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All Listings in N0M, Grand Bend

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
10002 HURDON ST, Lambton Shores, Ontario N0M2L0N0MGrand Bend$7,500,00012/1/2021
10002 HURDON Street, Lambton Shores (Munic), Ontario N0M2L0N0MGrand Bend$7,500,00012/1/2021
22649-22697 NISSOURI Road, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$5,900,00012/1/2021
21436 HIGHBURY AVE N, Middlesex Centre, Ontario N0M1C0N0MGrand Bend$4,500,00012/1/2021
34 MAIN Street, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$2,500,00012/1/2021
33983 RIDGEWAY Road, Bluewater, Ontario N0M1N0N0MGrand Bend$2,499,00012/1/2021
33983 RIDGEWAY RD, Bluewater, Ontario N0M1N0N0MGrand Bend$2,499,00012/1/2021
27 SAUBLE RIVER Road, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$2,349,90012/1/2021
LOT 3 PLOVER MILLS Road, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$2,250,00012/1/2021
20177 PURPLE HILL Road, Thames Centre, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$2,000,00012/1/2021
10048 GREENWAY Road S, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$1,800,00012/1/2021
7742 PATRICK Street, Lambton Shores (Munic), Ontario N0M2L0N0MGrand Bend$1,799,99912/1/2021
4484 AUSABLE Drive, Ailsa Craig, Ontario N0M1A0N0MGrand Bend$1,725,00012/1/2021
23823 DENFIELD Road, Middlesex Centre, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$1,649,00012/1/2021
22840 HIGHBURY AVENUE N, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$1,599,90011/12/2021
22840 HIGHBURY Avenue N, Bryanston, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$1,599,90011/8/2021
10216 LAKEVIEW Avenue, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$1,549,90012/3/2021
73075 DUCHARME BEACH Road, Bluewater (Munic), Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$1,499,90012/1/2021
5419 DUNDAS ST, Thames Centre, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$1,465,00012/2/2021
5419 DUNDAS Street, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$1,465,00012/2/2021
78179 LAVRANGUE Drive, Central Huron (Munic), Ontario N0M1G0N0MGrand Bend$1,450,00012/1/2021
14 THIMBLEWEED Drive, Bayfield, Ontario N0M1G0N0MGrand Bend$1,400,00012/3/2021
1835 MARK SETTLEMENT Drive, Parkhill, Ontario N0M2K0N0MGrand Bend$1,399,00012/1/2021
7706 CLAYTON Street, Port Franks, Ontario N0M2L0N0MGrand Bend$1,399,00012/1/2021
LOT 9A IRENE Crescent, Zurich, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$1,399,00012/1/2021
109 BASIL Crescent Unit# LOT 35, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$1,299,00012/1/2021
10240 WOODPARK Court, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$1,299,00012/1/2021
LOT 44 ASPEN Circle, Thames Centre, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$1,250,00012/1/2021
LOT 10A IRENE Crescent, Zurich, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$1,230,90012/1/2021
82 RIVER Road, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$1,200,00012/1/2021
30563 HUNGRY HOLLOW RD, North Middlesex, Ontario N0M1B0N0MGrand Bend$1,200,00012/1/2021
30563 Hungry Hollow Road, North Middlesex, Ontario N0M1B0N0MGrand Bend$1,200,00012/1/2021
123 FOXBOROUGH Place, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$1,200,00012/1/2021
10124 SANDALWOOD Crescent, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$1,199,90011/18/2021
15376 PLOVER MILLS Road, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$1,199,90012/1/2021
33895 STANLEY Boulevard, Bluewater, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$1,199,00012/1/2021
101 BASIL Court Unit# LOT 33, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$1,199,00012/1/2021
LOT 41 ASPEN Circle, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$1,189,00012/1/2021
