L0L House Prices,Barrie

History Chart of Average Price And Total Listings,Barrie

Map of All Listings in L0L,Barrie

All Listings in L0L,Barrie

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
5856 HIGHWAY 89, Essa, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$7,900,0003/1/2023
688 9 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$5,999,0003/2/2023
5054 10TH Line, Essa, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$4,899,9993/15/2023
5054 10TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$4,899,9993/16/2023
1728 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$4,399,0003/1/2023
1728 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$4,399,0003/1/2023
16 VALLEYCREST DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$3,999,9853/1/2023
1748 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$3,599,0003/1/2023
301 4 Concession E, Tiny Twp, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$3,500,0003/1/2023
301 4 CONCESSION E, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$3,500,0003/1/2023
214 6 Line S, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$3,498,0003/1/2023
250 11 Concession E, Tiny Twp, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$3,495,0003/17/2023
24 FINLEY Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$3,350,0003/1/2023
24 FINLEY DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$3,350,0003/1/2023
4443 6 LINE N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$3,350,0003/9/2023
8 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$3,295,0003/1/2023
8 TINY BEACHES RD RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$3,295,0003/1/2023
199 3 CONCESSION Road W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$3,200,0003/1/2023
27 KINGFISHER Crescent, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$2,999,0003/1/2023
27 KINGFISHER CRES, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$2,999,0003/1/2023
100 CONCESSION 13 W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$2,998,8003/1/2023
943 BARRY AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$2,900,0003/1/2023
943 BARRY Avenue, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$2,900,0003/1/2023
105 MENNILL Drive, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$2,849,0003/1/2023
105 MENNILL DR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$2,849,0003/1/2023
1373 MAPLE Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$2,799,9003/1/2023
1373 MAPLE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$2,799,9003/1/2023
134 TINY BEACHES ROAD RD N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$2,700,0003/1/2023
134 TINY BEACHES Road N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$2,700,0003/1/2023
1440 OLD SECOND RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$2,629,0003/1/2023
1440 OLD SECOND Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$2,629,0003/1/2023
4767 14TH LINE, New Tecumseth, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$2,599,9993/1/2023
219 BAYSHORE Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$2,599,9993/17/2023
39 MCKEOWN ST, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$2,499,9003/3/2023
3050 RIDGE Road W, Shanty Bay, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$2,499,0003/1/2023
3050 RIDGE RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$2,499,0003/1/2023
14 PINEHURST LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$2,499,0003/2/2023
14 PINEHURST Lane, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$2,499,0003/2/2023
60 MARNI LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$2,498,8883/1/2023
1241 LINE 3 S, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$2,495,0003/1/2023
1241 LINE 3 LINE S, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$2,495,0003/1/2023
21 FAIRWAY CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$2,399,9003/3/2023
21 FAIRWAY Court, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$2,399,9003/3/2023
6 OAK RIDGE RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$2,399,9003/1/2023
1010 BEAVER LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0LBarrie$2,350,0003/1/2023
1010 BEAVER Lane, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X0L0LBarrie$2,350,0003/1/2023
65 GHIBB AVE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$2,299,9993/16/2023
65 GHIBB Avenue, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$2,299,9993/15/2023
35 GALLAGHER CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0LBarrie$2,299,9953/1/2023
35 GALLAGHER Crescent, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0LBarrie$2,299,9953/1/2023
76 WAHNEKEWENING DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$2,200,0003/1/2023
1060 RAINBOW VALLEY Road W, Phelpston, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$2,199,9993/1/2023
15 LOFTUS Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$2,199,0003/1/2023
15 LOFTUS RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$2,199,0003/1/2023
5039 10TH SDRD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$2,178,0003/2/2023
5039 10TH Side Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$2,178,0003/2/2023
19 BRIDLE Path, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$2,149,9003/1/2023
22 STEWART CRES, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$2,099,8883/1/2023
22 STEWART Crescent, Thornton, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$2,099,8883/1/2023
