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All Listings in P0B,Huntsville

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
1532 MORTIMER POINT Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$14,495,0008/2/2022
3042 HIGHWAY 118 W Unit# 6, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$11,999,0007/17/2022
1137 OLD HWY 117, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$9,950,0008/2/2022
1023 SCOTTS BOATHOUSE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$7,995,0008/10/2022
1019 BLUFF Road Unit# 5, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$7,595,0008/2/2022
1033 ROSSCLAIR Road Unit# 5, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$7,495,0008/2/2022
1061 WOODWINDS Road Unit# 4, Walkers Point, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$6,995,0008/2/2022
1137 INNISFREE Road Unit# 1, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$6,595,0008/2/2022
1215 STEPHEN RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$5,999,0008/2/2022
1124 ISLAND PARK Road Unit# 4, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$5,995,0008/2/2022
3 FAIRHOLM ISLAND, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1E0P0BHuntsville$5,695,0008/2/2022
1645 JUDDHAVEN Road Unit# 7, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$5,195,0008/2/2022
1063 WOODINGTON Road, Minett, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$4,995,0008/2/2022
1524 MORTIMERS POINT RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$4,950,0008/2/2022
1524 MORTIMERS POINT Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$4,950,0008/2/2022
0 M (MOSSY ROCK) Island, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1E0P0BHuntsville$4,895,0008/2/2022
1049 ROCKWOOD LANE, Lake of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$4,449,9008/2/2022
1291 PENINSULA Road, Port Sandfield, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$3,785,0008/2/2022
1291 PENINSULA RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$3,785,0008/2/2022
1038 MARY ROBERTS Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$3,495,0008/2/2022
1857 SOUTH BAYSHORE RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$3,375,0008/2/2022
2045 MUSKOKA ROAD 118W (WYLDEWOOD) Road Unit# 30, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1E0P0BHuntsville$3,299,0008/2/2022
271 KAY Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$3,200,0008/2/2022
100 CROWN ISLAND, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$3,050,0008/2/2022
2991 MUSKOKA 117 Road Unit# 2, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$2,995,0008/2/2022
1119 SKELETON LAKE ROAD 2 Unit# 33, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$2,699,0008/2/2022
U 33 1119 SKELETON LAKE ROAD 2 RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$2,699,0008/2/2022
160 ROWANWOOD Lane, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$2,595,0008/2/2022
112 FITZGERALD Drive, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$2,475,0008/2/2022
1196 MILFORD BAY Road Unit# 2, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$2,249,0008/4/2022
181 ROWANWOOD Lane, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$2,199,0008/13/2022
13 MUSKOKA ESTATES Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$2,195,0008/2/2022
15 JOSEPH Street, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$2,195,0008/13/2022
484 MUSKOKA #10 Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$1,999,0008/2/2022
1119 SKELETON LAKE Road Unit# 29, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,995,0008/2/2022
356 FIELDS Lane, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,995,0008/2/2022
1214 MILFORD BAY Road, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,995,0008/2/2022
356 FIELDS LANE, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,995,0008/2/2022
41 ESTATE Drive, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,949,0008/12/2022
1059 NORTH TOOKE LAKE Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,895,0008/2/2022
1805 PENINSULA Road, Minett, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,895,0007/21/2022
1046 MAPLE Drive, Dorset, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,890,0008/2/2022
1196 CRANBERRY Road Unit# 2, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,799,0008/2/2022
1046 MAPLE Drive, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,795,0008/9/2022
2800 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 WEST Road, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,749,0008/2/2022
949 RAYMOND RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,700,0008/2/2022
949 RAYMOND Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,700,0008/2/2022
48 ESTATE DRIVE, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,599,0008/2/2022
24 MCGREGOR Way, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$1,599,0008/2/2022
1077 SANDWOOD Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,500,0008/2/2022
3142 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 WEST, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,500,0008/2/2022
#10 -1326 WINDERMERE RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,499,9998/10/2022
127 SOUTH LANCELOT Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,495,0008/2/2022
127 SOUTH LANCELOT RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,495,0008/2/2022
189 BALSAM CHUTES ROAD Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$1,450,0008/13/2022
3138 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 W, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,399,0008/4/2022
1006 YOUNGS Road Unit# 8, Glen Orchard, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,395,0008/2/2022
