L4M House Prices, Barrie

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All Listings in L4M, Barrie

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
51 BARRIE TERRACE TERR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M1E8L4MBarrie$13,000,0001/7/2021
15 GEORGINA DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M1E9L4MBarrie$5,600,0001/8/2021
71 BARRIE TERR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M1E8L4MBarrie$3,499,0001/1/2021
71 BARRIE Terrace, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M1E8L4MBarrie$3,499,0001/1/2021
3169 BARRIE HILL RD, Springwater, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$3,189,0001/1/2021
946 PENETANGUISHENE RD, Springwater, Ontario L4M4R9L4MBarrie$2,890,0001/1/2021
30 LIMERICK ST, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4M3X1L4MBarrie$2,459,0001/22/2021
28 LIMERICK ST, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4M3X1L4MBarrie$2,219,9001/1/2021
49 Cook Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M4G2L4MBarrie$1,420,0001/1/2021
31 LIVIA HERMAN Way, Barrie, Ontario L4M6X1L4MBarrie$1,299,9001/1/2021
20 HIGHLAND Avenue, Barrie, Ontario L4M1N1L4MBarrie$1,299,0001/1/2021
65 CATHEDRAL PINES Road, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$1,250,0001/19/2021
65 CATHEDRAL PINE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$1,250,0001/20/2021
15 HOPKINS CRES, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario L4M5X8L4MBarrie$1,160,0001/1/2021
2693 20/21 SIDEROAD Road, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$1,100,0001/20/2021
2693 SIDEROAD 20 & 21 RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L4M4Y8L4MBarrie$1,100,0001/21/2021
41 LIVIA HERMAN WAY, Barrie, Ontario L4M6X1L4MBarrie$1,100,0001/27/2021
172 TRAIL Boulevard, Minesing, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$1,059,9001/1/2021
8 OAK Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M3V2L4MBarrie$950,0001/26/2021
8 OAK ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M3V2L4MBarrie$950,0001/26/2021
98 SUCCESSION CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M7G6L4MBarrie$949,0001/1/2021
66 LITTLE LAKE Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M7C1L4MBarrie$915,0001/1/2021
109 TRAIL BLVD W, Springwater, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$900,0001/1/2021
122 CROMPTON Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N9L4MBarrie$900,0001/7/2021
122 CROMPTON DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N9L4MBarrie$900,0001/7/2021
6 CALLAWAY Court, Barrie, Ontario L4M6V7L4MBarrie$899,9991/26/2021
6 CALLAWAY CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M6V7L4MBarrie$899,9991/26/2021
8 ARCH BROWN CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M0C6L4MBarrie$899,9001/8/2021
18 ORLEANS Avenue, Barrie, Ontario L4M0B4L4MBarrie$889,9001/23/2021
8481 10TH Line, Essa, Ontario L4M4S4L4MBarrie$874,9001/1/2021
9 CELESTE Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M6X5L4MBarrie$850,0001/19/2021
9 CELESTE DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6X5L4MBarrie$850,0001/20/2021
227 LIVINGSTON Street E, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N6L4MBarrie$849,9001/8/2021
103 BOURBON CIRC, Barrie, Ontario L4M7J7L4MBarrie$839,9001/1/2021
9 TASCONA Court, Barrie, Ontario L4M0C5L4MBarrie$835,0001/11/2021
9 TASCONA CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M0C5L4MBarrie$835,0001/11/2021
48 STEEL Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2E7L4MBarrie$825,0001/1/2021
9 BOWMAN Avenue, Barrie, Ontario L4M1V1L4MBarrie$800,0001/15/2021
132 BIRCHWOOD Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M6X3L4MBarrie$799,9991/22/2021
132 BIRCHWOOD DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6X3L4MBarrie$799,9991/22/2021
410 Codrington Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M1T3L4MBarrie$799,9001/21/2021
