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PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
342305 CONCESSION 2 NDR SDRD, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B9N4NHanover$2,295,0001/1/2023
342305 CONCESSION 2 NORTH DURHAM ROAD Concession, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B9N4NHanover$2,295,0001/1/2023
281396 NORMANBY-BENTINCK Townline, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$1,600,0001/1/2023
241 4TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2B6N4NHanover$1,450,0001/27/2023
301546 CONCESSION 2 SDR, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$1,399,0001/1/2023
#104 -12 AVENUE A, Hanover, Ontario N4N3T9N4NHanover$1,289,0001/17/2023
402043 GREY ROAD 4, Bentinck Twp, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$1,250,0001/1/2023
160 4TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2B3N4NHanover$1,199,0001/1/2023
314 3RD Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N0B4N4NHanover$999,9991/1/2023
771 15TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N3W7N4NHanover$999,9991/25/2023
314 3RD AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N0B4N4NHanover$999,9991/1/2023
281431 CONCESSION 3 SDR, Bentinck, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$999,9001/1/2023
627 26TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$909,9001/1/2023
627 26TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$909,9001/1/2023
308 3RD Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N0B4N4NHanover$899,9001/1/2023
635 26TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2B8N4NHanover$899,9001/1/2023
635 26TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N2B8N4NHanover$899,9001/1/2023
918 13TH ST, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$899,9001/1/2023
918 13TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$899,9001/1/2023
13486 BRUCE ROAD 10, Hanover, Ontario N4N2B9N4NHanover$899,0001/1/2023
914 13TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$889,9001/1/2023
914 13TH ST, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$889,9001/1/2023
281197 NORMANBY BENTINCK Townline, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$875,0001/1/2023
237 2ND AVE AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3S1N4NHanover$874,0001/1/2023
222 16TH Avenue Crescent, Hanover, Ontario N4N3V3N4NHanover$869,9001/1/2023
243 12TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2T1N4NHanover$869,9001/15/2023
910 13TH ST, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$864,9001/1/2023
910 13TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$864,9001/1/2023
302279 CONCESSION 2 SDR Road, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$850,0001/1/2023
144393 MULOCK ROAD, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$849,0001/19/2023
906 13TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$829,9001/1/2023
906 13TH ST, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$829,9001/1/2023
612 26TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$799,9001/1/2023
612 26TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$799,9001/1/2023
624 26TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$789,9001/1/2023
624 26TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$789,9001/1/2023
632 26TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$779,9001/1/2023
632 26TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$779,9001/1/2023
135 17TH AVENUE A, Hanover, Ontario N4N0B5N4NHanover$775,0001/1/2023
135 17TH AVENUE A AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N0B5N4NHanover$775,0001/1/2023
123 2ND Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1A1N4NHanover$774,9001/25/2023
902 13TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$769,9001/1/2023
902 13TH ST, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$769,9001/1/2023
683 23RD AVENUE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3X4N4NHanover$719,0001/18/2023
612 25TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$699,9001/1/2023
610 25TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$699,9001/1/2023
610 25TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$699,9001/1/2023
612 25TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$699,9001/1/2023
616 25TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$699,9001/1/2023
616 25TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$699,9001/1/2023
614 25TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$699,9001/1/2023
614 25TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$699,9001/1/2023
95 13TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3V1N4NHanover$699,0001/21/2023
235 16TH AVENUE Crescent, Hanover, Ontario N4N3V3N4NHanover$699,0001/19/2023
214 17TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N3V4N4NHanover$689,9001/1/2023
401372 GREY ROAD 4, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$649,9001/4/2023
401372 GREY ROAD 4 RD, West Grey, Ontario N4N3B8N4NHanover$649,9001/6/2023
115 5TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1B5N4NHanover$639,9001/25/2023
622 9TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2M8N4NHanover$599,1201/1/2023
641 21ST AVENUE A, Hanover, Ontario N4N3M2N4NHanover$574,9001/1/2023
525 8TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1K5N4NHanover$574,9001/4/2023
111 3RD Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N3E3N4NHanover$549,9001/2/2023
170 7TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1G5N4NHanover$529,9001/25/2023
403 6TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2G3N4NHanover$529,5001/1/2023
660 16TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N3M3N4NHanover$509,9001/1/2023
510 14TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1Z9N4NHanover$479,9001/4/2023
197 8TH Street W, Hanover, Ontario N4N1J4N4NHanover$474,9001/1/2023
535 13TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1Y5N4NHanover$439,9001/1/2023
399 7TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2J1N4NHanover$429,9001/1/2023
445 11TH ST, Hanover, Ontario N4N1S8N4NHanover$399,9001/1/2023
445 11TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1S8N4NHanover$399,9001/1/2023
77 7TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1G3N4NHanover$399,9001/17/2023
409 10TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2N7N4NHanover$399,0001/1/2023
396 11TH AVE, Hanover, Ontario N4N2R8N4NHanover$395,0001/1/2023
396 11TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2R8N4NHanover$395,0001/1/2023
604 8TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2L3N4NHanover$379,9001/1/2023
564 6TH Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N2G6N4NHanover$374,9001/6/2023
314 13TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1X6N4NHanover$349,0001/18/2023
314 13TH ST, Hanover, Ontario N4N1X6N4NHanover$349,0001/18/2023
134 7TH Street, Hanover, Ontario N4N1G4N4NHanover$329,9001/17/2023
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