L0R House Prices,Campden

History Chart of Average Price And Total Listings,Campden

Map of All Listings in L0R,Campden

All Listings in L0R,Campden

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
5363 Airport Road, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$6,900,0002/1/2024
183 MILL ST S, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H0L0R$5,499,0002/7/2024
183 MILL Street S, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H0L0R$5,499,0002/6/2024
1467 BOOK Road W, Ancaster, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$4,999,0002/1/2024
1467 BOOK RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$4,999,0002/1/2024
18 ELDER Crescent, Ancaster, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$4,699,9002/23/2024
18 ELDER CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$4,699,9002/23/2024
875 SAFARI RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1V0L0R$4,450,0002/15/2024
875 SAFARI Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1V0L0R$4,450,0002/15/2024
4845 NORTH SERVICE RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$3,990,0002/1/2024
4845 NORTH SERVICE Road, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$3,990,0002/1/2024
802 MIDDLETOWN RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H2L0R$3,599,0002/1/2024
1191 SHEFFIELD Road, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1Z0L0R$3,300,0002/8/2024
1650 CONC 6 Road W, Rockton, Ontario L0R1X0L0R$3,200,0002/19/2024
3550 VICTORIA Avenue, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$3,199,9992/27/2024
3550 VICTORIA AVE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$3,199,9992/27/2024
9446 REGIONAL ROAD 65, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$2,999,9992/2/2024
2509 DUNMARK Road, Alberton, Ontario L0R1A0L0R$2,999,9972/1/2024
3055 SEVENTEENTH Street, Jordan, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$2,850,0002/1/2024
2465 Jerseyville Road W, Ancaster, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$2,799,9002/1/2024
2465 JERSEYVILLE RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$2,799,9002/1/2024
9762-9766 Green Road, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$2,749,9002/1/2024
9762 - 9766 GREEN RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$2,749,9002/1/2024
53 WOODEND Drive, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$2,695,0002/1/2024
53 WOODEND DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$2,695,0002/1/2024
1291 OLD #8 Highway, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1Z0L0R$2,550,0002/1/2024
2875 CAMPDEN Road, Vineland, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$2,500,0002/2/2024
8299 CONCESSION 2 RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$2,500,0002/10/2024
11 BLACK WILLOW CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$2,499,9992/1/2024
11 Black Willow Court, Ancaster, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$2,499,9992/1/2024
5213 GOVERNORS Road, Lynden, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$2,499,9502/21/2024
1230 WOODBURN RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$2,499,9002/1/2024
1230 Woodburn Road, Hannon, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$2,499,9002/1/2024
3774 QUARRY Road, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B2L0R$2,499,0002/2/2024
7 BLACKBERRY Place, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$2,490,0002/16/2024
7 BLACKBERRY PL, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$2,490,0002/16/2024
1689 CONCESSION TWO Road W, Lynden, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$2,490,0002/1/2024
1689 CONCESSION TWO RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$2,490,0002/1/2024
57 POND VIEW GATE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H1L0R$2,350,0002/1/2024
6105 WHITE CHURCH Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$2,349,0002/2/2024
10 ELDERBERRY LANE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H0L0R$2,298,0002/1/2024
10 ELDERBERRY LANE Lane, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H0L0R$2,298,0002/1/2024
1585 CONCESSION 2 RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$2,289,0002/13/2024
1585 Concession 2 Road W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$2,289,0002/13/2024
1585 Concession 2 Road W, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$2,289,0002/25/2024
2740 WILSON Street W, Ancaster, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$2,249,9002/1/2024
2740 WILSON ST W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$2,249,9002/21/2024
259 HUMPHREY ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H7L0R$2,249,0002/25/2024
3474 Vinehaven Trail, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$2,238,8002/1/2024
1119 GLANCASTER RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$2,199,9992/2/2024
1119 GLANCASTER Road, Glanford, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$2,199,9992/2/2024
5293 TWENTY MILE (REG RD 69) Road, St. Anns, Ontario L0R1Y0L0R$2,199,9992/1/2024
17 WILLIAM ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$2,199,9002/1/2024
17 William Street, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$2,199,9002/1/2024
8350 MUD ST W, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1M0L0R$2,195,0002/1/2024
3680 CAMPDEN Road, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$2,195,0002/13/2024
2393 Red Maple Avenue, Jordan Station, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$2,149,0002/24/2024
