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All Listings in M1M,Toronto E08

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
5 HILL CRESCENT, Toronto, Ontario M1M1H7M1M$4,995,0006/21/2024
9 FENWOOD HEIGHTS, Toronto, Ontario M1M2V6M1M$2,988,0006/11/2024
20 PINE RIDGE DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2X5M1M$2,988,0006/19/2024
61 KELSONIA AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M1B2M1M$2,898,2666/30/2024
186 PHYLLIS AVENUE, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M1Y8M1M$2,891,0007/13/2024
20 CHATTERTON BOULEVARD, Toronto, Ontario M1M2G2M1M$2,798,7866/21/2024
11 CUDIA CRESCENT, Toronto, Ontario M1M2W7M1M$2,599,0006/13/2024
44 MUIR DRIVE, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M3B4M1M$2,589,0007/13/2024
40 BROOKLAWN AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2P4M1M$2,399,0007/5/2024
49 GREENDOWNS DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2G6M1M$2,349,0006/7/2024
85 OAKRIDGE DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2A6M1M$2,324,9007/7/2024
85 OAKRIDGE DRIVE, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M2A6M1M$2,324,9007/11/2024
69 FENWOOD HEIGHTS, Toronto, Ontario M1M2W1M1M$2,299,9007/4/2024
50 DORSET ROAD, Toronto, Ontario M1M2S7M1M$2,299,0007/2/2024
55 HAREWOOD AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2R4M1M$2,199,0007/3/2024
95 HILL CRESCENT, Toronto, Ontario M1M1J7M1M$1,999,9996/12/2024
53 PINE RIDGE DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2X6M1M$1,990,0006/14/2024
181 PHYLLIS AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M1Y7M1M$1,979,0007/5/2024
1 PARKCREST DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2Y9M1M$1,899,9996/28/2024
27 MCNAB BOULEVARD, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M2W4M1M$1,899,0007/14/2024
5 BALCARRA AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M1G8M1M$1,888,0006/14/2024
213 PHYLLIS AVENUE, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M1Y9M1M$1,750,0007/14/2024
105 CLIFFCREST DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2K1M1M$1,738,0006/12/2024
48 CHINE DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2K7M1M$1,699,9006/11/2024
73 BRIMLEY ROAD, Toronto, Ontario M1M3H7M1M$1,499,9996/12/2024
65A BETHUNE BOULEVARD, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M3C2M1M$1,499,9997/12/2024
193 SCARBORO CRESCENT, Toronto, Ontario M1M2J6M1M$1,498,0006/7/2024
7 MONTVALE DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M3E5M1M$1,399,9006/19/2024
105 CATALINA DRIVE, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M1K7M1M$1,399,0007/12/2024
52 CREE AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M1Z6M1M$1,350,0006/15/2024
2563 KINGSTON ROAD, Toronto, Ontario M1M1M1M1M$1,350,0007/7/2024
40 CATALINA DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M1K6M1M$1,350,0006/21/2024
69 ADANAC DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2E6M1M$1,300,0007/2/2024
31 CATALINA DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M1K5M1M$1,279,9006/27/2024
12 HAREWOOD AVENUE, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M2R2M1M$1,250,0007/20/2024
199 SCARBORO CRESCENT, Toronto, Ontario M1M2J6M1M$1,199,9996/18/2024
27A ST QUENTIN AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2M7M1M$1,199,0006/10/2024
276 CHINE DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2L8M1M$1,199,0007/2/2024
5 NICOLAN ROAD, Toronto, Ontario M1M3J5M1M$1,180,0006/12/2024
81 SCARBOROUGH HEIGHTS BOULEVARD, Toronto, Ontario M1M2V5M1M$1,150,0006/8/2024
150 DORSET ROAD, Toronto, Ontario M1M2T4M1M$1,099,0006/21/2024
119 HAREWOOD AVENUE, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M2R6M1M$1,099,0007/11/2024
18 AYLESFORD DRIVE, Toronto E06, Ontario M1M1L7M1M$1,099,0007/14/2024
3722 ST. CLAIR AVENUE E, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M1T6M1M$1,015,0007/17/2024
20 KITSON DRIVE, Toronto, Ontario M1M3C8M1M$999,9997/2/2024
21 COLONIAL AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M2C3M1M$999,9006/19/2024
19 CREE AVENUE, Toronto, Ontario M1M1Z3M1M$999,9006/14/2024
92 EASTVILLE AVENUE, Toronto E08, Ontario M1M2N9M1M$899,0007/10/2024
NS - 8 - 7 BRIMLEY ROAD S, Toronto, Ontario M1M3W3M1M$789,9006/26/2024
2 - 7 BRIMLEY ROAD S, Toronto, Ontario M1M3W3M1M$649,0006/13/2024
D78 - 7 BRIMLEY ROAD S, Toronto, Ontario M1M3W3M1M$535,0007/1/2024
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