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All Listings in L8J, Hamilton

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
298 SECOND RD E, Hamilton, Ontario L8J3J4L8JHamilton$2,999,00011/15/2021
1315 RIDGE Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2X6L8JHamilton$2,899,00011/2/2021
1315 RIDGE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2X6L8JHamilton$2,899,00011/2/2021
180 SECOND RD E, Hamilton, Ontario L8J3J3L8JHamilton$2,800,00011/2/2021
36 FIFTY RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2X6L8JHamilton$2,700,00011/2/2021
36 FIFTY Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2X6L8JHamilton$2,700,00011/2/2021
10 AZALEA Court, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1K4L8JHamilton$2,490,00011/2/2021
10 AZALEA CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1K4L8JHamilton$2,490,00011/2/2021
184 THIRD Road E, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J3J8L8JHamilton$2,300,00011/2/2021
53 RIDGE Road, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2V9L8JHamilton$1,899,90011/11/2021
53 RIDGE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2V9L8JHamilton$1,849,90011/22/2021
53 RIDGE Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2V9L8JHamilton$1,849,90011/22/2021
76 ERINGATE CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0L7L8JHamilton$1,609,99911/20/2021
253 CRAFTER CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0J1L8JHamilton$1,588,00011/20/2021
253 CRAFTER CRESCENT Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0J1L8JHamilton$1,588,00011/19/2021
353 HIGHLAND RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2S2L8JHamilton$1,399,90011/2/2021
6 SLINGER Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2S9L8JHamilton$1,299,90011/2/2021
6 SLINGER CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2S9L8JHamilton$1,299,90011/2/2021
64 BELLROYAL CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0E7L8JHamilton$1,150,00011/23/2021
61 Dolman Street, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2P2L8JHamilton$1,149,90011/8/2021
61 Dolman Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2P2L8JHamilton$1,149,90011/9/2021
140 QUEEN MARY BLVD, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0M4L8JHamilton$1,100,00011/16/2021
53 Third Road E, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J3J5L8JHamilton$1,099,99011/11/2021
53 THIRD RD E, Hamilton, Ontario L8J3J5L8JHamilton$1,099,99011/12/2021
181 Eringate Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J3Z2L8JHamilton$999,99711/2/2021
181 ERINGATE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8J3Z2L8JHamilton$999,99711/2/2021
20 AUDUBON Street S, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1J7L8JHamilton$999,00011/2/2021
20 AUDUBON ST S, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1J7L8JHamilton$999,00011/2/2021
21 FEATHERWOOD CRES, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J3B6L8JHamilton$949,90011/2/2021
21 FEATHERWOOD CRESCENT, Hamilton, Ontario L8J3B6L8JHamilton$949,90011/2/2021
20 ELDERRIDGE Court, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J3R6L8JHamilton$899,90011/2/2021
20 ELDERRIDGE CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L8J3R1L8JHamilton$899,90011/2/2021
15 CACTUS Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0M4L8JHamilton$899,90011/3/2021
15 CACTUS CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0M4L8JHamilton$899,90011/3/2021
324 BEDROCK DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0M3L8JHamilton$899,90011/4/2021
59 Dalegrove Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J3R4L8JHamilton$899,90011/17/2021
8 Dolman Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2P3L8JHamilton$899,90011/17/2021
8 DOLMAN ST, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2P3L8JHamilton$899,90011/18/2021
29 LEXINGTON Avenue, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J0L3L8JHamilton$899,50011/4/2021
29 LEXINGTON AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0L3L8JHamilton$899,50011/4/2021
228 UPPER MOUNT ALBION RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0B1L8JHamilton$899,00011/23/2021
475 OLD MUD Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J0C7L8JHamilton$849,90010/29/2021
162 Westbank Trail, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J0H2L8JHamilton$799,99911/12/2021
160 Westbank Trail, Hamilton, Ontario L8J0H2L8JHamilton$799,99911/18/2021
160 Westbank Trail, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J0H2L8JHamilton$799,99911/19/2021
102 ALLANBROOK ST, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1R1L8JHamilton$799,90011/13/2021
31 LONEOAK Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2T8L8JHamilton$799,90011/2/2021
31 LONEOAK CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2T8L8JHamilton$799,90011/2/2021
4 West Glen Avenue, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J0H6L8JHamilton$799,90010/28/2021
45 Amberwood Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1J1L8JHamilton$799,90011/2/2021
45 AMBERWOOD ST, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1J1L8JHamilton$799,90011/2/2021
152 ATHENIA Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1V7L8JHamilton$779,90011/27/2021
152 ATHENIA DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1V7L8JHamilton$779,90011/27/2021
5 CLEVELAND Place, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1M9L8JHamilton$769,88811/18/2021
69 DALTON Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1Z5L8JHamilton$749,99911/21/2021
69 DALTON CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1Z5L8JHamilton$749,99911/21/2021
14 HIGHLAND RD E, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2W6L8JHamilton$699,90011/25/2021
14 HIGHLAND Road E, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2W6L8JHamilton$699,90011/24/2021
88 Rand Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1A8L8JHamilton$699,90011/4/2021
88 RAND ST, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1A8L8JHamilton$699,90011/4/2021
18 MARSTON ST, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1G6L8JHamilton$699,90011/18/2021
18 MARSTON Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1G6L8JHamilton$699,90011/18/2021
30 CHILTON DR E, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1M2L8JHamilton$699,00011/2/2021
63 VENTURA Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1W5L8JHamilton$649,90011/3/2021
24 Arbutus Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1M8L8JHamilton$649,00011/10/2021
24 ARBUTUS CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1M8L8JHamilton$649,00011/10/2021
287 MUD Street E, Hamilton, Ontario L8J2X7L8JHamilton$625,00011/4/2021
287 MUD Street E, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J2X7L8JHamilton$625,00011/8/2021
33 Markham Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8J1P2L8JHamilton$599,00011/2/2021
33 MARKHAM CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8J1P2L8JHamilton$599,00011/2/2021
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