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All Listings in R0E, Anola

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
11 AUGUSTA Way, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E2A0R0EAnola$1,799,00011/9/2021
1 Island 1 Landing, West Hawk Lake, Manitoba R0E2H0R0EAnola$1,395,00011/2/2021
7 OLE JOE MONKMAN Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$1,249,00011/2/2021
186 Bridgeview Drive, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$899,90011/2/2021
29 Hampton Road, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0EAnola$799,90011/2/2021
59113 PINERIDGE RD 24E Road, Springfield Rm, Manitoba R0E0K0R0EAnola$750,00011/2/2021
45080 DUGALD Road, Anola, Manitoba R0E0A0R0EAnola$749,90011/26/2021
82094 St Peters Road, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$744,90011/2/2021
604 Church Road W, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$729,90011/23/2021
90004 PR 315 Highway, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$719,00011/2/2021
75040 38E Road, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0EAnola$699,90011/12/2021
41 Woodbridge Drive, La Salle, Manitoba R0E0H0R0EAnola$679,40011/2/2021
60 Arnhold Street, Gull Lake, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$659,00011/6/2021
25 MCFEE Place, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$657,50011/26/2021
16 Mascanow Drive, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$649,90011/2/2021
41083 103 Road N, Grand Marais, Manitoba R0E0T0R0EAnola$599,90011/2/2021
24 ALEXANDER Drive, Lester Beach, Manitoba R0E0E0R0EAnola$599,90011/6/2021
195 GRAND PINES Drive, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E2A0R0EAnola$559,90011/2/2021
443 Cil Road, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$539,90011/2/2021
161 Raksen Road, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0N0R0EAnola$539,90011/15/2021
24 Harry Waytiuk Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$539,90011/17/2021
500 Holland Street, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0EAnola$529,90011/12/2021
7811 PTH 11 Highway, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$525,00011/12/2021
42 Ballyshannon Road, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E0E0R0EAnola$525,00011/2/2021
48144 Dawson Road, Reynolds, Manitoba R0E1S0R0EAnola$519,90011/2/2021
11 Harry Waytiuk Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0B2R0EAnola$514,90011/17/2021
29 Harry Waytiuk Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$499,90011/17/2021
25 Sunrise Bay, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0EAnola$499,90011/2/2021
56 LESTER Boulevard, Lester Beach, Manitoba R0E0E0R0EAnola$499,90011/22/2021
516 Holland Street, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0EAnola$496,60011/2/2021
20 Harry Waytiuk Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$479,90011/2/2021
5 Harry Waytiuk Drive, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$479,90011/2/2021
71081 Dundee Garson Road E, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0EAnola$475,00011/17/2021
36115 Mile 70N Road, Brokenhead Rm, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$474,90011/19/2021
22 Palas Drive, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0EAnola$474,90011/2/2021
32 Cairn Crescent, Dugald, Manitoba R0E0K0R0EAnola$469,90011/2/2021
4 Fuller Road, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$449,90011/2/2021
90 Pierson Drive, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0EAnola$430,00011/16/2021
7 Dia Drive, Hillside Beach, Manitoba R0E0E0R0EAnola$419,90011/2/2021
46170 Whitemouth River Road E, Hadashville, Manitoba R0E0X0R0EAnola$419,90011/2/2021
39 Lakespeak Crescent, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E0E0R0EAnola$399,90011/2/2021
19 Countryside Drive, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0EAnola$399,90011/2/2021
29045 74N Road, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$399,90011/11/2021
184 Gillis Street, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0EAnola$389,90011/2/2021
George Street, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$385,90011/20/2021
23 Countryside Drive, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0EAnola$384,90011/2/2021
96065 PTH 11 Highway, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E0V0R0EAnola$380,00011/2/2021
58 PINE Avenue, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0EAnola$374,90011/2/2021
22 Kara Court, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$374,90011/11/2021
14 Country Road, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$372,90011/21/2021
Pierson Drive, Tyndall, Manitoba R0E2B0R0EAnola$371,00011/15/2021
795 Weiser Crescent, Anola, Manitoba R0E0A0R0EAnola$369,90011/2/2021
64153 Spruce Road, Oakbank, Manitoba R0E0K0R0EAnola$369,90011/2/2021
296 WEST Street, Grand Marais, Manitoba R0E0T0R0EAnola$365,00011/2/2021
