L0K House Prices,Severn

History Chart of Average Price And Total Listings,Severn

Map of All Listings in L0K,Severn

All Listings in L0K,Severn

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
1324 SPYGLASS POINT RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$6,800,0006/2/2022
1324 SPYGLASS POINT Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$6,800,0006/2/2022
3857 11 Line N, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$6,200,0006/25/2022
3857 LINE 11 LINE N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$6,200,0006/28/2022
93 WOODLAND Trail, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$5,495,0006/24/2022
217 SUNRISE Trail, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$4,995,0006/2/2022
2105 DEER ISLAND, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$4,899,0006/25/2022
165 KOETSIER Lane, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$4,750,0006/2/2022
1332 SPYGLASS POINT RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$4,498,0006/17/2022
1332 SPYGLASS POINT Road, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$4,498,0006/17/2022
1958 NEWTON ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$3,585,0006/3/2022
1958 NEWTON Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$3,585,0006/3/2022
12 ISLAND 2075/ARTHUR Island, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$3,500,0006/4/2022
12 ISLAND 2075/ARTHUR, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$3,500,0006/5/2022
306 O'HARA POINT Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$3,499,0006/16/2022
434 LAKEVIEW DR, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$3,200,0006/8/2022
434 LAKEVIEW Drive, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$3,200,0006/8/2022
4662 LINE 6 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$2,999,9996/26/2022
1216 WOOD Road, Tay, Ontario L0K2E0L0KSevern$2,998,0006/19/2022
80 ARBOUR Trail, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$2,995,0006/23/2022
80 ARBOUR TR, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$2,995,0006/23/2022
217 BONNEVILLE RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$2,799,0006/2/2022
217 BONNEVILLE Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$2,799,0006/2/2022
31750 SIMCOE ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$2,798,0006/2/2022
3686 AGNEW RD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$2,780,0006/22/2022
3686 AGNEW Road, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$2,780,0006/23/2022
151 MOUNT SAINT LOUIS Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$2,750,0006/19/2022
151 MOUNT SAINT LOUIS RD E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$2,750,0006/19/2022
2787 SIMCOE RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$2,690,0006/2/2022
2787 SIMCOE Road, Rama, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$2,690,0006/2/2022
2 IS 3700 TABLE ROCK Island, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$2,650,0006/1/2022
2IS3700 TABLE ROCK ISLANDS, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$2,650,0006/1/2022
2928 12 Line N, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$2,600,0006/17/2022
446 MEDONTE 2 Sideroad, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$2,500,0006/19/2022
23555 SIDE ROAD 18A RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$2,499,9996/2/2022
6472 RAMA RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$2,499,9906/2/2022
103 KIM T Lane, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$2,499,0006/4/2022
15 WHISTLER PLACE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$2,498,8886/2/2022
15 WHISTLER PL, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$2,498,8886/2/2022
32300 SHORELINE RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$2,428,8886/24/2022
6172 5TH LINE N, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$2,399,9006/23/2022
6172 5TH Line N, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$2,399,9006/23/2022
5363 9 Line N, Moonstone, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$2,398,0006/2/2022
5363 9 LINE N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$2,398,0006/2/2022
3231 CRESCENT BAY RD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$2,350,0006/29/2022
3231 CRESCENT BAY Road, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$2,350,0006/29/2022
30 GEORGIAN Lane, Tay Twp, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$2,299,7776/23/2022
3568 AMILIA DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$2,290,0006/2/2022
76 DRIFTWOOD Lane, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$2,199,0006/7/2022
76 DRIFTWOOD LANE, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$2,199,0006/8/2022
76 DRIFTWOOD Lane, Georgian Bay Twp, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$2,199,0006/18/2022
33 PARADISE BLVD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$2,179,0006/2/2022
2879 SUNNYDALE LANE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$2,139,0006/2/2022
4320 DINNERTIME RAPIDS Lane, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$2,100,0006/14/2022
25060 MAPLE BEACH Road, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,999,9006/2/2022
25060 MAPLE BEACH RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,999,9006/2/2022
158 IROQUOIS Road E, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,999,9006/2/2022
