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All Listings in L0P,Halton Hills

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
8552 TENTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0P$27,000,00011/3/2023
7651 MILBUROUGH Line, Milton, Ontario L0P1E0L0P$11,899,00012/3/2023
8546 APPLEBY Line, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$5,880,00012/3/2023
8681 CANYON RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$5,499,00012/3/2023
2081 20TH SIDE RD N, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0P$5,238,00012/2/2023
2081 20 SIDEROAD Road N, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0P$5,238,00012/2/2023
10253 LINE 2, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$4,800,00011/8/2023
10253 SECOND LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$4,800,00012/2/2023
10088 OLD PINE CREST RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P0A2L0P$4,499,00011/3/2023
3232 20 SIDE Road, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$4,400,00012/2/2023
3232 20 SIDE RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$4,400,00012/2/2023
7219 GUELPH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$4,390,00012/3/2023
8494 TENTH LINE N, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0P$4,200,00012/2/2023
7220 GUELPH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$4,100,00011/3/2023
43 Campbellville Road, Flamborough, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$3,999,99712/2/2023
43 CAMPBELLVILLE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$3,999,99712/2/2023
8575 TWISS RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$3,950,00012/3/2023
424 8TH CONCESSION EAST, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$3,690,00012/3/2023
7076 MCNIVEN Road, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$3,518,00012/3/2023
12478 5 LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0P$3,499,90011/3/2023
7191 MILBUROUGH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$3,455,00012/3/2023
166 CAMPBELLVILLE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,980,00012/2/2023
7095 GUELPH Line, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,850,00012/3/2023
7095 GUELPH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,850,00012/3/2023
8735 MILBUROUGH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,750,00011/3/2023
15260 REGIONAL RD 10 RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0P$2,750,00011/2/2023
13373 NASSAGAWEYA-PUSLINCH TOWNLINE Townline, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0P$2,750,00012/2/2023
11300 TAYLOR CRT, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,599,90012/2/2023
11300 TAYLOR Court, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,599,90012/2/2023
12601 NASSAGAWEYA PUSLINCH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1J0L0P$2,590,00012/2/2023
11515 22 SDRD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0P$2,568,80012/3/2023
340 WHEELIHAN WAY, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,499,00011/3/2023
9052 9 LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0P$2,488,80012/2/2023
17 TIMBERRUN Court, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,295,00012/2/2023
17 TIMBERRUN CRT, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,295,00012/2/2023
331 WHEELIHAN WAY, Milton, Ontario L0P0A1L0P$2,290,00012/3/2023
548 CAMPBELLVILLE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,195,00012/2/2023
548 CAMPBELLVILLE Road, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,195,00012/2/2023
7063 GUELPH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$2,188,00012/3/2023
331 Mountsberg Road, Flamborough, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,995,00012/2/2023
331 MOUNTSBERG RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,995,00012/2/2023
2025 BLACKLOCK ST, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,989,00012/2/2023
2025 BLACKLOCK Street, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,989,00012/2/2023
10300 GUELPH Line, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,899,90012/2/2023
8082 TENTH LINE N, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0P$1,899,00011/3/2023
11225 GUELPH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,895,90012/2/2023
4 SOUTHWINDS DR, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0P$1,799,99912/2/2023
7126 GUELPH Line W, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,799,99911/3/2023
10180 GUELPH LINE, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,799,90012/2/2023
9580 WINSTON CHURCHILL BLVD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0P$1,749,00012/3/2023
11135 MCFARLAND CRT, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,749,00012/2/2023
11135 MCFARLAND Court, Campbellville, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,749,00012/2/2023
2000 15 SIDE Road, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,700,00012/2/2023
2000 15TH SIDE ROAD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,700,00012/2/2023
12998 FIFTH Line, Limehouse, Ontario L0P1H0L0P$1,699,00011/3/2023
12998 FIFTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0P$1,699,00011/3/2023
10126 OLD PINE CREST RD, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P0A2L0P$1,599,00012/3/2023
10126 OLD PINE CREST Road, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P0A2L0P$1,599,00012/3/2023
10208 TENTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1K0L0P$1,499,90011/7/2023
70 MOUNTSBERG RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,499,00011/2/2023
70 MOUNTSBERG Road, Flamborough, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$1,499,00011/2/2023
13595 SIXTH LINE, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1H0L0P$1,449,90011/2/2023
13595 SIXTH Line, Halton, Ontario L0P1H0L0P$1,449,90011/2/2023
4114 DARKWOOD Road, Puslinch, Ontario L0P1J0L0P$1,449,00012/2/2023
4331 LIMESTONE RD, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$999,90012/3/2023
4331 LIMESTONE Road, Milton, Ontario L0P1B0L0P$999,90012/3/2023
16740 LESLIE HILL, Halton Hills, Ontario L0P1N0L0P$799,00011/3/2023
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