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All Listings in L9W, Amaranth

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
431374 19TH LINE, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7E5L9WAmaranth$4,999,99911/2/2021
475176 COUNTY RD 11 RD N, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0R6L9WAmaranth$3,899,99911/2/2021
295146 8TH Line, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0K1L9WAmaranth$3,350,00011/2/2021
794219 3RD LINE E, Mono, Ontario L9W5X8L9WAmaranth$3,149,00011/2/2021
193140 AMARANTH EAST LUTHER Townline, East Luther-Grand Valley, Ontario L9W0M3L9WAmaranth$2,799,00011/2/2021
193140 AMARANTH EAST LUTHER LINE, East Luther Grand Valley, Ontario L9W0M3L9WAmaranth$2,799,00011/2/2021
383356 20th Street, Amaranth, Ontario L9W3Y1L9WAmaranth$2,599,90011/26/2021
383356 20TH SDRD, Amaranth, Ontario L9W3Y1L9WAmaranth$2,599,90011/26/2021
474396 COUNTY ROAD 11 RD N, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0R5L9WAmaranth$2,599,00011/9/2021
474396 COUNTY ROAD 11 N, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0R5L9WAmaranth$2,599,00011/2/2021
248229 5TH SDRD, Mono, Ontario L9W6L7L9WAmaranth$2,499,00010/30/2021
#L9W 0E6 -195275 AMARANTH- ELUTHER LINE, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0E6L9WAmaranth$2,449,00011/2/2021
374494 6TH Line, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0M7L9WAmaranth$2,399,00011/2/2021
10 ROSE RIDGE LANE, Mono, Ontario L9W5Y3L9WAmaranth$2,399,00011/2/2021
311174 SIXTEENTH LINE, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7C6L9WAmaranth$2,200,00011/23/2021
9 ROSE RIDGE LANE, Mono, Ontario L9W5Y3L9WAmaranth$2,199,00011/2/2021
64312 DUFFERIN COUNTY RD 3 RD, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7J5L9WAmaranth$2,179,99911/2/2021
873235 5TH LINE EHS LINE, Mono, Ontario L9W6A4L9WAmaranth$2,099,99911/26/2021
351591 17TH LINE, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7E1L9WAmaranth$2,000,00011/2/2021
142101 COUNTY RD 5 RD, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7K7L9WAmaranth$1,900,00011/18/2021
834603 4TH LINE, Mono, Ontario L9W5Z7L9WAmaranth$1,875,00011/23/2021
994205 MONO ADJALA TOWNLINE, Adjala-Tosorontio, Ontario L9W2Z2L9WAmaranth$1,800,00011/2/2021
994205 MONO ADJALA TOWNLINE, Mono, Ontario L9W2Z2L9WAmaranth$1,800,00011/2/2021
555118 MONO AMARANTH Townline, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0T3L9WAmaranth$1,799,00011/2/2021
555118 MONO AMARANTH TOWNLN, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0T3L9WAmaranth$1,799,00011/2/2021
833419 4TH LINE E, Mono, Ontario L9W5Z4L9WAmaranth$1,799,00011/2/2021
37 ZINA ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W1E3L9WAmaranth$1,769,90011/16/2021
26 ASPEN CRES, Mono, Ontario L9W6G5L9WAmaranth$1,749,00011/5/2021
9 KETCHUM ST, Mono, Ontario L9W6T3L9WAmaranth$1,710,00011/18/2021
374170 6TH LINE, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0M6L9WAmaranth$1,699,00011/17/2021
426197 25TH SDRD, Mono, Ontario L9W2Z1L9WAmaranth$1,599,90011/18/2021
3 HEADWATERS LANE, Mono, Ontario L9W5K3L9WAmaranth$1,599,90011/3/2021
7 SHELL CRES, Mono, Ontario L9W2Y8L9WAmaranth$1,549,00011/2/2021
195278 AMARANTH-E.LUTHER TL, East Luther Grand Valley, Ontario L9W0N8L9WAmaranth$1,500,00011/16/2021