2393 RED MAPLE AVE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$2,149,0002/24/2024
9 PALOMINO DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H3L0R$2,100,0002/1/2024
9 PALOMINO Drive, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H3L0R$2,100,0002/1/2024
19 KENTMERE GRVE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,999,9992/17/2024
19 KENTMERE GROVE Grove, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,999,9992/17/2024
120 BINBROOK Road, Glanbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,999,9002/1/2024
120 BINBROOK RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,999,9002/1/2024
4272 MARTIN Road, Vineland, Ontario L0R2E0L0R$1,999,8002/27/2024
67 ACREDALE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,995,0002/17/2024
67 ACREDALE Drive, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,995,0002/17/2024
13 Tynedale Court, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,979,0002/2/2024
13 TYNEDALE CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,979,0002/1/2024
52 PALOMINO DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H3L0R$1,950,0002/6/2024
52 PALOMINO Drive, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H3L0R$1,950,0002/6/2024
1361 CENTRE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H1L0R$1,899,9002/2/2024
1361 Centre Road, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H1L0R$1,899,9002/2/2024
1231 OLD HIGHWAY 8, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1Z0L0R$1,895,9002/4/2024
195 GRANITE RIDGE TR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H7L0R$1,849,0002/6/2024
53 HOLCOMB TERR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H1L0R$1,849,0002/1/2024
61 ACREDALE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,839,9002/10/2024
61 ACREDALE Drive, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,839,9002/10/2024
3593 GLEN ELGIN Drive, Jordan, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$1,835,0002/10/2024
3593 GLEN ELGIN DR, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$1,835,0002/10/2024
41 ACREDALE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,824,5002/1/2024
41 Acredale Drive, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,824,5002/1/2024
13 ELLEN ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1K0L0R$1,789,0002/13/2024
13 ELLEN ST, Freelton, Ontario L0R1K0L0R$1,789,0002/13/2024
3337 HOMESTEAD Drive, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,750,0002/24/2024
4251 KING Street E, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B1L0R$1,750,0002/17/2024
1457 Woodburn Road, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,750,0002/2/2024
4872 REGIONAL ROAD 20, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1Y0L0R$1,750,0002/1/2024
Lot 3 Twenty Road W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,749,0002/2/2024
LOT 3 TWENTY RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,749,0002/2/2024
530 10TH CONCESSION RD E, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H3L0R$1,700,0002/4/2024
530 10th Concession Road E, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1H3L0R$1,700,0002/4/2024
123 WILLIAM Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario L0R1J0L0R$1,699,4502/2/2024
1705 2nd Conc Road W, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$1,690,0002/1/2024
134 GRANITE RIDGE TR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H7L0R$1,679,0002/1/2024
4 ACREDALE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,650,0002/1/2024
4 ACREDALE Drive, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,650,0001/26/2024
23 ZIMMERMAN GDNS, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H7L0R$1,599,9992/9/2024
679 CONCESSION 4 W, Flamborough, Ontario L0R2H2L0R$1,599,8992/23/2024
534 CONCESSION 8 Road E, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1H3L0R$1,599,7002/17/2024
3985 15th Street, Jordan Station, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$1,599,0002/1/2024
31 FOREST RIDGE AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H8L0R$1,550,0002/27/2024
31 FOREST RIDGE Avenue, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H8L0R$1,550,0002/27/2024
856 CONCESSION 5 W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H2L0R$1,549,9002/24/2024
338 CONCESSION 5 W, Millgrove, Ontario L0R1V0L0R$1,499,9992/2/2024
338 CONCESSION 5 W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1V0L0R$1,499,9992/2/2024
2418 JERSEYVILLE RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$1,499,9002/2/2024
2418 JERSEYVILLE Road W, Ancaster, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$1,499,9002/1/2024
4374 VICTORIA AVE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2E0L0R$1,499,0002/2/2024
4374 Victoria Avenue, Vineland Station, Ontario L0R2E0L0R$1,499,0002/2/2024
3620 GLEN ELGIN DR, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$1,499,0002/1/2024
973 ALBERTON RD S, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$1,499,0002/7/2024
973 Alberton Road, Jerseyville, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$1,499,0002/7/2024
340 DUNDAS ST E, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H2L0R$1,499,0002/23/2024
99 DOLOMITI CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,498,0002/1/2024
1182 WOODBURN RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,495,9002/2/2024
1182 Woodburn Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,495,9002/1/2024