2371 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$1,999,9003/1/2023
2371 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$1,999,9003/1/2023
3068 3RD LINE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,999,9003/9/2023
1519 1 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,999,9003/1/2023
323 SCARLETT Line, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$1,998,8003/3/2023
6 COLLINS LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$1,974,9003/1/2023
6 COLLINS Lane, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$1,974,9003/1/2023
7 PINEHURST LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$1,958,0003/1/2023
7 PINEHURST Lane, Anten Mills, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$1,958,0003/1/2023
37 NICHOLSON Crescent, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$1,899,0003/1/2023
37 NICHOLSON CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$1,899,0003/1/2023
3167 6 FLOS Road W, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$1,890,8883/1/2023
3167 6 FLOS RD W, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$1,890,8883/1/2023
16 YARWOOD Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,849,0003/1/2023
16 YARWOOD RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,849,0003/1/2023
13 BRIDLE TR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0LBarrie$1,845,0003/1/2023
7 NORDIC TR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,799,9003/1/2023
140 6 COUNTY RD N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,799,9003/1/2023
140 6 COUNTY Road N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,799,9003/1/2023
3991 2ND LINE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,799,0003/8/2023
3991 2ND Line, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,799,0003/8/2023
401 RIDGE Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,795,0003/1/2023
2235 RIDGE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,795,0003/1/2023
2235 RIDGE Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,795,0003/1/2023
1097 6 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,780,0003/1/2023
1 MARTINBROOK CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,750,0003/1/2023
1 MARTINBROOK Crescent, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,750,0003/1/2023
878 JOHN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,749,0003/1/2023
83 GOLDFINCH Crescent, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,745,5003/9/2023
83 GOLDFINCH CRES, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,745,5003/11/2023
984 LITTLE CEDAR AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$1,699,9993/15/2023
45 DAVIS TR, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$1,699,9003/9/2023
45 DAVIS Trail, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$1,699,9003/9/2023
2856 4TH Line, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,699,0003/1/2023
7 HIGHLAND DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,699,0003/1/2023
7 HIGHLAND Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,699,0003/1/2023
172 GOLDFINCH Crescent, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,699,0003/1/2023
2A EVELYN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,698,9903/8/2023
2645 3RD LINE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,688,8003/16/2023
4436 20TH SDRD, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,668,0003/1/2023
4436 20TH SDRD, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,668,0002/21/2023
93 O'BRIEN Street, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,599,9003/1/2023
93 O'BRIEN ST, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,599,9003/1/2023
2388 MCDONALD RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,599,0003/1/2023
2388 MCDONALD Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,599,0003/1/2023
1182 GILFORD RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,589,9993/3/2023
17 FAIRWAY Court, Horseshoe Valley, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,589,0003/1/2023
17 FAIRWAY CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,589,0003/1/2023
1449 GILFORD RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,559,9993/1/2023
42 MUMBERSON ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,549,0003/18/2023
21A WELLINGTON ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,500,0003/1/2023
2600 GILFORD RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,499,9992/18/2023
45 ALPINE Way, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,499,9003/2/2023
LOT 4 COTTONWOOD Street, Anten Mills, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$1,499,9003/1/2023
1358 HARRINGTON ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,499,0003/3/2023
712 MT ST LOUIS RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$1,499,0003/14/2023
712 MT ST LOUIS Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$1,499,0003/14/2023
806 ADAMS RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L2M0L0LBarrie$1,498,0003/1/2023
184 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,495,0003/1/2023
6 REILLYS RUN, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$1,489,9993/9/2023
6 REILLYS Run, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$1,489,9993/9/2023
878 JOHN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,480,0003/3/2023
26 NORTHWOOD CRT, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,450,0003/18/2023
26 NORTHWOOD Court, Craighurst, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,450,0003/18/2023
