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All Listings in N0G, Southgate

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
7076 SIDEROAD 2 E, Wellington North, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$2,650,0001/8/2021
9327 CONCESSION 6 N, Wellington North, Ontario N0G2E0N0GSouthgate$2,299,0001/16/2021
985 BRUCE ROAD 6 ROAD, Teeswater, Ontario N0G2S0N0GSouthgate$1,899,0001/1/2021
271087 GREY ROAD 6, West Grey, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$1,799,0001/18/2021
6852 SIDEROAD 3 W, Wellington North, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$1,675,00012/28/2020
40773 AMBERLEY Road, Wingham, Ontario N0G2W0N0GSouthgate$1,369,9001/1/2021
480 ROAD 4 S, Conestogo Lake, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$1,300,0001/1/2021
480 4 RD S, Mapleton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$1,300,0001/1/2021
411321 SOUTHGATE SIDEROAD 41, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$1,299,0001/1/2021
115 MCGIVERN Street, Moorefield, Ontario N0G2K0N0GSouthgate$1,275,0001/1/2021
96 ARTHUR Street, Atwood, Ontario N0G1B0N0GSouthgate$1,250,0001/1/2021
1582 BRUCE ROAD 1 Road, Holyrood, Ontario N0G2B0N0GSouthgate$1,199,0001/1/2021
636 KAIRSHEA Avenue, Huron-Kinloss, Ontario N0G2B0N0GSouthgate$1,199,0001/1/2021
8586 HIGHWAY 6, Arthur, Ontario N0G1A0N0GSouthgate$1,195,0001/1/2021
67 TAYLOR Road, Arran-Elderslie, Ontario N0G2N0N0GSouthgate$1,100,0001/18/2021
543275 SIDEROAD 3 SDRD, West Grey, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$1,099,0001/11/2021
42459 Harriston Road, Bluevale, Ontario N0G1G0N0GSouthgate$1,054,0001/1/2021
9417 WELLINGTON ROAD 6, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$1,039,0001/1/2021
163 BRUCE ROAD 2, Brockton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$999,9001/5/2021
20 JAMES Street, Minto, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$999,0001/1/2021
42532 GREY ROAD 109, West Grey, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$975,0001/5/2021
1092 BRUSSELS Line, Wroxeter, Ontario N0G2X0N0GSouthgate$899,0001/13/2021
471524 SOUTHGATE ROAD 47, Southgate, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$879,9001/22/2021
441018 CONCESSION 8, West Grey, Ontario N0G1S0N0GSouthgate$879,9001/21/2021
LOT 26 RIDGEVIEW Drive, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$859,9001/2/2021
LOT 26 RIDGEVIEW DR, Mapleton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$859,9001/4/2021
959 BRUCE ROAD 6, Teeswater, Ontario N0G2S0N0GSouthgate$849,0001/1/2021
25 MARGARET Street, Bluevale, Ontario N0G1G0N0GSouthgate$799,0001/1/2021
LOT 26 CARRIAGE Crossing, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$792,0001/4/2021
LOT 26 CARRIAGE CROSSING DR, Mapleton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$792,0001/4/2021
263033/263045 WILDER LAKE Road, Varney, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$775,0001/1/2021
22 JAMES Street S, Minto, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$774,9001/22/2021
189 WATRA Road, Southgate, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$769,0001/15/2021
19 BISMARK Street, Mildmay, Ontario N0G2J0N0GSouthgate$749,9001/21/2021
9414 SALLY Street, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L0N0GSouthgate$739,0001/8/2021
502413 CONCESSION 11, West Grey, Ontario N0G1S0N0GSouthgate$729,00012/28/2020
169 RUBY'S Crescent, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L2N0GSouthgate$724,9001/11/2021
69 FISCHER DAIRY Road, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$719,9901/1/2021
110 SARAH Road, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L2N0GSouthgate$699,9001/1/2021
71 FISCHER DAIRY Road, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$699,9001/1/2021
