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All Listings in L3B, Welland

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
2072 PORT ROBINSON Road, Thorold, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$8,500,00011/2/2021
11970 WILLODELL RD, Niagara Falls, Ontario L3B5N4L3BWelland$2,500,00011/2/2021
11970 WILLODELL Road, Welland, Ontario L3B5N4L3BWelland$2,500,00011/2/2021
364 CHANTLER Road, Pelham, Ontario L3B5N8L3BWelland$2,399,90011/2/2021
22 BERGENSTEIN Crescent, Fonthill, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$2,200,00011/2/2021
22 BERGENSTEIN CRES, Pelham, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$2,200,00011/2/2021
8737 LINCOLN Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario L3B5N7L3BWelland$2,000,00011/2/2021
792 Townline Tunnel Road, Welland, Ontario L3B5N7L3BWelland$1,499,00011/19/2021
792 TOWNLINE TUNNEL RD, Welland, Ontario L3B5N7L3BWelland$1,499,00011/20/2021
14330 MORRIS Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario L3B5N7L3BWelland$1,399,99911/2/2021
6 STEVEN DR, Thorold, Ontario L3B0G2L3BWelland$1,350,00011/2/2021
93 MERRITT Road, Pelham, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$1,199,90011/2/2021
341 Lincoln Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4N5L3BWelland$1,125,00011/2/2021
435 Julia Drive, Welland, Ontario L3B5N8L3BWelland$1,095,00011/2/2021
435 JULIA DR, Welland, Ontario L3B5N8L3BWelland$1,095,00011/2/2021
21 LAURENT Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B0E2L3BWelland$1,050,00011/2/2021
222 VIGER Drive, Welland, Ontario L3B1A5L3BWelland$1,049,00010/29/2021
232 VIGER Drive, Welland, Ontario L3B1A5L3BWelland$975,00011/20/2021
232 VIGER DR, Welland, Ontario L3B1A5L3BWelland$975,00011/22/2021
199 SHOREVIEW DR, Welland, Ontario L3B0H3L3BWelland$969,00011/3/2021
199 SHOREVIEW DRIVE Drive, Welland, Ontario L3B0H3L3BWelland$969,00011/3/2021
783 SCHISLER Crescent, Welland, Ontario L3B5N4L3BWelland$949,90011/4/2021
223 SOUTH PELHAM Road, Welland, Ontario L3B5N8L3BWelland$949,90011/17/2021
223 SOUTH PELHAM RD, Welland, Ontario L3B5N8L3BWelland$949,90011/18/2021
4072 Miller Road, Port Colborne, Ontario L3B5N7L3BWelland$899,90011/15/2021
199 TUMBLEWOOD PL, Welland, Ontario L3B0J4L3BWelland$899,00011/2/2021
12 LEGACY LANE, Thorold, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$825,00011/17/2021
70 CRESCENT Drive, Welland, Ontario L3B2X2L3BWelland$799,90011/2/2021
70 CRESCENT DR, Welland, Ontario L3B2X2L3BWelland$799,90011/2/2021
24 GRANGE Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B1G7L3BWelland$799,90011/2/2021
24 GRANGE AVE, Welland, Ontario L3B1G7L3BWelland$799,90011/2/2021
16 CLOY DR, Thorold, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$799,90011/13/2021
718 ONTARIO Road, Welland, Ontario L3B5C9L3BWelland$799,00011/2/2021
253 FORKS Road E, Welland, Ontario L3B6C5L3BWelland$749,90011/2/2021
253 FORKS RD E, Welland, Ontario L3B6C5L3BWelland$749,90011/2/2021
237 LOUISE ST, Welland, Ontario L3B1S9L3BWelland$749,90011/10/2021
12 ESTHER CRES, Thorold, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$749,00011/12/2021
12 ESTHER CRES, Thorold, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$749,00011/13/2021
187 LOUISE ST, Welland, Ontario L3B0H8L3BWelland$730,00011/17/2021
12 ALEXANDRA Drive, Thorold, Ontario L3B0G5L3BWelland$699,90011/11/2021
12 ALEXANDRA DR, Thorold, Ontario L3B0G5L3BWelland$699,90011/11/2021
183 IVA ST, Welland, Ontario L3B1W4L3BWelland$699,90011/18/2021
9 CRESCENT Drive, Welland, Ontario L3B2W6L3BWelland$659,90011/19/2021
3 MICHIGAN Street, Welland, Ontario L3B3A6L3BWelland$649,90011/13/2021
252 KING ST, Welland, Ontario L3B3J8L3BWelland$649,90011/16/2021
3 MICHIGAN ST N, Welland, Ontario L3B3A4L3BWelland$649,90011/13/2021
2 BISHOP Road, Welland, Ontario L3B2V5L3BWelland$649,90011/26/2021
164 WALLACE Avenue S, Welland, Ontario L3B1R5L3BWelland$639,00011/10/2021
303 HELLEMS Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B3B9L3BWelland$629,90011/2/2021
209 HILDRED Street, Welland, Ontario L3B1M9L3BWelland$629,90011/18/2021
118 GOLDEN Boulevard E, Welland, Ontario L3B1J1L3BWelland$599,99911/17/2021
23 GARNER Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B2X7L3BWelland$599,90011/2/2021
63 PORT ROBINSON Road, Pelham, Ontario L3B5N5L3BWelland$599,90011/2/2021
749 LYONS CREEK Road, Welland, Ontario L3B5N4L3BWelland$599,90011/3/2021
81 CHAFFEY Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2Y4L3BWelland$599,90011/9/2021
81 CHAFFEY ST, Welland, Ontario L3B2Y4L3BWelland$599,90011/10/2021
54 BURGAR Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2S8L3BWelland$599,00011/2/2021