9718 CONCESSION 1 Road, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$1,495,0002/9/2024
9718 CONCESSION 1 RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$1,495,0002/9/2024
4052 WOODHAVEN CRT, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,494,9002/4/2024
4052 WOODHAVEN Court, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,494,9002/4/2024
4058 WOODHAVEN Court, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,479,9002/1/2024
4058 WOODHAVEN CRT, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,479,9002/7/2024
2670 Jerseyville Road W, Jerseyville, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$1,475,0002/24/2024
4060 WOODHAVEN CRT, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,469,9002/1/2024
4060 WOODHAVEN Court, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,469,9002/1/2024
3638 VOSBURGH PL, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,449,9002/2/2024
3638 Vosburgh Place, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,449,9002/2/2024
3639 VOSBURGH Place, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,449,9002/1/2024
3639 VOSBURGH PL, Niagara Falls, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,449,9002/1/2024
109 WIMBERLY AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H9L0R$1,419,0002/1/2024
109 Wimberly Avenue, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H9L0R$1,419,0002/1/2024
8 WHISTLER ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,400,0001/30/2024
3597 GLEN ELGIN Drive, Jordan Station, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$1,399,9992/16/2024
36 CREEK VIEW DR, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,399,9002/10/2024
3642 VOSBURGH Place, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,399,9002/1/2024
3642 VOSBURGH PL, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,399,9002/4/2024
3285 Cherry Avenue, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$1,399,9002/2/2024
3285 CHERRY AVE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$1,399,9002/2/2024
36 CREEK VIEW Drive, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,399,9002/10/2024
2301 Kirk Road, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,399,9002/1/2024
4266 GREENLANE RD RD E, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B1L0R$1,399,9002/1/2024
118 COLVER ST, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,399,7002/13/2024
118 Colver Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,399,7002/13/2024
3643 Vosburgh Place, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,399,0002/1/2024
1441 GUYATT Road, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,399,0002/22/2024
270 NISBET Boulevard, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H9L0R$1,399,0002/22/2024
4055 WOODHAVEN Court, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,389,9002/6/2024
114 Colver Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,385,9902/13/2024
114 COLVER ST, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,385,9902/13/2024
9648 TWENTY RD W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,369,0002/1/2024
LOT 3 HIGHLAND PARK Drive, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,364,9001/20/2024
4066 WOODHAVEN Court, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,364,9002/1/2024
4066 WOODHAVEN CRT, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$1,364,9002/1/2024
4906 MOUNTAINVIEW RD N, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B3L0R$1,350,0002/2/2024
4906 Mountainview Road N, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B3L0R$1,350,0002/2/2024
9812 GREEN RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$1,349,9992/1/2024
9812 GREEN Road, Caistor Centre, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$1,349,9992/1/2024
1411 CENTRE Road, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H1L0R$1,349,0002/1/2024
1411 CENTRE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H1L0R$1,349,0002/1/2024
Lot 10 KELLOGG Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,349,0002/9/2024
LOT 10 KELLOGG AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,349,0002/14/2024
623 MILES RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,349,0002/1/2024
623 MILES Road, Glanbrook, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,349,0002/1/2024
2832 WILSON Street, Ancaster, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$1,349,0002/1/2024
148 CITTADELLA BLVD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,349,0002/1/2024
2832 WILSON ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$1,349,0002/24/2024
546 Guyatt Road, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,299,9002/1/2024
546 GUYATT RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,299,9002/1/2024
3487 UPPER JAMES ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,299,0002/1/2024
2436 Wilson Street W, Alberton, Ontario L0R1A0L0R$1,299,0002/1/2024
2436 WILSON ST W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1A0L0R$1,299,0002/1/2024
9570 HALDIBROOK RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,299,0002/1/2024
1239 WESTBROOK RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$1,299,0001/17/2024
1239 Westbrook Road, Caistor Centre, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$1,299,0001/17/2024
1239 WESTBROOK RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$1,299,0002/1/2024
1239 Westbrook Road, Glanbrook, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$1,299,0002/1/2024
488 CARLISLE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H0L0R$1,299,0002/10/2024