158 IROQUOIS RD E, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,999,9006/2/2022
103 KIM T LANE, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,999,0006/25/2022
103 KIM T Lane, Georgian Bay Twp, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,999,0006/25/2022
26450 CEDARHURST BEACH RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,995,0006/4/2022
142 DUCK BAY RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,988,8886/29/2022
142 DUCK BAY Road, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,988,8886/29/2022
5609 UPPER BIG CHUTE Road, Severn Falls, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,988,0006/7/2022
B60 MCLENNANS BEACH Road, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,899,9006/2/2022
B60 MCLENNANS BEACH RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,899,9006/2/2022
11 DOCK LANE, Midland, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$1,890,0006/2/2022
1626 GEORGIAN HEIGHTS Boulevard, Severn, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,850,0006/2/2022
20 MORGAN DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,799,9006/14/2022
20 MORGAN Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,799,9006/17/2022
1502 MEADOWLARK CRT, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,799,0006/2/2022
14808 HWY 12, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,788,0006/2/2022
1280 BLACK BEACH LANE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,780,0006/2/2022
B25400 MAPLE BEACH Road, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,749,9006/2/2022
B25400 MAPLE BEACH RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,749,9006/2/2022
17 REID'S RDGE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$1,725,0006/17/2022
17 REID'S Ridge, Moonstone, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$1,725,0006/17/2022
2584 GRAND Island, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,700,0006/7/2022
980 INGRAM Road, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,699,9006/3/2022
980 INGRAM RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,699,9006/3/2022
26540 CEDARHURST BEACH RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,695,0006/2/2022
81 GRANDVIEW RD, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$1,690,0006/28/2022
81 GRANDVIEW Road, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$1,690,0006/28/2022
3426 RUSSELL DR, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,659,0006/9/2022
3426 RUSSELL Drive, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,659,0006/9/2022
3388 RUSSELL Drive, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,659,0006/18/2022
3388 RUSSELL DR N, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,659,0006/18/2022
127 MASKINONGE Road, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,599,9996/2/2022
2695 COUNTY 47 RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,599,9996/14/2022
138 LONE PINE Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,599,9006/25/2022
41 SOUTHVIEW DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,599,0006/18/2022
7740 BIRCH DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,599,0006/2/2022
7740 BIRCH DRIVE, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,599,0006/2/2022
3922 WEST CANAL RD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,599,0006/3/2022
98 TURTLE PATH, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,555,6496/2/2022
6 MEADOWS Avenue, Tay Twp, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,549,7776/18/2022
8700 GEORGIAN BAY Shore, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,500,0006/18/2022
2850 WAINMAN Line, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,500,0006/23/2022
1412 FLORIDA AVE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,499,9996/2/2022
1869 ROCKCLIFFE Island, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,499,9006/2/2022
29 GEORGIAN GRANDE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,499,9006/2/2022
29 Georgian Grande Drive, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,499,9006/2/2022
1869 ROCKCLIFFE ISLAND, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,499,9006/2/2022
7650 BIRCH Drive, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,499,9006/2/2022
4055 LINE 8 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,499,0006/17/2022
3880 8 Line N, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,499,0006/19/2022
3880 LINE 8 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,499,0006/19/2022
217 BAYSHORE Drive, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,495,0006/2/2022
217 BAYSHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,495,0006/2/2022
#15 -1007 COUNTY RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario L0K2T0L0KSevern$1,495,0006/17/2022
130 BAYSHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,495,0006/23/2022
#15 -1007 COUNTY RD, Prince Edward County, Ontario L0K2T0L0KSevern$1,495,0006/25/2022
2951 PINECONE Trail, Severn Twp, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,490,0006/29/2022
161 CAMPBELL BEACH RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,489,9006/10/2022
161 CAMPBELL BEACH Road, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,489,9006/10/2022
99 MASKINONGE Road, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,475,0006/2/2022
99 MASKINONGE RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,475,0006/2/2022
37SR406 SEVERN RIVER SHORES, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,449,0006/2/2022
