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All Listings in R0C, Stonewall

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
20160 90 RD W Road, Ninette, Manitoba R0C0C0R0CStonewall$3,950,00011/2/2021
234 PR North Highway N, Pine Dock, Manitoba R0C2A0R0CStonewall$1,300,00011/2/2021
91157 Road 3 Road E, Teulon, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$1,249,50011/2/2021
77061 7E Road, Rockwood Rm, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$999,90011/2/2021
95 Meadowlark Road, St Laurent, Manitoba R0C2S0R0CStonewall$969,90011/2/2021
76061 Hwy 7 Highway, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$859,90011/2/2021
37 GRAYSON Place, Rockwood, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$819,90011/2/2021
729 Norwood Road, Petersfield, Manitoba R0C2L0R0CStonewall$749,00011/2/2021
73051 Sturgeon Road, Stony Mountain, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$699,90011/2/2021
75113 Sturgeon Road, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$649,90011/2/2021
41 Mountain View Street, Stony Mountain, Manitoba R0C3A0R0CStonewall$629,90011/2/2021
787 2nd Avenue N, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$592,90011/2/2021
47004 PR237 Road, Moosehorn, Manitoba R0C0E0R0CStonewall$575,00011/2/2021
21 TYERMAN Trail, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$569,90011/2/2021
41 Vimy Road, Eriksdale, Manitoba R0C0W0R0CStonewall$549,90011/2/2021
75028 Rd 8W Road W, Warren, Manitoba R0C3E0R0CStonewall$529,00011/2/2021
23 Clubhouse Road, Sandy Hook, Manitoba R0C2W0R0CStonewall$499,90011/2/2021
69 Aurora Way, Gimli, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$494,90011/23/2021
635 3rd Street, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$474,90011/2/2021
Hwy 6 & 30 Road W, Eriksdale, Manitoba R0C0W0R0CStonewall$469,90011/2/2021
13 THUNDER HILL Drive, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$469,90011/3/2021
86139 Road 5W Road, Woodlands, Manitoba R0C3H0R0CStonewall$450,00011/2/2021
72 5TH Avenue, Gimli, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$434,90011/19/2021
26 Quarry Ridge Drive, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$432,90011/3/2021
28 Quarry Ridge Drive, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$431,90011/3/2021
17 Oakford Boulevard, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$429,90011/4/2021
46 Keith Cosens Drive, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$429,90011/15/2021
76 LOCH WOODS Drive, Gimli Rm, Manitoba R0C0M0R0CStonewall$429,00011/2/2021
16 Quarry Ridge Drive, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$428,90011/3/2021
14 Quarry Ridge Drive, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$427,90011/3/2021
62 Aurora Way, Gimli, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$415,00011/2/2021
40 SECOND Street SE, Teulon, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$395,00011/8/2021
113142 13 Road E, Fraserwood, Manitoba R0C1A0R0CStonewall$389,90011/4/2021
122 Donald Street, Woodlands, Manitoba R0C3H0R0CStonewall$386,50011/22/2021
31 Meadowlark Road, St Laurent, Manitoba R0C2S0R0CStonewall$379,90011/7/2021
17 Slater Street, Balmoral, Manitoba R0C0H0R0CStonewall$378,90011/2/2021
6106 PTH 229 Highway, Komarno, Manitoba R0C1R0R0CStonewall$369,90011/9/2021
67 6th Avenue, Gimli, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$369,90011/3/2021
125063 26W Road, Eriksdale, Manitoba R0C0W0R0CStonewall$360,00011/2/2021
45 Miss Ellies Drive W, The Narrows, Manitoba R0C2K0R0CStonewall$359,90011/2/2021
6 LAKESHORE Drive, Riverton, Manitoba R0C0C0R0CStonewall$359,90011/2/2021
79 WHYTEWOLD Road, Whytewold, Manitoba R0C2B0R0CStonewall$359,00011/2/2021
49 McConkey Crescent, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$349,99011/8/2021
2 Mariners Cove, Gimli, Manitoba R0C0C0R0CStonewall$349,90011/2/2021
126 Maple Lane, St Martin, Manitoba R0C2T0R0CStonewall$349,90011/2/2021
48 LOCH WOODS Drive, Gimli Rm, Manitoba R0C0C0R0CStonewall$349,00011/2/2021
118 Donald Street, Woodlands, Manitoba R0C3H0R0CStonewall$346,70011/22/2021
19 Pebble Beach Road, Bifrost Rm, Manitoba R0C0C0R0CStonewall$344,90011/2/2021
9 Constance Avenue, Gunton, Manitoba R0C1H0R0CStonewall$339,90011/4/2021
652 1ST S Street, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$339,90011/25/2021
652 1ST Street W, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$339,90011/26/2021
497 Crosstown Avenue, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$339,00011/4/2021
6083 92 Road N, Teulon, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$329,90011/4/2021
8 EDWINA Drive, Woodlands, Manitoba R0C3E0R0CStonewall$329,90011/2/2021
3070 E 94N Road, Teulon, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$319,90011/2/2021
131 Donald Street, Woodlands, Manitoba R0C3H0R0CStonewall$314,99011/9/2021
114 Donald Street, Woodlands, Manitoba R0C3H0R0CStonewall$309,90011/22/2021
62 419 Road, Lundar, Manitoba R0C1Y0R0CStonewall$299,90011/2/2021
219 Parkside Drive, Gimli, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$299,90011/2/2021
1 Sameflag Road, Gimli Rm, Manitoba R0C2W0R0CStonewall$289,90011/2/2021