488 CARLISLE Road, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1H0L0R$1,299,0002/10/2024
101 RYANS WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H0L0R$1,298,0002/21/2024
101 RYANS Way, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H0L0R$1,298,0002/21/2024
404 DALGLEISH TR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,290,0002/5/2024
767 OLD NUMBER 8 Highway, Rockton, Ontario L0R1X0L0R$1,259,9002/7/2024
767 OLD #8 HIGHWAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1X0L0R$1,259,9002/7/2024
2740 South Grimsby #18 Road, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,250,0002/1/2024
2740 SOUTH GRIMSBY #18 RD, Grimsby, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,250,0002/1/2024
Lot 9 Kellogg Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,249,0002/2/2024
LOT 9 KELLOGG AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,249,0002/2/2024
4347 West Avenue, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B8L0R$1,199,9002/2/2024
231 PARKSIDE Drive, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H1L0R$1,199,9002/2/2024
231 PARKSIDE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H1L0R$1,199,9002/2/2024
40 MAIN ST N, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H0L0R$1,199,9002/1/2024
40 MAIN Street N, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H0L0R$1,199,9002/1/2024
3902 GREENLANE Road, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B1L0R$1,199,8002/21/2024
3369 Tisdale Road, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,199,0002/6/2024
32 RIVERSIDE Court, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,199,0002/15/2024
3369 TISDALE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,199,0002/6/2024
72 SPITFIRE DR S, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,199,0002/4/2024
72 SPITFIRE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,199,0002/10/2024
15 KEYSTONE Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,198,5002/16/2024
15 KEYSTONE CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$1,198,5002/16/2024
80 SPITFIRE DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,190,0002/20/2024
297 GREAT FALLS BLVD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H7L0R$1,189,9992/1/2024
112 FAIREY ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,150,0002/1/2024
213 KINSMAN DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,150,0002/9/2024
213 KINSMAN Drive, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,150,0002/9/2024
5706 KING Street, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B3L0R$1,129,9002/16/2024
180 AGRO ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H7L0R$1,125,0002/1/2024
180 AGRO Street, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H7L0R$1,125,0002/1/2024
4115 QUEEN VICTORIA Street, Jordan Station, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$1,100,0002/16/2024
2768 CHESTNUT ST, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$1,099,9992/17/2024
2768 CHESTNUT Street, Jordan Station, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$1,099,9992/17/2024
190 WEST Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,099,9002/18/2024
96 ANASTASIA Boulevard, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,099,9001/19/2024
227 Fellowes Crescent, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H3L0R$1,099,9002/1/2024
227 FELLOWES CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H3L0R$1,099,9002/4/2024
96 ANASTASIA BLVD W, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,099,9001/19/2024
234 TANGLEWOOD DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,099,8002/2/2024
234 TANGLEWOOD Drive, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,099,8002/2/2024
121 WEST Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,099,0001/18/2024
121 WEST ST W, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$1,099,0001/18/2024
14 PREMIER Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H5L0R$1,099,0001/25/2024
14 PREMIER Road, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H5L0R$1,099,0002/1/2024
3324 HOMESTEAD DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,095,0002/1/2024
3324 HOMESTEAD Drive, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,095,0002/1/2024
41 LONGYEAR DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H5L0R$1,089,9002/23/2024
41 LONGYEAR DR Drive, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H5L0R$1,089,9002/23/2024
41 LONGYEAR DR, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H5L0R$1,089,9002/24/2024
11 DUNCAN AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H5L0R$1,089,0001/18/2024
11 DUNCAN Avenue, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H5L0R$1,089,0001/18/2024
84 Gowland Drive, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,088,0002/1/2024
84 GOWLAND DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,088,0002/1/2024
38 Provident Way, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,080,0002/2/2024
38 PROVIDENT WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,080,0002/2/2024
4086 HEALING Street, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B4L0R$1,079,9992/1/2024
119 WHITWELL Way, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,069,9002/15/2024
129 WHITWELL WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,050,0002/13/2024
5366 King Street, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B3L0R$1,049,9002/1/2024
3065 HWY #56, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,049,9002/1/2024
