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All Listings in P0C,Seguin

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
155 BURGESS RD, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$19,978,0006/1/2023
234 JEAN MARIE Road, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$17,495,0006/1/2023
1316 EAST BAY Road Unit# 4A, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$15,995,0006/1/2023
91 TOPAJO Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$14,295,0006/1/2023
1 REEF Island, Port Carling, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$13,750,0006/9/2023
16 MAILE Run, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$13,500,0005/12/2023
46 J9 CAMERON Island, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$8,750,0006/1/2023
320 STANLEY HOUSE Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$7,195,0006/8/2023
33 WHIPORWILL Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$5,995,0006/1/2023
4805 MUSKOKA DISTRICT 169 Road Unit# 3, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$5,950,0006/1/2023
36 WINCHESTER DRIVE, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$5,595,0006/1/2023
1027 CHOWN Road, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$5,495,0006/1/2023
31 MOSS Island, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$4,950,0006/1/2023
26 A WINCHESTER Drive, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$4,795,0006/1/2023
1594 ACTON ISLAND Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$3,795,0006/1/2023
18 KNOWLES Crescent, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$3,750,0006/1/2023
1058 WHITINGS Road Unit# 80 & 82, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$3,698,0005/25/2023
1058 WHITINGS Road Unit# 80 & 82, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$3,698,0006/1/2023
37 APPLEDALE ROAD, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$3,650,0006/1/2023
26 KING Street, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$3,495,0006/1/2023
1868 LAKE JOSEPH Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$3,495,0006/1/2023
1036 CURRIE ST, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$2,999,0006/1/2023
3 MAPLEHURST Road, Parry Sound, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,995,0006/1/2023
3 MAPLEHURST RD, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,995,0006/1/2023
175 HWY 632, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,949,0006/1/2023
1141 BASS LAKE Road Unit# 26, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$2,625,0006/1/2023
1098 BANNOCKBURN Road Unit# 11, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$2,595,0005/2/2023
1020-7 HUNT Road, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$2,549,0006/1/2023
25 ROSSMOYNE Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,479,0006/9/2023
1251 MUSKOKA #38 Road, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$2,395,0005/2/2023
3 MIRAMICHI Island, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$2,295,0006/1/2023
2122 LADY POINT Pathway, Muskoka Lakes Twp, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$2,200,0006/1/2023
1070 SUNSET BAY Road, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$2,199,9006/1/2023
152 BURGESS Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$2,195,0006/8/2023
1003 ANN Street Unit# 6 & 7, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,995,0005/12/2023
1210 NINE MILE LAKE RD Unit# 10, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,995,0006/2/2023
1003 ANN Street Unit# 6 & 7, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,995,0006/1/2023
4019 MUSKOKA 169 Highway, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,800,0006/1/2023
4280 GO HOME LAKE Shore, Georgian Bay Twp, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,799,0005/2/2023
4280 GO HOME LAKE SHR, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,799,0005/2/2023
1846 HEKKLA Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,699,9006/1/2023
1025 KILTY BAY Road, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,699,0006/1/2023
1841 HEKKLA Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,599,9996/1/2023
3198 TWELVE MILE BAY Road, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,595,0005/2/2023
0 1 ISLAND 478, Archipelago (Twp), Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,499,0006/2/2023
1110 RIDGE Road, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,445,0005/1/2023
1475 HARRISON Trail, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,399,9006/2/2023
7-M7 MIRAMICHI Island, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,395,0006/1/2023
1023 SUMMIT RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,379,0005/1/2023
1023 SUMMIT RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$1,329,0006/2/2023
99 BALA PARK Island, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,299,0006/1/2023
26 WOODLAND DRIVE, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,295,0006/1/2023
1019 OLD BALA Road, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,250,0006/1/2023
1213 CAMP JACKSON Road Unit# 6, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$1,250,0005/27/2023
143 HWY 612, Seguin, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,249,9006/3/2023
9 LAKEVIEW Crescent, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$1,190,0006/8/2023
61 STEWART ST, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,150,0006/1/2023
61 STEWART Street, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,150,0006/1/2023
61 STEWART Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$1,150,0006/1/2023
56 SANDY ISLAND RD, The Archipelago, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$999,0006/2/2023
4805 HIGHWAY 169, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$995,0006/1/2023
38 WHITE BIRCH Drive, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$995,0006/1/2023
1007 MCDONALD Road, Foots Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$975,0006/1/2023
1069 KENDON Road, Muskoka Lakes Twp, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$949,9006/9/2023
1137 KENDON Road, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$939,0005/2/2023
1137 KENDON RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$939,0005/12/2023
32 STEWART Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$899,0006/1/2023
1035 HURLING POINT Road Unit# 2, Bala, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$850,0006/1/2023
589 TALLY HO Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$839,9005/2/2023
1 B71 Island, The Archipelago, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$799,0006/1/2023
273 STEWART LAKE Road, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$774,9005/2/2023
1757 BEAR CAVE Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$749,0006/1/2023
203 HEALEY LAKE W/A RD, The Archipelago, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$699,9006/1/2023
203 HEALEY LAKE W/A Road, Archipelago, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$699,9006/1/2023
5178 ASPDIN Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$699,9006/1/2023
477C STAR LAKE Road, Seguin, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$699,0005/12/2023
1008 EAST BAY Road, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$699,0005/3/2023
18 21KL ISLAND, Gravenhurst, Ontario P0C1G0P0C$695,0005/5/2023
18 21KL Island, Kilworthy, Ontario P0C1G0P0C$695,0005/16/2023
197 NINE MILE LAKE, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$689,0005/27/2023
390 MUSQUOSH RIVER, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$659,0006/2/2023
390 MUSQUOSH RIVER Shore, Georgian Bay Twp, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$659,0006/2/2023
1212 6 WAHTA 2 RD, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$624,9006/2/2023
1212 6 WAHTA 2 Road, Georgian Bay Twp, Ontario P0C1A0P0C$624,9006/2/2023
1800 BEAR CAVE RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0C1J0P0C$549,9996/1/2023
497 HIGH Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$549,9006/1/2023
497 HIGH ST, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$549,9006/1/2023
94 HIGH ST, Georgian Bay, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$499,9006/1/2023
94 HIGH Street, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$499,9006/1/2023
2749 MUSKOKA ROAD 169, Torrance, Ontario P0C1M0P0C$499,0006/1/2023
401 GLEN ABBEY Way Unit# C & D, MacTier, Ontario P0C1H0P0C$174,0006/1/2023
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