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All Listings in R0G, Starbuck

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
173083 48 Road W, Hilbre, Manitoba R0G1L0R0GStarbuck$1,799,90012/2/2021
4040 7 E Road, Halbstadt, Manitoba R0G1C0R0GStarbuck$934,00012/2/2021
93 Medinah Drive, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A1R0GStarbuck$774,90012/2/2021
95 Medinah Drive, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A1R0GStarbuck$749,90012/2/2021
28 River Ridge Road, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$749,00011/5/2021
1 KENDALL Crescent, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$724,99912/2/2021
14055 39 Road W, Darlingford, Manitoba R0G0L0R0GStarbuck$719,00012/2/2021
77 6th Avenue SE, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$619,90012/2/2021
75 Highmoor Court, Winnipeg, Manitoba R0G2W0R0GStarbuck$610,00012/2/2021
362 Railway Street S, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B3R0GStarbuck$599,90012/2/2021
34015 25w Road, Dufferin, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$579,00012/2/2021
34100 38W Road, Dufferin, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$575,00012/2/2021
7 Woodbridge Drive, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$559,90012/2/2021
37 COUNTRY VISTA Drive, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$559,90011/9/2021
13 Woodland Bay, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$529,00012/2/2021
124 Main Street, Rosenfeld, Manitoba R0G1X0R0GStarbuck$524,90012/2/2021
25 Legacy Drive, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$518,00012/2/2021
31 Allison Avenue, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$503,70012/2/2021
12154 Road 34 Road W, Stanley Rm, Manitoba R0G2T0R0GStarbuck$499,90012/2/2021
29 Allison Avenue, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$490,60012/2/2021
45 KINGSCREST Drive, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A1R0GStarbuck$489,90012/2/2021
31 Boyne Crescent, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$450,00012/2/2021
46140 22 Road W, Grey Rm, Manitoba R0G0N0R0GStarbuck$450,00012/2/2021
15 Fourth Avenue, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$444,90011/23/2021
89 5th Avenue SE, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$435,00012/2/2021
3122 6 Road NW, RM of Rhineland, Manitoba R0G0B0R0GStarbuck$425,00012/2/2021
33 5th Avenue SW, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$419,90012/2/2021
92 Fourth Avenue, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$407,35012/4/2021
96 Fourth Avenue, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$405,42512/4/2021
84 Brandt Street, Rosenort, Manitoba R0G1W0R0GStarbuck$399,90012/4/2021
135 Third Avenue E, Letellier, Manitoba R0G1C0R0GStarbuck$399,90012/4/2021
3 Aspen Lane, Winnipeg, Manitoba R0G0A1R0GStarbuck$397,50012/4/2021
319 River Road S, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$395,00012/2/2021
244 3rd Street NW, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B1R0GStarbuck$395,00012/2/2021
203080 35 Road W, Miami, Manitoba R0G1H0R0GStarbuck$395,00012/2/2021
147 1ST Street SE, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$389,00012/2/2021
116 Maskrey Drive, Starbuck, Manitoba R0G2P0R0GStarbuck$379,90012/5/2021
141 3rd Street NW, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$366,00012/2/2021
1 105 Tallgrass Lane, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B1R0GStarbuck$355,00012/2/2021
44 Redekop Place, Plum Coulee, Manitoba R0G1R0R0GStarbuck$344,90012/2/2021
7 Parkview Drive, Roland, Manitoba R0G1T0R0GStarbuck$339,90012/2/2021
46 Candlelight Drive, La Salle, Manitoba R0G0A2R0GStarbuck$329,99012/2/2021
96 3rd Street NW, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$329,00012/2/2021
35 5th Avenue NW, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B0R0GStarbuck$325,00012/2/2021
270 1st Street SW, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$319,90012/2/2021
23 Tallgrass Lane, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B1R0GStarbuck$310,00012/2/2021
36 Tallgrass Lane, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B1R0GStarbuck$299,99912/2/2021
112 1st Street SE, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$299,90012/2/2021
8 Spruce Bay, Plum Coulee, Manitoba R0G1R0R0GStarbuck$289,90012/2/2021
33088 240 Road, Dufferin, Manitoba R0G1V0R0GStarbuck$288,00012/2/2021