26 HERITAGE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,449,9003/11/2023
22 OAKMONT AVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,399,9993/17/2023
22 OAKMONT Avenue, Horseshoe Valley, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,399,9993/17/2023
30 FOLIAGE Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,399,9993/1/2023
9 WOODS Drive, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,399,9993/9/2023
9 WOODS DR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,399,9993/9/2023
30 FOLIAGE DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,399,9993/1/2023
2594 2ND Line, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,399,9993/1/2023
2594 2 LINE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,399,9993/1/2023
14 EVERTON DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,399,9003/1/2023
14 EVERTON Drive, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,399,9003/1/2023
293 BEACH RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,399,9003/9/2023
293 BEACH Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,399,9003/9/2023
28 ALPINE WAY, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,399,0003/2/2023
28 ALPINE Way, Horseshoe Valley, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,399,0003/2/2023
29 WELLINGTON ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,399,0003/15/2023
837 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,399,0003/18/2023
19 RUBY RDGE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,397,0003/1/2023
19 RUBY Ridge, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,397,0003/1/2023
24 NORDIC TRAIL Trail, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,395,0003/15/2023
11 FLAY CRT, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,375,0003/1/2023
521 LINE 3 SOUTH LINE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,350,0003/9/2023
28 WILLOW DRIVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$1,349,9003/10/2023
901 LINE 7 N Lane, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,349,9003/1/2023
28 WILLOW DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$1,349,9003/10/2023
1434 SIMPKIN CRT, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,349,0003/2/2023
3752 HORSESHOE VALLEY Road W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$1,339,9003/2/2023
3752 HORSESHOE VALLEY RD W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$1,339,9003/2/2023
115 DORAN RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X0L0LBarrie$1,329,9003/1/2023
115 DORAN Road, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X0L0LBarrie$1,329,9003/1/2023
2 LANDSCAPE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,325,0003/2/2023
2 LANDSCAPE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,325,0003/2/2023
7478 9TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$1,299,9993/3/2023
260 12 Concession E, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$1,299,7773/1/2023
4532 5TH Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$1,299,0003/1/2023
5903 56 COUNTY RD, Essa, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,299,0003/1/2023
4532 5TH Line N, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$1,299,0003/1/2023
1007 RANGE RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,299,0003/1/2023
1292 MAPLE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$1,298,0003/1/2023
30 QUEEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,295,0003/1/2023
36 LADDIE LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$1,295,0003/1/2023
36 LADDIE Lane, Anten Mills, Ontario L0L1Y2L0LBarrie$1,295,0003/1/2023
26 SHADES VALLEY ROAD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$1,275,0003/1/2023
26 SHADES VALLEY RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$1,275,0003/1/2023
968 GILMORE AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,274,9003/1/2023
968 GILMORE Avenue, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,274,9003/1/2023
586 15/16 SIDEROAD SDRD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$1,269,9003/18/2023
1192 ST VINCENT ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X1L0LBarrie$1,268,8003/1/2023
1192 ST. VINCENT Street, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X1L0LBarrie$1,268,8003/1/2023
5 BRIDLE PATH, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,250,0003/1/2023
973 CHURCH DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,250,0003/4/2023
2529 3RD Line, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,249,0003/2/2023
46 MACNAUGHTON DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,238,8003/14/2023
23 NICHOLSON CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$1,200,0003/9/2023
32 NICHOLSON CRES, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$1,200,0003/11/2023
877 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,199,9983/15/2023
32 LANDSCAPE DRIVE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,199,9003/1/2023
32 LANDSCAPE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,199,9003/1/2023
80 HIGHLAND DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,199,9002/24/2023
80 HIGHLAND Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,199,9002/24/2023
4796 FIFTEENTH SDRD, New Tecumseth, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,199,9003/1/2023
2000 RIDGE RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,199,9003/9/2023
2000 RIDGE Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,199,9003/9/2023