410 CODRINGTON ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M1T3L4MBarrie$799,9001/21/2021
167 SUCCESSION CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M7H3L4MBarrie$799,9001/8/2021
637 MAPLEVIEW DR, Innisfil, Ontario L4M4S7L4MBarrie$799,9001/14/2021
205 CARDINAL ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M6G8L4MBarrie$799,0001/11/2021
168 St Vincent Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M3Z2L4MBarrie$799,0001/6/2021
45 LAURIE CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M6C7L4MBarrie$799,0001/18/2021
45 LAURIE Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M6C7L4MBarrie$799,0001/20/2021
99 MONARCHY Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M0E3L4MBarrie$779,9001/7/2021
99 MONARCHY ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M0E3L4MBarrie$779,9001/7/2021
122 LIVINGSTONE ST E, Barrie, Ontario L4M6Z1L4MBarrie$775,0001/1/2021
97 SUN KING CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M0E6L4MBarrie$769,9001/1/2021
128 BROWN WOOD Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M6M8L4MBarrie$750,0001/20/2021
128 BROWN WOOD DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6M8L4MBarrie$750,0001/21/2021
58 MARION Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M2L3L4MBarrie$749,9001/15/2021
58 MARION CRCT, Barrie, Ontario L4M2L3L4MBarrie$749,9001/15/2021
58 MARION CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M2L3L4MBarrie$749,9001/20/2021
167 STEEL ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M2G6L4MBarrie$749,0001/12/2021
15 CONNAUGHT Lane, Barrie, Ontario L4M0A3L4MBarrie$749,0001/8/2021
167 STEEL Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2G6L4MBarrie$749,0001/12/2021
262 COOK ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M4H6L4MBarrie$739,9001/1/2021
67 ROSENFELD DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M5X5L4MBarrie$699,9991/22/2021
22 GROVE Street E, Barrie, Ontario L4M2N7L4MBarrie$699,9991/20/2021
22 GROVE ST E, Barrie, Ontario L4M2N7L4MBarrie$699,9991/21/2021
173 COOK ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M4H2L4MBarrie$699,9001/14/2021
173 COOK Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M4H2L4MBarrie$699,9001/14/2021
47 CUNDLES Road E, Barrie, Ontario L4M2Z6L4MBarrie$699,9001/1/2021
47 CUNDLES RD E, Barrie, Ontario L4M2Z6L4MBarrie$699,9001/1/2021
36 ROSENFELD Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M5X8L4MBarrie$699,9001/27/2021
4 ARCH BROWN CRCT, Barrie, Ontario L4M0C6L4MBarrie$699,9001/27/2021
36 ROSENFELD DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M5X8L4MBarrie$699,9001/27/2021
63 HIGHLAND Avenue, Barrie, Ontario L4M1N2L4MBarrie$699,0001/13/2021
63 HIGHLAND AVE, Barrie, Ontario L4M1N2L4MBarrie$699,0001/14/2021
20 DAVIES CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M2M3L4MBarrie$699,0001/23/2021
20 DAVIES Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M2M3L4MBarrie$699,0001/23/2021
19 CARDINAL ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M6C8L4MBarrie$699,0001/14/2021
503 GROVE ST E, Barrie, Ontario L4M5Z4L4MBarrie$699,0001/26/2021
45 THE QUEENSWAY, Barrie, Ontario L4M7J3L4MBarrie$695,0001/1/2021
37 BROWN WOOD DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N5L4MBarrie$675,0001/4/2021
334 ST VINCENT Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M4A3L4MBarrie$675,0001/22/2021
162 WELLINGTON Street E, Barrie, Ontario L4M2C8L4MBarrie$649,9001/21/2021
30 GROVE ST E, Barrie, Ontario L4M2N7L4MBarrie$649,9001/1/2021
110 DIANA Way, Barrie, Ontario L4M1J2L4MBarrie$649,9001/1/2021
162 WELLINGTON ST E, Barrie, Ontario L4M2C8L4MBarrie$649,9001/21/2021
42 PATRICIA Avenue, Barrie, Ontario L4M5S6L4MBarrie$649,0001/14/2021
76 STOLLAR BLVD, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N3L4MBarrie$649,0001/8/2021
76 STOLLAR Boulevard, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N3L4MBarrie$649,0001/10/2021
