L4M House Prices, Barrie

History Chart of Average Price And Total Listings, Barrie

Map of All Listings in L4M, Barrie

All Listings in L4M, Barrie

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
8200 10TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$7,888,00011/2/2021
125 SHANTY BAY Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M1E1L4MBarrie$3,999,90011/2/2021
2961 PENETANGUISHENE Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$3,200,00011/2/2021
2961 PENETANGUISHENE RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$3,200,00011/2/2021
2961 PENETANGUISHENE Road, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$3,200,00011/15/2021
129 COLLINGWOOD ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M1J2L4MBarrie$3,199,00011/4/2021
31 BARRIE Terrace, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M1E8L4MBarrie$2,900,00011/2/2021
31 BARRIE TERR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M1E8L4MBarrie$2,900,00011/2/2021
39 SHANTY BAY RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M1C9L4MBarrie$2,899,00011/16/2021
39 SHANTY BAY Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M1C9L4MBarrie$2,899,00011/16/2021
1362 TINY BEACHES Road N, Tiny, Ontario L4M0H9L4MBarrie$2,499,00011/2/2021
1362 TINY BEACHES RD N, Tiny, Ontario L4M0H9L4MBarrie$2,499,00011/2/2021
145 SHANTY BAY RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M1E1L4MBarrie$2,350,00011/2/2021
145 SHANTY BAY Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M1E1L4MBarrie$2,350,00011/2/2021
2941 VIVIAN RD, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario L4M2M1L4MBarrie$1,999,00011/2/2021
190 KEMPENFELT Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M1C3L4MBarrie$1,995,00011/2/2021
190 KEMPENFELT DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M1C3L4MBarrie$1,995,00011/2/2021
4 COLBORNE Street, Shanty Bay, Ontario L4M4S1L4MBarrie$1,944,00011/3/2021
4 COLBORNE ST, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M4S1L4MBarrie$1,944,00011/18/2021
1211 SEADON RD, Springwater, Ontario L4M5E2L4MBarrie$1,849,90011/2/2021
7 BARRIE HILL Lane, Barrie, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$1,799,00011/2/2021
2253 20/21 Sideroad W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$1,750,00011/16/2021
2253 20/21 SDRD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$1,750,00011/17/2021
16 CRESTWOOD Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M7C8L4MBarrie$1,599,90011/3/2021
16 CRESTWOOD DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M7C8L4MBarrie$1,599,90011/3/2021
44 REGALIA Way, Barrie, Ontario L4M7H8L4MBarrie$1,598,88811/8/2021
75 OWEN ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M3H4L4MBarrie$1,550,00011/2/2021
75 OWEN Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M3H4L4MBarrie$1,550,00011/2/2021
274 GEORGIAN Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M7B7L4MBarrie$1,500,00011/2/2021
83 BERCZY ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M3R1L4MBarrie$1,498,00011/2/2021
19 MCISAAC DR, Springwater, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$1,488,00011/3/2021
3 WHITE PINE Place, Barrie, Ontario L4M5L7L4MBarrie$1,399,95011/2/2021
3 WHITE PINE PL, Barrie, Ontario L4M5L7L4MBarrie$1,399,95011/2/2021
11 LITTLE LAKE Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M7B9L4MBarrie$1,399,00011/2/2021
11 LITTLE LAKE DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M7B9L4MBarrie$1,399,00011/2/2021
53 REGALIA Way, Barrie, Ontario L4M7H8L4MBarrie$1,388,88811/10/2021
19 PEPIN CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M7J4L4MBarrie$1,360,00011/23/2021
1297 SNOW VALLEY Road, Springwater, Ontario L4M4S5L4MBarrie$1,359,90011/2/2021
1297 SNOW VALLEY RD, Springwater, Ontario L4M4S5L4MBarrie$1,359,90011/2/2021
7 RUGMAN CRES, Springwater, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$1,298,00011/2/2021
5 SAMUEL CRES, Springwater, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$1,288,00011/8/2021
103 EMPIRE Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M0A9L4MBarrie$1,249,90011/2/2021
103 EMPIRE DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M0A9L4MBarrie$1,249,90011/2/2021
91 EMPIRE DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M0A9L4MBarrie$1,199,90011/5/2021
