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All Listings in L7B, King

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
15350 BATHURST ST, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$19,950,00011/2/2020
14600 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$19,500,00011/21/2020
116 EDEN VALE DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7BKing$11,998,00011/27/2020
151 FAIRFIELD DR, King, Ontario L7B1M6L7BKing$10,800,00011/2/2020
76 SCOTCH VALLEY DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7BKing$8,200,00011/2/2020
4065 LLOYDTOWN-AURORA RD, King, Ontario L7B0E6L7BKing$7,988,00011/2/2020
4780 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1A2L7BKing$7,975,00011/5/2020
66 SCOTCH VALLEY DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7BKing$6,997,00011/2/2020
3185 16TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$6,850,00011/2/2020
1159 18TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$6,500,00011/4/2020
22 MOUNT MELLICK DR, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$5,800,00011/2/2020
31 WINTER RD, King, Ontario L7B1E3L7BKing$5,680,00011/2/2020
207 BANNER LANE, King, Ontario L7B1H2L7BKing$5,278,50011/2/2020
12699 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$4,990,00011/2/2020
76 BURTON GROVE RD, King, Ontario L7B1C6L7BKing$4,900,00011/2/2020
21 FAIRFIELD DR, King, Ontario L7B1L8L7BKing$4,499,90011/13/2020
97 CARMICHAEL CRES, King, Ontario L7B0N2L7BKing$4,488,00011/2/2020
168 BANNER LANE, King, Ontario L7B1G9L7BKing$4,395,00011/2/2020
126 EDEN VALE DR, King, Ontario L7B1L9L7BKing$4,288,00011/21/2020
16 EVERSLEY HALL DR, King, Ontario L7B1L8L7BKing$4,280,00011/2/2020
219 CAVELL AVE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$4,250,00011/2/2020
12745 7TH CONCESSION, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$4,198,00011/19/2020
175 PATRICIA DR, King, Ontario L7B1H3L7BKing$4,188,88811/27/2020
12 PIPER CRT, King, Ontario L7B1N2L7BKing$3,995,00011/2/2020
8 DI NARDO CRT, King, Ontario L7B1M2L7BKing$3,965,00011/2/2020
16 JAMES MORNING CRT, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,788,00011/24/2020
140 KINGSCROSS DR, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7BKing$3,698,00011/2/2020
56 DI NARDO CRT, King, Ontario L7B1M2L7BKing$3,688,80011/2/2020
15725 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B0L4L7BKing$3,600,00011/2/2020
8 CARMICHAEL CRES, King, Ontario L7B1B4L7BKing$3,588,00011/2/2020
16390 7TH CONCESSION RD, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7BKing$3,498,00011/2/2020
16 CASTLE MOUNTAIN CRT, King, Ontario L7B0A3L7BKing$3,489,00011/2/2020
1139 WELLINGTON ST W, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$3,488,80011/10/2020
72 CHELSEA LANE, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7BKing$3,480,00011/2/2020
294 FORDE CRES, King, Ontario L7B1G7L7BKing$3,450,00011/2/2020
95 CAVELL AVE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,420,00011/2/2020
192 CARMICHAEL CRES, King, Ontario L7B0N2L7BKing$3,388,00011/2/2020
47 SCOTT CRES, King, Ontario L7B1A4L7BKing$3,380,00011/2/2020
47 SKYLINE TR, King, Ontario L7B1N1L7BKing$3,288,00011/2/2020
295 OLD BATHURST ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$3,250,00011/7/2020
2645 DAVIS DR W, King, Ontario L7B0G5L7BKing$3,248,00011/2/2020
55 SOUTH SUMMIT FARM RD, King, Ontario L7B1J8L7BKing$3,200,00011/2/2020
84 CAIRNS GATE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$3,199,90011/2/2020
69 MARTIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1J3L7BKing$3,198,00011/2/2020
13076 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7BKing$3,000,00011/2/2020
27 CURRAN CRT, King, Ontario L7B1B4L7BKing$2,999,88811/2/2020
14219 DUFFERIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$2,999,00011/2/2020
9 KINGHORN RD, King, Ontario L7B0M8L7BKing$2,998,00011/2/2020
