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All Listings in N3L,Brant

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
143 EAST RIVER Road, Paris, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$3,499,90010/1/2022
199 GRAND RIVER ST N, Brant, Ontario N3L2N2N3LBrant$3,400,00010/1/2022
LOT 15 SAAS Crescent, Paris, Ontario N3L0A9N3LBrant$2,599,00010/1/2022
205 OAKHILL Drive, Brantford, Ontario N3L3V1N3LBrant$2,399,99910/5/2022
65 BROADWAY ST W, Brant, Ontario N3L2S7N3LBrant$1,999,90010/1/2022
65 BURLINGTON Street, Harrisburg, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$1,899,00010/1/2022
814 Watts Pond Road, Paris, Ontario N3L3E2N3LBrant$1,850,00010/1/2022
197 GRAND RIVER Street N, Paris, Ontario N3L2N2N3LBrant$1,799,00010/1/2022
232 GERMAN SCHOOL Road, Paris, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$1,749,90010/1/2022
2 LORNE CARD Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L0H3N3LBrant$1,599,90010/1/2022
675 BISHOPSGATE Road, Paris, Ontario N3L3E3N3LBrant$1,550,00010/1/2022
675 BISHOPSGATE RD, Brant, Ontario N3L3E3N3LBrant$1,550,00010/1/2022
4 MORRIS Street, Paris, Ontario N3L0A9N3LBrant$1,479,99910/1/2022
10 PARKHILL Lane, Paris, Ontario N3L0H3N3LBrant$1,449,00010/1/2022
2 OLDHAM Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L3E2N3LBrant$1,400,00010/1/2022
40 BROADWAY Street E, Paris, Ontario N3L2R6N3LBrant$1,400,00010/1/2022
542 PARIS Road, Paris, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$1,399,90010/1/2022
111 OAK AVE, Brant, Ontario N3L0J6N3LBrant$1,387,00010/1/2022
158 WILLOW Street Unit# 21, Paris, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$1,350,00010/1/2022
34 FLAGG AVE, Brant, Ontario N3L0K1N3LBrant$1,349,00010/1/2022
34 EDGAR Place, Paris, Ontario N3L0H3N3LBrant$1,324,90010/1/2022
70 FLAGG Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L0J9N3LBrant$1,299,99010/1/2022
158 WILLOW Street Unit# 20, Paris, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$1,299,90010/1/2022
2 Irongate Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L4G4N3LBrant$1,299,90010/1/2022
6 MASTERS Lane, Paris, Ontario N3L0H4N3LBrant$1,299,90010/1/2022
158 WILLOW ST, Brant, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$1,299,90010/1/2022
LOT 91 STREET E, PHASE 1 B, Brant, Ontario N3L0B5N3LBrant$1,299,00010/1/2022
16 ZAVARELLA CRT, Brant, Ontario N3L4H3N3LBrant$1,299,00010/1/2022
16 Zavarella Court, Paris, Ontario N3L4H3N3LBrant$1,299,00010/1/2022
38 MCGOVERN Lane, Paris, Ontario N3L0K3N3LBrant$1,249,90010/1/2022
68 FLAGG Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L0J9N3LBrant$1,199,99010/1/2022
158 WILLOW Street Unit# 17, Paris, Ontario N3L0C5N3LBrant$1,199,90010/1/2022
LOT 102 STREET D DR, Brant, Ontario N3L4G4N3LBrant$1,199,90010/1/2022
28 CRAWFORD Place, Paris, Ontario N3L0A7N3LBrant$1,199,00010/1/2022
LOT 277 STREET D DR, Brant, Ontario N3L0K2N3LBrant$1,189,00010/1/2022
64 FLAGG Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L0J9N3LBrant$1,149,99010/1/2022
241 GERMAN SCHOOL Road, St. George, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$1,149,90010/1/2022