554421 MONO AMARANTH TOWN LINE, Mono, Ontario L9W5M8L9WAmaranth$1,499,90011/3/2021
834260 4TH LINE, Mono, Ontario L9W5Z5L9WAmaranth$1,499,90011/4/2021
794610 MONO CENTRE RD, Mono, Ontario L9W5Y1L9WAmaranth$1,498,00011/5/2021
109 MILL ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2M9L9WAmaranth$1,449,00011/12/2021
311589 - 311589 16th Line, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7C7L9WAmaranth$1,400,00011/3/2021
311589 16th Line, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7C7L9WAmaranth$1,400,00011/4/2021
25 HUGHSON ST, Amaranth, Ontario L9W5M2L9WAmaranth$1,399,99911/2/2021
5 PORTER DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W6Z4L9WAmaranth$1,399,90011/19/2021
26 DREW BROWN BLVD, Orangeville, Ontario L9W6Z4L9WAmaranth$1,399,90011/3/2021
239 BROADWAY, Orangeville, Ontario L9W1K4L9WAmaranth$1,399,90011/2/2021
307613 HOCKLEY RD, Mono, Ontario L9W6N1L9WAmaranth$1,399,90011/2/2021
834260 4TH LINE, Mono, Ontario L9W5Z5L9WAmaranth$1,399,90011/16/2021
075224 24/25 SIDEROAD SDRD, East Luther Grand Valley, Ontario L9W0K2L9WAmaranth$1,377,00011/15/2021
308 JAY CRES, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4Y6L9WAmaranth$1,350,00011/15/2021
#136 -200 KINGFISHER DR, Mono, Ontario L9W0B3L9WAmaranth$1,299,00011/10/2021
196 HOWARD CRES, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4W5L9WAmaranth$1,275,00011/2/2021
32 ST PAUL'S PL, Orangeville, Ontario L9W0A3L9WAmaranth$1,200,00011/2/2021
9 RANDY AVE, Mono, Ontario L9W2A2L9WAmaranth$1,199,99911/5/2021
11 CEDAR LANE, Mono, Ontario L9W2Y8L9WAmaranth$1,199,00011/2/2021
33 STATION ST, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0V2L9WAmaranth$1,199,00011/2/2021
17 LYNDA AVE, Mono, Ontario L9W1Z7L9WAmaranth$1,190,00011/16/2021
74 DREW BROWN BLVD, Orangeville, Ontario L9W6Z5L9WAmaranth$1,149,99011/11/2021
14 PORTER DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W6Z4L9WAmaranth$1,149,90011/23/2021
#87 -200 KINGFISHER DR, Mono, Ontario L9W0B3L9WAmaranth$1,138,00011/2/2021
2 ALTHORP DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W5H7L9WAmaranth$1,099,00011/17/2021
213181 10TH LINE, Amaranth, Ontario L9W0G4L9WAmaranth$1,099,00011/9/2021
22 WARDLAW AVE, Orangeville, Ontario L9W6K1L9WAmaranth$1,079,00011/2/2021
29 AIKEN CRES, Orangeville, Ontario L9W0B2L9WAmaranth$1,049,00011/7/2021
994339 MONO ADJALA TOWNLINE, Adjala-Tosorontio, Ontario L9W2Z2L9WAmaranth$999,99911/2/2021
91 LAVERTY CRES, Orangeville, Ontario L9W6R7L9WAmaranth$999,90011/13/2021
311521 16TH LINE, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7C7L9WAmaranth$979,00011/15/2021
214 EDENWOOD CRES, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4M8L9WAmaranth$969,00011/2/2021
334 COTTONWOOD ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4X7L9WAmaranth$950,00011/2/2021
308142 HOCKLEY RD, Mono, Ontario L9W6N3L9WAmaranth$949,90011/4/2021
594055 BLIND LINE, Mono, Ontario L9W5N2L9WAmaranth$949,00011/23/2021
98 ZINA ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W1E8L9WAmaranth$899,90011/22/2021
7 GRAHAM CRES, Orangeville, Ontario L9W5J4L9WAmaranth$899,90011/2/2021
269 MONTGOMERY BLVD N, Orangeville, Ontario L9W5H8L9WAmaranth$899,00011/2/2021
60 MCMASTER RD, Orangeville, Ontario L9W5K8L9WAmaranth$899,00011/26/2021
175 LISA MARIE DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4P7L9WAmaranth$898,88811/3/2021
