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All Listings in R0E,Selkirk

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
11 AUGUSTA Way, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E2A0R0ESelkirk$1,799,0005/2/2022
67048 Vernon Road, Springfield, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$1,759,9005/2/2022
1 Island 1 Landing, West Hawk Lake, Manitoba R0E2H0R0ESelkirk$1,395,0005/2/2022
68082 PR 212 RD 30E Highway, Cooks Creek, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$1,290,0005/17/2022
1 PROM GRAND ZEPHYR Drive, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E1V0R0ESelkirk$949,8995/14/2022
186 Bridgeview Drive, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$899,9005/2/2022
12 Shorecrest Drive, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$899,0005/20/2022
46 Van Horne Road, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$879,9005/19/2022
8 Willow Bay, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$859,9005/11/2022
18 Daniel Drive, Belair, Manitoba R0E0E0R0ESelkirk$799,9005/3/2022
29033 Sapton Road, Cooks Creek, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$799,9005/23/2022
71075 Kirkness Road, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$759,9005/2/2022
134 FIRST Street S, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$734,9005/2/2022
30 Eastshore Drive, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0ESelkirk$699,9005/2/2022
75040 38E Road, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0ESelkirk$699,9005/2/2022
90004 PR 315 Highway, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$697,0005/2/2022
688 BALSAM Crescent, Oakbank, Manitoba R0E1J1R0ESelkirk$675,9005/10/2022
504 Urban Road, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$674,9005/18/2022
82094 St Peters Road, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$667,8005/17/2022
103085 PTH 11 Highway, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E1M0R0ESelkirk$659,0005/21/2022
16 Mascanow Drive, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$649,9005/19/2022
60 Arnhold Street, Gull Lake, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$627,8005/5/2022
Fuller Road, Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$624,9005/23/2022
1 Main Street, Manigotagan, Manitoba R0E1E0R0ESelkirk$599,9005/2/2022
41083 103 Road N, Grand Marais, Manitoba R0E0T0R0ESelkirk$599,9005/2/2022
Manigotagan Road, Manigotagan, Manitoba R0E1E0R0ESelkirk$599,9005/2/2022
20130 Niakwa Road, Springfield, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$599,9005/2/2022
72 Kings Gate Row, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0ESelkirk$599,9005/2/2022
19 Lindsey Lane, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$599,9005/13/2022
3 Guffei Road, Belair, Manitoba R0E0E0R0ESelkirk$589,9005/4/2022
195 GRAND PINES Drive, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E2A0R0ESelkirk$589,9005/2/2022
82101 ST PETERS Road, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$575,0005/2/2022
66 VAN HORNE Road, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$550,0005/2/2022
24 Harry Waytiuk Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$549,9005/2/2022
28129 Boundary Road, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$549,9005/4/2022
11 Catherine Waytiuk Cove, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$544,9005/2/2022
12 Catherine Waytiuk Cove, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$539,9005/2/2022
16 Catherine Waytiuk Cove, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$539,9005/2/2022
29 Harry Waytiuk Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$529,9005/2/2022
423 Sunset Boulevard, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0ESelkirk$529,9005/20/2022
9 SPIREA Lane, Oakbank, Manitoba R0E1J2R0ESelkirk$529,9005/23/2022
66 Sunset Cove, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$514,9005/2/2022
516 Holland Street, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$499,9005/2/2022
39039 MILE 72N Highway, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$499,9005/11/2022
94 BEAVER Drive, Alexander, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$499,9005/17/2022
512 Holland Street, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$494,9005/2/2022