1010 BEAUMARIS Road, Milford Bay, Ontario P0B1E0P0BHuntsville$1,395,0008/2/2022
260 NORTH LANCELOT Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,395,0008/2/2022
3014 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 W Unit# 2, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,295,0008/2/2022
68 BIRCH Island, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1E0P0BHuntsville$1,265,0008/2/2022
68 BIRCH ISLAND, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1E0P0BHuntsville$1,265,0008/6/2022
1046 PINE LAKESHORES PRIV RD, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,249,0008/2/2022
1046 PINE LAKE SHORES PRIVATE Road, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,249,0008/2/2022
4157 117 Highway, Lake of Bays (Twp), Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,200,0008/2/2022
1003 KINGS Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,195,0008/5/2022
7 MIRROR LAKE Drive, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,190,0008/2/2022
1099 FAWN LAKE RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$1,150,0008/1/2022
1099 FAWN LAKE Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$1,150,0008/1/2022
150 BRIDGEDALE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$1,149,9008/1/2022
1031 PARK Road, Bala, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$1,100,0007/23/2022
1191 GLEN GORDON ROAD Unit# 11, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1E0P0BHuntsville$1,100,0008/11/2022
634 SKELETON LAKE, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$1,095,0008/4/2022
1006 TOOKE LAKE RD N, Lake of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,050,0008/1/2022
1400 ECHO LAKE RD, Lake of Bays, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$1,025,0008/6/2022
405 STEPHENSON ROAD 2 W, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$999,8007/15/2022
356 STEPHENSON ROAD 2 W, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$999,8007/23/2022
355 STEPHENSON ROAD 2 W, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$999,8008/1/2022
0 STEPHENSON 2 Road W Unit# Lot 3, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$999,0008/1/2022
1108 NORTH SHORE Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$995,0008/10/2022
41 ALLENSVILLE Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$899,9008/1/2022
2958 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$899,0008/8/2022
1017 WONDER BEACH Road, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$889,0008/1/2022
1017 WONDER BEACH RD, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$889,0008/1/2022
1017 WONDER BEACH Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$889,0008/4/2022
80 STEPHENSON 7 Road E, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$849,9008/1/2022
806 CLEARWATER LAKE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$849,9008/12/2022
1055 WATSON Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$849,0008/1/2022
2324 BEAUMONT BAY Road Unit# 27, Utterson, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$825,0008/1/2022
4061 MUSKOKA 169 Road S, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$825,0008/1/2022
362 MAINHOOD LAKE Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$820,0008/1/2022
68 CLARKE'S Lane, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$799,9008/1/2022
1053 WATSON Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$799,0008/1/2022
1022 CORBETT RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$798,0008/11/2022
168 BALSAM CHUTES RD, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$796,0008/1/2022
805 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$789,0008/3/2022
3365 HWY 117, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$769,9008/6/2022
1850 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$749,9008/1/2022
1757 BEAR CAVE ROAD Road, Rosseau, Ontario P0B1G0P0BHuntsville$747,0008/3/2022
1123 WATSON RD Road, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$699,9007/21/2022
1492 NORTH SHORE Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$699,0008/1/2022
126 NORTH LANCELOT Road, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$699,0008/13/2022
1028 OLD 117 Highway, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$679,0008/1/2022
19 JENNER Court, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$674,5008/1/2022
19 JENNER Court, Huntsville, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$674,5008/5/2022
1082-3 COWAN PARK Road, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$649,0008/1/2022
1 BRIDGE Street, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$549,9998/6/2022
44 NORTH DEER LAKE Road, Port Sydney, Ontario P0B1L0P0BHuntsville$425,0008/5/2022
1003 MATTHEWS Drive Unit# C3 7D, Windermere, Ontario P0B1P0P0BHuntsville$172,9008/1/2022
1003 MATTHEWS Drive Unit# C4 (5A), Windermere, Ontario P0B1P0P0BHuntsville$149,0008/1/2022
3876 MUSKOKA 118 Road Unit# Sandfield 2 Week 3, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$145,0008/1/2022
1020 BIRCH GLEN ROAD, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$139,0008/6/2022
1020 BIRCH GLEN Road Unit# V-14, W-6, Baysville, Ontario P0B1A0P0BHuntsville$127,9008/1/2022
3876 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 W Unit# Carling 9 W6, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$119,0008/1/2022
1137 OLD PARRY SOUND Road Unit# 40-9, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$110,0008/1/2022
1137 OLD PARRY SOUND Road Unit# 40-8, Utterson, Ontario P0B1M0P0BHuntsville$110,0008/1/2022
3876 MUSKOKA ROAD 118 W Unit# Carling 10-W10, Port Carling, Ontario P0B1J0P0BHuntsville$109,0008/1/2022
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