91 EMPIRE Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M0A9L4MBarrie$1,199,90011/4/2021
16 PRINCE EDWARD Place, Barrie, Ontario L4M7J5L4MBarrie$1,180,00011/10/2021
197 JOHNSON ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M5Y9L4MBarrie$1,099,90011/2/2021
11 PRINCE EDWARD PL, Barrie, Ontario L4M7J6L4MBarrie$1,099,90011/2/2021
286 GEORGIAN Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M7B7L4MBarrie$999,90011/23/2021
286 GEORGIAN DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M7B7L4MBarrie$999,90011/23/2021
19 WHITE PINE PL, Barrie, Ontario L4M5L7L4MBarrie$999,00011/2/2021
80 SUCCESSION CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M7G5L4MBarrie$999,00011/24/2021
8 MEYER Avenue, Barrie, Ontario L4M6X2L4MBarrie$989,00011/2/2021
29 PEEL ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M3K9L4MBarrie$950,00011/26/2021
335 ST VINCENT Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M4A4L4MBarrie$950,00011/2/2021
335 ST VINCENT ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M4A4L4MBarrie$950,00011/2/2021
29 PEEL Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M3K9L4MBarrie$950,00011/26/2021
119 BLAKE Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M1K2L4MBarrie$949,90011/5/2021
119 BLAKE ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M1K2L4MBarrie$949,90011/6/2021
16 CEDAR CREEK RD, Springwater, Ontario L4M4S5L4MBarrie$899,90011/2/2021
397 HICKLING TR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6B2L4MBarrie$899,90011/17/2021
90 COLLEGE CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M5C8L4MBarrie$899,00011/20/2021
157 SUCCESSION Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M7G9L4MBarrie$879,00011/2/2021
157 SUCCESSION CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M7G9L4MBarrie$879,00011/2/2021
15 SURREY Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M0C5L4MBarrie$859,00011/2/2021
15 SURREY DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M0C5L4MBarrie$859,00011/2/2021
13 FOREST DALE DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6M7L4MBarrie$849,90011/18/2021
13 Forest Dale Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M6M7L4MBarrie$849,90011/18/2021
152 CROMPTON Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N9L4MBarrie$849,90011/3/2021
152 CROMPTON DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N9L4MBarrie$849,90011/3/2021
22 ALGONQUIN TR, Barrie, Ontario L4M5G8L4MBarrie$849,90011/4/2021
22 ALGONQUIN Trail, Barrie, Ontario L4M5G8L4MBarrie$849,90011/4/2021
10 NORTH Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2R9L4MBarrie$845,00011/2/2021
286 ST VINCENT Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M4A1L4MBarrie$800,00011/3/2021
286 ST. VINCENT ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M4A1L4MBarrie$800,00011/3/2021
5 JONES Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M6H8L4MBarrie$799,99911/4/2021
15 CAPILANO CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M7E5L4MBarrie$799,90011/12/2021
165 COOK ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M4H2L4MBarrie$799,90011/4/2021
165 COOK Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M4H2L4MBarrie$799,90011/4/2021
34 AGNES Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S2L4MBarrie$799,90011/10/2021
34 AGNES ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S2L4MBarrie$799,90011/11/2021
526 GROVE ST E, Barrie, Ontario L4M5Z2L4MBarrie$799,00011/26/2021
109 Lions Gate Boulevard, Barrie, Ontario L4M7E5L4MBarrie$799,00011/2/2021
301 ST.VINCENT ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M4A2L4MBarrie$799,00011/16/2021
109 LIONS GATE BLVD, Barrie, Ontario L4M7E5L4MBarrie$799,00011/2/2021
301 ST. VINCENT Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M4A2L4MBarrie$799,00011/16/2021
320 JOHNSON Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M7A1L4MBarrie$789,00011/2/2021
320 JOHNSON ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M7A1L4MBarrie$789,00011/2/2021
101 BUCHANAN Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M6B7L4MBarrie$789,00011/10/2021
101 BUCHANAN ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M6B7L4MBarrie$789,00011/11/2021
54 MARION Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M2L3L4MBarrie$774,90011/9/2021