14 MASON ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W0B1L9WAmaranth$889,00011/11/2021
34 SHERWOOD ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W5C9L9WAmaranth$874,90011/2/2021
53 BISCAYNE CRES, Orangeville, Ontario L9W5B2L9WAmaranth$869,90011/16/2021
#LOT 1 -794057 3RD LINE EHS, Mono, Ontario L9W5X8L9WAmaranth$859,90011/2/2021
794057 3RD EHS Line, Mono, Ontario L9W2Y8L9WAmaranth$859,90011/2/2021
53 DAWSON RD, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2W4L9WAmaranth$859,00011/9/2021
125 JORDAN Drive, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4W4L9WAmaranth$850,00011/18/2021
125 JORDAN DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4W4L9WAmaranth$850,00011/18/2021
59 DIANE DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W3M9L9WAmaranth$849,00011/3/2021
86 MCCARTHY ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W1B3L9WAmaranth$825,00011/25/2021
321 FERN ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W5B9L9WAmaranth$799,99911/6/2021
386 ADAMS CRT, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4M2L9WAmaranth$799,99011/26/2021
407 SCOTT Drive, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4M1L9WAmaranth$799,90011/2/2021
407 SCOTT DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4M1L9WAmaranth$799,90011/2/2021
397 RAYBURN RD, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4X5L9WAmaranth$799,90011/3/2021
316 MICHAEL DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4M5L9WAmaranth$799,90011/6/2021
50 HURONTARIO ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2Z9L9WAmaranth$799,90011/10/2021
315 PERRY RD, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4Y6L9WAmaranth$799,90011/17/2021
310 GOOSEBERRY ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W5B8L9WAmaranth$799,00011/5/2021
73 MARION ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2T1L9WAmaranth$749,99911/2/2021
47 MAIN ST S, East Luther Grand Valley, Ontario L9W5S8L9WAmaranth$749,90011/8/2021
330 ADAMS CRT, Orangeville, Ontario L9W4R7L9WAmaranth$749,90011/3/2021
56 FIFE RD, East Luther Grand Valley, Ontario L9W5R1L9WAmaranth$749,90011/15/2021
20 EDELWILD Drive, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2Y6L9WAmaranth$749,80011/2/2021
20 EDELWILD DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2Y6L9WAmaranth$749,80011/2/2021
242295 CONCESSION 2 RD, East Luther Grand Valley, Ontario L9W0S1L9WAmaranth$749,00011/23/2021
33 CALEDONIA RD, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2V2L9WAmaranth$729,90011/10/2021
36 KAREN CRT, Orangeville, Ontario L9W3S3L9WAmaranth$725,00011/2/2021
54 CARLTON DR W, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2X9L9WAmaranth$699,00011/2/2021
65 TOWNLINE RD, Orangeville, Ontario L9W1V5L9WAmaranth$674,40011/2/2021
21D AMANDA ST, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2J9L9WAmaranth$650,00011/2/2021
26 HIGHLAND DR, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2Y3L9WAmaranth$629,00011/4/2021
26 Highland Drive, Orangeville, Ontario L9W2Y3L9WAmaranth$629,00011/4/2021
37 GIER ST, East Luther Grand Valley, Ontario L9W5R3L9WAmaranth$599,90011/15/2021
191290 13TH LINE, East Garafraxa, Ontario L9W7B5L9WAmaranth$549,99911/24/2021
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