4795 19TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7BKing$2,990,00011/2/2020
102 MANITOU DR, King, Ontario L7B1E7L7BKing$2,988,00011/2/2020
95 WATCH HILL RD, King, Ontario L7B1K1L7BKing$2,938,00011/2/2020
13280 7TH CONCESSION SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$2,900,00011/2/2020
12 CARRYING PLACE TR, King, Ontario L7B0C8L7BKing$2,880,00011/2/2020
2 MANITOU DR, King, Ontario L7B1E7L7BKing$2,850,00011/2/2020
171 KINGSCROSS DR, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7BKing$2,798,00011/2/2020
51 RIA CRT, King, Ontario L7B0N5L7BKing$2,790,00011/2/2020
96 PATRICIA DR, King, Ontario L7B1H3L7BKing$2,788,00011/2/2020
191 KINGSCROSS DR, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7BKing$2,788,00011/2/2020
122 BURNS BLVD, King, Ontario L7B0M2L7BKing$2,788,00011/2/2020
32 SIR HENRY CRT, King, Ontario L7B0P5L7BKing$2,698,00011/2/2020
3695 17TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$2,695,00011/2/2020
12885 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$2,690,00011/2/2020
5368 16TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1L7L7BKing$2,688,00011/4/2020
19 RIA CRT, King, Ontario L7B0N4L7BKing$2,680,00011/2/2020
52 CHUCK ORMSBY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0A9L7BKing$2,674,99011/6/2020
64 SKYLINE TR, King, Ontario L7B1N2L7BKing$2,600,00011/2/2020
310 KINGSCROSS DR, King, Ontario L7B1J9L7BKing$2,599,90011/2/2020
17005 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B0J5L7BKing$2,595,00011/24/2020
14 WEDGEPORT CRT, King, Ontario L7B0A4L7BKing$2,538,00011/21/2020
24 BANNER LANE, King, Ontario L7B1K2L7BKing$2,525,00011/2/2020
16130 BATHURST ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$2,500,00011/2/2020
4 RAYMOND LOVE CRT, King, Ontario L7B0M7L7BKing$2,499,99911/11/2020
32 CHELSEA LANE, King, Ontario L7B1E6L7BKing$2,499,00011/2/2020
65 JOHN ST, King, Ontario L7B1J6L7BKing$2,499,00011/2/2020
4160 18TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0G4L7BKing$2,490,00011/2/2020
27 ROLLING CRT, King, Ontario L7B1E8L7BKing$2,469,00011/2/2020
60 BRITNELL CRT, King, Ontario L7B0P2L7BKing$2,399,00011/2/2020
109 COUNTRY CLUB DR, King, Ontario L7B1M4L7BKing$2,399,00011/2/2020
106 PATRICIA DR, King, Ontario L7B1H3L7BKing$2,398,00011/2/2020
54 BRITNELL CRT, King, Ontario L7B0P2L7BKing$2,393,00011/10/2020
410 DEARBOURNE AVE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$2,388,00011/2/2020
75 WILLIAM ST, King, Ontario L7B1L1L7BKing$2,300,00011/2/2020
24 CROSSLEY CRT, King, Ontario L7B1H4L7BKing$2,298,00011/2/2020
131 ELMERS LANE, King, Ontario L7B0P5L7BKing$2,298,00011/2/2020
45 JAMES STOKES CRT, King, Ontario L7B0M8L7BKing$2,298,00011/18/2020
72 SKYLINE TR, King, Ontario L7B1N3L7BKing$2,289,00011/2/2020
13086 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7BKing$2,288,00011/7/2020
12 BLUFF TR, King, Ontario L7B0A2L7BKing$2,275,00011/2/2020
123 HOLLINGSWORTH DR, King, Ontario L7B1G4L7BKing$2,250,00011/2/2020
43 LARKIN AVE, King, Ontario L7B0N9L7BKing$2,200,00011/7/2020
11 PETER GLASS RD, King, Ontario L7B0M7L7BKing$2,199,00011/2/2020
179 MARTIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1J5L7BKing$2,080,00011/2/2020
16450 7TH CONCESSION RD, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7BKing$2,050,00011/2/2020
214 HILL FARM RD, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$2,049,00011/22/2020
296 PATRICIA DR, King, Ontario L7B1H4L7BKing$1,998,00011/2/2020
178 BURTON GRVE, King, Ontario L7B1C7L7BKing$1,998,00011/2/2020
16 TIDNISH CRT, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$1,948,00011/2/2020
84 SIMCOE RD, King, Ontario L7B0C7L7BKing$1,899,99911/6/2020
1230 15TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$1,899,90011/2/2020
23 MUNSIE DR, King, Ontario L7B0N8L7BKing$1,888,00011/9/2020
36 WEST COAST TR, King, Ontario L7B0A4L7BKing$1,875,00011/24/2020
27 FINDLAY AVE S, King, Ontario L7B1E2L7BKing$1,849,90011/2/2020