42 PATRICIA AVE, Barrie, Ontario L4M5S4L4MBarrie$649,0001/14/2021
221 LIVINGSTONE ST E, Barrie, Ontario L4M6N5L4MBarrie$629,9001/19/2021
71 PEREGRINE Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M6P7L4MBarrie$629,0001/14/2021
71 PEREGRINE RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M6P7L4MBarrie$629,0001/15/2021
69 NEWTON Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M3N4L4MBarrie$624,9001/12/2021
69 NEWTON ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M3N4L4MBarrie$624,9001/12/2021
69 NEWTON ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M3N4L4MBarrie$624,9001/13/2021
100 TUNBRIDGE RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M6T1L4MBarrie$599,9001/21/2021
14 OROK LANE, Barrie, Ontario L4M6H4L4MBarrie$599,9001/4/2021
109 TUNBRIDGE RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M6T1L4MBarrie$599,9001/5/2021
109 TUNBRIDGE Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M6T1L4MBarrie$599,9001/5/2021
243 ROSE Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2V3L4MBarrie$599,9001/21/2021
243 ROSE ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M2V3L4MBarrie$599,9001/21/2021
8 CYNTHIA CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M2X4L4MBarrie$599,0001/16/2021
83 TUNBRIDGE RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M6S5L4MBarrie$599,0001/22/2021
83 TUNBRIDGE Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M6S5L4MBarrie$599,0001/23/2021
8 JILLS CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M4L7L4MBarrie$598,8001/27/2021
103 TUNBRIDGE RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M6S9L4MBarrie$589,0001/1/2021
103 TUNBRIDGE Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M6S9L4MBarrie$589,0001/1/2021
65 MONARCHY Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M7K1L4MBarrie$575,9001/1/2021
65 MONARCHY ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M7K1L4MBarrie$575,9001/1/2021
285 GROVE ST E, Barrie, Ontario L4M2R2L4MBarrie$575,0001/1/2021
117 ROSE Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M2T6L4MBarrie$550,0001/27/2021
117 ROSE ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M2T6L4MBarrie$550,0001/27/2021
18B BERNICK DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M5J5L4MBarrie$549,0001/24/2021
25A COLLEGE CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M2W4L4MBarrie$525,8881/15/2021
25A COLLEGE Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M2W4L4MBarrie$525,8881/15/2021
43 SYLVIA ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M5J2L4MBarrie$525,0001/1/2021
90 BERNICK Drive Unit# B, Barrie, Ontario L4M2V6L4MBarrie$525,0001/16/2021
#B -90 BERNICK DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M2V6L4MBarrie$525,0001/19/2021
65 MAPLEHURST Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4M4X1L4MBarrie$525,0001/21/2021
65 MAPLEHURST CRES, Barrie, Ontario L4M4X1L4MBarrie$525,0001/21/2021
28 BURBANK PL, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S8L4MBarrie$499,9001/20/2021
28 BURBANK Place, Barrie, Ontario L4M2S8L4MBarrie$499,9001/20/2021
7 BALTIMORE Road, Barrie, Ontario L4M5M6L4MBarrie$498,0001/22/2021
7 BALTIMORE RD, Barrie, Ontario L4M5M6L4MBarrie$498,0001/23/2021
185 PEEL Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M3L7L4MBarrie$495,0001/26/2021
185 PEEL ST, Barrie, Ontario L4M3L7L4MBarrie$495,0001/27/2021
215 DUCKWORTH Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M3W8L4MBarrie$489,9001/1/2021
6505 WEST PARKWAY DR, Lambton Shores, Ontario L4M3G4L4MBarrie$489,9001/1/2021
18 ASHDALE Court, Barrie, Ontario L4M5B5L4MBarrie$465,0001/1/2021
18 ASHDALE CRT, Barrie, Ontario L4M5B5L4MBarrie$465,0001/1/2021
26 BLUEJAY Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M5P2L4MBarrie$460,0001/2/2021
26 BLUEJAY DR, Barrie, Ontario L4M5P2L4MBarrie$460,0001/3/2021
15 DRURY Lane, Barrie, Ontario L4M3C7L4MBarrie$449,0001/7/2021
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