37-SR406 SEVERN RIVER Shores, Muskoka Lakes Twp, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,449,0006/2/2022
1607 GEORGIAN HEIGHTS Boulevard, Severn, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,399,9006/4/2022
1607 GEORGIAN HEIGHTS BLVD, Severn, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,399,9006/4/2022
1773 GLEN ECHO RDGE, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,399,9006/18/2022
1773 GLEN ECHO Ridge, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,399,9006/18/2022
1655 GEORGIAN HEIGHTS BOULEVARD, Severn, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/2/2022
3522 12 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/17/2022
6029 LINE 6 LINE N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/2/2022
5346 CLARESBRIDGE Lane, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/2/2022
3522 LINE 12 N LINE, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/18/2022
3463 MARY Crescent, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/2/2022
3463 MARY C CRES, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/2/2022
1655 GEORGIAN HEIGHTS BLVD, Severn, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/2/2022
6264 9 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/19/2022
80 SUGAR LOAF Lane, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/25/2022
80 SUGAR LOAF LANE, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,399,0006/25/2022
1295 CONCESSION RD 10, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,390,0006/2/2022
16 TRILLIUM Trail, Horseshoe Valley, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,375,0006/11/2022
1322 BLACK BEACH LANE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,364,8886/11/2022
33 GRACE CRES, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2G1L0KSevern$1,350,0006/18/2022
33 GRACE Crescent, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2G1L0KSevern$1,350,0006/18/2022
596 O'LEARY Lane, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,349,9006/12/2022
596 OLEARY LANE, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,349,9006/12/2022
1828 CHURCH Line N, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,349,0006/1/2022
1828 CHURCH LINE N, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,349,0006/1/2022
2456 LAKESHORE Drive, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,349,0006/18/2022
2456 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,349,0006/18/2022
230 ROBINS POINT RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,329,0006/1/2022
7 CATHERINE ST, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,325,0006/4/2022
7 CATHERINE Street, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,325,0006/4/2022
6756 MAPLE AVE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$1,299,9006/1/2022
6756 MAPLE Avenue, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$1,299,9006/1/2022
2610 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,299,6496/14/2022
14 PINETREE CRT, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,299,0006/16/2022
14 PINETREE Court, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,299,0006/17/2022
2 ISLAND 20 / SAWDUST Island, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,299,0006/18/2022
2 IS 20 ISLAND, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,299,0006/18/2022
7803 BIRCH Drive, Ramara Township, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,295,0006/1/2022
7803 BIRCH DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,295,0006/1/2022
7272 GLEN ELLEN DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,295,0006/18/2022
7272 GLEN ELLEN Drive, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,295,0006/18/2022
64 Long Point Road, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,289,8006/1/2022
98 CRAWFORD Road, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,289,0006/22/2022
2008 CONCESSION 1 RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,288,0006/1/2022
575 OLEARY LANE, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$1,275,0006/1/2022
30 MEADOWS AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,275,0006/1/2022
30 MEADOWS Avenue, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,275,0006/1/2022
17 SNOWSHOE TR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$1,274,9006/15/2022
17 SNOWSHOE Trail, Moonstone, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$1,274,9006/15/2022
3298 HENDI Lane, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,200,0006/21/2022
2236 O'NEILL STREET Street, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,200,0006/1/2022
1 OLD COTTAGE LANE, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,200,0006/1/2022
175 BAYSHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,199,9996/3/2022
175 BAYSHORE Drive, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,199,9996/3/2022
3146 ROBB CRT, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,199,9996/1/2022
67 MEADOWS Avenue, Tay Twp, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,199,9996/29/2022
67 MEADOWS AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,199,9006/29/2022
20 SANDLEWOOD Trail, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,199,5006/23/2022
20 SANDLEWOOD TR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,199,5006/23/2022
236 MOONSTONE Road, Moonstone, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$1,199,0006/1/2022
