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All Listings in L0P,Milton

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
12604 SIXTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0PMilton$7,250,0009/2/2022
277 CAMPBELLVILLE Road, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$6,150,0009/1/2022
8681 CANYON RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$5,999,0009/2/2022
8546 APPLEBY Line, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$5,880,0009/2/2022
12069 STEELES AVE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1E0L0PMilton$5,499,9059/2/2022
10253 SECOND LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$4,999,9999/1/2022
11565 GUELPH Line, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$4,900,0009/7/2022
11135 MENZIES CRT, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$4,499,0009/14/2022
43 Campbellville Road, Flamborough, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$3,997,7009/1/2022
43 CAMPBELLVILLE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$3,997,7009/1/2022
7219 GUELPH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$3,888,0009/2/2022
13867 HERITAGE RD, Caledon, Ontario L0P1N0L0PMilton$3,749,0009/23/2022
1 CASSIDY LANE, Caledon, Ontario L0P1N0L0PMilton$3,395,0009/2/2022
4347 CONCESSION 11, Puslinch, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$3,199,0009/1/2022
9664 GUELPH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,999,9999/1/2022
11105 AMOS DR, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,999,9999/8/2022
422 MOUNTSBERG Road, Flamborough, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,999,9009/13/2022
11345 TAYLOR CRT, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,995,0009/9/2022
12074 FIRST Line, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,950,0009/1/2022
111 MCLAREN RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,950,0009/9/2022
13218 SECOND LINE NASSAGAWEYA, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,949,0009/16/2022
13218 SECOND LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,949,0009/16/2022
111 MCLAREN Road, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,849,0009/12/2022
8182 HORNBY RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1E0L0PMilton$2,699,9999/2/2022
9386 TENTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0PMilton$2,650,0009/2/2022
10652 FIRST LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,650,0009/16/2022
4445 CONCESSION 11, Moffat, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,649,9999/3/2022
2251 KEAN HILL Drive, Moffat, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,299,9999/1/2022
2251 KEAN HILL DR, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,299,9999/1/2022
11035 CEDAR Trail, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,299,0009/1/2022
11035 CEDAR TR, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,299,0009/1/2022
12998 FIFTH Line, Limehouse, Ontario L0P1H0L0PMilton$2,249,0009/2/2022
12998 FIFTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0PMilton$2,249,0009/2/2022
8767 Twiss Road, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,225,0009/2/2022
8767 TWISS RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,225,0009/2/2022
2038 15 Sideroad, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,200,0009/1/2022
2038 15 SDRD, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$2,200,0009/1/2022
11020 INGLIS Drive, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,100,0009/1/2022
11020 INGLIS DR, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,100,0009/1/2022
140 WHEELIHAN Way, Milton, Ontario L0P0A1L0PMilton$2,099,9009/2/2022
140 WHEELIHAN WAY, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,099,9009/2/2022
8644 CANYON Road, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$2,029,0009/2/2022
3110 SIDEROAD 30, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,999,0009/9/2022
2169 BRITANNIA RD, Burlington, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,999,0009/2/2022
#30 -3110 SIDEROAD SDRD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,999,0009/1/2022
4 SOUTHWINDS DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0PMilton$1,999,0009/23/2022
8644 CANYON RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,997,0009/9/2022
165 CAMPBELL AVE E, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,975,0009/17/2022
165 CAMPBELL Avenue E, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,975,0009/16/2022
165 CAMPBEL Avenue E, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,975,0009/16/2022
165 CAMPBEL AVE E, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,975,0009/16/2022
3 TIMBERRUN CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,799,0009/9/2022
3 TIMBERRUN Court, Flamborough, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,799,0009/9/2022
7122 TWISS RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,790,0009/2/2022
10158 OLD PINE CREST Road, Norval, Ontario L0P0A2L0PMilton$1,785,0009/10/2022
10158 OLD PINE CREST RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P0A2L0PMilton$1,785,0009/10/2022
1293 15 SIDE RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$1,777,7779/9/2022
1293 15 Road, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0PMilton$1,777,7779/9/2022
2 Glenron Road, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,749,9009/23/2022
2 GLENRON RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,749,9009/23/2022
506 GUELPH ST, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0PMilton$1,650,0009/23/2022
12496 WINSTON CHURCHILL BLVD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1N0L0PMilton$1,649,9009/3/2022
45 MOUNTSBERG Road, Flamborough, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,500,0009/1/2022
45 MOUNTSBERG RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,500,0009/1/2022
13246 SIXTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0PMilton$1,499,9009/2/2022
7271 MILBUROUGH Line, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,495,0009/2/2022
2040 15 SDRD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,488,8889/1/2022
2040 15 Side Road, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,488,8889/1/2022
14182 6TH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0PMilton$1,399,9999/24/2022
7021 TWISS Road, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,399,0009/24/2022
7021 TWISS RD N, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,399,0009/25/2022
511 CAMPBELLVILLE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,389,0009/8/2022
511 CAMPBELLVILLE Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$1,389,0009/8/2022
1200 CONSERVATION RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1P0L0PMilton$1,350,0009/24/2022
5 OVERSTONE RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0PMilton$1,179,9009/2/2022
12098 FIFTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0PMilton$1,179,0009/15/2022
85 CAMPBELL AVE W, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0PMilton$999,9999/14/2022
4 PINE CRT, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0PMilton$599,9009/22/2022
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