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All Listings in N0P, Merlin

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
21000 ADMIRAL DR, Lakeshore, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$1,888,00012/1/2021
583 GOULD Road, Croton, Ontario N0P1K0N0PMerlin$1,795,00012/1/2021
583 Gould ROAD, Dawn-Euphemia, Ontario N0P1K0N0PMerlin$1,795,00012/1/2021
4761 Old River Road, St. Clair Beach, Ontario N0P2B0N0PMerlin$1,599,00012/1/2021
305 Towanda BOULEVARD, Erie Beach, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$1,499,00012/1/2021
20928 Victoria Road, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P2C0N0PMerlin$1,299,99912/1/2021
1518 Mersea Rd 7, Leamington, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$1,290,00012/1/2021
19160 CREST RIVER AVENUE, Lighthouse Cove, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$1,250,00012/1/2021
20868 Scane ROAD, Howard Township, Ontario N0P2C0N0PMerlin$1,250,00012/1/2021
767 ESSEX ROAD 37, Leamington, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$1,199,90012/1/2021
221 French Line, Port Lambton, Ontario N0P2B0N0PMerlin$1,199,00012/1/2021
22016 Port ROAD, Merlin, Ontario N0P1W0N0PMerlin$1,100,00012/3/2021
527 WHITE LINE, St Clair, Ontario N0P2H0N0PMerlin$999,99912/1/2021
19160 Light Cove AVENUE, Lighthouse Cove, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$999,90012/1/2021
13660 LONGWOODS Road, Thamesville, Ontario N0P2K0N0PMerlin$999,80012/1/2021
11507 LAGONDA WAY, Rondeau Bay Estates, Ontario N0P1X0N0PMerlin$929,90012/1/2021
3961 LEELAND Drive, Port Lambton, Ontario N0P2B0N0PMerlin$850,00012/1/2021
3270 TALBOT TR, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$799,99912/1/2021
2995 ST CLAIR PARKWAY, St Clair, Ontario N0P2H0N0PMerlin$769,00012/1/2021
7774 TALBOT TRAIL, Raleigh Township, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$749,90012/1/2021
2200 Gracey Sideroad, Lakeshore, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$749,90012/1/2021
4840 Settler Sideroad, Comber, Ontario N0P1J0N0PMerlin$749,90012/1/2021
1240 KERR, Erieau, Ontario N0P1N0N0PMerlin$699,90012/1/2021
109 ERIE STREET South, Merlin, Ontario N0P1W0N0PMerlin$699,90012/1/2021
2825 ST CLAIR PARKWAY, St Clair, Ontario N0P2H0N0PMerlin$699,90012/1/2021
3734 ST CLAIR PARKWAY, Sombra, Ontario N0P2H0N0PMerlin$699,90012/1/2021
8784 Talbot TRL, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$699,00011/22/2021
2358 TALBOT TRAIL, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$699,00011/10/2021
19311 Gore ROAD, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$679,90012/1/2021
1508 SUNNYSIDE, Staples, Ontario N0P2J0N0PMerlin$669,90012/1/2021
3 LISA STREET, Wheatley, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$659,90012/1/2021
1010 KERR Avenue, Other (see Remarks), Ontario N0P1N0N0PMerlin$649,90012/1/2021
6377 GRANDE RIVER LINE, Dover Township, Ontario N0P1Z0N0PMerlin$649,90012/1/2021
21291 HARBOUR ROAD, Wheatley, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$649,90012/1/2021
1682 Road 2 East, Ruthven, Ontario N0P2G0N0PMerlin$649,90012/1/2021
1695 MUCCI, Ruthven, Ontario N0P2G0N0PMerlin$649,90011/15/2021
4421 Gleeson LINE, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$649,90012/1/2021
118 DD STREET, Dresden, Ontario N0P1M0N0PMerlin$629,90012/1/2021
11 BERNARD AVENUE, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P2C0N0PMerlin$629,90012/1/2021
20807 CEMETERY ROAD, Wheatley, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$599,90012/1/2021
16525 TECUMSEH, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$599,90012/1/2021
21132 PORT ROAD, Romney And Tilbury Township, Ontario N0P1W0N0PMerlin$599,90012/1/2021
18172 ERIE SHORE DRIVE, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$589,90012/1/2021
24 LAURENTIA DRIVE, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$589,00011/5/2021
7140 BAY LINE, Mitchell's Bay, Ontario N0P1L0N0PMerlin$589,00012/1/2021
609 CHESTNUT Street, Bothwell, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$569,90012/1/2021
610 CHESTNUT Street, Bothwell, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$569,90012/1/2021
609 CHESTNUT ST, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$569,90012/1/2021
610 CHESTNUT ST, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$569,90012/1/2021
174 GEORGE Street, Bothwell, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$549,90012/1/2021
174 GEORGE ST, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$549,90012/1/2021
838 TALBOT ROAD East, Wheatley, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$539,90012/1/2021
18420 ERIE SHORE DR, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$539,00011/19/2021
46 JEFFREY Street W, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$535,00012/1/2021
18168 ERIE SHORE Drive, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$499,90012/1/2021
21204 HODOVICK, Wheatley, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$499,90012/1/2021
4538 TALBOT TRAIL, Port Alma, Ontario N0P2A0N0PMerlin$499,90012/1/2021
4841 LAKESHORE RD 305, Comber, Ontario N0P1J0N0PMerlin$499,90012/1/2021
5802 TALBOT TRAIL, Merlin, Ontario N0P1W0N0PMerlin$499,90012/2/2021
7219 BASSETTE Line, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1L0N0PMerlin$499,00011/27/2021
7192 BASSETTE Line, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1L0N0PMerlin$499,00012/1/2021
17546 LAKESHORE Road, Morpeth, Ontario N0P1X0N0PMerlin$499,00012/2/2021
90 QUEEN STREET South, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$489,90012/1/2021
