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All Listings in P0A, Perry

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
406 WHITESTONE LAKE RD, Whitestone, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$9,800,00011/2/2021
406 WHITESTONE LAKE Road, Whitestone, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$9,800,00011/2/2021
200 LAKEVIEW Drive, Novar, Ontario P0A1R0P0APerry$4,999,00011/2/2021
1397 PORT CUNNINGTON Road, Dwight, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$3,495,00011/2/2021
22341 WAHWASHKESH Lake, Whitestone, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$2,990,00011/2/2021
1084 JOSEPH TAPLEY Road, Dwight, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$2,849,00011/2/2021
720 South Shore Drive, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$1,999,90011/2/2021
2216 124 Highway, Dunchurch, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$1,999,00011/2/2021
1151 - 2 ELDER Drive, Lake Of Bays, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$1,999,00011/2/2021
1241 HIGHLAND PARK Road, Dorset, Ontario P0A1E0P0APerry$1,900,00011/4/2021
350 STONEWAY ROAD, Kearney, Ontario P0A1M0P0APerry$1,899,00011/2/2021
149 NORTHWOOD BEACH Drive, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$1,895,00011/2/2021
870 FERGUSON Road, Katrine, Ontario P0A1L0P0APerry$1,890,00011/2/2021
2268 MIDLOTHIAN Road, Ryerson, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$1,875,00011/2/2021
177 RICHARDSON Road, Sprucedale, Ontario P0A1P0P0APerry$1,850,00011/2/2021
438 SKYLINE DR, Huntsville, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$1,799,90011/12/2021
1292 PORT CUNNINGTON Road, Dwight, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$1,749,00011/2/2021
1017 ELLIOTT Road, Dwight, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$1,695,00011/6/2021
89 MCLENNAN Lane, Whitestone, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$1,680,00011/28/2021
575 SELENA Drive, Sprucedale, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$1,599,00011/5/2021
3139 W 520 Highway W, Magnetawan, Ontario P0A1P0P0APerry$1,395,00011/2/2021
45 REDAM Road, Sprucedale, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$1,395,00011/3/2021
128 DOBBS Road, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$1,250,00011/2/2021
280 OKE Drive, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$1,200,00011/2/2021
96 SECOND AVENUE, Sprucedale, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$1,150,00011/2/2021
96 SECOND AVE, McMurrich/Monteith, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$1,150,00011/2/2021
77 OLD MUSKOKA Road, Perry, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$1,150,00011/30/2021
740 DEER LAKE Road, Lount, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$1,100,00011/2/2021
217 DUNCHURCH ESTATES Road, Whitestone, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$999,90011/2/2021
112 BITTERN LAKE Lane, Novar, Ontario P0A1R0P0APerry$999,00011/2/2021
348 HALLS Road E, Magnetawan, Ontario P0A1P0P0APerry$999,00011/2/2021
16000 DENNISON Island, Dorset, Ontario P0A1E0P0APerry$999,00011/2/2021
2182 CHETWYND Road, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$995,90011/2/2021
2182 CHETWYND RD, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$995,90011/2/2021
2433 PICKEREL AND JACK LAKE Road, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$989,00011/2/2021
613 LONG LAKE RD, Perry, Ontario P0A1R0P0APerry$989,00011/15/2021
613 LONG LAKE Road, Perry, Ontario P0A1R0P0APerry$989,00011/18/2021
520 MORRIS Lane, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$960,00011/16/2021
345 WHITESTONE LAKE Road, Whitestone, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$959,00011/2/2021
345 WHITESTONE LAKE RD, Whitestone, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$959,00011/2/2021
34 RASPBERRY Lane, Emsdale, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$935,00011/2/2021
9 JEFFREY Road, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$930,00011/2/2021
82 STERLING CREEK ROAD, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$899,00011/2/2021
4656 HIGHWAY 60 Highway, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$899,00011/2/2021
1940 PORT CUNNINGTON Road, Dwight, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$899,00011/2/2021
4428 KAWAGAMA LAKE Road, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario P0A1E0P0APerry$899,00011/2/2021
50 JAMES CAMP Road, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$899,00011/19/2021
388 MUSKOKA RD, Strong, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$879,00011/2/2021
388 MUSKOKA Road, Strong, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$879,00011/2/2021
500 BAY LAKE Road, Emsdale, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$849,90011/2/2021