10 KING ST S, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,199,0003/1/2023
6089 6TH Line, Egbert, Ontario L0L1N0L0LBarrie$1,199,0003/1/2023
6089 6TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L1N0L0LBarrie$1,199,0003/1/2023
10 KING Street S, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,199,0003/1/2023
4 DEAN CRT, Wasaga Beach, Ontario L0L2P0L0LBarrie$1,199,0003/1/2023
2155 NORTH ORR LAKE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,158,0003/1/2023
867 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,150,0003/15/2023
LOT 45 ""B"" Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario L0L0L0L0LBarrie$1,150,0003/1/2023
3342 Sandpiper St, Colwood, British Columbia L0L0L0L0LBarrie$1,149,9003/1/2023
918 SLOAN CIRCLE DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,149,9003/1/2023
918 SLOAN CIRCLE Drive, Churchill, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,149,9003/1/2023
36 PRIEST Avenue, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$1,149,9003/2/2023
36 PRIEST AVE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y3L0LBarrie$1,149,9003/2/2023
46 HOLLOWAY LANE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1X1L0LBarrie$1,149,0003/1/2023
46 HOLLOWAY Lane, Midhurst, Ontario L0L1X1L0LBarrie$1,149,0003/1/2023
755 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,148,8883/1/2023
1051 HARDY WAY, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,124,9903/11/2023
1239 PEELAR CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,100,0003/2/2023
1239 PEELAR Crescent, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,100,0003/2/2023
2328 SOUTH ORR LAKE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,100,0003/1/2023
2328 SOUTH ORR LAKE Road, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,100,0003/1/2023
2558 HORSESHOE VALLEY RD W, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$1,100,0003/9/2023
2558 HORSESHOE VALLEY Road W, Phelpston, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$1,100,0003/9/2023
26 ALBERT ST W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$1,100,0003/15/2023
26 ALBERT Street W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$1,100,0003/15/2023
980 GREEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/2/2023
15 SHAW Street, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/1/2023
15 SHAW ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/1/2023
2238 4TH Line, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/4/2023
1152 BIRCH RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/2/2023
6371 6TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L1N0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/1/2023
54 SHELSWELL Boulevard, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/1/2023
54 SHELSWELL BLVD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/1/2023
160 9 Line S, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$1,099,0003/6/2023
255 BARRIE ST, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$1,089,9903/1/2023
255 BARRIE Street, Thornton, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$1,089,9903/9/2023
51 LANDSCAPE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,070,0003/1/2023
51 LANDSCAPE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$1,070,0003/1/2023
1288 GILFORD RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,050,0003/8/2023
26 CLOVERHILL CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$1,050,0003/1/2023
1196 SHORE ACRES Drive, Gilford, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,049,9003/1/2023
1196 SHORE ACRES DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$1,049,9003/1/2023
45 Evergreen Avenue, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,049,0003/1/2023
45 EVERGREEN AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$1,049,0003/1/2023
1147 STANTIN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,008,0003/1/2023
1147 STANTIN Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$1,008,0003/1/2023
40 JEAN ANN Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$999,9903/9/2023
40 JEAN ANN DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$999,9903/9/2023
1020 HARDY WAY Way, Lefroy, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$999,9003/2/2023
1020 HARDY WAY, Lefroy, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$999,9003/3/2023
11 ALBERT ST W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$999,0003/1/2023
11 ALBERT Street W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$999,0003/1/2023
4 TANGLEWOOD Crescent, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$997,7503/1/2023
4 TANGLEWOOD CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$997,7503/1/2023
7 JANES CRES, New Tecumseth, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$995,0003/1/2023
639 5 CONCESSION W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$995,0003/1/2023
2040 SOUTH ORR LAKE Road, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$995,0003/1/2023
1252 PEELAR CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$989,9993/1/2023
1276 PEELAR CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$988,0003/11/2023
1177 PEELAR CRES, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$980,0003/12/2023
17 MARYJANE RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$979,9003/1/2023
17 MARYJANE Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$979,9003/1/2023
2214 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$979,0002/28/2023
