N0R House Prices, Belle River

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Map of All Listings in N0R, Belle River

All Listings in N0R, Belle River

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
856 TALBOT (COUNTY RD 34), Essex, Ontario N0R1K0N0RBelle River$2,495,00012/1/2021
1 SHERIDAN POINT, Pelee Island, Ontario N0R1M0N0RBelle River$2,245,00012/1/2021
2894 MANNING Road, Maidstone, Ontario N0R1K0N0RBelle River$2,100,00012/1/2021
59 BISSONNETTE LANE, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1V0N0RBelle River$1,999,00012/1/2021
737-739 COUNTY RD 2, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$1,499,90012/1/2021
106 BAY, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$1,299,90012/1/2021
445 Charron Beach ROAD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$1,250,00012/1/2021
2207 SOUTH MIDDLE ROAD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1V0N0RBelle River$1,250,00011/16/2021
258 ARKONA CRT, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$1,249,90011/6/2021
332 CHRISTINE, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$1,200,00012/4/2021
1154 REGENCY CRESCENT, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$1,199,00011/26/2021
1221 SURF CLUB, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1S0N0RBelle River$1,190,00011/9/2021
613 POPLAR BLUFF, Essex, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$1,100,00012/1/2021
3280 Drummond, Essex, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$999,99912/1/2021
911 DRIFTWOOD CRES S, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$999,99912/1/2021
164 First STREET, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$999,90012/1/2021
Lot 5 BELLEVIEW, Cottam, Ontario N0R1B0N0RBelle River$999,88812/3/2021
7119 TECUMSEH RD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1N0N0RBelle River$999,00012/1/2021
7119 TECUMSEH Road, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1N0N0RBelle River$999,00012/1/2021
264 Arkona COURT, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$989,90012/1/2021
1131 REGENCY CRESCENT, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$979,90011/9/2021
32 BELLEVIEW, Cottam, Ontario N0R1B0N0RBelle River$949,90012/1/2021
38 BELLEVIEW, Cottam, Ontario N0R1B0N0RBelle River$949,88812/1/2021
1280 DEER RUN TRAIL, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$935,00012/1/2021
919 LAKEWOOD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$899,90011/18/2021
919 LAKEWOOD CRESCENT, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$899,90012/1/2021
4532 ANDERSON AVENUE, Comber, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$899,00012/1/2021
3380 Concession 3, Harrow, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$885,00011/16/2021
4539 ANDERSON, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$874,90012/1/2021
173 RENAUD LINE, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$849,90012/1/2021
952 WESTWOOD DR, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$849,00012/1/2021
305 RENAUD LINE, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$849,00011/15/2021
212 WEST PUCE ROAD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$827,90012/1/2021
4525 ANDERSON, Comber, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$824,90012/1/2021
1373 Legends LANE, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$799,90012/3/2021
1617 GREENWOOD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$799,50011/11/2021
1720 LAKESHORE ROAD 123, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1V0N0RBelle River$798,00011/12/2021
363 COUNTY RD 2, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$777,00012/4/2021
1379 COUNTY RD 42, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$749,90011/10/2021
897 LAKESHORE PARK, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$749,90012/1/2021
1274 DEER RUN TRAIL, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$749,90012/1/2021
377 CHARRON BEACH, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$729,90012/1/2021
3362 MANNING ROAD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1K0N0RBelle River$699,90012/1/2021
15535 County Road 8, Essex, Ontario N0R1L0N0RBelle River$699,90012/1/2021
1420 GIRARD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$699,90011/22/2021
5623 ST. CLAIR, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1N0N0RBelle River$699,90012/1/2021
837 ERIE BLUE, Colchester, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$699,90012/4/2021
1566 CAILLE, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$649,90011/12/2021
2638 Lakeshore Road 235, ROAD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1V0N0RBelle River$649,00012/1/2021
1590 OAKWOOD AVENUE, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$599,90011/10/2021
176 Notre Dame, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$599,90011/11/2021
533 PEARL STREET, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$599,90012/1/2021
224 Caruhel, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1C0N0RBelle River$599,90012/2/2021
942 Twin Gables DRIVE, Harrow, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$599,00012/2/2021
1681 MAPLEWOOD DRIVE, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$599,00011/22/2021
595 SOUTH TALBOT, Tecumseh, Ontario N0R1L0N0RBelle River$589,90012/1/2021
24 Francis, Cottam, Ontario N0R1B0N0RBelle River$589,90011/18/2021
6700 TEXAS ROAD, Amherstburg, Ontario N0R1J0N0RBelle River$569,90011/8/2021
620 Stevenson COURT, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$549,00012/2/2021
214 CHESTER, Essex, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$539,00012/1/2021
242 COLUMBUS, Stoney Point, Ontario N0R1N0N0RBelle River$530,00012/1/2021
1026 KING CHARLES, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$499,90012/1/2021
1073 MONARCH MEADOWS, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$499,90011/10/2021
3726 CONCESSION 3 North, Harrow, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$499,90011/17/2021
1101 KING LOUIS, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$499,90012/1/2021
367 ST. SIMON STREET, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$499,90012/1/2021
7297-99 COUNTY ROAD 50, Amherstburg, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$498,88812/1/2021
67 East Shore ROAD, Pelee Island, Ontario N0R1M0N0RBelle River$495,00012/1/2021
127 COUNTY RD 34, Cottam, Ontario N0R1B0N0RBelle River$449,90011/8/2021
372 St Charles, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$449,90011/11/2021
372 St. Charles, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$449,90012/1/2021
412 MARLA, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A7N0RBelle River$449,00011/12/2021
227 TROTTIER, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$449,00012/1/2021
481 HALE, Stoney Point, Ontario N0R1N0N0RBelle River$399,90012/1/2021
662 HENRY, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$399,90011/16/2021
386 WEST BELLE RIVER ROAD, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$399,90011/19/2021
247 ELEVENTH, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$399,90011/27/2021
125 Parkview LANE, Stoney Point, Ontario N0R1N0N0RBelle River$399,00011/8/2021
115 BELLCREFT BEACH, Colchester, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$375,00011/23/2021
115 BELLCREFT DR, Colchester, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$375,00012/1/2021
388 ST. CHARLES STREET, Belle River, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$374,90011/24/2021
236 Riverside ROAD, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$359,90011/9/2021
8520 MIDDLE Sideroad North, McGregor, Ontario N0R1J0N0RBelle River$349,90012/2/2021
9561 WALKER, McGregor, Ontario N0R1J0N0RBelle River$329,90012/1/2021
686 OPTIMIST STREET, Lakeshore, Ontario N0R1A0N0RBelle River$329,90012/1/2021
134 CRYSTAL BEACH, Colchester, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$329,00012/1/2021
111 BELLCREFT Drive, Harrow, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$299,91912/1/2021
286 SHAWONDASEE, Harrow, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$299,90012/1/2021
2545 COUNTY RD 20, Essex, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$199,00012/1/2021
122 ARTHUR STREET North, Essex, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$185,00012/1/2021
126 Nottingham DRIVE, Harrow, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$179,90011/17/2021
152 CRYSTAL BEACH, Essex, Ontario N0R1G0N0RBelle River$179,90012/3/2021
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