6013 CONCESSION B & C RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$1,199,0006/17/2022
216 MORRISON AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,199,0006/25/2022
216 MORRISON Avenue, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,199,0006/25/2022
2330 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,195,0006/1/2022
2330 LAKESHORE Drive, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,195,0006/1/2022
5 JENNETT DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$1,169,0006/4/2022
5 JENNETT Drive, Moonstone, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$1,169,0006/4/2022
6689 RAMA Road, Ramara Township, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$1,150,0006/22/2022
6689 RAMA RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$1,150,0006/22/2022
4 ISLAND 270, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,150,0006/24/2022
7288 RAMA RD, Orillia, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,149,9996/21/2022
7288 RAMA RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,149,9996/21/2022
7288 RAMARA Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,149,9996/22/2022
2300 LAKESHORE Drive, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,149,9006/1/2022
2300 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,149,9006/1/2022
21 STODDARD ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$1,100,0006/2/2022
44 STAGE COACH Road, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$1,100,0006/1/2022
44 STAGE COACH RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$1,100,0006/1/2022
52 HEATH VALLEY TR, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,100,0006/4/2022
52 HEATH VALLEY Trail, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,100,0006/4/2022
3788 AGNEW ROAD Road, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,100,0006/25/2022
3788 AGNEW RD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,100,0006/25/2022
3146 ROBB CRT, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$1,099,9996/18/2022
1008 SYLVAN GLEN DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,099,9006/23/2022
1008 SYLVAN GLEN Drive, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,099,9006/23/2022
11 PARK Lane, Seabright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$1,099,9006/21/2022
11 PARK LANE, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$1,099,9006/21/2022
6021 CONCESSION B & C RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$1,099,0006/17/2022
6 CURRIE LANE, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,089,0006/29/2022
6 CURRIE Lane, Georgian Bay Twp, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,089,0006/29/2022
4135 DALRYMPLE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,050,0006/1/2022
5183 SEVERN PINES CRES, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$1,050,0006/29/2022
4135 DALRYMPLE Drive, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$1,050,0006/1/2022
236 ELDER Road, Roseneath, Ontario L0K2X0L0KSevern$1,049,0006/7/2022
236 ELDER RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario L0K2X0L0KSevern$1,049,0006/7/2022
2 ISLAND 270, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$1,000,0006/24/2022
130 CRAWFORD Road, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,9996/28/2022
130 CRAWFORD RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,9996/28/2022
26 IRONWOOD Trail, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$999,9996/9/2022
26 IRONWOOD TR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$999,9996/9/2022
3 PATRICIA CRES, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$999,9906/23/2022
1427 FLORIDA AVE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,9006/1/2022
43 GRANDVIEW ROAD, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$999,9006/1/2022
2519 NORTON Road, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$999,9006/20/2022
2519 NORTON RD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$999,9006/21/2022
37 ALPINE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$999,9006/18/2022
37 ALPINE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$999,9006/18/2022
7 POLLOCK AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$999,9006/1/2022
1295 FURNISS Drive, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,9006/11/2022
1295 FURNISS DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,9006/11/2022
50 TERRY CLAYTON AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$999,9006/17/2022
6084 SHEBA Drive, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$999,9006/16/2022
1427 FLORIDA Avenue, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,9006/1/2022
6084 SHEBA DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$999,9006/16/2022
7288 RAMA Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$999,9006/3/2022
13 SUGARBUSH Road, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$999,9006/11/2022
13 SUGARBUSH RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$999,9006/11/2022
12 LAKE AVE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,6496/1/2022
25066 COMMODORE RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$999,0006/1/2022
92 MITCHELL'S BEACH RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$999,0006/1/2022
92 MITCHELL'S BEACH Road, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$999,0006/1/2022
3 MCCASKELL ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$999,0006/1/2022