75 Fred Jeschke Drive, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$489,9005/3/2022
45106 74N Road, Brokenhead Rm, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$489,9005/21/2022
500 Holland Street, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$485,9005/2/2022
68 Wheatland Drive, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$484,9005/10/2022
176 GRAND PINES Drive, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E2A0R0ESelkirk$474,9005/2/2022
22 BISKO Boulevard, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$469,9005/18/2022
87127 35 E Road, Libau, Manitoba R0E1C0R0ESelkirk$469,9005/12/2022
38 South Hill Drive, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$459,9005/15/2022
186 Grand Marais Boulevard S, Grand Marais, Manitoba R0E0T0R0ESelkirk$459,9005/4/2022
2 5 Blk Road, Nutimik Lake, Manitoba R0E1Y0R0ESelkirk$459,9005/17/2022
49 Pierson Drive, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0ESelkirk$449,9005/2/2022
26 Countryside Drive, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0ESelkirk$449,9005/5/2022
51 Pierson Drive, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0ESelkirk$449,9005/2/2022
113 PR 504 Road, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0ESelkirk$449,9005/19/2022
64142 MILL RD 45E Road, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$449,9005/3/2022
41 South Maple Drive, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$449,9005/20/2022
7 Dia Drive, Hillside Beach, Manitoba R0E0E0R0ESelkirk$444,9005/17/2022
90 Pierson Drive, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0ESelkirk$430,0005/2/2022
317 1st Avenue, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0ESelkirk$429,0005/15/2022
284 LAKE Avenue, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$425,0005/5/2022
27 PINE Avenue, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0ESelkirk$409,9005/2/2022
20 Stucky Drive, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0ESelkirk$399,9005/6/2022
614 FERRY Road, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0M0R0ESelkirk$399,9005/6/2022
26 Sunset Drive, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$399,9005/12/2022
45062 Hwy 44 Highway, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$399,9005/17/2022
54 ACORN Bay, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$379,9005/3/2022
51 Spruce Avenue, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0ESelkirk$374,9005/2/2022
51 Park Street, Vivian, Manitoba R0E1J0R0ESelkirk$369,9005/10/2022
26 Otter Drive, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$359,9005/13/2022
570 Balsam Crescent, Oakbank, Manitoba R0E1J0R0ESelkirk$359,9005/23/2022
23 Guffei Road, Belair, Manitoba R0E0E0R0ESelkirk$355,5005/11/2022
45150 Dawson Road, Richer, Manitoba R0E1S0R0ESelkirk$350,0005/2/2022
5102 PTH 44 Highway, Seddons Corner, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$350,0005/3/2022
A 345 Karpoff Avenue, Whitemouth, Manitoba R0E2G0R0ESelkirk$349,9005/2/2022
50 BILLY GOAT Drive, Alexander, Manitoba R0E2A0R0ESelkirk$344,9005/2/2022
25 Methuen Bay, Hillside Beach, Manitoba R0E2A0R0ESelkirk$339,9005/16/2022
17 Armour Street N, Alexander, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$339,9005/2/2022
37 Dawn Way, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0ESelkirk$339,9005/2/2022
5 Eastland Drive, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E2A0R0ESelkirk$339,9005/2/2022
48079 CORBETT Road, Nourse, Manitoba R0E0A0R0ESelkirk$339,9005/2/2022
43132 70 Road N, Brokenhead Rm, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$339,9005/5/2022
26 North Plympton Village, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0ESelkirk$339,9005/8/2022
65040 PTH 44 Highway, Whitemouth, Manitoba R0E2G0R0ESelkirk$339,0005/2/2022
29 Dawn WAY, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0ESelkirk$332,5005/2/2022
114 Burrows Road, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E1L0R0ESelkirk$319,9005/2/2022
63116 PR 307 Highway, Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba R0E1Y0R0ESelkirk$319,0005/2/2022
34 West Cove Cove, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$315,0005/19/2022
34 West Cove, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$315,0005/21/2022
25 Doerksen Bay, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0ESelkirk$302,5005/11/2022
