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PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
2410 South Bay Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6H7P3ESudbury$7,800,0005/14/2022
1221 Keast Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6H7P3ESudbury$4,500,0005/1/2022
360 RAMSEY LAKE Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6H4P3ESudbury$3,599,0005/1/2022
360 RAMSEY LAKE RD, Sudbury Remote Area, Ontario P3E6H4P3ESudbury$3,599,0005/1/2022
102 Hidden Ridge Court, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5Y7P3ESudbury$3,500,0005/1/2022
489 Brenda Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5S7P3ESudbury$1,785,0005/6/2022
401 Elbow Lake Road, Estaire, Ontario P3E4N1P3ESudbury$1,699,9005/1/2022
540 Ramsey Lake Road, Greater Sudbury, Ontario P3E6H4P3ESudbury$1,499,9005/5/2022
20 Terravista, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5A4P3ESudbury$1,200,0005/11/2022
Lot 15 Vega Court, Sudbury, Ontario P3E0A6P3ESudbury$1,200,0005/5/2022
3 Terravista, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5A4P3ESudbury$1,149,9005/11/2022
6 TOPAZ Court, Sudbury, Ontario P3E0G3P3ESudbury$1,099,0005/18/2022
1053 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6J7P3ESudbury$989,7505/19/2022
179 Merrygale Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6K5P3ESudbury$987,5005/2/2022
643 Telstar Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5Z9P3ESudbury$949,9005/1/2022
39 Tucana Terrace, Sudbury, Ontario P3E0A6P3ESudbury$949,9005/1/2022
10 Neptune Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5Z4P3ESudbury$899,0005/3/2022
211 Nepahwin Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2H5P3ESudbury$899,0005/17/2022
493 Arnold Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2N6P3ESudbury$869,5005/1/2022
25 Briscoe Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E4N1P3ESudbury$825,0005/7/2022
40 Gemma Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6G7P3ESudbury$799,9005/1/2022
455 Landing Road, Wanup, Ontario P3E4N1P3ESudbury$799,9005/20/2022
164 Countryside Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5A4P3ESudbury$799,8005/13/2022
792 MOONROCK AVE, Sudbury Remote Area, Ontario P3E0B3P3ESudbury$799,1005/6/2022
779 Corsi Hill, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6L6P3ESudbury$789,0005/11/2022
40 Palladium Place, Sudbury, Ontario P3E1E0P3ESudbury$777,5005/5/2022
2136 Hulda, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5E8P3ESudbury$775,0005/17/2022
402 Kaireen Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5R9P3ESudbury$749,0005/1/2022
1888 Nepewassi Lake Road, Estaire, Ontario P3E4N1P3ESudbury$745,0005/5/2022
50 TAWNY PORT Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E0A8P3ESudbury$725,0005/11/2022
1583 REGENT ST, Sudbury, Ontario P3E3Z7P3ESudbury$719,9005/1/2022
849 Connaught Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5H9P3ESudbury$699,9005/17/2022
1262 Lakewood Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6H9P3ESudbury$699,9005/11/2022
339 McLeod Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E1S5P3ESudbury$699,0005/1/2022
20 Lakeview Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2B6P3ESudbury$699,0005/19/2022
167 Pond Hollow Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6L2P3ESudbury$689,0005/13/2022
23 Trailside Court, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6M3P3ESudbury$675,9995/4/2022
1939 Hunter, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2S6P3ESudbury$649,9004/26/2022
260-262 Edmund Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E1M2P3ESudbury$649,9005/2/2022
118 Pond Hollow Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E6C1P3ESudbury$619,9005/6/2022
110 Windsor Crescent, Sudbury, Ontario P3E1Z7P3ESudbury$599,9005/10/2022
1346 Southview Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2L6P3ESudbury$519,0005/1/2022
1996 Armstong Street, Greater Sudbury, Ontario P3E4W1P3ESudbury$499,9005/3/2022
1996 Armstrong Street, Greater Sudbury, Ontario P3E4W1P3ESudbury$499,9005/4/2022
86 Catalina Court, Greater Sudbury, Ontario P3E5T8P3ESudbury$499,5005/13/2022
525 Bouchard Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2L2P3ESudbury$498,7505/3/2022
190 Kingsmount Boulevard, Sudbury, Ontario P3E1K9P3ESudbury$479,9005/12/2022
19 Tudor Court, Greater Sudbury, Ontario P3E1Z9P3ESudbury$474,9005/17/2022
90 Wembley Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E1M8P3ESudbury$449,9005/12/2022
350 Austin Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2K3P3ESudbury$449,9005/20/2022
2457 Blyth Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5A5P3ESudbury$424,9005/1/2022
164 Gold Street, Greater Sudbury, Ontario P3E5Z3P3ESudbury$399,9005/1/2022
738 Connaught Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario P3E3W9P3ESudbury$399,9005/6/2022
517 yale Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2N2P3ESudbury$399,0005/2/2022
370 Medora, Sudbury, Ontario P3E3G2P3ESudbury$399,0005/1/2022
81 St. Catherines Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E3S5P3ESudbury$389,9005/6/2022
92 St Brendan Street, Greater Sudbury, Ontario P3E1K5P3ESudbury$389,5005/7/2022
301 Wembley Drive, Sudbury, Ontario P3E1N6P3ESudbury$379,9005/6/2022
360 Harrison Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E5C9P3ESudbury$369,9005/4/2022
22 Copper Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E2C2P3ESudbury$349,9005/4/2022
503 Ontario Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E4K4P3ESudbury$329,0005/3/2022
374 Struthers, Sudbury, Ontario P3E1Y8P3ESudbury$299,9005/2/2022
320 Homewood Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario P3E3P7P3ESudbury$299,9005/21/2022
333 Wellington Heights, Sudbury, Ontario P3E3V8P3ESudbury$259,9005/3/2022
1280 Martindale Road, Sudbury, Ontario P3E4J5P3ESudbury$199,8005/6/2022
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