97 BASIL Crescent Unit# LOT 32, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$1,049,00012/1/2021
82271 LONDON RD, Central Huron, Ontario N0M2H0N0MGrand Bend$999,99912/1/2021
LOT 40 ASPEN Circle, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$989,00012/1/2021
124 BASIL Crescent Unit# LOT 44, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$985,00012/1/2021
120 BASIL Crescent Unit# LOT 45, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$985,00012/1/2021
72840 ARCHAMBAULT Street, St. Joseph, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$984,90012/1/2021
25 BROOKLAWN Drive, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$979,90012/1/2021
LOT 53 ASPEN Circle, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$979,00012/1/2021
25 DUKE Crescent, Zurich, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$969,90012/1/2021
173 JENNIFERS Trail, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$963,50012/2/2021
5 ELMWOOD Avenue, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$949,90012/1/2021
74453 WOODLAND Drive, Bayfield, Ontario N0M1G0N0MGrand Bend$949,90012/1/2021
32 GLASS Street, Bayfield, Ontario N0M1G0N0MGrand Bend$949,00012/1/2021
71242 WILLIAM Street N, Bluewater (Munic), Ontario N0M1N0N0MGrand Bend$949,00012/1/2021
LOT 49 ASPEN Circle, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$929,00012/1/2021
N/A N/A, Exeter, Ontario N0M1S2N0MGrand Bend$906,97812/1/2021
21575 HERITAGE Road, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$899,90011/7/2021
8001 CHURCHILL Line, Watford, Ontario N0M2S0N0MGrand Bend$899,90012/1/2021
28 BROOKLAWN Drive, Lambton Shores, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$889,90012/1/2021
LOT 3 KELLY Drive, Thamesford, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$875,50012/1/2021
179 SPENCER Avenue, Lucan, Ontario N0M2J0N0MGrand Bend$850,00011/18/2021
10025 WALKER Road, Lambton Shores, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$849,90012/1/2021
78325 JOHN Street, Bayfield, Ontario N0M1G0N0MGrand Bend$849,00011/8/2021
77170 ORCHARD Line, Central Huron, Ontario N0M1G0N0MGrand Bend$839,00012/1/2021
16 BROOKER Trail, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$824,90011/16/2021
100 SLOAN Drive, Thamesford, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$799,90011/12/2021
264 SELDON Street, Thamesford, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$799,90011/17/2021
72611 DUKE Crescent, Zurich, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$799,90012/1/2021
8364 GOOSEMARSH Line, Lambton Shores, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$799,90012/1/2021
1 ELMWOOD Avenue, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$799,00012/1/2021
30 SPRUCE Crescent, Parkhill, Ontario N0M2K0N0MGrand Bend$794,90012/1/2021
78254 PARR Line, Clinton, Ontario N0M1L0N0MGrand Bend$789,90012/1/2021
33 SPRUCE Crescent, Parkhill, Ontario N0M2K0N0MGrand Bend$759,90012/1/2021
6994 LONDON Line, Warwick, Ontario N0M2S0N0MGrand Bend$749,90012/1/2021
38 ASHWOOD Crescent, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$749,90011/4/2021
195332 19TH Line, Thamesford, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$749,90011/11/2021
106 ROWE Avenue, Exeter, Ontario N0M1S1N0MGrand Bend$739,90012/1/2021
196122 19TH LINE, Middlesex Centre, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$699,99911/18/2021
196122 19TH LINE, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$699,99911/20/2021
196122 19TH LINE, Zorra, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$699,99911/22/2021
71203 FINNIGAN Road, Bluewater (Munic), Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$699,90012/2/2021
9 NICHOLSON Street, Lucan, Ontario N0M2J0N0MGrand Bend$699,90011/11/2021
