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All Listings in L7B, King

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
14600 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$21,800,00012/1/2021
116 EDEN VALE DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7BKing$13,998,00012/1/2021
16980 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G1L7BKing$11,500,00012/1/2021
3900 15TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$8,988,00012/1/2021
15725 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B0L4L7BKing$7,950,00012/1/2021
30 ORLIN CHAPPEL CRT, King, Ontario L7B0P6L7BKing$6,998,00012/1/2021
4065 LLOYDTOWN AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E6L7BKing$6,988,00012/1/2021
42 NORCLIFFE DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7BKing$6,300,00012/1/2021
182 WARREN RD, King, Ontario L7B1H1L7BKing$5,988,80012/1/2021
76 BURTON GRVE, King, Ontario L7B1C6L7BKing$5,100,00012/1/2021
17070 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0J7L7BKing$4,900,00012/1/2021
35 KINGSWOOD DR, King, Ontario L7B1K8L7BKing$4,595,00012/7/2021
125 CLEARVIEW HTS, King, Ontario L7B1H6L7BKing$4,488,88812/1/2021
34 CLEARVIEW HTS, King, Ontario L7B1H5L7BKing$4,438,80012/1/2021
28 LANGDON DR, King, Ontario L7B0L9L7BKing$4,422,00012/1/2021
201 CHURCHILL AVE, King, Ontario L7B0G9L7BKing$4,298,00012/1/2021
56 DI NARDO CRT, King, Ontario L7B1M2L7BKing$4,238,00012/1/2021
41 ELMERS LANE, King, Ontario L7B1E5L7BKing$4,179,00012/1/2021
15110 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,999,00012/1/2021
15276 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,980,00012/1/2021
315 CAVELL AVE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,900,00012/1/2021
104 KINGSWORTH RD, King, Ontario L7B1C5L7BKing$3,888,00011/17/2021
11 HOGAN CRT, King, Ontario L7B0M1L7BKing$3,688,80012/1/2021
94 CHUCK ORMSBY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0A7L7BKing$3,599,00012/1/2021
192 CARMICHAEL CRES, King, Ontario L7B0N2L7BKing$3,398,00012/1/2021
122 BURNS BLVD, King, Ontario L7B0M2L7BKing$3,298,00012/1/2021
52 CHUCK ORMSBY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0A9L7BKing$3,298,00012/1/2021
125 WATCH HILL RD, King, Ontario L7B1K1L7BKing$3,200,00011/12/2021
18 DENNISON ST, King, Ontario L7B1G1L7BKing$3,199,00012/1/2021
15280 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,188,00012/1/2021
17 BALLARD DR, King, Ontario L7B0N9L7BKing$3,158,00012/1/2021
30 SECOND ST, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$3,098,00012/1/2021
194 MARTIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1J5L7BKing$2,998,00012/1/2021
41 PARADISE VALLEY TR, King, Ontario L7B0A5L7BKing$2,699,00012/1/2021
265 PATRICIA DR, King, Ontario L7B1H3L7BKing$2,599,00011/16/2021
72 TATTON CRT, King, Ontario L7B0C3L7BKing$2,580,00012/1/2021
20 BASIL RIDGE CRT, King, Ontario L7B0B9L7BKing$2,565,00012/1/2021
24 BANNER LANE, King, Ontario L7B1K2L7BKing$2,525,00012/1/2021
14805 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$2,488,80012/1/2021
221 HILL FARM RD, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$2,488,00011/10/2021
13086 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7BKing$2,488,00012/1/2021
17 MUNSIE DR, King, Ontario L7B0N8L7BKing$2,429,00011/18/2021
5 BLACK DUCK TR, King, Ontario L7B0A3L7BKing$2,299,98011/11/2021
14835 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$2,249,00012/1/2021
4 BLUFF TR, King, Ontario L7B0A2L7BKing$2,200,00011/11/2021
155 DENNISON ST, King, Ontario L7B1B8L7BKing$2,199,90012/4/2021
126 MELROSE AVE, King, Ontario L7B1J6L7BKing$2,098,00012/1/2021
12622 MILL RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$1,998,00012/1/2021
3920 HIGHWAY 9 RD, King, Ontario L7B0G6L7BKing$1,989,00012/1/2021
26 LILLY VALLEY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0B5L7BKing$1,838,00012/3/2021
15714 BATHURST ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$1,260,00012/1/2021
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