120 SARAH Road, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L4N0GSouthgate$699,0001/7/2021
3 FINLAY Street, Ripley, Ontario N0G2R0N0GSouthgate$689,9001/20/2021
162 KING STREET S, Harriston, Ontario N0G1Z0N0GSouthgate$679,0001/1/2021
1206 12TH Concession, Formosa, Ontario N0G1W0N0GSouthgate$670,0001/21/2021
70 FISCHER DAIRY Road, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$659,9001/1/2021
41264 JAMESTOWN Road, Wingham, Ontario N0G2W0N0GSouthgate$650,0001/15/2021
364 CHURCH Street, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L2N0GSouthgate$649,9001/1/2021
297 WESTWOOD Drive, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$649,5001/1/2021
78 FISCHER DAIRY Road, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$629,9001/1/2021
1021 VICTORIA Street, Ayton, Ontario N0G1C0N0GSouthgate$629,9001/1/2021
220 IRISHWOOD Lane, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$619,9001/1/2021
118 MAPLE Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$619,9001/12/2021
95 MAPLE Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$618,9001/12/2021
115 MAPLE Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$618,7001/12/2021
52 ANN Street S, Clifford, Ontario N0G1M0N0GSouthgate$615,0001/15/2021
91 MAPLE Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$614,9001/12/2021
36 GREEN Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$609,0001/11/2021
208 BIRCHWOOD Avenue, Tiverton, Ontario N0G2T0N0GSouthgate$599,9991/1/2021
43342 AMBERLEY Road, Wroxeter, Ontario N0G2X0N0GSouthgate$599,9001/19/2021
34733 SIDEROAD 5 NDR, Bentinck, Ontario N0G1S0N0GSouthgate$599,9001/1/2021
1304 BRUCE SAUGEEN Townline, Saugeen Shores, Ontario N0G2N0N0GSouthgate$599,9001/11/2021
76 MAPLE Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$599,9001/12/2021
123 MAPLE Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$597,8001/12/2021
130 MAPLE Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$596,4001/12/2021
5 FINLAY Street, Ripley, Ontario N0G2R0N0GSouthgate$594,9001/20/2021
219 IRISHWOOD Lane, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$589,5001/8/2021
8012 HIGHWAY 89, Southgate, Ontario N0G1N0N0GSouthgate$579,9001/1/2021
202 IRISHWOOD Lane, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$579,5001/1/2021
460 KING STREET, Palmerston, Ontario N0G2P0N0GSouthgate$575,0001/1/2021
1611 BRUCE ROAD 4 Road, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$574,0001/16/2021
1611 BRUCE ROAD 4, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$574,0001/18/2021
136 KINCARDINE STREET Street, Durham, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$565,0001/1/2021
223 25 Sideroad, Tiverton, Ontario N0G2T0N0GSouthgate$549,5001/1/2021
520 VICTORIA Street, Palmerston, Ontario N0G2P0N0GSouthgate$539,9001/11/2021
7 FINLAY Street, Ripley, Ontario N0G2R0N0GSouthgate$529,9001/20/2021
13 WILLIAM Street, Bluevale, Ontario N0G1G0N0GSouthgate$529,9001/4/2021
280 HENRY Street, Palmerston, Ontario N0G2P0N0GSouthgate$524,9001/1/2021
17 DUNDAS Street, Paisley, Ontario N0G2N0N0GSouthgate$509,0001/1/2021
222 GEORGE Street, Paisley, Ontario N0G2N0N0GSouthgate$508,9001/1/2021
12 JOHN Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$499,9001/6/2021
27 CHURCH Street, Tiverton, Ontario N0G2T0N0GSouthgate$499,9001/7/2021
308 MILL Drive, Paisley, Ontario N0G2N0N0GSouthgate$499,9001/15/2021
315 SILVERBIRCH Avenue, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L1N0GSouthgate$495,7001/13/2021
202 THOMAS Street, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$495,0001/1/2021
14348 BRUCE ROAD 10, Elmwood, Ontario N0G1S0N0GSouthgate$495,0001/1/2021
29 MILL Street, Tiverton, Ontario N0G2T0N0GSouthgate$489,0001/1/2021
