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PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
87 Jones Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5J4L8EStoney Creek$5,400,00012/1/2021
87 JONES RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5J4L8EStoney Creek$5,400,00012/1/2021
67 CREANONA BLVD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5T2L8EStoney Creek$2,300,00012/3/2021
868 #8 Highway, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5J2L8EStoney Creek$1,999,99912/1/2021
7 SHIPPEE AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5G5L8EStoney Creek$1,799,99912/1/2021
71 RICHMOND CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5T9L8EStoney Creek$1,649,00011/16/2021
71 RICHMOND Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5T9L8EStoney Creek$1,649,00011/16/2021
812 BARTON ST, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5G6L8EStoney Creek$1,599,90012/1/2021
24 TRILLIUM AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5E1L8EStoney Creek$1,500,00012/1/2021
423 BARTON Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E2L4L8EStoney Creek$1,500,00012/1/2021
56 ISLANDVIEW WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L8E6C1L8EStoney Creek$1,457,00012/1/2021
843 HIGHWAY 8, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5J3L8EStoney Creek$1,399,90012/1/2021
843 #8 Highway, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5J3L8EStoney Creek$1,399,90012/1/2021
42 RICHMOND CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5S9L8EStoney Creek$1,299,00012/1/2021
42 Richmond Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5S9L8EStoney Creek$1,299,00012/1/2021
341 CELTIC Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E4N1L8EStoney Creek$1,200,00012/1/2021
19 EDGEVIEW Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E0G7L8EStoney Creek$1,199,90012/2/2021
19 EDGEVIEW DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E0G7L8EStoney Creek$1,199,90012/2/2021
277 FRUITLAND RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5L6L8EStoney Creek$1,199,00012/3/2021
88 SEATON PLACE Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E4A6L8EStoney Creek$1,149,00012/1/2021
51 OAKLAND Drive, Hamilton, Ontario L8E3R4L8EStoney Creek$1,099,00012/1/2021
51 OAKLAND DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E3R4L8EStoney Creek$1,099,00012/2/2021
44 COVE Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5A4L8EStoney Creek$999,99912/3/2021
44 COVE CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5A4L8EStoney Creek$999,99912/3/2021
44 COVE Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5A4L8EStoney Creek$999,99912/4/2021
17 CANDOR CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8E4T4L8EStoney Creek$999,90011/18/2021
17 CANDOR Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E4T4L8EStoney Creek$999,90011/19/2021
26 TALLMAN ST, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5Y2L8EStoney Creek$999,00011/9/2021
1212 #8 Highway, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5K2L8EStoney Creek$998,00011/10/2021
1212 #8 HIGHWAY, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5K2L8EStoney Creek$998,00011/11/2021
27 Galileo Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E6E3L8EStoney Creek$949,90011/23/2021
27 GALILEO DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E6E3L8EStoney Creek$949,90011/24/2021
3 SHADOWDALE Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5Z4L8EStoney Creek$949,90012/1/2021
3 SHADOWDALE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5Z4L8EStoney Creek$949,90012/1/2021
19 GALILEO Drive, Hamilton, Ontario L8E0H1L8EStoney Creek$949,80012/1/2021
19 GALILEO DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E0H1L8EStoney Creek$949,80012/1/2021
152 Roxborough Avenue, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E6E2L8EStoney Creek$940,00012/1/2021
152 ROXBOROUGH AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L8E6E2L8EStoney Creek$940,00012/1/2021
350 Millen Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E2H2L8EStoney Creek$939,90012/1/2021
350 MILLEN RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E2H2L8EStoney Creek$939,90012/1/2021
41 JUNIPER DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E4C7L8EStoney Creek$849,90011/18/2021
1429 #8 Highway, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5K7L8EStoney Creek$849,88812/1/2021
1429 HIGHWAY #8, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5K7L8EStoney Creek$849,88812/1/2021
233 GRAY Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E1T9L8EStoney Creek$819,90011/9/2021
233 GRAY RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E1T9L8EStoney Creek$819,00011/9/2021
11 GAINSBOROUGH RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E1E2L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/13/2021
11 GAINSBOROUGH Road, Hamilton, Ontario L8E1E2L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/12/2021
#2 -78 PEACHWOOD CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5Z8L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/5/2021
2 78 Peachwood Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5Z8L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/5/2021
4 Spartan Court, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E6A4L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/10/2021
12 PEACHWOOD Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5Z8L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/11/2021
1368 Highway 8, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5K6L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/11/2021
1368 HIGHWAY 8, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5K6L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/12/2021
1368 #8 Highway, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5K6L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/12/2021
109 Byron Avenue, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E2T2L8EStoney Creek$799,90011/15/2021
124 BOW VALLEY DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E3J1L8EStoney Creek$799,90012/1/2021
124 Bow Valley Drive, Hamilton, Ontario L8E3J1L8EStoney Creek$799,90012/1/2021
69 PEACHWOOD Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5Z7L8EStoney Creek$799,90012/1/2021
22 DRAKES DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E4G5L8EStoney Creek$799,90012/4/2021
22 Drakes Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E4G5L8EStoney Creek$799,90012/4/2021
69 PEACHWOOD Crescent, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5Z7L8EStoney Creek$799,90012/4/2021
41 RIVIERA RDGE, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5G6L8EStoney Creek$775,00012/2/2021
96 TEAL Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario L8E3B4L8EStoney Creek$699,99911/12/2021
96 TEAL Avenue, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E3B4L8EStoney Creek$699,99911/15/2021
292 Green Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E2A7L8EStoney Creek$699,90012/1/2021
292 GREEN RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E2A7L8EStoney Creek$699,90012/1/2021
1178 BARTON ST, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5H1L8EStoney Creek$699,90012/1/2021
350 MCNEILLY RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5H4L8EStoney Creek$699,90011/16/2021
350 McNeilly Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5H4L8EStoney Creek$699,90011/16/2021
4921 LAW AVE, Niagara Falls, Ontario L8E5B1L8EStoney Creek$699,90011/17/2021
174 BERKINDALE Drive, Hamilton, Ontario L8E1M5L8EStoney Creek$684,90012/1/2021
277 WINONA RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5L3L8EStoney Creek$659,00012/1/2021
94 RIVERDALE Drive, Hamilton, Ontario L8E1K4L8EStoney Creek$649,90011/15/2021
94 RIVERDALE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L8E1K4L8EStoney Creek$649,90011/16/2021
196 Glover Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E5J2L8EStoney Creek$649,90012/1/2021
196 GLOVER RD, Hamilton, Ontario L8E5J2L8EStoney Creek$649,90012/1/2021
18 WARWICK Road, Hamilton, Ontario L8E1Y3L8EStoney Creek$599,90011/19/2021
18 WARWICK Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E1Y3L8EStoney Creek$599,90011/19/2021
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