulevard, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$269,90011/12/2021
4615 50 Avenue, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$269,00011/14/2021
1017 20 Avenue, Lousana, Alberta T0M1K0T0MTrochu$269,00011/1/2021
571 3 Avenue SE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$267,00011/1/2021
15, 829 20 Street, Spruce View, Alberta T0M1V0T0MTrochu$264,00011/2/2021
50 Mcdougall Close, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$259,90011/1/2021
419 Nolan Street, Acme, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$259,90011/1/2021
2114 17 Avenue, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$259,90011/2/2021
305 Regal Crescent, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$258,00011/12/2021
417 CONDOR Road, Condor, Alberta T0M0P0T0MTrochu$256,50011/27/2021
5019 49 Avenue, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$250,00011/2/2021
507 Lineview Road, Linden, Alberta T0M1J0T0MTrochu$250,00011/1/2021
5207 Waghorn Street, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$250,00011/1/2021
90 Southridge Crescent, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$249,90011/2/2021
5141 52 StreetCrescent, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$249,90011/2/2021
60 Newton Drive, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$249,90011/1/2021
1705 15 Avenue, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$249,00011/2/2021
619 1 Avenue, Irricana, Alberta T0M1B0T0MTrochu$249,00011/20/2021
540 3 Avenue SE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$245,00011/2/2021
1311 Fleming Avenue, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$244,90011/26/2021
219 Centre Street S, Linden, Alberta T0M1J0T0MTrochu$240,50011/2/2021
5215 52 Avenue, Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$239,90011/2/2021
133 2 Avenue, Leslieville, Alberta T0M1H0T0MTrochu$239,90011/2/2021
61 Westview Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$239,90011/23/2021
1015 25054 SOUTH PINE LAKE Road, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$237,50011/2/2021
5157 52 StreetCrescent, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$235,00011/2/2021
228 4 Avenue S, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$234,90011/13/2021
1506 Westview Drive, Bowden, Alberta T0M0K0T0MTrochu$231,90011/2/2021
1014 1 Avenue NE, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$230,00011/2/2021
3060, 25074 South Pine Lake Road, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1S0T0MTrochu$229,90011/2/2021
429 Boake Avenue, Cremona, Alberta T0M0R0T0MTrochu$229,90011/2/2021
1953 8th Avenue, Spruce View, Alberta T0M1V0T0MTrochu$229,90011/2/2021
5132 54 Avenue, Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$229,00011/2/2021
405 Royal Crescent, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$229,00011/2/2021
2153 20 Avenue, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$229,00011/18/2021
27 Coyote Cove, Rural Mountain View County, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$227,00011/2/2021
25 CAMBRIDGE DR, Carbon, Alberta T0M0L0T0MTrochu$225,00011/2/2021
5119 49 Avenue, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$224,90011/19/2021
5228 54 Ave (Melissa Hollingsworth Ave), Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$223,00011/2/2021
433 6 Avenue, Elnora, Alberta T0M0Y0T0MTrochu$219,90011/2/2021
402 Royal Crescent, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$219,00011/2/2021
207 2nd Ave. Avenue, Torrington, Alberta T0M2B0T0MTrochu$219,00011/2/2021
571 8 Street SE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$217,90011/24/2021
5211 53 Street, Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$215,00011/2/2021
326 Poplar Avenue, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$214,50011/2/2021
A,B & C, 2023 22 Avenue, Delburne, Alberta T0M0V0T0MTrochu$209,90011/1/2021
4920 54 Avenue, Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$209,90011/2/2021
212 Aberdeen Avenue S, Carbon, Alberta T0M0L0T0MTrochu$205,00011/1/2021
307 4 Street, Irricana, Alberta T0M1B0T0MTrochu$200,00011/12/2021
4716 49 Street, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$199,90011/2/2021
5107 Broadway Avenue, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$199,90011/2/2021
825 8 Avenue NE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$199,00011/2/2021
5206 Highway Avenue, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$198,00011/2/2021
218 8 Street, Beiseker, Alberta T0M0G0T0MTrochu$195,00011/10/2021
1501 22 Avenue, Didsbury, Alberta T0M0W0T0MTrochu$195,00011/2/2021
134, Centro Ave, Alhambra, Alberta T0M0C0T0MTrochu$192,00011/2/2021
201 1 Street, Torrington, Alberta T0M2B0T0MTrochu$190,00011/1/2021
221 6 Avenue NE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$189,90011/1/2021
48 Hayter, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$182,50011/24/2021
48 Hayter Street, Penhold, Alberta T0M1R0T0MTrochu$182,50011/25/2021
5211 Waghorn Street, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$180,00011/10/2021
310 2 Street NE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$179,90011/1/2021
1011 1 Avenue NE, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$179,90011/2/2021
233 Trochu Avenue, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$175,00011/1/2021
102 2nd Avenue N, Torrington, Alberta T0M2B0T0MTrochu$174,90011/2/2021
22 Cambridge Way, Carbon, Alberta T0M0L0T0MTrochu$172,00011/1/2021
3011, 25054 South Pine Lake Road, Rural Red Deer County, Alberta T0M1S0T0MTrochu$169,90011/1/2021
4820 50 Avenue, Benalto, Alberta T0M0H0T0MTrochu$169,90011/2/2021
117 5 Avenue SE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$169,90011/23/2021
725 1 Street NE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$168,50011/11/2021
125 Valley Crescent, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$164,90011/17/2021
4604 Broadway Avenue, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M0J0T0MTrochu$164,90011/1/2021
326 7 Street, Beiseker, Alberta T0M0G0T0MTrochu$162,50011/1/2021
1010 Main Avenue E, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$159,90011/2/2021
4903 50 Street, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$149,00011/2/2021
426 Arena AV, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$139,90011/1/2021
1022 Main Avenue E, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$139,90011/2/2021
114 Poplar Avenue, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$139,90011/18/2021
2028 19 Avenue, Bowden, Alberta T0M0K0T0MTrochu$129,90011/1/2021
106 4 Street NW, Sundre, Alberta T0M1X0T0MTrochu$125,00011/1/2021
4915 52 Avenue, Eckville, Alberta T0M0X0T0MTrochu$120,00011/1/2021
124 4 Avenue E, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$119,90011/1/2021
316 Caradoc Avenue, Carbon, Alberta T0M0L0T0MTrochu$109,90011/1/2021
1104 11 Street, Lousana, Alberta T0M1K0T0MTrochu$105,00011/23/2021
125 1 Street N, Huxley, Alberta T0M0Z0T0MTrochu$104,90011/1/2021
226 1 Avenue SE, Three Hills, Alberta T0M2A0T0MTrochu$101,00011/1/2021
320 Poplar Avenue, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$91,90011/1/2021
130 2 Avenue, Leslieville, Alberta T0M1H0T0MTrochu$80,00011/1/2021
5020 50 AV, Caroline, Alberta T0M0M0T0MTrochu$79,90011/1/2021
409 Railway Avenue, Trochu, Alberta T0M2C0T0MTrochu$69,90011/28/2021
334 2 Avenue, Leslieville, Alberta T0M1H0T0MTrochu$68,00011/1/2021
302 Main Street, Elnora, Alberta T0M0Y0T0MTrochu$40,00011/1/2021
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