2 FINLAY Street, Ripley, Ontario N0G2R0N0GSouthgate$479,9001/1/2021
LT 10 EMERSON Way, Durham, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$477,9001/14/2021
173 ELM Street W, Durham, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$474,9001/1/2021
40 ELORA ST W, Mapleton, Ontario N0G2K0N0GSouthgate$469,9001/1/2021
697 Yonge Street, Palmerston, Ontario N0G2P0N0GSouthgate$465,0001/6/2021
25 BROWN ST N, West Grey, Ontario N0G1M0N0GSouthgate$450,0001/15/2021
25 BROWN Street N, Clifford, Ontario N0G1M0N0GSouthgate$450,0001/16/2021
25 BROWN ST N, Minto, Ontario N0G1M0N0GSouthgate$450,0001/17/2021
33 CENTENNIAL Street, Chesley, Ontario N0G1L0N0GSouthgate$449,9001/1/2021
457 Birmingham Street W, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L1N0GSouthgate$449,0001/6/2021
580 PRINCE CHARLES ST, Wellington North, Ontario N0G2L3N0GSouthgate$449,0001/13/2021
580 PRINCE CHARLES Street, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L3N0GSouthgate$449,0001/14/2021
580 PRINCE CHARLES ST, Wellington North, Ontario N0G2L3N0GSouthgate$449,0001/18/2021
233342 CONCESSION 2, West Grey, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$439,9001/5/2021
150 MAPLE Street, Drayton, Ontario N0G1P0N0GSouthgate$439,9001/22/2021
25 4TH Street SE, Chesley, Ontario N0G1L0N0GSouthgate$419,9001/5/2021
37 QUEEN Street N, Harriston, Ontario N0G1Z0N0GSouthgate$419,9001/15/2021
42 ELORA Street, Mildmay, Ontario N0G2J0N0GSouthgate$399,9001/1/2021
475 CHESTER Street, Durham, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$399,9001/22/2021
345 QUEEN STREET S, Paisley, Ontario N0G2N0N0GSouthgate$389,9001/1/2021
605 ALMA Street, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$385,0001/1/2021
300 MINNIE Street, Wingham, Ontario N0G2W0N0GSouthgate$384,9001/7/2021
9 FOURTH Street, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$374,9001/5/2021
220 WALTON Street, Arthur, Ontario N0G1A0N0GSouthgate$369,9001/1/2021
515 AINLEY Street, Brussels, Ontario N0G1H0N0GSouthgate$350,0001/1/2021
284 2ND Avenue SE, Chesley, Ontario N0G1L0N0GSouthgate$349,9001/1/2021
38719 AMBERLEY Road, Whitechurch, Ontario N0G2W0N0GSouthgate$349,9001/1/2021
4 CRAWFORD ST Street, Wingham, Ontario N0G2W0N0GSouthgate$349,90012/30/2020
116 RIDOUT Street, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$349,9001/6/2021
280 FERGUS Street N, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L2N0GSouthgate$349,9001/7/2021
65 CARLING Terrace, Wingham, Ontario N0G2W0N0GSouthgate$349,0001/1/2021
4 YONGE Street, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$339,9001/4/2021
130 DURHAM Street W, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L1N0GSouthgate$334,9001/11/2021
516 MILL Street, Neustadt, Ontario N0G2M0N0GSouthgate$325,0001/1/2021
199 SIDEROAD 20 N, Carrick Twp, Ontario N0G2J0N0GSouthgate$324,9001/15/2021
27 CONCESSION 6, Chepstow, Ontario N0G1K0N0GSouthgate$319,9001/1/2021
230 FERGUS Street N, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L2N0GSouthgate$319,9001/18/2021
2 MCGIVERN Street W, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$299,9001/11/2021
104 MCGIVERN Street W, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$299,9001/21/2021
564 SADDLER Street E, Durham, Ontario N0G1R0N0GSouthgate$299,9001/22/2021
403 PRINCE Street, Walkerton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$289,9001/1/2021
274 PRINCESS Street, Brussels, Ontario N0G1H0N0GSouthgate$289,9001/19/2021
41 MAPLE Street, Wingham, Ontario N0G2W0N0GSouthgate$280,0001/13/2021
870 BRUCE ROAD 4, Brockton, Ontario N0G2V0N0GSouthgate$249,9001/12/2021
39 4TH Street NW, Chesley, Ontario N0G1L0N0GSouthgate$239,9001/19/2021
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