10444 UNION LINE, Dresden, Ontario N0P1M0N0PMerlin$479,00012/3/2021
7 WILLIAM STREET, Shrewsbury, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$475,00012/1/2021
44 Brock STREET, Shrewsbury, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$469,00012/1/2021
17386 Lakeshore ROAD, Rondeau, Ontario N0P1X0N0PMerlin$459,90012/1/2021
6207 Emerson AVENUE, Comber, Ontario N0P1J0N0PMerlin$459,00011/15/2021
1673 Union AVENUE, Ruthven, Ontario N0P2G0N0PMerlin$459,00012/1/2021
40 St. Bernadette, Pain Court, Ontario N0P1Z0N0PMerlin$457,00012/1/2021
29963 WEST BOTHWELL Road, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$450,00012/1/2021
204 Prince STREET, Shrewsbury, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$449,90012/1/2021
4281 MIDDLE LINE, Merlin, Ontario N0P1W0N0PMerlin$449,00011/22/2021
12 Albert, Shrewsbury, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$439,90012/2/2021
29 Ebenezer East, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P2C0N0PMerlin$439,90012/1/2021
18170 Erie Shore Drive, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$429,99012/1/2021
43 HANNIBAL ST, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$415,00012/1/2021
21931 A D SHADD RD, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1Y0N0PMerlin$400,00012/1/2021
8926 TALBOT TRAIL, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$400,00011/17/2021
6716 TALBOT TRAIL, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1S0N0PMerlin$399,90011/5/2021
1782 CLARKE LINE, Wheatley, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$399,90011/15/2021
8260 Dover Centre LINE, Dover Centre, Ontario N0P1L0N0PMerlin$399,90012/1/2021
88 LEMUEL STREET, Thamesville, Ontario N0P2K0N0PMerlin$399,90011/17/2021
1608 COUNTY RD 34, Ruthven, Ontario N0P2G0N0PMerlin$399,90011/24/2021
24011 KENT BRIDGE ROAD, Thamesville, Ontario N0P2K0N0PMerlin$399,90012/2/2021
68 QUEEN STREET South, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$399,00011/12/2021
43 Jeffrey STREET, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$395,00011/19/2021
342 TALBOT STREET East, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$389,90012/1/2021
89 CHURCH Street, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$379,90011/9/2021
19 MASSEY DRIVE, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$379,90011/12/2021
258 PEEL STREET, Shrewsbury, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$379,90012/1/2021
7053 AUGHRIM LINE, Bothwell, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$364,50011/18/2021
7053 Aughrim LINE, Dawn-Euphemia, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$364,50011/18/2021
157 Little STREET, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$355,00011/20/2021
157 Little STREET South, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$355,00012/1/2021
258 WILLIAM STREET, Camden Township, Ontario N0P1M0N0PMerlin$350,00012/1/2021
1733 CONCESSION 4, Wheatley, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$349,90011/17/2021
88 LITTLE, Wheatley, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$349,90012/1/2021
6 ANN STREET, Thamesville, Ontario N0P2K0N0PMerlin$339,90012/1/2021
3 TIFFANY STREET, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P2C0N0PMerlin$339,00011/18/2021
156 ELM Street E, Bothwell, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$329,90011/17/2021
175 Wellington STREET, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$329,90011/10/2021
66 NICHOLS DRIVE, Blenheim, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$329,90011/15/2021
8 ELM STREET, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$329,00012/1/2021
6 Hillsdale AVENUE, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P2P0N0PMerlin$309,90012/1/2021
6723 Tenth LINE, Merlin, Ontario N0P1W0N0PMerlin$299,90012/1/2021
24433 JEANETTES CREEK ROAD, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$299,90011/5/2021
23 LYON AVENUE North, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$299,90011/27/2021
24397 JEANNETTE'S CREEK ROAD, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$299,90011/9/2021
4274 TECUMSEH LINE, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$299,90011/12/2021
11627 Longwoods ROAD, Kent Bridge, Ontario N0P1V0N0PMerlin$299,90012/1/2021
36 Victoria Street, Dealtown, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$299,90012/1/2021
27 JANE STREET, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P1C0N0PMerlin$279,90011/8/2021
27 CATHCART, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$279,90011/11/2021
27 JANE STREET, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P2C0N0PMerlin$279,90011/15/2021
74 Lemuel STREET, Thamesville, Ontario N0P2K0N0PMerlin$279,00012/1/2021
113 QUEEN STREET North, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$249,90011/17/2021
30 Lisgar, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P2C0N0PMerlin$229,00011/6/2021
16 BOND AVENUE, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$225,00011/16/2021
4 ABERDEEN STREET, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P1W0N0PMerlin$224,90011/18/2021
19 Centre STREET West, Tilbury, Ontario N0P2L0N0PMerlin$199,90011/10/2021
527 Florence Road, Dawn-Euphemia, Ontario N0P1R0N0PMerlin$179,90012/1/2021
29338 Jane Road/Briarwood Drive Unit# 19, Thamesville, Ontario N0P2K0N0PMerlin$150,00012/1/2021
4 Adelaide STREET, Shrewsbury, Ontario N0P1A0N0PMerlin$89,90011/19/2021
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