20 Tallgrass Lane, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B1R0GStarbuck$284,90012/2/2021
35 Sunset Crescent, Sanford, Manitoba R0G2J0R0GStarbuck$279,90012/2/2021
136 4th Avenue SW, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B2R0GStarbuck$275,00012/2/2021
24 Sunset Crescent, Sanford, Manitoba R0G2J0R0GStarbuck$274,90012/2/2021
138 Church Avenue, Elm Creek, Manitoba R0G0N0R0GStarbuck$274,90012/2/2021
16 Bayview Crescent, Sanford, Manitoba R0G2J0R0GStarbuck$274,00012/2/2021
130 2nd Street SW, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B2R0GStarbuck$269,00012/2/2021
215 Ash Street SE, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B3R0GStarbuck$255,00012/2/2021
46 Letain Street, Miami, Manitoba R0G1H0R0GStarbuck$254,00012/2/2021
45 2nd Street NW, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B0R0GStarbuck$248,00012/2/2021
7 Laycock Drive, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$236,00012/2/2021
569 Montcalm Avenue, Gretna, Manitoba R0G0V0R0GStarbuck$229,00012/2/2021
405 Montreal Avenue W, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$229,00012/2/2021
170 Poplar Drive, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B3R0GStarbuck$225,00012/2/2021
141 Station Street, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$224,90012/4/2021
11115 23 Road W, Morris Rm, Manitoba R0G1E0R0GStarbuck$220,00012/2/2021
579 Leslie Avenue, Gretna, Manitoba R0G0V0R0GStarbuck$219,00012/2/2021
70 Klondike Avenue, Roland, Manitoba R0G1T0R0GStarbuck$209,90012/2/2021
370 Ottawa Avenue E, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$199,99912/4/2021
215 Main Street S, Manitou, Manitoba R0G1G0R0GStarbuck$199,90012/2/2021
264 3rd Street SW, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$199,50012/2/2021
3 Westwood Crescent, Altona, Manitoba R0G0B2R0GStarbuck$199,00012/2/2021
35 3rd Street, Roland, Manitoba R0G1T0R0GStarbuck$198,00012/2/2021
143 Montreal Street W, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$198,00012/4/2021
253 Montreal Avenue W, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$192,50012/4/2021
47061 Mile 17N Road, Pembina, Manitoba R0G1G0R0GStarbuck$189,90012/2/2021
324 Norquay Street, Pilot Mound, Manitoba R0G1P0R0GStarbuck$185,00012/2/2021
303 Lachance Street, Somerset, Manitoba R0G2L0R0GStarbuck$179,90012/2/2021
165 Broadway Street, Holland, Manitoba R0G0X0R0GStarbuck$169,90012/2/2021
163 Patrick Street, Holland, Manitoba R0G0X0R0GStarbuck$169,90012/2/2021
36 1st Street E, Lowe Farm, Manitoba R0G1E0R0GStarbuck$169,00012/2/2021
137 Jobin Avenue, St Claude, Manitoba R0G1Z0R0GStarbuck$165,00012/2/2021
33 Marquette Avenue, Haywood, Manitoba R0G0W0R0GStarbuck$165,00012/2/2021
226 Railroad Avenue E, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$164,90012/3/2021
327 3rd Street, Somerset, Manitoba R0G2L0R0GStarbuck$164,90012/2/2021
668 Smith Street, Gretna, Manitoba R0G0V0R0GStarbuck$150,00012/2/2021
140 Lucinda Street N, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$149,80012/3/2021
220 Charles Avenue W, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$144,90012/3/2021
239 McMillan Street, Morris, Manitoba R0G2B0R0GStarbuck$139,90012/3/2021
238 Caron Rue, St Jean Baptiste, Manitoba R0G2B0R0GStarbuck$139,90012/2/2021
28 2nd Street, Graysville, Manitoba R0G0T0R0GStarbuck$137,50012/2/2021
50 Provencher Street, Notre Dame De Lourdes, Manitoba R0G1M0R0GStarbuck$135,00012/2/2021
61 Main Street, Sperling, Manitoba R0G2M0R0GStarbuck$132,90012/2/2021
246 2nd Street SW, Carman, Manitoba R0G0J0R0GStarbuck$132,50012/2/2021
69 St. Claude Avenue, St Claude, Manitoba R0G1Z0R0GStarbuck$120,00012/2/2021
230 Smith Street, Treherne, Manitoba R0G2V0R0GStarbuck$120,00012/2/2021
242 Fuller Avenue, Manitou, Manitoba R0G1G0R0GStarbuck$119,00012/4/2021
417 Lachance Street, Somerset, Manitoba R0G2L0R0GStarbuck$114,90012/2/2021
153 Birch Avenue, St Claude, Manitoba R0G1Z0R0GStarbuck$104,90012/2/2021
52 Alexander Street, Treherne, Manitoba R0G2V0R0GStarbuck$102,50012/2/2021
134 St. Claude Avenue, St Claude, Manitoba R0G1Z0R0GStarbuck$97,90012/2/2021
255 Toronto Avenue W, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$94,90012/2/2021
24 Second Street, Swan Lake, Manitoba R0G2S0R0GStarbuck$89,90012/2/2021
235 Park Avenue, Manitou, Manitoba R0G1G0R0GStarbuck$79,90012/2/2021
214 McMillan Street, Morris, Manitoba R0G1K0R0GStarbuck$68,80012/2/2021
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