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All Listings in R0J, Onanole

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
306 Queens Road E, Plumas, Manitoba R0J1P0R0JOnanole$1,100,00012/2/2021
129 South Bay Drive, Onanole, Manitoba R0J1N0R0JOnanole$995,00012/2/2021
121 PERIMETER Drive W, Onanole, Manitoba R0J1N0R0JOnanole$799,00012/2/2021
420 Orion Drive, Onanole, Manitoba R0J1N0R0JOnanole$769,90012/2/2021
520 Second Avenue, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$730,00012/2/2021
105032 116W Road, Sandy Lake, Manitoba R0J1X0R0JOnanole$699,90012/2/2021
12 JOHNSON Way, Shoal Lake, Manitoba R0J0Z0R0JOnanole$699,90012/2/2021
110044 111W Road, Onanole, Manitoba R0J1N0R0JOnanole$609,99912/2/2021
3 Poplar Ridge Drive, Onanole, Manitoba R0J1N0R0JOnanole$579,90012/2/2021
239 Lakefront Road, Roblin, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$557,50012/1/2021
28 Adams Avenue, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$454,00012/2/2021
1 Gundy Lake Drive E, RM of Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$439,90012/2/2021
280 AdA Street N, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$389,90012/2/2021
317 4th Street NE, Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J1E0R0JOnanole$359,90012/2/2021
399 Ellen Street, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$359,00012/2/2021
91072 Mountain Road, Eden, Manitoba R0J0M0R0JOnanole$345,00012/2/2021
110132 87 North Road, Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J1E0R0JOnanole$340,00012/2/2021
80 Copper COVE, Inglis, Manitoba R0J0X0R0JOnanole$339,00012/1/2021
127 3rd Avenue, Binscarth, Manitoba R0J0G0R0JOnanole$325,00012/1/2021
62 Copper COVE, Inglis, Manitoba R0J0X0R0JOnanole$319,00012/1/2021
80133 79 Road W, Arden, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$319,00012/2/2021
422 Elizabeth Street, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$315,00012/2/2021
31 Gundy Lake Drive, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$299,90012/2/2021
67 2ND Street, Riding Mountain, Manitoba R0J1T0R0JOnanole$299,00012/2/2021
69006 RD 86W Road, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$297,00012/2/2021
555 Second Avenue, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$285,00012/2/2021
530 Assiniboine Street, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$280,00012/1/2021
153 3rd Street NE, Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J1E0R0JOnanole$279,90012/2/2021
366 Vivian Street, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$275,00012/2/2021
153 Dennis Street W, Gladstone, Manitoba R0J0T0R0JOnanole$265,00012/2/2021
60 6th Avenue NW, Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J1E0R0JOnanole$259,99012/2/2021
570 Fourth Avenue, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$259,90012/2/2021
101132 PTH 5 North Highway N, Riding Mountain, Manitoba R0J1T0R0JOnanole$259,00012/2/2021
218 2nd Street NE, Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J1E0R0JOnanole$254,90012/2/2021
101 Prospect Avenue, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$245,00012/1/2021
407 Shell River Avenue, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$239,90012/1/2021
47 2nd Avenue SE, Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J1E0R0JOnanole$239,90012/2/2021
3 326 Brown Avenue, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$229,90012/2/2021
4 355 Isabel Street, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$219,90012/2/2021
112 Richmond Avenue N, Plumas, Manitoba R0J1P0R0JOnanole$215,00012/2/2021
49 7th Street, Gladstone, Manitoba R0J0T0R0JOnanole$214,90012/2/2021
105059 Pth 5 Highway, Riding Mountain, Manitoba R0J1T0R0JOnanole$210,00012/2/2021
462 First Avenue, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$199,99912/2/2021
100129 Pth 16 Highway, Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J1E0R0JOnanole$199,90012/2/2021
717 2ND Street, Shoal Lake, Manitoba R0J1Z0R0JOnanole$199,50012/2/2021
518 Arsini Street E, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$199,00012/1/2021
40 Hyde Park Crescent, Gladstone, Manitoba R0J0T0R0JOnanole$197,00012/2/2021
126213 PTH 16 Highway, Strathclair, Manitoba R0J2C0R0JOnanole$190,00011/2/2021
276 Vivian Street, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J1H0R0JOnanole$189,90012/2/2021