51005 51 Road N, Hadashville, Manitoba R0E0X0R0ESelkirk$299,9005/2/2022
37106 ZEBRUN Road, Belair, Manitoba R0E0E0R0ESelkirk$299,9005/2/2022
13 William Craven Close, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$299,0005/5/2022
242 Park Avenue, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$295,0005/2/2022
501 Maple Creek Road, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$293,4005/2/2022
435 PINE Avenue, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$289,9005/17/2022
1 Douglas Drive, Belair, Manitoba R0E0E0R0ESelkirk$289,9005/2/2022
14 Kaatz Drive, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$289,9005/22/2022
64 Therrien Drive, Richer, Manitoba R0E1S0R0ESelkirk$284,9005/2/2022
7 VICTORIA Drive, Alexander, Manitoba R0E2A0R0ESelkirk$284,9005/2/2022
1 Currie Drive, Bissett, Manitoba R0E0J0R0ESelkirk$279,9005/2/2022
59 South Maple Drive, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$279,9005/20/2022
81 REISSWOOD Drive, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E0T0R0ESelkirk$279,9005/17/2022
81 REISSWOOD Drive, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E2A0R0ESelkirk$279,9005/18/2022
85 FRONTIER Road, Beaconia, Manitoba R0E0B0R0ESelkirk$279,8505/6/2022
38 Devonshire Avenue, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E1L0R0ESelkirk$279,0005/2/2022
5 Jesses Trail, Falcon Lake, Manitoba R0E0N0R0ESelkirk$269,9005/2/2022
45129 11 Highway, Hadashville, Manitoba R0E0X0R0ESelkirk$269,9005/6/2022
22 Burr Oak Way, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$269,9005/18/2022
77 Pelican Harbour Road, Manigotagan, Manitoba R0E1E0R0ESelkirk$259,9005/2/2022
618 ASHTON Avenue, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$259,9005/2/2022
19 Lee Lane Lane, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$259,9005/5/2022
626 WILLIAM Avenue, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$259,9005/21/2022
8 Birch Street, Pine Falls, Manitoba R0E1P0R0ESelkirk$249,9005/2/2022
30 Hideway Crescent, Patricia Beach, Manitoba R0E1W0R0ESelkirk$239,9005/17/2022
43 Dupont Street, Powerview, Manitoba R0E1M0R0ESelkirk$239,9005/2/2022
931 Fourth Street N, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$239,0005/10/2022
29 RIVER Drive, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$239,0005/13/2022
14 Devonshire Avenue, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E1L0R0ESelkirk$234,9005/20/2022
1 Balsam Street, Pine Falls, Manitoba R0E1V0R0ESelkirk$229,9005/2/2022
8 638 MAIN Street, Oakbank, Manitoba R0E1J0R0ESelkirk$219,0005/19/2022
28 Corrigan Avenue, Whitemouth, Manitoba R0E2G0R0ESelkirk$209,9005/2/2022
9 Balsam Street, Pine Falls, Manitoba R0E1M0R0ESelkirk$209,9005/2/2022
98106 11 PTH HWY Highway, Alexander, Manitoba R0E0V0R0ESelkirk$199,9995/20/2022
98106 11 PTH Highway, Alexander, Manitoba R0E0V0R0ESelkirk$199,9995/21/2022
48149 Dawson Road, Reynolds, Manitoba R0E1S0R0ESelkirk$199,9005/2/2022
36 Regan Avenue, Elma, Manitoba R0E0Z0R0ESelkirk$199,9005/2/2022
89 Keystone Heights, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$194,9005/10/2022
170 SCOTT Crescent, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$169,9005/13/2022
27 Wallace WAY, Alexander, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$159,9005/12/2022
13 Fifth Avenue, Grand Beach, Manitoba R0E0T0R0ESelkirk$154,9005/12/2022
29 Lot Block 1 Plan 9953 Road, Wallace Lake, Manitoba R0E0J0R0ESelkirk$149,9005/2/2022
87 Carter Crescent, Great Falls, Manitoba R0E0V0R0ESelkirk$149,0005/5/2022
36127 PR 319 Road, Patricia Beach, Manitoba R0E0B0R0ESelkirk$139,9005/19/2022
78 Third Street, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$139,9005/19/2022
10 Rock Crest Lane, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$124,9005/14/2022
44 Linden Drive, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$119,9005/22/2022
34 Rivers Edge Park Road, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0ESelkirk$99,9005/17/2022
22 Tracy Lane Lane, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$79,9005/19/2022
22 Tracy Lane, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0ESelkirk$79,9005/21/2022
62157 Homestead Road, River Hills, Manitoba R0E1T0R0ESelkirk$49,9005/12/2022
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