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All Listings in L9L,Brampton

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
15 INDIAN WAY, Scugog, Ontario L9L2C9L9LBrampton$3,800,0005/2/2022
2659 HEAD RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B4L9LBrampton$2,999,0005/2/2022
178 COCHRANE ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1L7L9LBrampton$2,998,8005/2/2022
LOT 128 JENWOOD CRES, Brampton, Ontario L9L9L9L9LBrampton$2,399,9005/22/2022
59 MANSFIELD PARK CRT, Scugog, Ontario L9L2B5L9LBrampton$2,370,0005/10/2022
12855 OLD SIMCOE RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B3L9LBrampton$2,300,0005/6/2022
18 PUFFIN CRES, Brampton, Ontario L9L9L9L9LBrampton$2,199,9005/22/2022
16200 HIGHWAY 12 RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B2L9LBrampton$1,999,9005/2/2022
725 SCUGOG LINE 4, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B5L9LBrampton$1,869,0005/2/2022
1540 REACH ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B2L9LBrampton$1,800,0005/7/2022
4161 DEVITTS RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B4L9LBrampton$1,799,0005/19/2022
10950 SIMCOE Street, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B3L9LBrampton$1,668,0005/11/2022
10950 SIMCOE ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B3L9LBrampton$1,668,0005/11/2022
158 SPRING BLVD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B4L9LBrampton$1,499,0005/7/2022
495 CHALK LAKE RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L2C1L9LBrampton$1,399,9005/6/2022
8 FIFESHIRE CRT, Scugog, Ontario L9L2E3L9LBrampton$1,399,9005/1/2022
2161 SAINTFIELD RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1K8L9LBrampton$1,399,0005/11/2022
115 SHERRINGTON DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L2E1L9LBrampton$1,399,0005/4/2022
24 MIKELEN DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1V1L9LBrampton$1,399,0005/12/2022
352 SEXTON ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1E6L9LBrampton$1,349,0005/1/2022
93 AMBLESIDE DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B4L9LBrampton$1,299,9005/5/2022
200 SHERRINGTON DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L2E2L9LBrampton$1,299,0005/13/2022
9 CHRISTIE CRES, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B5L9LBrampton$1,299,0005/14/2022
14310 OLD SIMCOE ROAD, Port Perry, Ontario L9L1C5L9LBrampton$1,199,0005/11/2022
315 ALDRED DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B6L9LBrampton$1,195,0005/1/2022
260 WATERBURY CRES, Scugog, Ontario L9L1S4L9LBrampton$1,125,0005/20/2022
57 COMMONS BLVD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1S4L9LBrampton$1,100,0005/6/2022
31 CHIMNEY HILL WAY, Scugog, Ontario L9L2E4L9LBrampton$1,099,0005/6/2022
80 EARL S CUDDIE BLVD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1T3L9LBrampton$1,099,0005/13/2022
20 COULTER ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1S7L9LBrampton$1,050,0005/1/2022
260 WATERBURY CRES, Scugog, Ontario L9L1S4L9LBrampton$1,025,0005/12/2022
22 PETTET DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B4L9LBrampton$1,000,0005/18/2022
7 COULCLIFF BLVD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1P8L9LBrampton$999,8005/3/2022
420 FRALICKS BEACH RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B6L9LBrampton$998,9005/11/2022
83 COUNTRY ESTATES DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1S3L9LBrampton$997,0005/22/2022
60 PINE POINT LANE, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B4L9LBrampton$989,9005/21/2022
118 PERRYVIEW DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1T7L9LBrampton$959,0005/11/2022
11 MEAD DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1T8L9LBrampton$950,0005/21/2022
417 SEXTON ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1E5L9LBrampton$949,0005/12/2022
8 GLENHAVEN CRT, Scugog, Ontario L9L0A8L9LBrampton$918,8005/13/2022
8 GLENHAVEN CRT, Scugog, Ontario L9L0A8L9LBrampton$918,8005/13/2022
9 BYRON ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1Y1L9LBrampton$899,9005/1/2022
55 PETTET DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B4L9LBrampton$899,9005/3/2022
43 ASH ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1E2L9LBrampton$899,8885/19/2022
45 ORCHARD RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1G6L9LBrampton$899,0005/20/2022
1141 REGIONAL ROAD 21 RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B5L9LBrampton$845,9005/4/2022
38 ORCHARD RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1G6L9LBrampton$839,0005/18/2022
113 OTTAWA ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1L3L9LBrampton$800,0005/17/2022
339 CARNEGIE BEACH RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B6L9LBrampton$799,8005/6/2022
359 BALSAM ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1M4L9LBrampton$799,0005/13/2022
1770 SCUGOG ST, Scugog, Ontario L9L1G1L9LBrampton$759,9005/1/2022
288 PORTVIEW RD, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B4L9LBrampton$750,0005/15/2022
395 COCHRANE CRT, Scugog, Ontario L9L1W1L9LBrampton$749,0005/6/2022
347 ALDRED DR, Scugog, Ontario L9L1B6L9LBrampton$429,0005/11/2022
327 TINY BEACHES Road N, Tiny, Ontario L9L2J0L9LBrampton$329,0005/7/2022
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