25 QUEEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$978,0003/9/2023
5154 10TH LINE, Essa, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$975,0003/14/2023
1151 BIRCH RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$974,9003/17/2023
1151 BIRCH Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$974,9003/16/2023
7 GEORGE Street, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$972,0003/1/2023
7 GEORGE ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$972,0003/1/2023
46 QUEEN ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$969,0003/1/2023
2163 TINY BEACHES Road S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$949,9003/1/2023
2163 TINY BEACHES RD S, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$949,9003/1/2023
1086 RIDGE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$949,9003/11/2023
1086 RIDGE Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$949,9003/11/2023
1086 RIDGE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$949,9003/15/2023
1101 SPOONERS RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$949,0003/1/2023
4802 5TH SDRD, Essa, Ontario L0L2N2L0LBarrie$949,0003/1/2023
1020 ANNA MARIA AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L2M0L0LBarrie$925,0003/1/2023
1527 KILLARNEY BEACH RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$899,9993/1/2023
19 BELGROVE Crescent, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$899,0003/1/2023
19 BELGROVE CRES, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$899,0003/1/2023
1693 RIVER RD W, Wasaga Beach, Ontario L0L2P0L0LBarrie$899,0003/1/2023
1895 APPLEWOOD AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L2M0L0LBarrie$899,0003/1/2023
240 SPENCER AVE, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$895,0003/1/2023
240 SPENCER Avenue, Essa, Ontario L0L2N0L0LBarrie$895,0003/1/2023
20 FOREST RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$879,9003/9/2023
20 FOREST Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$879,9003/11/2023
76 COLEMAN DR N, Barrie, Ontario L0L2M0L0LBarrie$859,9003/20/2023
31 TINY BEACHES Road N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$849,9003/1/2023
31 TINY BEACHES RD N, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$849,9003/1/2023
14 HUNTER CRT, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$849,9003/1/2023
14 HUNTER Court, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$849,9003/1/2023
103 EMILIO PL, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$849,0003/2/2023
1124 GILFORD RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$849,0003/1/2023
103 EMILIO Place, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$849,0003/2/2023
1020 EWART ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$844,9003/9/2023
1020 EWART Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$844,9003/9/2023
30 MILL Street W, Hillsdale, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$839,0003/1/2023
1172 PARKWAY DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$830,0003/1/2023
1172 PARKWAY Drive, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1R0L0LBarrie$830,0002/18/2023
123 CONCESSION ROAD 13 W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$824,9003/1/2023
123 13 CONCESSION Road W, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$824,9003/1/2023
6 HURON Street, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$815,0003/9/2023
6 HURON ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L2M0L0LBarrie$815,0003/9/2023
44 JOHN ST E, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$799,9993/14/2023
470 LAKESHORE RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$799,9003/1/2023
470 LAKESHORE Road E, Oro Station, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$799,9003/1/2023
66 SCARLETT LINE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$799,0003/1/2023
998 LITTLE CEDAR AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$799,0003/9/2023
1174 ALFRED ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$799,0003/11/2023
1174 ALFRED Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$799,0003/11/2023
1143 TIMBER TRAIL PL, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$780,0003/5/2023
127 MARYJANE RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$779,9003/1/2023
127 MARYJANE Road, Tiny, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$779,9003/1/2023
2404 RONALD RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$775,0003/1/2023
2404 RONALD Road, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$775,0003/1/2023
4 HARVEY Drive, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$774,9003/1/2023
4 HARVEY DR, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$774,9003/1/2023
112 WILLIAM Street, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$774,9003/9/2023
112 WILLIAM ST, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$774,9003/9/2023
155 EVERGREEN Avenue, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$774,9003/1/2023
13 BLUEHAVEN Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$770,0003/1/2023
13 BLUEHAVEN DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$770,0003/1/2023
6 GLENVIEW AVE, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$759,9003/3/2023
6 GLENVIEW Avenue, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$759,9003/3/2023
10 BUCKLEY ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$749,9003/1/2023
