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All Listings in P0C,Muskoka Lakes

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
J24 FAWN Island, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$29,995,0004/2/2024
155 BURGESS RD, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$19,978,0004/2/2024
1316 EAST BAY Road Unit# 4A, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$15,995,0004/2/2024
1124 COATE Road Unit# 8, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$11,995,0004/2/2024
16 SPRUCE HILL Drive, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$11,499,0004/2/2024
47 COONS Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$9,450,0004/2/2024
1456 ACTON ISLAND RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$5,500,0003/7/2024
2-1456 ACTON ISLAND RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$5,500,0004/2/2024
4805 MUSKOKA DISTRICT 169 Road Unit# 3, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$4,995,0004/2/2024
1016 OAK ROAD, Gravenhurst, Ontario P0C1G0P0C$4,900,0004/2/2024
38 BRIGHT STREET, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$4,790,0004/2/2024
31 MOSS Island, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$4,295,0004/2/2024
120 LITTLE MORGAN BAY Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$3,500,0003/1/2024
120 LT MORGAN BAY RD, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$3,500,0003/1/2024
1113 MOON RIVER Road, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$3,200,0004/2/2024
16 KNOWLES Crescent, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$3,200,0004/2/2024
16 KNOWLES CRES, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$3,200,0004/2/2024
#LOT 6 -4805 MUSKOKA DISTRICT 169 RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$2,949,9904/2/2024
4805 MUSKOKA DISTRICT 169 Road Unit# 6, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$2,949,9904/2/2024
175 HWY 632, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,625,0004/2/2024
18 KNOWLES Crescent, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,600,0004/2/2024
93 STEELES Road, Minett, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,495,0004/2/2024
1932A LAKE JOSEPH Road, Humphrey, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$2,295,0004/2/2024
25 ROSSMOYNE Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,149,0004/2/2024
1174 ASHFORTH DR, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,995,0004/9/2024
1174 ASHFORTH Drive, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,995,0004/9/2024
144 MAPLEHURST Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,995,0003/24/2024
1058 ECHO BAY Road, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,850,0003/8/2024
14A FRASER Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,799,0004/2/2024
1630 MUSKOKA ROAD #38 Unit# 13, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,710,0004/2/2024
#16 -1393 EAST BAY RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,695,9004/2/2024
1393 EAST BAY Road Unit# 16, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,695,9004/2/2024
1846 HEKKLA Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,499,9004/2/2024
1091 RIDGE Road Unit# 1, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,499,0004/2/2024
460 ISLAND, Parry Sound, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,490,0004/1/2024
265 TURTLE LAKE RD, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,400,0004/6/2024
265 TURTLE LAKE RD Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,400,0004/6/2024
1209 HIGHWAY 141, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,395,0004/11/2024
1630 MUSKOKA RD 38 Unit# 10, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,395,0004/2/2024
1033 HAMILL Road Unit# 2, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,295,0004/12/2024
143 HWY 612, Seguin, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,199,9994/5/2024
1025 KILTY BAY Road, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,199,0003/8/2024
99 BALA PARK Island, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,195,0004/7/2024
1475 HARRISON Trail, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,099,0003/5/2024
1327 HARRISON TRAIL, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$999,5004/2/2024
16 CLIFFORD Street, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$995,0004/2/2024
8806 GO HOME LAKE SHORE, Georgian Bay Twp, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$969,0004/2/2024
8806 GO HOME LAKE SHR, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$969,0004/2/2024
17 WILDWOOD LANE, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$949,9003/2/2024
17 WILDWOOD LANE Lane, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$949,9003/2/2024
17 WILDWOOD LANE, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$949,9003/3/2024
38 WHITE BIRCH Drive, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$925,0004/2/2024
3158 TWELVE MILE BAY Road, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$899,0004/10/2024
3158 TWELVE MILE BAY RD, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$899,0004/10/2024
1007 MCDONALD Road, Foots Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$875,0004/2/2024
4295 SOUTHWOOD Road, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$849,0004/3/2024
2473 MUSKOKA 169 Road, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$839,0004/2/2024
22 CEMETERY RD, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$799,9004/2/2024
22 CEMETERY Road, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$799,9004/2/2024
1204 JOE RIVER Road, Muskoka Lakes Twp, Ontario P0C1G0P0C$795,0004/2/2024
166 COLBOURNE Road, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$750,0004/2/2024
1938 PENINSULA Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$739,0003/5/2024
8894 GO HOME LAKE Shore, Georgian Bay Twp, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$725,0004/2/2024
8894 GO HOME LAKE SHORE, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$725,0004/2/2024
3 LOCK STREET Street, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$699,0004/2/2024
270 High Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$685,0004/2/2024
270 HIGH ST, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$685,0004/9/2024
5178 ASPDIN Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$624,9004/13/2024
203 HEALEY LAKE RD, The Archipelago, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$624,9004/2/2024
203 HEALEY LAKE WATER Road, Archipelago, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$624,9004/2/2024
1096 RIVER Street, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$619,0004/13/2024
1021 CURRIE Street, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$599,9004/14/2024
1021 CURRIE ST, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$599,9004/14/2024
1757 BEAR CAVE Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$599,0004/2/2024
591 HIGH ST, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$499,9004/2/2024
591 HIGH STREET Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$499,9004/2/2024
1011 QUEEN'S WALK Road, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$499,0004/2/2024
12 CARDWELL ROAD Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$429,9994/2/2024
1560 BEAR CAVE Road, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$399,0004/2/2024
329 HIGH STREET Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$359,9004/11/2024
1800 BEAR CAVE RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$349,0004/9/2024
309 HIGH Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$324,9993/1/2024
454 HIGH ST, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$249,9003/22/2024
454 HIGH STREET Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$249,9003/22/2024
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