243 2nd Avenue SW, Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J1E0R0JOnanole$189,90012/2/2021
117 Bonny Avenue S, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$185,00012/1/2021
406 The Parade Street, Shoal Lake, Manitoba R0J1Z0R0JOnanole$183,00011/2/2021
432 Arsini Street E, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$179,90012/1/2021
65 McDonald Drive, Strathclair, Manitoba R0J2C0R0JOnanole$179,90011/2/2021
303 Parkview Boulevard, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$179,00012/1/2021
22 Centennial Road, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$175,00012/2/2021
100 Botoche Street, Inglis, Manitoba R0J0X0R0JOnanole$167,50012/1/2021
65 Manor Drive, RM of Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$164,50012/2/2021
433 Aline Drive, Mccreary, Manitoba R0J1B0R0JOnanole$159,90011/9/2021
323 Staple Street, Angusville, Manitoba R0J0A0R0JOnanole$158,50012/1/2021
202 Morris Avenue S, Gladstone, Manitoba R0J0T0R0JOnanole$149,00012/2/2021
139 Pelly Avenue S, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$147,50012/1/2021
62 Pioneer Avenue, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$143,90012/2/2021
13046 101North Road, Otter Lake, Manitoba R0J1G0R0JOnanole$139,90012/2/2021
109153 Baker Road, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J2E0R0JOnanole$139,90012/2/2021
151 1st Avenue, Binscarth, Manitoba R0J0G0R0JOnanole$138,50012/1/2021
54 Lokier Street N, Glenella, Manitoba R0J0Y0R0JOnanole$129,90012/2/2021
114 Thurston Road E, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$129,90012/1/2021
18 Pioneer Avenue, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$125,00012/2/2021
153 Victoria Avenue W, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$121,90012/2/2021
33 Cheddar Avenue, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$120,00012/2/2021
134173 #16 Highway, Shoal Lake, Manitoba R0J1Z0R0JOnanole$119,90012/2/2021
423 Grange Street, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$119,90012/1/2021
205 Westbourne Street, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$119,90012/1/2021
15 Victoria Avenue E, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$119,00012/2/2021
531 Lawrence Street, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$115,00012/1/2021
324 Memorial Avenue N, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$114,00012/1/2021
902 Burrows Road N, Mccreary, Manitoba R0J1B0R0JOnanole$109,00012/2/2021
339 Beverley Avenue, Mccreary, Manitoba R0J1B0R0JOnanole$108,00012/2/2021
42 Victoria Avenue E, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$103,90012/2/2021
424 Augusta Street, Russell, Manitoba R0J1W0R0JOnanole$99,00012/1/2021
40 Eagle Point Resort Road, Thomas Lake, Manitoba R0J1X0R0JOnanole$95,00012/2/2021
162 2nd Street, Elphinstone, Manitoba R0J0N0R0JOnanole$94,50012/2/2021
213 Blighty Street, Inglis, Manitoba R0J0X0R0JOnanole$89,90012/1/2021
12 Centennial Road, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$89,00012/1/2021
13 Dennis Street W, Gladstone, Manitoba R0J0t0R0JOnanole$81,95012/2/2021
311 North Railway Avenue, Shoal Lake, Manitoba R0J1Z0R0JOnanole$79,90012/1/2021
115 First Street W, Sandy Lake, Manitoba R0J1X0R0JOnanole$79,90012/1/2021
803 North Railway Avenue, Shoal Lake, Manitoba R0J1Z0R0JOnanole$75,90012/1/2021
159 Main Street, Inglis, Manitoba R0J0X0R0JOnanole$74,90012/1/2021
237 Main Street, Foxwarren, Manitoba R0J0R0R0JOnanole$74,90012/1/2021
108 Veterans Way, Strathclair, Manitoba R0J2C0R0JOnanole$69,50012/1/2021
133 Thacker Street, Binscarth, Manitoba R0J0G0R0JOnanole$69,00012/1/2021
164 Main Street, Inglis, Manitoba R0J0X0R0JOnanole$65,00012/1/2021
35 Victoria Avenue E, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$62,90012/1/2021
32 2nd Street, Riding Mountain, Manitoba R0J1T0R0JOnanole$59,90012/2/2021
144 4th Avenue, Binscarth, Manitoba R0J0G0R0JOnanole$59,00012/1/2021
118 Main Street W, Oakburn, Manitoba R0J1L0R0JOnanole$56,00012/1/2021
341 Russell Street, Binscarth, Manitoba R0J0G0R0JOnanole$49,90012/1/2021
94 Manor Drive, Rossburn, Manitoba R0J1V0R0JOnanole$49,90012/1/2021
23 Stewart Avenue W, Kelwood, Manitoba R0J0Y0R0JOnanole$37,50012/2/2021
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