68 FOREST Lane, Baxter, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$999,0006/2/2022
51 POPLAR Crescent, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,0006/26/2022
51 POPLAR CRES, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$999,0006/26/2022
37 POLLACK AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$999,0006/3/2022
1461 UPPER BIG CHUTE, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$999,0006/28/2022
1461 UPPER BIG CHUTE, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$999,0006/28/2022
79 KING Road, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$998,9006/1/2022
5 SANDLEWOOD Trail, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$995,0006/1/2022
35 TURTLE PATH, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$995,0006/1/2022
35 TURTLE Path, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$995,0006/1/2022
424 NORTH ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$989,0006/23/2022
1718 FAIRVIEW DR, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$988,8006/2/2022
2638 BLAKE AVE, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$975,0006/1/2022
2638 BLAKE Avenue, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$975,0006/1/2022
33 PARK ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$964,9006/1/2022
B390 CONCESSION RD 2 RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$960,0006/15/2022
2589 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$955,0006/1/2022
2589 LAKESHORE Drive, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$955,0006/1/2022
6-SR409 SEVERN RIVER Shores, Muskoka Lakes Twp, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$949,9006/1/2022
6-SR409 SEVERN RIVER SHORES, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$949,9006/1/2022
98 HOYT Avenue, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$949,9006/1/2022
98 HOYT AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$949,9006/1/2022
388 ROBINS POINT Road, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$949,9006/15/2022
388 ROBINS POINT ROAD RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$949,9006/15/2022
23 MCCASKELL ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$949,8006/5/2022
1114 RAMARA 47 RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$949,0006/7/2022
520 OLEARY Lane, Tay Twp, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$949,0006/1/2022
1765 GLOUCESTER POOL, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$949,0006/17/2022
23 JARDINE Street, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$899,9006/1/2022
23 JARDINE ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$899,9006/1/2022
14 WILLOW Crescent, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$899,9006/1/2022
14 WILLOW CRES, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$899,9006/1/2022
2 ISLAND 30 SEVERN RIVER Shore, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$899,9006/16/2022
3283 RIVERDALE DR, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$899,5006/8/2022
3283 RIVERDALE Drive, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$899,5006/8/2022
516 OLEARY LANE, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$899,0006/1/2022
637 SIMCOE ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$899,0006/17/2022
516 OLEARY Lane, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$899,0006/1/2022
66 ELIZABETH ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$899,0006/1/2022
66 ELIZABETH Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$899,0006/1/2022
1866 WARMINSTER Sideroad, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2G0L0KSevern$899,0006/1/2022
37 POLLOCK AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$899,0006/18/2022
7458 ASH Crescent, Ramara, Ontario L0K2E0L0KSevern$895,0006/10/2022
7458 ASH CRES, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$895,0006/10/2022
1889 FOXMEAD Road, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$889,9006/3/2022
1889 FOXMEAD RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$889,9006/3/2022
37 DUFFY Drive, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$885,0006/10/2022
2481 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$880,0006/1/2022
49 SLALOM Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$879,9006/1/2022
9 SHEPPARD DR, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$875,0006/28/2022
9 SHEPPARD Drive, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$875,0006/28/2022
5 WINTERGREEN Circle, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$869,9006/1/2022
5 WINTERGREEN CIRC, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$869,9006/1/2022
3925 TREELINE Drive, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$869,9006/1/2022
3925 TREELINE DR, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$869,9006/1/2022
49 WINFIELD Drive, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$869,0006/24/2022
49 WINFIELD DR, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$869,0006/24/2022
49 WINFIELD DR, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$869,0006/25/2022
1866 WARMINSTER Sideroad, Warminster, Ontario L0K2G0L0KSevern$860,0006/21/2022
34 COUNTRY Trail, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$850,0006/1/2022
1670 FAIRGROUNDS Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$850,0006/1/2022
1670 FAIRGROUNDS RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$850,0006/1/2022