10 BUCKLEY Street, Phelpston, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$749,9003/1/2023
1684 GEORGE JOHNSTON Road, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$749,9003/17/2023
1684 GEORGE JOHNSON RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$749,9003/18/2023
700 HASTINGS AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L2M0L0LBarrie$749,8693/1/2023
700 HASTINGS Avenue, Innisfil, Ontario L0L2M0L0LBarrie$749,8693/1/2023
56 RITCHIE Crescent, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$749,7773/1/2023
5 PRISCILLA Street, Wyevale, Ontario L0L2T0L0LBarrie$749,0003/6/2023
19 PIONEER Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$729,9003/1/2023
155 EVERGREEN Avenue, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$729,9003/17/2023
19 HASTINGS AVENUE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$719,0003/9/2023
19 HASTINGS AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$719,0003/9/2023
1124 STONEY POINT Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$709,9003/11/2023
1124 STONEY POINT RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$709,9003/11/2023
1274 KILLARNEY BEACH RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$699,9993/1/2023
1072 GARDNER PL, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$699,9003/9/2023
1072 GARDNER Place, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$699,9003/9/2023
88 YONGE Street S, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$699,9003/3/2023
971 GILMORE AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$699,0003/1/2023
2063 HIGHWAY 11, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$699,0003/1/2023
2063 HIGWAY 11 Highway, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$699,0003/1/2023
39 KERR ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$695,0003/1/2023
39 KERR Street, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$695,0003/1/2023
4544 PENETANGUISHENE RD, Springwater, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$679,0003/1/2023
1108 TROMBLEY ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$675,0003/3/2023
1108 TROMBLEY Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$675,0003/3/2023
6222 YONGE ST, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$675,0003/9/2023
6222 YONGE Street, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1K0L0LBarrie$675,0003/9/2023
3923 HORSESHOE VALLEY RD W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$674,9003/8/2023
3923 HORSESHOE VALLEY Road W, Minesing, Ontario L0L1Y0L0LBarrie$674,9003/8/2023
29 DOAN AVE, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$659,9003/1/2023
29 DOAN Avenue, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$659,9003/1/2023
1020 CORNER AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$658,0003/1/2023
1020 CORNER Avenue, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$658,0003/1/2023
1050 BALSAM RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$649,9993/1/2023
1050 BALSAM Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$649,9993/1/2023
537 MOUNT ST. LOUIS RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L1V0L0LBarrie$649,9003/1/2023
760 FLORENCE RD, Innisfil, Ontario L0L2M0L0LBarrie$649,9003/18/2023
16 LORNE ST, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$639,9003/1/2023
16 LORNE Street, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$639,9003/1/2023
24 SHELSWELL BLVD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2E0L0LBarrie$629,9993/1/2023
52 PILON RD, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$624,9003/1/2023
52 PILON Road, Balm Beach, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$624,9003/1/2023
2361 11 Highway N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$599,9003/1/2023
2361 HIGHWAY 11 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0L2L0L0LBarrie$599,9003/1/2023
50 BALSAM Street, Tiny, Ontario L0L1P1L0LBarrie$599,9003/8/2023
3340 FLOS 4 RD W, Springwater, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$599,9003/11/2023
3340 FLOS ROAD 4 W, Phelpston, Ontario L0L2K0L0LBarrie$599,9003/11/2023
117 OLIVER Drive, Tiny Twp, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$599,7773/1/2023
942 BARRY AVE, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1W0L0LBarrie$597,8003/3/2023
64 QUEEN ST W, Springwater, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$579,9003/1/2023
64 QUEEN Street W, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$579,9003/1/2023
1093 SPRUCE Road, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1C0L0LBarrie$579,8883/1/2023
6 Stone Street, Elmvale, Ontario L0L1P0L0LBarrie$569,0003/1/2023
31 WOODWARD DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$450,0003/2/2023
31 WOODWARD Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$450,0003/2/2023
6 BLACKMAN Boulevard, Hawkestone, Ontario L0L1T0L0LBarrie$425,0003/2/2023
29 ROYAL OAK DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$333,9003/1/2023
33 ROYAL OAK DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$294,9003/1/2023
25 ROYAL OAK DR, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$294,9003/1/2023
33 ROYAL OAK Drive, Innisfil, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$294,9003/1/2023
25 ROYAL OAK Drive, Cookstown, Ontario L0L1L0L0LBarrie$294,9003/1/2023
121 OLIVER Drive, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$235,0003/1/2023
121 OLIVER DR, Tiny, Ontario L0L2J0L0LBarrie$235,0003/1/2023
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