28084 118 Road N, Lundar, Manitoba R0C1Y0R0CStonewall$289,90011/2/2021
426 RIVER Avenue, Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba R0C3G0R0CStonewall$279,90011/2/2021
137 Third Street SE, Teulon, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$279,90011/3/2021
133 Sugar Point Trail, Lundar, Manitoba R0C1Y0R0CStonewall$279,90011/4/2021
300 David Street, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$279,90011/16/2021
19 Norris Lake Road S, Rockwood Rm, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$278,00011/3/2021
10097 Pr 231 Highway, Fraserwood, Manitoba R0C1A0R0CStonewall$275,00011/3/2021
444 Lake Avenue, Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba R0C3G0R0CStonewall$275,00011/2/2021
46 SOUTH COLONIZATION Road, Gimli, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$275,00011/18/2021
8156 99 Road N, Rockwood, Manitoba R0C1R0R0CStonewall$269,90011/2/2021
123 Community Road, Dunnottar, Manitoba R0C2B0R0CStonewall$269,90011/2/2021
20012 125 Road N, Arnes, Manitoba R0C0C0R0CStonewall$269,90011/17/2021
21 PALMER Place, Sandy Hook, Manitoba R0C2W0R0CStonewall$265,90011/2/2021
19 Lakespeak Crescent, Alexander RM, Manitoba R0C2E0R0CStonewall$259,90011/2/2021
309 4th Street E, Stonewall, Manitoba R0C2Z0R0CStonewall$259,90011/2/2021
2 195 First Street SE, Teulon, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$259,90011/2/2021
51 Bubbling Well Road, Dunnottar, Manitoba R0C2B0R0CStonewall$259,90011/16/2021
31 Birch Crescent, Grindstone Provincial Pk, Manitoba R0C2R0R0CStonewall$259,00011/2/2021
32 Third Street SE, Teulon, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$254,00011/2/2021
16 McGregor Avenue, Whytewold, Manitoba R0C2B0R0CStonewall$249,90011/2/2021
119 government Road, Moosehorn, Manitoba R0C0E0R0CStonewall$240,00011/2/2021
503 Tallie Avenue, Petersfield, Manitoba R0C2L0R0CStonewall$239,90011/11/2021
6129 104 Road NE, Komarno, Manitoba R0C0B4R0CStonewall$239,90011/4/2021
6129 104 Road NE, Komarno, Manitoba R0C1R0R0CStonewall$239,90011/24/2021
NE21-19-3E Road, Fraserwood, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$238,00011/2/2021
130 4TH Avenue, Gimli, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$230,00011/2/2021
237 St. Peter Street, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$229,90011/2/2021
14088 Rd 88 N Road, Lake Francis, Manitoba R0C1T0R0CStonewall$225,00011/2/2021
103075 PTH #6 Highway, Oak Point, Manitoba R0C1Y0R0CStonewall$225,00011/3/2021
3 Aussie Road S, The Narrows, Manitoba R0C0E0R0CStonewall$219,90011/2/2021
101151 2 Road W, Inwood, Manitoba R0C1P0R0CStonewall$219,90011/2/2021
128 AUTUMNWOOD Drive, Gimli, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$219,00011/2/2021
609 Mill Street, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$214,00011/7/2021
90 Main Street, Lundar, Manitoba R0C1Y0R0CStonewall$209,90011/2/2021
17079 124NE Road, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$209,90011/7/2021
14 Oriole Drive, The Narrows, Manitoba R0C0E0R0CStonewall$199,90011/2/2021
273 River Road, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$199,90011/16/2021
1565 Hartley School Road, Petersfield, Manitoba R0C2L0R0CStonewall$199,90011/5/2021
395 Arborg Avenue, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$199,90011/5/2021
29 2nd Avenue S, Ashern, Manitoba R0C0E0R0CStonewall$199,90011/5/2021
113099 8 Highway, Gimli Rm, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$199,90011/25/2021
7 Michael Street, Fisher Branch, Manitoba R0C0Z0R0CStonewall$197,00011/5/2021
434 #9 Highway, Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba R0C3G0R0CStonewall$194,90011/2/2021
106016 20E Road, Gimli Rm, Manitoba R0C1B0R0CStonewall$189,90011/10/2021
104122 9 Highway, Sandy Hook, Manitoba R0C2W0R0CStonewall$189,90011/2/2021
246 St.Peter Street, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$189,90011/5/2021
10067 PR231 Highway, Fraserwood, Manitoba R0C1A0R0CStonewall$175,00011/5/2021
WILDROSE Lane, Grindstone Provincial Pk, Manitoba R0C2R0R0CStonewall$169,90011/23/2021
49156 156 Road N, Grahamdale, Manitoba R0C1C0R0CStonewall$169,00011/2/2021
276 Kernstead Road, Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba R0C3G0R0CStonewall$155,00011/15/2021
83 Lundi Avenue, Riverton, Manitoba R0C2R0R0CStonewall$149,90011/3/2021
46 MATLOCK Road, Matlock, Manitoba R0C2B0R0CStonewall$135,00011/2/2021
63 MAIN Street, Lundar, Manitoba R0C1Y0R0CStonewall$124,90011/2/2021
127 Third Avenue SE, Teulon, Manitoba R0C3B0R0CStonewall$115,00011/2/2021
14 Second Avenue N, Ashern, Manitoba R0C0E0R0CStonewall$104,90011/17/2021
63 2nd Street, Komarno, Manitoba R0C0B4R0CStonewall$84,90011/2/2021
1 South Drive, Eriksdale, Manitoba R0C0W0R0CStonewall$80,00011/2/2021
73 3rd Avenue S, Lundar, Manitoba R0C1Y0R0CStonewall$79,90011/17/2021
156 William Avenue, Riverton, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$74,90011/2/2021
47 Main Street, Ashern, Manitoba R0C0E0R0CStonewall$69,90011/2/2021
277 River Road, Arborg, Manitoba R0C0A0R0CStonewall$69,90011/2/2021
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