38 WELLINGTON Street, Welland, Ontario L3B1A9L3BWelland$585,00011/26/2021
62 GOLDEN Boulevard W, Welland, Ontario L3B1H6L3BWelland$579,90011/21/2021
62 GOLDEN BOULEVARD W BLVD W, Welland, Ontario L3B1H6L3BWelland$579,90011/22/2021
62 GOLDEN BLVD W, Welland, Ontario L3B1H6L3BWelland$579,90011/23/2021
203 CLASSIC AVE, Welland, Ontario L3B0A3L3BWelland$569,00011/3/2021
203 CLASSIC Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B0A3L3BWelland$569,00011/3/2021
65 HARRIET Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2H6L3BWelland$549,90011/15/2021
462 EAST MAIN Street, Welland, Ontario L3B3X6L3BWelland$549,90011/3/2021
268 DEERE Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2L8L3BWelland$549,90011/24/2021
203 CHAFFEY Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2Y7L3BWelland$529,00011/2/2021
54 DUNCAN Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2C8L3BWelland$525,00011/11/2021
179 YOUNG ST, Welland, Ontario L3B4C9L3BWelland$525,00011/20/2021
152 YOUNG Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4C8L3BWelland$524,90011/24/2021
117 DAIN Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B3E5L3BWelland$519,90011/23/2021
21-19 ASHER ST, Welland, Ontario L3B4H9L3BWelland$499,99911/2/2021
262 DEERE Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2L8L3BWelland$499,90010/29/2021
537 KING Street, Welland, Ontario L3B3K9L3BWelland$499,90011/2/2021
274 DEERE Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2L8L3BWelland$499,90011/2/2021
1026 Ontario Road, Welland, Ontario L3B5E4L3BWelland$499,90011/11/2021
1026 ONTARIO RD, Welland, Ontario L3B5E4L3BWelland$499,90011/12/2021
158 CROWLAND Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B1X3L3BWelland$499,90011/12/2021
875 SOUTHWORTH Street S, Welland, Ontario L3B2A2L3BWelland$499,90011/17/2021
84 STATE ST, Welland, Ontario L3B4K5L3BWelland$499,00011/2/2021
50 WHITE Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B1J8L3BWelland$499,00011/12/2021
405 LINCOLN ST, Welland, Ontario L3B4N6L3BWelland$489,90011/2/2021
67 ALBERT Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4L3L3BWelland$475,00011/2/2021
67 ALBERT ST, Welland, Ontario L3B4L3L3BWelland$475,00011/2/2021
386 HENNEPIN AVE, Welland, Ontario L3B4T5L3BWelland$474,90011/7/2021
386 HENNEPIN Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B4T5L3BWelland$474,90011/7/2021
84 ALMOND Street, Welland, Ontario L3B3P8L3BWelland$450,00011/2/2021
12 YORK ST, Welland, Ontario L3B4A6L3BWelland$449,90011/2/2021
12 YORK Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4A6L3BWelland$449,90011/2/2021
15 GRIFFITH ST, Welland, Ontario L3B4G5L3BWelland$449,00011/3/2021
15 GRIFFITH Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4G5L3BWelland$449,00011/3/2021
18 FORKS RD E, Welland, Ontario L3B5K1L3BWelland$430,00011/21/2021
18 FORKS Road E, Welland, Ontario L3B5K1L3BWelland$430,00011/23/2021
7 CADY Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4B5L3BWelland$424,90011/2/2021
193 MCALPINE Avenue S, Welland, Ontario L3B1T7L3BWelland$419,90011/25/2021
384 CORVETTE Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4S7L3BWelland$419,00011/8/2021
381 VICTORY Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4Z8L3BWelland$399,90011/25/2021
521 LINCOLN Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4P3L3BWelland$399,90011/17/2021
153 DAIN Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B4E5L3BWelland$399,90011/2/2021
153 DAIN AVE, Welland, Ontario L3B4E5L3BWelland$399,90011/2/2021
40 SIXTH Street, Welland, Ontario L3B5A6L3BWelland$399,90011/2/2021
40 SIXTH ST, Welland, Ontario L3B5A6L3BWelland$399,90011/2/2021
279 SCHOLFIELD AVE S, Welland, Ontario L3B1N9L3BWelland$399,90011/4/2021
279 Scholfield Avenue S, Welland, Ontario L3B1N9L3BWelland$399,90011/4/2021
28 VICTORIA Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4L5L3BWelland$399,90011/24/2021
326 SIMPSON Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B4Y8L3BWelland$399,00011/26/2021
28 SOUTHWORTH Street, Welland, Ontario L3B1Y1L3BWelland$369,90011/2/2021
68 DUNCAN Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2C8L3BWelland$369,90011/18/2021
153 BURGAR Street, Welland, Ontario L3B2T2L3BWelland$339,90011/2/2021
132 ROOSEVELT Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B2G7L3BWelland$299,90011/12/2021
132 ROOSEVELT AVE, Welland, Ontario L3B2G7L3BWelland$299,90011/13/2021
64 SOUTHWORTH Street, Welland, Ontario L3B1Y5L3BWelland$299,90011/26/2021
64 SOUTHWORTH ST, Welland, Ontario L3B1Y5L3BWelland$299,90011/26/2021
330 DIEPPE Street, Welland, Ontario L3B4V2L3BWelland$279,90011/2/2021
330 DIEPPE ST, Welland, Ontario L3B4V2L3BWelland$279,90011/2/2021
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