21 HAMPTON Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2L4N3LBrant$1,149,00010/1/2022
6 HIRAM Road, Paris, Ontario N3L2P8N3LBrant$1,100,00010/1/2022
305 STREET DR, Brant, Ontario N3L0K2N3LBrant$1,100,00010/1/2022
9 VIC CHAMBERS Place, Paris, Ontario N3L0E7N3LBrant$1,099,00010/1/2022
9 VIC CHAMBERS PL, Brant, Ontario N3L0E6N3LBrant$1,099,00010/1/2022
66 FLAGG Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L0J9N3LBrant$1,069,9909/17/2022
47 FLAGG AVE, Brant, Ontario N3L0K1N3LBrant$1,049,00010/1/2022
16 FLAGG AVE, Brant, Ontario N3L0K1N3LBrant$1,049,00010/1/2022
19 CREEDEN Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2B8N3LBrant$999,99910/1/2022
29 MCQUEEN Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L0A5N3LBrant$999,99910/1/2022
LOT#50-157 SAVANNAH RIDGE Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L0A1N3LBrant$999,99910/1/2022
6 SUNSET Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L3W3N3LBrant$999,90010/1/2022
151 BETHEL Road, Paris, Ontario N3L3E3N3LBrant$999,90010/5/2022
19 Vic Chambers Place, Paris, Ontario N3L0E6N3LBrant$999,00010/1/2022
71 FLAGG AVE, Brant, Ontario N3L0J8N3LBrant$998,00010/1/2022
17 ALEXANDER Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L2V6N3LBrant$979,90010/1/2022
9 WESTON Street, Paris, Ontario N3L4C2N3LBrant$974,90010/1/2022
71 SAVANNAH Ridge, Paris, Ontario N3L4G2N3LBrant$965,00010/1/2022
59 DAUGAARD Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L4B9N3LBrant$949,00010/1/2022
29 OLDHAM Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L0H2N3LBrant$924,90010/1/2022
29 OLDHAM AVE, Brant, Ontario N3L0H2N3LBrant$924,90010/1/2022
56 ST ANDREW Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2X3N3LBrant$924,90010/1/2022
42 COURT Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L4B8N3LBrant$909,90010/1/2022
82 SCENIC RIDGE GATE, Brant, Ontario N3L0K2N3LBrant$899,99910/4/2022
82 SCENIC RIDGE Gate, Paris, Ontario N3L0K2N3LBrant$899,99910/1/2022
22 LONG Lane, Paris, Ontario N3L4E9N3LBrant$899,00010/1/2022
77 FLAGG AVE, Brant, Ontario N3L3E3N3LBrant$890,00010/1/2022
77 FLAGG Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L3E3N3LBrant$890,00010/1/2022
LOT 42 STREET F, Paris, Ontario N3L3E3N3LBrant$875,00010/1/2022
23 OLDHAM Avenue, Paris, Ontario N3L0G7N3LBrant$855,00010/4/2022
23 OLDHAM AVE, Brant, Ontario N3L0H2N3LBrant$855,00010/6/2022
94 DUNDAS ST W, Brant, Ontario N3L1G6N3LBrant$849,99910/1/2022
94 DUNDAS Street W Unit# B, Paris, Ontario N3L1G6N3LBrant$849,99910/1/2022
25 ST ANDREW Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2W8N3LBrant$849,90010/1/2022
16 HANLON Place, Paris, Ontario N3L3E3N3LBrant$849,90010/1/2022
16 HANLON PL, Brant, Ontario N3L3E3N3LBrant$849,90010/1/2022
LOT 67 STOKES RD, Brant, Ontario N3L0B5N3LBrant$849,90010/1/2022
4 RIVERVIEW Terrace, Paris, Ontario N3L2P3N3LBrant$849,90010/1/2022
12 WHITTON Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L0L1N3LBrant$828,88810/1/2022
8 IRONGATE Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L4G4N3LBrant$825,00010/1/2022