11 CRANBERRY LANE, King, Ontario L7B1J9L7BKing$1,849,00011/2/2020
265 CHURCHILL AVE, King, Ontario L7B0G9L7BKing$1,839,00011/2/2020
33 NORTHCOTT WAY, King, Ontario L7B1N3L7BKing$1,828,00011/2/2020
16550 7TH CONCESSION RD, King, Ontario L7B0E4L7BKing$1,799,90011/2/2020
22 GIANT CEDARS CRT, King, Ontario L7B0A6L7BKing$1,798,00011/2/2020
87 HUMBER CRES, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7BKing$1,798,00011/7/2020
68 FAIRMONT RIDGE TR, King, Ontario L7B0A5L7BKing$1,759,00011/2/2020
205 KING HILLS LANE E, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$1,750,00011/5/2020
84 PARKHEIGHTS TR E, King, Ontario L7B0A2L7BKing$1,750,00011/2/2020
50 WALKINGTON WAY, King, Ontario L7B1C9L7BKing$1,749,99911/2/2020
366 CHURCHILL AVE, King, Ontario L7B0G9L7BKing$1,749,00011/2/2020
8 BLACK DUCK TR, King, Ontario L7B0A3L7BKing$1,738,88811/17/2020
8 BLACK DUCK TR, King, Ontario L7B0A3L7BKing$1,738,88811/21/2020
49 BLUFF TR, King, Ontario L7B0A1L7BKing$1,699,99911/3/2020
3495 17TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$1,695,00011/2/2020
84 PARKHEIGHTS TR, King, Ontario L7B0A2L7BKing$1,689,99911/9/2020
4202 18TH SDRD N, King, Ontario L7B0G4L7BKing$1,678,77711/13/2020
215 BURTON GRVE, King, Ontario L7B1C7L7BKing$1,598,00011/2/2020
84 TATTON CRT, King, Ontario L7B0C3L7BKing$1,598,00011/17/2020
2 MIDDLEHEAD TR, King, Ontario L7B0A6L7BKing$1,595,00011/25/2020
12575 WESTON RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$1,550,00011/2/2020
435 KETTLEBY RD, King, Ontario L7B0C9L7BKing$1,499,90011/2/2020
62 PARKHEIGHTS TR, King, Ontario L7B0A3L7BKing$1,499,80011/2/2020
204 HOLLINGSWORTH DR, King, Ontario L7B1G8L7BKing$1,489,90011/2/2020
13305 JANE ST, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$1,489,00011/2/2020
8 ANDERSON COVE TR, King, Ontario L7B0A3L7BKing$1,479,90011/17/2020
315 BENNET DR, King, Ontario L7B1G7L7BKing$1,469,00011/8/2020
20 STAN ROOTS ST, King, Ontario L7B0C3L7BKing$1,428,00011/5/2020
3485 19TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B0C7L7BKing$1,400,00011/2/2020
12888 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1H7L7BKing$1,400,00011/2/2020
12894 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1H7L7BKing$1,400,00011/2/2020
16585 JANE Street, Kettleby, Ontario L7B0G8L7BKing$1,399,90011/2/2020
92 ARCHIBALD RD, King, Ontario L7B0E8L7BKing$1,399,00011/3/2020
7 CHURCH ST, King, Ontario L7B1T0L7BKing$1,399,00011/2/2020
43 ELIZABETH GRVE, King, Ontario L7B1H7L7BKing$1,399,00011/17/2020
5495 KING RD, King, Ontario L7B1K4L7BKing$1,395,00011/2/2020
#ON -201 MCBRIDE CRES, King, Ontario L7B1H6L7BKing$1,395,00011/11/2020
93 HOLLINGWORTH DR, King, Ontario L7B1G4L7BKing$1,379,90011/24/2020
93 HOLLINGSWORTH DR, King, Ontario L7B1G4L7BKing$1,379,90011/25/2020
45 WILLIAM ST, King, Ontario L7B1L1L7BKing$1,349,90011/2/2020
48 CLEARVIEW HTS, King, Ontario L7B1H5L7BKing$1,348,00011/2/2020
36 BLUEBERRY RUN TR, King, Ontario L7B0N3L7BKing$1,325,00011/2/2020
430 CHURCHILL AVE, King, Ontario L7B0G9L7BKing$1,298,00011/18/2020
118 ALEX CAMPBELL CRES, King, Ontario L7B0C1L7BKing$1,298,00011/23/2020
18461 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B0G5L7BKing$1,238,00011/2/2020
1461 18TH SDRD, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$1,199,00011/2/2020
24 WELLS ORCHARD CRES, King, Ontario L7B0C5L7BKing$1,099,00011/15/2020
15990 DUFFERIN ST, King, Ontario L7B1K5L7BKing$1,059,00011/2/2020
200 CAVELL AVE, King, Ontario L7B1A3L7BKing$1,050,00011/5/2020
60 ROBERT BERRY CRES, King, Ontario L7B0M6L7BKing$1,050,00011/13/2020
18 MARINE VIEW Drive, Collingwood, Ontario L7B0P1L7BKing$948,00011/27/2020
28 WILLIAM ST, King, Ontario L7B1L1L7BKing$899,00011/2/2020
130 DAVIS RD, King, Ontario L7B0J2L7BKing$874,80011/2/2020
13144 KEELE ST, King, Ontario L7B1J1L7BKing$835,00011/2/2020
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