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All Listings in L9H,Hamilton

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
1457 97 REGIONAL Road, Hamilton, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$5,900,0002/1/2023
1457 97 REGIONAL RD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$5,900,0002/1/2023
1748 Brock Road, Freelton, Ontario L9H5E4L9HHamilton$5,800,0002/1/2023
1222 HIGHWAY 5 RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L9H5E1L9HHamilton$5,750,0002/2/2023
1222 5 Highway W, Flamborough, Ontario L9H5E1L9HHamilton$5,750,0002/2/2023
63 HILLSIDE AVE N, Hamilton, Ontario L9H1K1L9HHamilton$2,399,0002/1/2023
63 Hillside Avenue N, Dundas, Ontario L9H1K1L9HHamilton$2,399,0002/1/2023
1095 Mineral Springs Road, Ancaster, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$2,299,9902/1/2023
1095 MINERAL SPRINGS RD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$2,299,9902/1/2023
230 Middletown Road, Flamborough, Ontario L9H5E1L9HHamilton$2,199,0002/1/2023
230 MIDDLETOWN RD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H5E1L9HHamilton$2,199,0002/1/2023
15 LOWE CRT N, Hamilton, Ontario L9H6N7L9HHamilton$1,950,0002/2/2023
28 ROBINHOOD Drive, Dundas, Ontario L9H4G1L9HHamilton$1,849,0002/2/2023
28 ROBINHOOD DR, Hamilton, Ontario L9H4G1L9HHamilton$1,849,0002/2/2023
1095 GOVERNORS RD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$1,579,0002/1/2023
1095 GOVERNOR'S Road, Flamborough, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$1,579,0002/1/2023
671 Lions Club Road, Ancaster, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$1,499,9002/3/2023
671 LIONS CLUB RD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$1,499,9002/3/2023
10 PINETREE Court, Dundas, Ontario L9H6V5L9HHamilton$1,499,9002/1/2023
10 PINETREE CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L9H6V5L9HHamilton$1,499,9002/1/2023
19 FORESTVIEW Drive, Dundas, Ontario L9H6M9L9HHamilton$1,349,0002/1/2023
294 MACNAB Street, Hamilton, Ontario L9H2K7L9HHamilton$1,299,5001/31/2023
294 MACNAB Street, Dundas, Ontario L9H2K7L9HHamilton$1,299,5002/1/2023
6 DUNDANA AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L9H4E6L9HHamilton$1,295,0002/1/2023
6 Dundana Avenue, Dundas, Ontario L9H4E6L9HHamilton$1,295,0002/1/2023
13 MELISSA CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L9H7C5L9HHamilton$1,275,0002/3/2023
7 MARTINGROVE Drive, Dundas, Ontario L9H1T1L9HHamilton$1,269,9002/1/2023
1463 GOVERNORS Road, Dundas, Ontario L9H5E3L9HHamilton$1,250,0002/1/2023
25 Parkway Place, Dundas, Ontario L9H6K3L9HHamilton$1,199,9002/1/2023
129 GRANT BLVD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H4L9L9HHamilton$1,199,0002/1/2023
129 GRANT Boulevard, Dundas, Ontario L9H4L9L9HHamilton$1,199,0002/1/2023
22 Autumn Leaf Road, Dundas, Ontario L9H3V7L9HHamilton$1,125,0002/1/2023
88 Victoria Street, Dundas, Ontario L9H2C2L9HHamilton$1,125,0002/1/2023
88 VICTORIA ST, Hamilton, Ontario L9H2C2L9HHamilton$1,125,0002/1/2023
22 Autumn Leaf Road, Hamilton, Ontario L9H3V7L9HHamilton$1,125,0001/25/2023
22 AUTUMN LEAF RD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H3V7L9HHamilton$1,125,0002/1/2023
7 PLEASANT AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L9H3S8L9HHamilton$1,089,0002/1/2023
165 PLEASANT AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L9H3V3L9HHamilton$1,089,0001/13/2023
165 PLEASANT Avenue, Dundas, Ontario L9H3V3L9HHamilton$1,089,0001/13/2023
3 Elizabeth Court, Dundas, Ontario L9H3M1L9HHamilton$1,075,0002/1/2023
85 TURNBULL RD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H3W8L9HHamilton$1,069,0001/21/2023
85 Turnbull Road, Dundas, Ontario L9H3W8L9HHamilton$1,069,0001/21/2023
49 Ann Street, Dundas, Ontario L9H2N4L9HHamilton$1,050,0001/7/2023
149 Old Ancaster Road, Dundas, Ontario L9H3R3L9HHamilton$999,9992/1/2023
149 OLD ANCASTER RD, Hamilton, Ontario L9H3R3L9HHamilton$999,9992/1/2023
6 HIGHLAND PARK Drive, Dundas, Ontario L9H3L8L9HHamilton$999,9002/1/2023
5 BENDEMEER Street, Dundas, Ontario L9H3N9L9HHamilton$989,9002/1/2023
26 Main Street, Dundas, Ontario L9H2P6L9HHamilton$989,0002/1/2023
10 Chudleigh Street, Waterdown, Ontario L9H7E4L9HHamilton$949,9002/1/2023
10 CHUDLEIGH ST, Hamilton, Ontario L9H7E4L9HHamilton$949,9002/1/2023
8 MOONGLOW PL, Hamilton, Ontario L9H3R7L9HHamilton$949,9002/3/2023
8 Moonglow Place, Dundas, Ontario L9H3R7L9HHamilton$949,9002/3/2023
22 MAYFAIR Avenue, Dundas, Ontario L9H3K8L9HHamilton$929,9002/1/2023
56 Park Street W, Dundas, Ontario L9H1X2L9HHamilton$900,0002/1/2023
56 PARK ST W, Hamilton, Ontario L9H1X2L9HHamilton$900,0002/1/2023
119 PLEASANT AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L9H3T9L9HHamilton$899,9002/1/2023
119 Pleasant Avenue, Dundas, Ontario L9H3T9L9HHamilton$899,9002/1/2023
16 Begue Street, Dundas, Ontario L9H2N2L9HHamilton$899,0002/2/2023
52 BRIDLEWOOD DR, Hamilton, Ontario L9H6H4L9HHamilton$895,0002/1/2023
52 BRIDLEWOOD Drive, Dundas, Ontario L9H6H4L9HHamilton$895,0002/1/2023
7 RITA ST, Hamilton, Ontario L9H4S2L9HHamilton$888,0002/1/2023
7 RITA Street, Dundas, Ontario L9H4S1L9HHamilton$888,0002/1/2023
24 Dunning Court, Dundas, Ontario L9H4K6L9HHamilton$825,0002/1/2023
24 DUNNING CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L9H4K6L9HHamilton$825,0002/1/2023
215 PARK Street W, Dundas, Ontario L9H1Y3L9HHamilton$799,9002/2/2023
215 PARK ST W, Hamilton, Ontario L9H1Y3L9HHamilton$799,9002/2/2023
347 OLD BROCK Road, Flamborough, Ontario L9H5H8L9HHamilton$694,0002/1/2023
15 McMaster Avenue, Dundas, Ontario L9H4M6L9HHamilton$629,9001/20/2023
15 MCMASTER AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L9H4M6L9HHamilton$629,9001/20/2023
15 HAUSER Place, Flamborough, Ontario L9H5A4L9HHamilton$585,9002/1/2023
37 JAMESON Drive, Flamborough, Ontario L9H5A4L9HHamilton$548,5002/1/2023
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