33 PEBBLE SPRINGS Crescent, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E0E0R0EAnola$359,90011/2/2021
47 Crystal Drive, Oakbank, Manitoba R0E1J1R0EAnola$359,90011/2/2021
34 Burr Oak Way, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$359,00011/2/2021
404 PR 520 Highway, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$359,00011/2/2021
70 Art Street, Powerview, Manitoba R0E1P0R0EAnola$349,90011/2/2021
9 GRANITE Bay, Rennie, Manitoba R0E1R0R0EAnola$349,90011/2/2021
21 ACADEMY Street, Anola, Manitoba R0E0A0R0EAnola$349,90011/5/2021
25 Methuen Bay, Hillside Beach, Manitoba R0E2A0R0EAnola$339,90011/2/2021
597 PINE Drive, Oakbank, Manitoba R0E1J0R0EAnola$339,90011/24/2021
17 Armour Street N, Alexander, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$339,90011/24/2021
115 Center Avenue, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0EAnola$329,00011/2/2021
73 River Road N, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$329,00011/15/2021
112103 Traverse bay road Street N, Traverse Bay, Manitoba R0E2A0R0EAnola$325,00011/2/2021
660 Elm Avenue, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$324,90011/2/2021
44118 46E Road, Ste Anne Rm, Manitoba R0E1S0R0EAnola$324,90011/2/2021
821 Ashton Avenue, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$319,90011/2/2021
35114 PTH 15 RD 60N Road, Anola, Manitoba R0E0A0R0EAnola$319,90011/2/2021
7 Cowan Place, St Clements, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$319,90011/23/2021
474 HAROLD Avenue, East Selkirk, Manitoba R0E0M0R0EAnola$314,47411/2/2021
29 Dawn WAY, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0EAnola$309,90011/2/2021
31 Dawn WAY, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0EAnola$309,90011/17/2021
33 Dawn Way, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0EAnola$309,90011/19/2021
35 Dawn Way, Garson, Manitoba R0E0R0R0EAnola$309,90011/23/2021
30 Douglas Drive, Belair, Manitoba R0E0E0R0EAnola$299,99911/2/2021
810 First Street N, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$299,90011/2/2021
83 Aspen Drive, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0E1J0R0EAnola$299,90011/20/2021
8 WESTVIEW Drive, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$294,90011/2/2021
75076 43E Road, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$289,90011/19/2021
104 Lakeview Bay, Lakeshore Heights, Manitoba R0E0T0R0EAnola$280,00011/2/2021
1 Currie Drive, Bissett, Manitoba R0E0J0R0EAnola$279,90011/6/2021
35 Lakespeak Crescent, Hillside Beach, Manitoba R0E2A0R0EAnola$279,90011/2/2021
8 McDiarmid Road, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E1L0R0EAnola$275,00011/19/2021
12 Evergreen Road, Victoria Beach, Manitoba R0E2C0R0EAnola$274,90011/2/2021
44044 Dawson Road, Richer, Manitoba R0E1S0R0EAnola$264,90011/2/2021
49044 Dawson Road, Richer, Manitoba R0E1S0R0EAnola$264,90011/2/2021
76 Fourth Street, Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$261,00011/2/2021
Riverview Crescent, Manigotagan, Manitoba R0E1E0R0EAnola$259,90011/2/2021
Coyston Island Bay, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$259,00011/2/2021
30 Hideway Crescent, Patricia Beach, Manitoba R0E1W0R0EAnola$239,90011/2/2021
73 Bracken Falls Drive, White Mud Falls, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$239,90011/2/2021
43088 68E Road, Reynolds, Manitoba R0E0X0R0EAnola$225,00011/3/2021
Aghaming Road, Manigotagan, Manitoba R0E2E0R0EAnola$219,90011/2/2021
42101 80 N Road, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$219,90011/6/2021
28 Corrigan Avenue, Whitemouth, Manitoba R0E2G0R0EAnola$209,90011/2/2021
73 PR 302 Road, Richer, Manitoba R0E1S0R0EAnola$199,90011/2/2021
1 Pihulak Drive, Lac Du Bonnet RM, Manitoba R0E1A0R0EAnola$199,90011/2/2021
Vanson Road, Bissett, Manitoba R0E0J0R0EAnola$185,00011/2/2021
44121 Pine Avenue, Hadashville, Manitoba R0E0X0R0EAnola$184,90011/2/2021
35156 PTH 15 Road N, Anola, Manitoba R0E0A0R0EAnola$184,90011/17/2021
59043 11 Highway, Elma, Manitoba R0E0Z0R0EAnola$179,90011/2/2021
2 Beech Street, Pine Falls, Manitoba R0E1M0R0EAnola$174,90011/2/2021
23 Paul Street, Powerview, Manitoba R0E1P0R0EAnola$165,00011/2/2021
29 Lot Block 1 Plan 9953 Road, Wallace Lake, Manitoba R0E0J0R0EAnola$149,90011/2/2021
29 Frontier Road, Beaconia, Manitoba R0E0B0R0EAnola$149,90011/2/2021
65 3rd Avenue, Grand Beach, Manitoba R0E0T0R0EAnola$129,90011/3/2021
5 Carl Street, Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba R0E1Y0R0EAnola$129,00011/2/2021
79029 44 Road E, Brokenhead Rm, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$123,00011/2/2021
3 Chestnut Street, Pine Falls, Manitoba R0E1M0R0EAnola$119,90011/8/2021
10 10A Kenbro Park, Beausejour, Manitoba R0E0C0R0EAnola$114,90011/9/2021
4398 PTH 44 Highway, Seddons Corner, Manitoba R0E1X0R0EAnola$99,90011/26/2021
82 Silverdale Drive, Silver Falls, Manitoba R0E1V0R0EAnola$75,00011/2/2021
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