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All Listings in R0K, Onanole

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
598 Lakeshore Drive, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$699,00012/2/2021
83067 11 North Road, Cartwright, Manitoba R0K0L0R0KOnanole$610,00012/2/2021
178 Sandy Road, Shilo, Manitoba R0K2A0R0KOnanole$539,88812/2/2021
502 Pleasant Valley Drive, Pelican Lake, Manitoba R0K1R0R0KOnanole$529,00012/2/2021
129084 52N Road, Griswold, Manitoba R0K0A0R0KOnanole$499,99912/2/2021
55079 118W Road, Kemnay, Manitoba R0K2A0R0KOnanole$489,00012/2/2021
9368 Oak Drive, Rock Lake, Manitoba R0K0Y0R0KOnanole$450,00012/2/2021
27136 346 HWY Road, Minto, Manitoba R0K1M0R0KOnanole$450,00012/2/2021
69056 hwy10 Path, RM of Elton, Manitoba R0K0W0R0KOnanole$439,90012/2/2021
182 9th Avenue W, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$435,00012/2/2021
28 Sunset Road, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$435,00011/8/2021
97069 1 North Road, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$430,00012/2/2021
106062 10 Road N, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$395,00012/2/2021
122 Riviera Drive, Pelican Lake, Manitoba R0K1R0R0KOnanole$369,00012/2/2021
150 South railway Street, Sidney, Manitoba R0K1L0R0KOnanole$368,00012/2/2021
441 Cook Street, Boissevain, Manitoba R0K0E0R0KOnanole$359,50012/2/2021
432 Park Street E, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$354,00012/2/2021
240 3rd Avenue, Rapid City, Manitoba R0K1W0R0KOnanole$350,00012/2/2021
23 Cache Creek Street, Onanole, Manitoba R0K0H0R0KOnanole$345,90012/2/2021
172 Hetherington Street, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$339,90012/2/2021
109 Peterborough Avenue, Elgin, Manitoba R0K0T0R0KOnanole$320,00012/2/2021
11 2nd Avenue, Carroll, Manitoba R0K0K0R0KOnanole$319,90012/2/2021
225 Provincial Road, Wawanesa, Manitoba R0K2G0R0KOnanole$299,90012/2/2021
337 Laurier Avenue, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$289,90012/2/2021
80107 PR 270 Highway, Rapid City, Manitoba R0K1W0R0KOnanole$269,90012/2/2021
413 Commercial Street, Wawanesa, Manitoba R0K2G0R0KOnanole$260,00012/2/2021
8 Grove Street, Ninette, Manitoba R0K1R0R0KOnanole$259,90012/2/2021
308 Calverly Street W, Ninette, Manitoba R0K1R0R0KOnanole$249,90012/2/2021
70 Rock Lake Road, Rock Lake, Manitoba R0K0Y0R0KOnanole$249,90012/2/2021
478 Broadway Street, Boissevain, Manitoba R0K0E0R0KOnanole$249,00012/2/2021
43 Ellis Drive, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$248,00012/2/2021
44022 Huntingdon Road N, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$235,00012/2/2021
380 4TH Street, Rapid City, Manitoba R0K1W0R0KOnanole$229,90012/2/2021
302 Murray Avenue, Glenboro, Manitoba R0K0X0R0KOnanole$229,00012/2/2021
232 Mountain Avenue, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$224,90012/2/2021
26 Poplar Street, Beresford, Manitoba R0K0A0R0KOnanole$220,00012/2/2021
402 North Railway Street E, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$219,00012/2/2021
504 Norquay Avenue, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$215,00012/2/2021
71047 RD 9N Road, Clearwater, Manitoba R0K0M0R0KOnanole$215,00012/2/2021
96 Sowden Street S, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$215,00012/2/2021
609 Mountain Avenue, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$210,00012/2/2021
544 Cook Street, Boissevain, Manitoba R0K0E0R0KOnanole$203,00012/2/2021
40072 PR#347 Road, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$199,99912/2/2021
139 Selkirk Street, Carberry, Manitoba R0K0H0R0KOnanole$199,90012/2/2021
640 1st Avenue, Rapid City, Manitoba R0K1W0R0KOnanole$189,90012/2/2021
115 Toronto Street, Carberry, Manitoba R0K0H0R0KOnanole$185,00012/2/2021
165 3rd Avenue W, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$183,99912/2/2021