3065 HWY #56, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,049,9002/1/2024
12 WILLS Crescent, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,049,0002/7/2024
#4 -4124 FLY RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,049,0002/21/2024
#2 -4124 FLY RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,049,0002/21/2024
12 WILLS CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,049,0002/7/2024
4083 HEALING ST, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B7L0R$1,049,0002/1/2024
4083 Healing Street, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B7L0R$1,049,0002/1/2024
175 BLACKBIRD WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,029,9992/21/2024
#3 -4124 FLY RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,029,0002/21/2024
#1 -4124 FLY RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$1,029,0002/21/2024
88 WHITWELL Way, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,025,0002/26/2024
88 WHITWELL WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$1,025,0002/26/2024
8427 DICKENSON RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,025,0002/16/2024
8427 DICKENSON Road, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$1,025,0002/16/2024
2546 WILSON Street W, Ancaster, Ontario L0R1A0L0R$999,9002/1/2024
2546 WILSON ST W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1A0L0R$999,9002/1/2024
4128 ASHBY Drive, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B9L0R$999,9002/2/2024
6774 HWY 20, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$999,9002/1/2024
176 STAGECOACH DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$999,5002/1/2024
176 Stagecoach Drive, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$999,5002/1/2024
184 PUMPKIN PASS, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$999,0002/2/2024
3810 #6 Highway, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$999,0002/2/2024
4229 FLY RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$998,8882/1/2024
4229 FLY Road, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$998,8882/1/2024
3678 GLEN RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$989,0002/1/2024
3678 GLEN Road, Jordan Station, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$989,0002/1/2024
89 FESTIVAL WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$985,0002/1/2024
89 FESTIVAL Way, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$985,0002/1/2024
23 SWITZER Crescent, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$975,0002/1/2024
120 CHUDLEIGH ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H6L0R$969,0002/16/2024
120 Chudleigh Street, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H6L0R$969,0002/16/2024
4902 ALLAN CRT S, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B5L0R$964,5002/14/2024
4902 Allan Court, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B5L0R$964,5002/13/2024
90 BRAEHEID AVE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H5L0R$960,0001/16/2024
109 WILLS Crescent, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$959,9992/16/2024
49 VALIANT CIRC, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$959,9002/1/2024
199 Spitfire Drive, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$955,0002/1/2024
171 PUMPKIN Pass, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$949,0002/2/2024
171 PUMPKIN PASS, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$949,0002/2/2024
147 ROYAL WINTER DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$949,0002/21/2024
147 Royal Winter Drive, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$949,0002/21/2024
4085 HIGHLAND PARK DR, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B7L0R$939,9992/6/2024
4085 HIGHLAND PARK Drive, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B7L0R$939,9992/6/2024
27 LYNDEN Road, Lynden, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$929,9002/27/2024
5295 BEAVERCREEK Crescent, Wellandport, Ontario L0R2J0L0R$929,0002/2/2024
5295 BEAVERCREEK CRES, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2J0L0R$929,0002/2/2024
85 LYNDEN Road, Lynden, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$929,0002/7/2024
3572 KING Street, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$929,0002/27/2024
9665 #20 Highway, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$928,9002/2/2024
9665 HWY 20, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$928,9002/2/2024
9393 SOUTH CHIPPAWA RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$919,0002/6/2024
9393 SOUTH CHIPPAWA Road, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$919,0002/6/2024
104 PROVIDENT WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$914,9002/7/2024
104 Provident Way, Glanbrook, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$914,9002/7/2024
4535 ST. VOLODYMYR Crescent, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B5L0R$905,0002/20/2024
3395 TISDALE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$899,9992/24/2024
3395 Tisdale Road, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$899,9992/24/2024
161 FLETCHER RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$899,9992/2/2024
161 FLETCHER Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$899,9992/2/2024
76 YALE Drive, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$899,9992/15/2024
76 YALE DR S, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$899,9992/15/2024
129 LYNDEN Road, Lynden, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$899,9002/1/2024