329 THUNDER BEACH RD, Tiny, Ontario L4M0M7L4MBarrie$749,99911/26/2021
329 THUNDER BEACH Road, Tiny, Ontario L4M0M7L4MBarrie$749,99911/27/2021
53 NICOLE MARIE AVE, Barrie, Ontario L4M6Y6L4MBarrie$748,00011/27/2021
57 JEFFREY Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M4L4L4MBarrie$739,90011/12/2021
57 JEFFREY ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M4L4L4MBarrie$739,90011/12/2021
30 SHANNON ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M2K8L4MBarrie$730,00011/2/2021
30 SHANNON Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2K8L4MBarrie$730,00011/2/2021
60 MARION CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M2L3L4MBarrie$729,90011/2/2021
24 PENETANG ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M1V6L4MBarrie$709,50011/27/2021
24 PENETANG Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M1V6L4MBarrie$709,50011/27/2021
3 EAST Gate, Barrie, Ontario L4M2V9L4MBarrie$699,90011/18/2021
182 ROSE Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2T9L4MBarrie$699,90011/2/2021
182 ROSE ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M2T9L4MBarrie$699,90011/2/2021
14 IRISH LANE, Barrie, Ontario L4M6H8L4MBarrie$699,90011/2/2021
48 CASSANDRA DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6Z3L4MBarrie$699,90011/11/2021
48 CASSANDRA Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M6Z3L4MBarrie$699,90011/11/2021
89 PENETANG ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M1V7L4MBarrie$699,90011/23/2021
11 SNOWY OWL Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M6P4L4MBarrie$699,88811/19/2021
11 SNOWY OWL CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M6P4L4MBarrie$699,88811/19/2021
25 GOLDEN EAGLE Way, Barrie, Ontario L4M6P6L4MBarrie$699,00011/16/2021
68 MARION CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M2L3L4MBarrie$699,00011/26/2021
27 BAKER Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M3J4L4MBarrie$698,00011/6/2021
27 BAKER CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M3J4L4MBarrie$698,00011/7/2021
16 CORBETT DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M5T2L4MBarrie$674,90011/24/2021
16 CORBETT Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M5T2L4MBarrie$674,90011/24/2021
1 BURBANK Place, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S8L4MBarrie$649,90011/17/2021
29 BURBANK Place, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S8L4MBarrie$649,90011/5/2021
81 GUNN ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M2H4L4MBarrie$649,90011/24/2021
81 GUNN Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2H4L4MBarrie$649,90011/24/2021
208 TUNBRIDGE Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M6R6L4MBarrie$649,00011/4/2021
208 TUNBRIDGE RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M6R6L4MBarrie$649,00011/4/2021
34 BURBANK PL, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S8L4MBarrie$649,00011/9/2021
1 BURBANK PL, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S8L4MBarrie$649,00011/17/2021
13 LINDSAY Court, Barrie, Ontario L4M6G5L4MBarrie$624,90011/24/2021
13 LINDSAY CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M6G5L4MBarrie$624,90011/24/2021
28B BERNICK Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M5J5L4MBarrie$599,90011/18/2021
79 ROBIN Court, Barrie, Ontario L4M5L9L4MBarrie$599,00011/2/2021
79 ROBIN CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M5L9L4MBarrie$599,00011/2/2021
215 DUNLOP ST W, Barrie, Ontario L4M1B2L4MBarrie$599,00011/2/2021
34 BURBANK Place, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S8L4MBarrie$599,00011/24/2021
72 CORBETT Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M5V3L4MBarrie$599,00011/24/2021
62 GUNN ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M2H5L4MBarrie$525,00011/2/2021
62 GUNN Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2H5L4MBarrie$525,00011/2/2021
16 MARION Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M2L3L4MBarrie$499,00011/6/2021
16 MARION CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M2L3L4MBarrie$499,00011/6/2021
31 HARDING Avenue, Barrie, Ontario L4M3K1L4MBarrie$499,00011/18/2021
31 HARDING AVE, Barrie, Ontario L4M3K1L4MBarrie$499,00011/18/2021
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