42 CEDAR BAY RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$849,9006/15/2022
3132 GOLDSTEIN ROAD, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
2 POLLOCK Avenue, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
420 MAY Street, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$849,9006/21/2022
420 MAY ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$849,9006/21/2022
5127 SEVERN PINES Crescent, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$849,9006/28/2022
5127 SEVERN PINES CRES, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$849,9006/28/2022
B1905 REGIONAL ROAD 15, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
36 ISLAND 20/YELLOWHEAD Island, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
1905 REGIONAL ROAD 15, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
3132 GOLDSTEIN RD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
2 POLLOCK AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1X0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
1369 RUMNEY RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
1369 RUMNEY Road, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$849,9006/1/2022
3066 HIGHWAY 12, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$849,9006/17/2022
57 MAIN ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$849,9006/17/2022
3066 HIGHWAY 12, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$849,9006/17/2022
467 MAY ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$849,0006/18/2022
68 TERRY CLAYTON AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$839,9006/1/2022
68 TERRY CLAYTON Avenue, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$839,9006/1/2022
254 VICTORIA AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$834,0006/16/2022
49 SLALOM DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$824,9006/16/2022
49 SLALOM DRIVE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KSevern$824,9006/15/2022
3218 SHOREVIEW Drive, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$799,9996/28/2022
59 ROBINS POINT RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$799,9906/1/2022
59 Robins Point Road, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$799,9906/1/2022
7768 SINGING PINES Road, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$799,9006/1/2022
11 TURTLE Path, Lagoon City, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$799,9006/11/2022
8330 HIGHWAY 93, Tiny, Ontario L0K2E0L0KSevern$799,9006/2/2022
7768 SINGING PINES RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$799,9006/1/2022
7392 SEVERN RIVER Shore, Big Chute, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$799,9006/1/2022
261 WHITE FALLS Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$799,9006/2/2022
261 WHITE FALLS RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$799,9006/2/2022
7722 OAK POINT Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$799,9006/3/2022
7722 OAK POINT RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$799,9006/4/2022
270 VICTORIA AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$799,9006/19/2022
14 TRANQUILITY Lane, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$799,9006/7/2022
11 TURTLE PATH, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$799,9006/11/2022
39 HUNTER Avenue, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$799,9006/14/2022
39 HUNTER AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$799,9006/15/2022
1127 GERVAIS Road, Tay Twp, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$799,9006/15/2022
1127 GERVAIS RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$799,9006/15/2022
B530 CONCESSION 3 RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$799,9006/15/2022
53 BEECHWOOD Avenue, Durham, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$799,9006/15/2022
53 BEECHWOOD AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$799,9006/15/2022
97 FOREST HARBOUR PKWY, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$799,9006/20/2022
329 ROBINS POINT Road, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$799,0006/24/2022
28 HOWARD AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$799,0006/1/2022
7446 RAMA RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$799,0006/9/2022
7446 RAMA Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$799,0006/9/2022
329 ROBINS POINT RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$799,0006/24/2022
299 BAY ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$779,9006/1/2022
299 BAY Street, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$779,9006/1/2022
8231 COUNTY ROAD 169, ROAD, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$779,0006/29/2022
595 NORTH ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$779,0006/1/2022
595 NORTH Street, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$779,0006/1/2022
43 HEAD RIVER Lane, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$778,0006/23/2022
4541 TRENT TR, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$749,9996/24/2022
4541 TRENT Trail, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$749,9996/24/2022
1063 LAIDLAW Street, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$749,9006/10/2022
2738 STEPHEN DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$749,9006/10/2022
10 GEORGIAS Walk, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$749,9006/1/2022