76 Windwood Drive, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$899,9002/1/2024
76 WINDWOOD DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$899,9002/1/2024
7580 REGIONAL 20 Road, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,9002/10/2024
7580 REGIONAL ROAD 20, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,9002/13/2024
6800 SIXTEEN Road, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,8502/6/2024
6800 SIXTEEN RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,8502/18/2024
9 SARAH CRES, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,0002/22/2024
83 OAKDALE Boulevard, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,0002/1/2024
7574 #20 Highway, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,0001/25/2024
561 GLANCASTER RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$899,0002/14/2024
191 Mill Street S, Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H0L0R$899,0002/1/2024
83 OAKDALE BLVD N, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,0002/1/2024
7574 #20 Highway, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$899,0002/2/2024
561 GLANCASTER Road, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$899,0002/14/2024
2097 JERSEYVILLE Road W, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1R0L0R$889,0002/24/2024
164 FREEDOM CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$879,0002/22/2024
164 FREEDOM Crescent, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$879,0002/22/2024
3382 DUSTAN Street, Vineland, Ontario L0R2E0L0R$876,0002/2/2024
3382 DUSTAN ST, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2E0L0R$876,0002/2/2024
4545 GREEN MEADOW BLVD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B5L0R$869,9002/2/2024
8 FAIRGROUNDS DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$869,9002/1/2024
84013 Wellandport Road, Wainfleet, Ontario L0R2J0L0R$864,9002/1/2024
84013 WELLANDPORT RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2J0L0R$864,9002/1/2024
216 KINSMAN DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$854,9002/4/2024
216 Kinsman Drive, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$854,9002/4/2024
124 PROVIDENT WAY, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$849,9502/1/2024
49 AUTUMN CIRC, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$849,9002/15/2024
49 AUTUMN Circle, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$849,9002/15/2024
5144 Greenlane Road, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B3L0R$849,9002/1/2024
5144 GREENLANE RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B3L0R$849,9002/1/2024
3861 BROOKSIDE DR, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$849,9002/1/2024
3861 Brookside Drive, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$849,9002/1/2024
3474 FREDERICK Avenue, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$849,9002/24/2024
2321 WILSON Street, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1A0L0R$849,0002/1/2024
9047-9049 WHITE CHURCH Road, Mount Hope, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$848,8882/14/2024
1419 CENTRE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1H1L0R$834,9002/22/2024
1419 Centre Road, Carlisle, Ontario L0R1H1L0R$834,9002/22/2024
3495 #56 Highway, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$829,9992/2/2024
4180 FLY Road, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$829,9002/2/2024
31 DOWNING Street, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$829,9002/1/2024
31 DOWNING ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$829,9002/1/2024
3453 RITTENHOUSE Road, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$815,0002/1/2024
4376 Ontario Street, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$799,9002/1/2024
4376 ONTARIO ST, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$799,9002/1/2024
4058 FLY Road, Campden, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$799,9002/27/2024
4058 FLY RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$799,9002/4/2024
46 MARION ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$799,9002/21/2024
46 MARION Street, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$799,9002/21/2024
44 BARNABAS ST, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$799,8002/16/2024
44 Barnabas Street, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1T0L0R$799,8002/16/2024
8264 AIRPORT Road E, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$799,0002/1/2024
2548 BINBROOK Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$799,0002/1/2024
1739 CAISTOR CENTRE RD E, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$795,0002/22/2024
1739 Caistor Centre Road, Caistor Centre, Ontario L0R1E0L0R$795,0002/22/2024
7 ASPEN CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L0R2H3L0R$779,9902/1/2024
680 WOODBURN RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$779,9502/1/2024
680 WOODBURN Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$779,9502/1/2024
2281 Rosedene Road, St. Anns, Ontario L0R1Y0L0R$779,0002/1/2024
2281 ROSEDENE RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1Y0L0R$779,0002/1/2024
4201 Hixon Street, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$775,0002/23/2024
2835 PRINCE WILLIAM ST, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$774,9002/10/2024
2835 Prince William Street, Jordan Station, Ontario L0R1S0L0R$774,9002/10/2024
4409 ONTARIO Street, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B5L0R$769,0002/17/2024
