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All Listings in R1A,St Andrews

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
1 River Oak Crescent, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2V7R1A$1,999,0004/3/2024
5460 Main Street, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3R8R1A$1,730,0004/3/2024
62 TYLER Drive, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2A8R1A$1,695,0004/3/2024
803 Fort Garry Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3W8R1A$1,350,0004/10/2024
494 RIVER R Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3C2R1A$979,9003/21/2024
494 RIVER Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3C2R1A$979,9004/3/2024
5597 Main Street, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3R5R1A$899,9004/3/2024
5 DEER RAPIDS Drive, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3Y3R1A$869,9004/5/2024
7 SUNRISE BAY, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2T6R1A$829,9004/13/2024
41 JUNIPER LANE, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A4A3R1A$799,9004/3/2024
18 Hay Avenue, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2Y9R1A$799,9004/3/2024
4 Sussex Drive, Lockport, Manitoba R1A3Z7R1A$759,9004/13/2024
4 Sussex Drive, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3Z7R1A$759,9004/3/2024
1126 River Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A4A1R1A$740,0004/3/2024
2 PARKTON Place, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2V2R1A$729,9003/2/2024
461 ROCKHAVEN Road, Lockport, Manitoba R1A2A8R1A$729,9004/11/2024
29 McFee Place, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2A8R1A$699,9004/3/2024
182 Lockport Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3G8R1A$694,9004/3/2024
5 Davis Place, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2X1R1A$679,9004/3/2024
1276 BREEZY POINT Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2A7R1A$674,9003/2/2024
1051 Porcher Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3N4R1A$649,9004/3/2024
1077 Bracken Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A4H8R1A$649,9004/3/2024
1018 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0W6R1A$599,9004/3/2024
126 Easy Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R1A0A3R1A$599,9004/3/2024
2 Kendale Drive, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2X9R1A$598,0003/2/2024
72067 206 Highway, St Clements, Manitoba R1A2A8R1A$589,9004/3/2024
31 PARKVIEW Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3B7R1A$589,9004/3/2024
16 Creekside Boulevard, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1H6R1A$569,9004/3/2024
1042 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A4N8R1A$569,0003/2/2024
111 OLIVER Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0C3R1A$559,9003/4/2024
111 Oliver Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0C4R1A$559,9004/3/2024
64 Harry Waytiuk Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2A8R1A$549,9004/3/2024
2 Capri Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2Z5R1A$549,9004/3/2024
1009 River Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A4B1R1A$539,9004/3/2024
8 Pawley Place, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1X8R1A$535,0004/3/2024
7 Pawley Place, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1X8R1A$529,9003/22/2024
801 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2G3R1A$520,0003/2/2024
145 MORRISON Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2P2R1A$519,9004/3/2024
913 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A4N4R1A$499,9004/3/2024
390 Purvis Boulevard, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2H4R1A$499,0003/3/2024
1022 RIVER Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A4B1R1A$494,9003/2/2024
835 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2G2R1A$479,8004/3/2024
13 Antonina Drive, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3A9R1A$469,9004/5/2024
924 Mclean Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0V7R1A$465,0004/11/2024
1036 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A4N8R1A$459,9003/2/2024
15 King Bay, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2G1R1A$459,0004/11/2024
1011 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1G1R1A$449,9004/3/2024
6012 9A Highway, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A4C1R1A$449,9004/12/2024
925 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2G1R1A$449,9004/3/2024
103 LOCKPORT Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba R1A2S1R1A$449,9004/10/2024
286 Eveline Street, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1M7R1A$449,0004/11/2024
126 MCLENNAN Road, Lockport, Manitoba R1A3A1R1A$444,9004/3/2024
15 Matrona Bay, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3A1R1A$438,7493/2/2024
146 804 Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2C9R1A$432,3104/3/2024
1402 Breezy Point Road, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2A7R1A$429,0004/3/2024
57 King Bay, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1R3R1A$419,0004/3/2024
148 Montgomery Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A3Z4R1A$414,9004/3/2024
101 804 Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0Z3R1A$413,4004/3/2024
6 Fial Crescent, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2A8R1A$399,9004/3/2024
502 MCPHILLIPS Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3G7R1A$399,9004/5/2024
5 King Bay, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1R3R1A$399,0004/3/2024
142 804 Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2C9R1A$396,7054/3/2024
129 804 Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2C9R1A$387,2364/3/2024
12 MCIVOR Lane S, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2A7R1A$384,9003/2/2024
503 Christie Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0W1R1A$379,9003/2/2024
7 MCLENNAN Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2W1R1A$379,9004/11/2024
107 804 Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A2C9R1A$359,9004/3/2024
10 STEVENS AV Avenue, Lockport, Manitoba R1A3C7R1A$349,9004/3/2024
71 King Bay, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1R3R1A$329,0004/3/2024
69 King Bay, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1R3R1A$329,0003/2/2024
6 Louise Bay, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0C7R1A$324,9003/2/2024
3 320 PEARSON Parkway, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1H1R1A$324,9004/3/2024
135 GOLDSTONE Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A3B4R1A$319,9003/3/2024
211 Queen Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1E7R1A$299,9003/20/2024
6 CLEMONS Road, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2A7R1A$289,9004/14/2024
5694 Main Street, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2C6R1A$279,9004/3/2024
513 NELSON Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0L7R1A$279,9003/30/2024
200 Toronto Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0N2R1A$279,9004/5/2024
5619 9 Highway N, St Andrews, Manitoba R1A2Y9R1A$272,0004/3/2024
502 ROBINSON Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A4M9R1A$264,9004/3/2024
404 MORRIS Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1B4R1A$259,9004/11/2024
335 Dufferin Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1C3R1A$249,9004/10/2024
620 Morris Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1B8R1A$239,0004/6/2024
283 EVELINE Street, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1M5R1A$235,0003/2/2024
423 Pacific Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0P2R1A$229,9004/3/2024
331 SUPERIOR Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0Z9R1A$225,0003/2/2024
412 PACIFIC Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0P1R1A$224,9003/14/2024
409 Vaughan Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0S8R1A$219,9003/5/2024
609 SUPERIOR Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A4A1R1A$199,9004/3/2024
521 McLean Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0V4R1A$174,9004/3/2024
206 QUEEN Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1E6R1A$174,9004/3/2024
317 MCLEAN Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0X0R1A$170,0004/10/2024
317 MCLEAN Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0T8R1A$170,0004/11/2024
438 Pacific Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0P1R1A$169,9004/3/2024
264 Sophia Street, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A1Y8R1A$159,9003/19/2024
507 MANCHESTER Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba R1A0C1R1A$129,9003/2/2024
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