2738 STEPHEN DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$749,9006/9/2022
51 GEORGIA'S Walk, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$749,7776/1/2022
2597 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$749,6496/1/2022
22 BRICK POND Road, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$749,0006/10/2022
6265 RAMA DALTON BOUNDARY Road, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$749,0006/15/2022
6265 RAMA DALTON BOUNDARY RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$749,0006/16/2022
2768 ST AMANT Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$748,7776/1/2022
2768 ST. AMANT RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$748,7776/7/2022
9935 HIGHWAY 12, Warminster, Ontario L0K2E0L0KSevern$748,0006/1/2022
9935 HIGHWAY 12, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$748,0006/1/2022
5081 BLACK RIVER Road, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$737,0006/28/2022
416 BARNES Avenue, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$734,9006/1/2022
1691 QUARRY Road, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$734,9006/1/2022
1691 QUARRY RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$734,9006/1/2022
4209 HOGG VALLEY RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$729,9006/16/2022
4209 HOGG VALLEY Road, Tay Twp, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$729,9006/16/2022
3541 12 Highway, Ramara Township, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$729,0006/13/2022
77 BAY Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$724,8006/1/2022
77 BAY ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$724,8006/1/2022
48 GEORGIA'S Walk, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$724,7776/28/2022
653 SIMCOE ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$720,0006/1/2022
5781 KIRKFIELD RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$704,9996/1/2022
7873 PARK LANE CRESCENT, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$699,9006/14/2022
7806 BIRCH Drive, Ramara Twp, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$699,9006/1/2022
7873 PARK LANE CRES, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$699,9006/14/2022
3554 JOHN Street, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$699,9006/21/2022
175 GEORGE Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$699,9006/1/2022
175 GEORGE ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$699,9006/1/2022
577 LONE PINE Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$699,9006/1/2022
565 HIGHLAND CRES, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$699,9006/1/2022
134 SILVER BIRCH Crescent, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$699,9006/24/2022
2728 HONEY HARBOUR RD, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$699,9006/17/2022
431 CENTRE ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$699,9006/4/2022
420 ARMSTRONG ST, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$699,9006/29/2022
420 ARMSTRONG Street, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$699,9006/29/2022
40658 SHORE RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$699,0006/1/2022
40658 SHORE Road, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$699,0006/1/2022
332 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$699,0006/4/2022
200 JEPHSON Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$699,0006/1/2022
3918 WEST CANAL Road, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$699,0006/27/2022
3918 WEST CANAL RD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$699,0006/28/2022
2763 MAPLE TRAIL TR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$689,9006/1/2022
75 Bourgeois Beach, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$675,9996/21/2022
75 BOURGEOIS RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$675,9006/21/2022
75 BOURGEOIS BEACH RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$675,9006/24/2022
67 GRANDVIEW Road, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$675,0006/1/2022
67 GRANDVIEW RD, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$675,0006/1/2022
102 OSBORNE ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$674,9006/1/2022
454 WEST Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$669,9006/14/2022
362 MCNICOLL Street, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$650,0006/1/2022
362 MCNICOLL ST, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$650,0006/1/2022
362 MCNICOLL Street, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$650,0006/14/2022
740 6TH Avenue, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$649,9006/8/2022
740 6TH AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$649,9006/8/2022
9824 12 Highway, Warminster, Ontario L0K2G0L0KSevern$649,9006/18/2022
9824 HIGHWAY 12, Orillia, Ontario L0K2G0L0KSevern$649,9006/21/2022
454 WEST Street, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$649,9006/28/2022
21 PINETREE CRT, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$649,8886/1/2022
87 TWMARC AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$649,0006/23/2022
68 FOREST HARBOUR Parkway, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$629,0006/15/2022
68 FOREST HARBOUR PKWY, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$629,0006/15/2022
142 JEPHSON Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$629,0006/1/2022
20 LAWSON Lane, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$599,9006/1/2022