3519 HERITAGE Lane, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$759,9002/15/2024
4132 FLY RD, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$758,8882/1/2024
4132 FLY Road, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$758,8882/1/2024
55 POWELL DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$749,9002/1/2024
55 POWELL Drive, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$749,9002/1/2024
3361 Tallman Drive, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$749,9002/1/2024
4106 HIXON ST, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B7L0R$749,9002/24/2024
46 JANE Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$749,0001/16/2024
4249 CRESCENT AVE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B8L0R$749,0002/1/2024
1 GOLDEN ACRES DR, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$734,9002/1/2024
1 Golden Acres Drive, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$734,9002/1/2024
114 MILL Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$729,9002/17/2024
126 POWELL Drive, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$729,9002/23/2024
126 POWELL DR, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$729,9002/23/2024
804 Nebo Road, Glanbrook, Ontario L0R1P0L0R$729,9002/1/2024
114 MILL ST, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$729,9002/17/2024
17 THAMES Way, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$725,0002/1/2024
3 Lewis Lane, Millgrove, Ontario L0R1V0L0R$725,0002/2/2024
3 LEWIS LANE, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1V0L0R$725,0002/2/2024
45 NORTHRIDGE DR, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$724,9002/6/2024
64 NORTHRIDGE DR, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$724,9002/1/2024
64 Northridge Drive, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$724,9002/1/2024
13 WESTLEA Drive, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$719,0002/2/2024
2333 HWY 56, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$699,9992/24/2024
2333 HWY 56, Binbrook, Ontario L0R1C0L0R$699,9992/24/2024
4320 LINDSEY CRES, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B6L0R$699,9002/1/2024
22 JANE ST, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$699,9002/17/2024
22 Jane Street, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$699,9002/27/2024
4942 Hickory Lane, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B5L0R$685,0002/1/2024
144 DUFFERIN Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$679,9002/27/2024
144 DUFFERIN ST, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R4A0L0R$679,9002/27/2024
16 BARBARA Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$679,0002/1/2024
16 BARBARA ST, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$679,0002/1/2024
4341 HENRY AVE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R1B6L0R$659,9002/1/2024
4341 Henry Avenue, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B6L0R$659,9002/1/2024
143 ANASTASIA BLVD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$649,9991/20/2024
143 Anastasia Boulevard, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$649,9991/20/2024
3929 SUNSET Lane, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$649,9002/4/2024
56 WADE Road S, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$649,9002/1/2024
3929 SUNSET LANE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$649,9002/4/2024
26 6TH CONCESSION Road E, Blacks Corners, Ontario L0R1V0L0R$639,9002/20/2024
3904 Pleasantview Lane, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$639,9002/2/2024
3904 PLEASANT VIEW LANE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$639,9002/2/2024
98 OAKDALE BLVD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$629,9002/1/2024
98 OAKDALE Boulevard, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$629,9002/1/2024
3923 Durban Lane, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$605,0002/27/2024
4832 Regional 20 Road, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R1Y0L0R$599,9002/2/2024
434 CANBORO ST, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$599,0002/7/2024
434 Canborough Street, Smithville, Ontario L0R2A0L0R$599,0002/7/2024
4252 Academy Street, Beamsville, Ontario L0R1B0L0R$589,9002/16/2024
4813 CANBOROUGH Road, Wellandport, Ontario L0R2J0L0R$589,0002/1/2024
4813 CANBOROUGH RD, West Lincoln, Ontario L0R2J0L0R$589,0002/1/2024
3919 RAINBOW Lane, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$574,9002/11/2024
9013 AIRPORT Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0L0R$569,0002/23/2024
3934 DURBAN LANE, Lincoln, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$535,0002/1/2024
3934 Durban Lane, Vineland, Ontario L0R2C0L0R$535,0002/1/2024
1085 CONCESSION 10 Road W Unit# Lot 5, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1K0L0R$529,0002/1/2024
1085 CONCESSION 10 Road W Unit# Lot 4, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1K0L0R$519,0002/1/2024
4182 Fly Road, Campden, Ontario L0R1G0L0R$479,9002/2/2024
1085 CONCESSION 10 Road W Unit# Lot 3, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1K0L0R$479,0002/1/2024
1085 CONCESSION 10 Road W Unit# Lot 6, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1K0L0R$479,0002/1/2024
1085 CONCESSION 10 Road W Unit# Lot 7, Flamborough, Ontario L0R1K0L0R$449,0002/1/2024
8009 CONCESSION 2 Road, Wellandport, Ontario L0R2J0L0R$199,9002/16/2024
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