8 IRONGATE DR, Brant, Ontario N3L4G4N3LBrant$825,00010/1/2022
54 GARDEN CRES, Brant, Ontario N3L3T4N3LBrant$799,99910/1/2022
17 CRAWFORD Place, Paris, Ontario N3L0A6N3LBrant$799,9009/13/2022
17 CRAWFORD PL, Brant, Ontario N3L0A6N3LBrant$799,90010/1/2022
58 JANE Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2X9N3LBrant$780,00010/1/2022
19 BAKER LANE, Brant, Ontario N3L0K3N3LBrant$779,90010/6/2022
3 LARKSPUR Lane, Paris, Ontario N3L3P3N3LBrant$775,00010/1/2022
3 LARKSPUR LANE, Brant, Ontario N3L3P3N3LBrant$775,00010/1/2022
38 MAC PHERSON Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L4C6N3LBrant$764,90010/1/2022
38 MAC PHERSON DR, Brant, Ontario N3L4C6N3LBrant$764,90010/1/2022
12 WILLOW Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2K6N3LBrant$749,90010/1/2022
47 Laurel Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2H2N3LBrant$729,9009/23/2022
47 LAUREL ST, Brant, Ontario N3L2H2N3LBrant$729,9009/23/2022
43 ONTARIO Street, Harrisburg, Ontario N3L3E1N3LBrant$699,99910/1/2022
16 SAVANNAH RIDGE Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L4O4N3LBrant$699,99910/1/2022
28 SCHUYLER Street, Paris, Ontario N3L0E5N3LBrant$699,00010/1/2022
23 GILSTON Parkway, Paris, Ontario N3L3K7N3LBrant$699,00010/1/2022
62 SCHUYLER Street, Paris, Ontario N3L4C8N3LBrant$689,90010/1/2022
24 BALL Street, Paris, Ontario N3L1W9N3LBrant$679,90010/1/2022
10 GRIFFITHS Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L4B5N3LBrant$679,00010/1/2022
10 GRIFFITHS DR, Brant, Ontario N3L4B5N3LBrant$679,00010/1/2022
16 Parkside Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L3S7N3LBrant$665,00010/1/2022
16 PARKSIDE DR, Brant, Ontario N3L3S7N3LBrant$655,00010/1/2022
4 CROSS Street, Paris, Ontario N3L1Z7N3LBrant$650,00010/1/2022
24 WASHINGTON ST, Brant, Ontario N3L2A3N3LBrant$649,0009/9/2022
58 MAIN Street, Paris, Ontario N3L1E6N3LBrant$639,9009/22/2022
58 MAIN ST, Brant, Ontario N3L1E6N3LBrant$639,9009/22/2022
24 WASHINGTON Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2A3N3LBrant$639,00010/1/2022
24 WASHINGTON ST, Brant, Ontario N3L2A3N3LBrant$639,00010/1/2022
149 WHITLAW WAY, Brant, Ontario N3L4C9N3LBrant$600,0009/7/2022
149 WHITLAW Way, Paris, Ontario N3L4C9N3LBrant$600,0009/7/2022
14 BARKER ST, Brant, Ontario N3L2H5N3LBrant$599,9009/14/2022
14 BARKER Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2H5N3LBrant$599,9009/14/2022
52 KATHLEEN Street, Paris, Ontario N3L3X8N3LBrant$599,80010/1/2022
32 QUEEN Street, Paris, Ontario N3L1C4N3LBrant$574,90010/1/2022
36 IVY Crescent, Paris, Ontario N3L4A9N3LBrant$569,90010/1/2022
5 FOREST Drive, Paris, Ontario N3L3L2N3LBrant$549,90010/1/2022
5 FOREST DR, Brant, Ontario N3L3L2N3LBrant$549,90010/1/2022
28 MAPLE Crescent, Paris, Ontario N3L3R4N3LBrant$539,9009/21/2022
19 DUNDAS Street W Unit# B, Paris, Ontario N3L1E9N3LBrant$499,99910/1/2022
81 BANFIELD Street, Paris, Ontario N3L2Z2N3LBrant$399,9009/9/2022
14 MOUNT ELGIN Street, Paris, Ontario N3L1G3N3LBrant$399,00010/4/2022
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