235 3rd Avenue, Rapid City, Manitoba R0K1W0R0KOnanole$180,00012/2/2021
132 Ottawa Street, Carberry, Manitoba R0K0H0R0KOnanole$180,00012/2/2021
3 Valmor Road, Glenboro, Manitoba R0K0X0R0KOnanole$179,90012/2/2021
34 4th Avenue W, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$179,90012/2/2021
109 Cochrane Street, Glenboro, Manitoba R0K0X0R0KOnanole$179,00012/2/2021
405 Johnson Street, Boissevain, Manitoba R0K0E0R0KOnanole$178,00012/2/2021
18 Elm Avenue E, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$169,00012/2/2021
610 7th Avenue, Rapid City, Manitoba R0K1W0R0KOnanole$160,00012/2/2021
119 Hay Street S, Crystal City, Manitoba R0K0N0R0KOnanole$159,90012/2/2021
605 6th Avenue, Rivers, Manitoba R0K1X0R0KOnanole$159,80012/2/2021
128 John Street, Minto, Manitoba R0K1M0R0KOnanole$159,00012/2/2021
19 5th Avenue W, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$157,90012/2/2021
43 Sowden St S Street S, Souris, Manitoba R0K0B1R0KOnanole$154,90012/2/2021
422 Laurier Avenue, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$153,00012/2/2021
416 Seventh Street, Wawanesa, Manitoba R0K2G0R0KOnanole$150,00012/2/2021
118 Dumbarton Street, Alexander, Manitoba R0K0A0R0KOnanole$150,00012/2/2021
138 Second Street, Baldur, Manitoba R0K0B0R0KOnanole$150,00012/2/2021
662 Broadway Street, Boissevain, Manitoba R0K0E0R0KOnanole$149,00012/2/2021
36 3rd Street N, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$147,00012/2/2021
63 SOWDEN Street S, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$145,90012/2/2021
35 North Railway Avenue E, Crystal City, Manitoba R0K0N0R0KOnanole$145,00012/2/2021
236 Dufferin Street, Carberry, Manitoba R0K0H0R0KOnanole$145,00012/2/2021
7 Miami Road, Pelican Lake, Manitoba R0K1R0R0KOnanole$142,50012/2/2021
194 Maple Avenue W, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$135,00012/2/2021
492 Kilmury Place, Boissevain, Manitoba R0K0E0R0KOnanole$133,50012/2/2021
205 Broadway Street N, Crystal City, Manitoba R0K0N0R0KOnanole$132,00012/2/2021
15 11th Street N, Clearwater, Manitoba R0K0M0R0KOnanole$131,00012/2/2021
16 4th Street S, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$129,90012/2/2021
38 Main Street, Nesbitt, Manitoba R0K1P0R0KOnanole$129,90012/2/2021
209 2nd Avenue, Alexander, Manitoba R0K0A0R0KOnanole$129,00012/2/2021
202 Second Street S, Belmont, Manitoba R0K0C0R0KOnanole$125,00012/2/2021
208 South Railway Avenue E, Crystal City, Manitoba R0K0N0R0KOnanole$125,00012/2/2021
41 Machray Avenue W, Crystal City, Manitoba R0K0N0R0KOnanole$122,00012/2/2021
156 2nd Avenue W, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$120,00012/2/2021
11 Hedley Street, Oak River, Manitoba R0K1T0R0KOnanole$118,50012/2/2021
110 North Railway Street E, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$112,50012/2/2021
415 Norquay Avenue, Killarney, Manitoba R0K1G0R0KOnanole$109,00012/2/2021
206 James Street, Glenboro, Manitoba R0K0X0R0KOnanole$105,90012/2/2021
385 Veteran Drive, Cartwright, Manitoba R0K0L0R0KOnanole$96,00012/2/2021
57 North Railway Street, Oak River, Manitoba R0K1T0R0KOnanole$95,00012/2/2021
124 James Avenue, Cypress River, Manitoba R0K0P0R0KOnanole$94,90012/2/2021
177 Main (Elgin) Street, Elgin, Manitoba R0K0T0R0KOnanole$94,50012/2/2021
123 5th Street, Wawanesa, Manitoba R0K2G0R0KOnanole$89,90011/8/2021
67 Pine Avenue E, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$89,00012/1/2021
304 117 1st Street S, Souris, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$65,00012/1/2021
106 Strathcona Drive, Pelican Lake, Manitoba R0K1R0R0KOnanole$55,00012/2/2021
38 South Railway Avenue E, Crystal City, Manitoba R0K0N0R0KOnanole$52,90012/2/2021
173 Chambers Avenue, Elgin, Manitoba R0K0T0R0KOnanole$49,90012/1/2021
527 5th Street, Elgin, Manitoba R0K0T0R0KOnanole$49,90012/1/2021
147 7th Street, Pipestone, Manitoba R0K2C0R0KOnanole$42,00012/1/2021
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