230 CAMPANALE Way, Lucan, Ontario N0M2J0N0MGrand Bend$699,90012/2/2021
123 GILMOUR Drive, Lucan, Ontario N0M2J0N0MGrand Bend$699,90012/3/2021
20216 PURPLE HILL Road, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$699,00011/8/2021
8453 DEFORE Drive, Lambton Shores, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$698,00012/1/2021
197 BEECH Street, Lucan, Ontario N0M2J0N0MGrand Bend$685,00012/1/2021
257 UNION Street, Parkhill, Ontario N0M2K0N0MGrand Bend$674,90011/12/2021
35 WALKER Street, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M1T0N0MGrand Bend$649,90011/17/2021
36855 CREDITON Road, Shipka, Ontario N0M1N0N0MGrand Bend$649,90011/10/2021
10 MONTEITH Avenue, Thames Centre, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$629,00011/11/2021
173 WILLIAM Street, Ailsa Craig, Ontario N0M1A0N0MGrand Bend$615,00012/1/2021
14 MCKAY Street, Ilderton, Ontario N0M2A0N0MGrand Bend$599,90011/8/2021
8 MACTAVESH Crescent, Bayfield, Ontario N0M1G0N0MGrand Bend$599,00011/10/2021
33815 CAMPBELL Avenue, Zurich, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$595,00012/1/2021
60 JOSEPH Street, Clinton, Ontario N0M1L0N0MGrand Bend$589,90012/1/2021
LT2 PT2 WILLIAM Street, Ailsa Craig, Ontario N0M1A0N0MGrand Bend$575,00012/1/2021
52 WILLIAM Street, Exeter, Ontario N0M1S2N0MGrand Bend$574,90011/18/2021
20943 REBECCA Road, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$499,90012/3/2021
7466 ARKONA Road, Arkona, Ontario N0M1B0N0MGrand Bend$499,90011/9/2021
20943 REBECCA RD, Thames Centre, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$499,90012/3/2021
208 MCCARTY Street, Thamesford, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$499,70012/1/2021
230 MORRIS Street, Blyth, Ontario N0M1H0N0MGrand Bend$489,90011/4/2021
25 GOSHEN Street S, Zurich, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$489,90011/10/2021
114 ALBERT Street, Lucan, Ontario N0M2J0N0MGrand Bend$489,90011/17/2021
127 FRIED Street, Dashwood, Ontario N0M1N0N0MGrand Bend$479,90012/1/2021
45 JOHN Street, Zurich, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$475,00012/3/2021
207 BYRON Street, Thamesford, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$474,90011/17/2021
71693 BELLS Line, Hay Township, Ontario N0M1S4N0MGrand Bend$470,00011/4/2021
105 RICHMOND Street, Centralia, Ontario N0M1K0N0MGrand Bend$449,90011/18/2021
5 WILLIAM Drive N, Crediton, Ontario N0M1M0N0MGrand Bend$449,90012/1/2021
125 HURON Street, Clinton, Ontario N0M1L0N0MGrand Bend$429,90011/4/2021
21084 RIVERVIEW Drive, Thorndale, Ontario N0M2P0N0MGrand Bend$425,00012/1/2021
179 DELATRE Street W, Thamesford, Ontario N0M2M0N0MGrand Bend$424,90011/9/2021
456 ANDREW Street, Exeter, Ontario N0M1S1N0MGrand Bend$419,90011/12/2021
121 PRINCE Street, Parkhill, Ontario N0M2K0N0MGrand Bend$400,00011/18/2021
89 KING Street, Hensall, Ontario N0M1X0N0MGrand Bend$399,90011/16/2021
150 MILL Street, Parkhill, Ontario N0M2K0N0MGrand Bend$398,00012/1/2021
150 MILL STREET, North Middlesex, Ontario N0M2K0N0MGrand Bend$398,00012/1/2021
20 ANN Street, Arkona, Ontario N0M1B0N0MGrand Bend$394,90011/16/2021
20 ANN STREET, Lambton Shores, Ontario N0M1B0N0MGrand Bend$394,90011/16/2021
21 EDWARD Street, Zurich, Ontario N0M2T0N0MGrand Bend$359,90012/1/2021
524 BOND Street, Watford, Ontario N0M2S0N0MGrand Bend$309,90012/1/2021
255A WILLIAM Street, Parkhill, Ontario N0M2K0N0MGrand Bend$285,00011/18/2021
17 VICTORIA Boulevard, Vanastra, Ontario N0M1L0N0MGrand Bend$269,90012/1/2021
164 ONTARIO Street, Clinton, Ontario N0M1L0N0MGrand Bend$239,90011/9/2021
131 JOHN Street, Walford, Ontario N0M2S0N0MGrand Bend$129,90011/19/2021
131 JOHN Street, Watford, Ontario N0M2S0N0MGrand Bend$129,90011/22/2021
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