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All Listings in N0C, Flesherton

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
2516 11 NOTTAWASAGA Concession S, Clearview, Ontario N0C1M0N0CFlesherton$2,999,90012/1/2021
313210 SIDEROAD 35 Side Road, Flesherton, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$2,999,90012/2/2021
466646 12TH CONCESSION B, Flesherton, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$2,975,00012/1/2021
466646 12TH CONCESSION B, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$2,975,00012/1/2021
315076 3RD LINE A, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$2,495,00012/1/2021
315076 3RD LINE A LINE, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$2,495,00012/1/2021
447561 10TH CONCESSION, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1C0N0CFlesherton$2,200,00012/1/2021
175198 GREY RD 30, Kimberley, Ontario N0C1G0N0CFlesherton$1,799,00012/1/2021
214 BREWSTER LAKE COURT, Singhampton, Ontario N0C1M0N0CFlesherton$1,699,90012/1/2021
214 BREWSTER LAKE CRT, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1M0N0CFlesherton$1,699,90012/1/2021
175 LAKEWOOD Lane, Markdale, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$1,679,00012/1/2021
175 LAKEWOOD LANE, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$1,679,00012/1/2021
384317 4 Concession, Priceville, Ontario N0C1K0N0CFlesherton$1,360,00012/1/2021
553771 GLENELG ROAD 23, Priceville, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$1,295,00011/8/2021
553771 GLENELG ROAD 23, West Grey, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$1,295,00011/8/2021
135850 9TH Line, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1Y0N0CFlesherton$1,250,00012/1/2021
135850 9TH LINE, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1Y0N0CFlesherton$1,250,00012/1/2021
473395 CAMP OLIVER Road, Priceville, Ontario N0C1K0N0CFlesherton$1,200,00011/9/2021
473395 CAMP OLIVER RD, West Grey, Ontario N0C1K0N0CFlesherton$1,200,00011/9/2021
109 COUNTRY Lane, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$1,108,00011/2/2021
773476 HIGHWAY 10, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1P0N0CFlesherton$1,066,80012/1/2021
121 COLLINGWOOD ST, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$999,90012/1/2021
LOT 6 TODD CRT, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$995,00011/5/2021
46 MAIN Street E, Markdale, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$989,00012/1/2021
447177 10TH Concession, Flesherton, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$975,00011/3/2021
026735 HIGHWAY 89, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$899,00012/1/2021
026735 HIGHWAY 89 RD, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$899,00012/1/2021
204 WERRY AVE, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$875,00012/1/2021
348085 4TH CONCESSION B, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1J0N0CFlesherton$875,00011/4/2021
348085 4TH CONCESSION B RD, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1J0N0CFlesherton$875,00011/4/2021
204 WERRY AVE, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$875,00011/5/2021
179 ST. ARNAUD Street, Eugenia, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$874,96712/1/2021
179 ST. ARNAUD ST, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$874,96712/1/2021
215 RIDLEY CRES, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$859,99011/2/2021
161 WERRY Avenue, Dundalk, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$849,90012/1/2021
733036 SOUTHGATE 73 SDRD, Southgate, Ontario N0C1L0N0CFlesherton$848,80012/1/2021
465242 12TH CONCESSION A Concession, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$824,90012/1/2021
465242 12TH CONCESSION A, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$824,90012/1/2021
161 WERRY AVE, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$799,90012/1/2021
316 MOODY Street, Dundalk, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$799,88812/2/2021
447223 10TH Concession, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$775,00011/9/2021
200 SHEFFIELD Street, Dundalk, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$750,00011/17/2021
200 SHEFFIELD ST, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$750,00011/17/2021
170 RAGLAN ST, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$749,00012/1/2021
170 RAGLAN Street, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$749,00012/1/2021
304197 SOUTH Line, Priceville, Ontario N0C1K0N0CFlesherton$715,00012/1/2021
134726 15 Side Road, Markdale, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$714,90011/19/2021
256 RUSSELL ST, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$699,90011/9/2021
71 TODD CRES, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$699,90012/1/2021
26 SPRING ST, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$659,00012/1/2021
26 SPRING Street N, Flesherton, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$659,00012/1/2021
161 MAIN ST W, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$639,00012/1/2021
104 GWENDALE Street, Maxwell, Ontario N0C1J0N0CFlesherton$638,00012/1/2021
104 GWENDALE ST, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1J0N0CFlesherton$638,00012/1/2021
496 MAIN Street E, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$634,00012/1/2021
47 TORONTO RD, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$599,00012/1/2021
222 PELLISIER ST, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$599,00012/1/2021
222 PELLISIER Street, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$599,00012/1/2021
163 MAIN ST W, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$595,00012/1/2021
19 PINE CRT, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$595,00012/1/2021
280 MAIN Street W, Markdale, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$569,70011/5/2021
280 MAIN STREET WEST ST, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$569,70011/5/2021
614406 HAMILTON LANE, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$535,00011/16/2021
54 MCDUFF Street, Markdale, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$529,90012/1/2021
14 LAWLER DRIVE, Markdale, Ontario N0C1H0N0CFlesherton$525,00011/15/2021
140 MAIN ST E, Dundalk, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$525,00012/1/2021
45 COLLINGWOOD ST, Grey Highlands, Ontario N0C1E0N0CFlesherton$499,99912/1/2021
280134 SOUTHGATE-ARTEMESIA Line, Proton Station, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$435,00011/3/2021
140 ARTEMESIA ST N, Southgate, Ontario N0C1B0N0CFlesherton$349,90011/4/2021
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