1054 SAVAGE SETTLEMENT Road, Novar, Ontario P0A1R0P0APerry$849,90011/17/2021
1039 HIGHWAY 592 N Highway, Emsdale, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$849,00011/2/2021
1711 HIGHWAY 518, Kearney, Ontario P0A1M0P0APerry$849,00011/11/2021
121 MAPLE Lane, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$849,00011/11/2021
130 HIGHWAY 518 WEST, Emsdale, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$799,90011/16/2021
30 OTTAWA Avenue, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$799,00011/2/2021
80 SANBORN Drive, Sprucedale, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$799,00011/12/2021
101 MACHAR RIVER Road, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$749,90011/3/2021
N/A BUCKTOOTH Island, Perry, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$749,90011/2/2021
1011 BIRCHCROFT Road, Dwight, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$749,90011/8/2021
68 MAIN Street, Kearney, Ontario P0A1M0P0APerry$749,00011/2/2021
4037 HWY ON-520, Magnetawan, Ontario P0A1P0P0APerry$699,90011/4/2021
761 EMSDALE LAKE Road, Kearney, Ontario P0A1M0P0APerry$699,00011/2/2021
1003 CRANE LAKE Drive, Dorset, Ontario P0A1E0P0APerry$685,00011/19/2021
1003 CRANE LAKE (SUNKEN) Drive, Dorset, Ontario P0A1E0P0APerry$685,00011/20/2021
1003 CRANE LAKE (SUNKEN LAKE ON MNR ) Drive, Dorset, Ontario P0A1E0P0APerry$685,00011/22/2021
0 SUMMER Road, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$675,00011/2/2021
66 POND Road, Lount, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$599,90011/2/2021
66 POND RD, Parry Sound Remote Area, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$599,90011/2/2021
320 LORIMER Lake, Dunchurch, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$599,00011/2/2021
5 BERNARD Crescent, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$599,00011/23/2021
2714 518 Highway E, Kearney, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$599,00011/2/2021
18 SQUAW LAKE Road, McKellar, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$599,00011/11/2021
171 PINE RD, Magnetawan, Ontario P0A1P0P0APerry$549,00011/2/2021
100 SELENA Drive, McMurrich/Monteith, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$529,90011/26/2021
100 SELENA DR, McMurrich/Monteith, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$529,90011/26/2021
170 HAZARD HILL Road, Kearney, Ontario P0A1M0P0APerry$525,00011/7/2021
31 HENRY STREET, Sprucedale, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$499,90011/18/2021
71 DOE LAKE Road, Katrine, Ontario P0A1L0P0APerry$499,90011/2/2021
71 DOE LAKE RD, Armour, Ontario P0A1L0P0APerry$499,90011/2/2021
2430 HIGHWAY 592 N, Emsdale, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$499,00011/2/2021
17 LANG Court, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$499,00011/18/2021
2430 HIGHWAY 592, Emsdale, Ontario P0A1J0P0APerry$499,00011/26/2021
1345 SINCLAIR Trail, Dorset, Ontario P0A1E0P0APerry$489,00011/2/2021
1330 PORT CUNNINGTON Road, Dwight, Ontario P0A1H0P0APerry$474,90011/2/2021
229 YONGE Street, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$449,90011/4/2021
500 MCINDOO FALLS Trail, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$449,00011/2/2021
211 LEIGHTON Road, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$439,00011/2/2021
0 TYNE LAKE Road, Nipissing, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$434,90011/2/2021
3 QUIRT Crescent, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$399,90011/5/2021
188 OLD NOVAR Road, Sprucedale, Ontario P0A1Y0P0APerry$399,90011/19/2021
11 EAST Avenue, Kearney, Ontario P0A1M0P0APerry$399,90011/17/2021
647 HAZARD HILL RD, Kearney, Ontario P0A1M0P0APerry$399,00011/2/2021
9 BARRIE Street, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$395,00011/2/2021
22 PARK Street, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$374,90011/18/2021
22 PARK ST, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$374,90011/18/2021
156 RIVER Road, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$359,90011/2/2021
168 MAIN Street, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$329,00011/9/2021
13 MAIN Street, Sundridge, Ontario P0A1Z0P0APerry$315,00011/2/2021
5 COOPER Lane, Dunchurch, Ontario P0A1G0P0APerry$299,00011/9/2021
65 JAMES Street, Burk's Falls, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$149,90011/24/2021
16 TEBBY Boulevard, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$129,90011/10/2021
16 TEBBY BLVD, South River, Ontario P0A1X0P0APerry$129,90011/11/2021
62 OTTAWA AVE, South River, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$124,90011/2/2021
62 OTTAWA Avenue, South River, Ontario P0A1C0P0APerry$124,90011/2/2021
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