44 JOHN DILLINGNO Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$599,9006/1/2022
7588 RAMA Road, Ramara Twp, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$599,9006/11/2022
52 BEECHWOOD AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$599,9006/25/2022
52 BEECHWOOD Avenue, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$599,9006/25/2022
6137 SHEBA Drive, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$599,9006/29/2022
6137 SHEBA DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$599,9006/29/2022
2748 LAKESIDE Drive, Orillia, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$597,7006/16/2022
2748 LAKESIDE DR, Orillia, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$597,7006/21/2022
2748 LAKESIDE Drive, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$597,7006/26/2022
24 PARK Street, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$589,9006/1/2022
1207 HONEY HARBOUR RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$589,9006/10/2022
1207 HONEY HARBOUR Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KSevern$589,9006/10/2022
3435 LEE AVE, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$589,0006/1/2022
3384 HIGHVIEW Avenue, Cumberland Beach, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$585,0006/1/2022
3384 HIGHVIEW AVE, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$585,0006/1/2022
3061 MUSKOKA Street, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$579,9006/1/2022
3061 MUSKOKA ST, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$579,9006/1/2022
22 PINE Street, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$579,0006/21/2022
22 PINE ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$579,0006/21/2022
172 LIMESTONE Road, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$574,9006/22/2022
172 LIMESTONE RD, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$574,9006/22/2022
3420 RESERVOIR RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$574,9006/29/2022
3420 RESERVOIR Road, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$574,9006/29/2022
2183 CONCESSION Road, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$569,9006/1/2022
2183 CONCESSION A, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$569,9006/1/2022
325 BAY Street, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$569,9006/4/2022
325 BAY ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$569,9006/4/2022
B40318 SHORE RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$550,0006/1/2022
5 BUSH ST, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$550,0006/16/2022
5 BUSH Street, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$550,0006/16/2022
3232 SHOREVIEW DRIVE, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$549,9006/16/2022
175 ROBINS POINT Road, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$549,9006/29/2022
616 SIMCOE Street, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$549,9006/1/2022
616 SIMCOE ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$549,9006/1/2022
215 BROWNS Line, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$549,9006/18/2022
12906 COUNTY ROAD 16, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$549,9006/25/2022
175 ROBINS POINT RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$549,9006/29/2022
210 PALMER Street, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$549,0006/10/2022
210 PALMER ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$549,0006/10/2022
2863 SUNTRAC Drive, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$529,9006/1/2022
15207 12 Highway, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KSevern$525,0006/16/2022
5411 ELLIOTT Side Road Unit# 20, Tay, Ontario L0K2E0L0KSevern$499,9996/1/2022
#20 -5411 ELLIOTT SDRD, Tay, Ontario L0K2E0L0KSevern$499,9996/1/2022
39 HEARTHSTONE Drive, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$499,9006/15/2022
30 HEARTHSTONE DR, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$499,9006/4/2022
30 HEARTHSTONE Drive, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$499,9006/4/2022
5637 UPPER BIG CHUTE RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$499,9006/1/2022
2774 CUMBERLAND Road, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$499,9006/1/2022
156 EVERGREEN Avenue, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$499,9006/17/2022
156 EVERGREEN AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$499,9006/17/2022
3402 LEE AVE, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$499,9006/21/2022
170 COLDWATER Road, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K1E0L0KSevern$489,9006/1/2022
6569 RAMA RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$479,0006/1/2022
40630 & 40632 SHORE RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KSevern$479,0006/1/2022
3402 LEE AVE, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KSevern$475,0006/16/2022
7177 BEACH DRIVE Drive, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$460,0006/24/2022
8357 COUNTY ROAD 169, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KSevern$449,9006/1/2022
179 SILVERBIRCH CRES, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$429,8886/24/2022
179 SILVERBIRCH Crescent, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$429,8886/25/2022
5263 ELLIOTT Side Road Unit# 3, Tiny, Ontario L0K2E1L0KSevern$424,9006/1/2022
#3 -5263 ELLIOT SDRD, Tay, Ontario L0K2E1L0KSevern$424,9006/1/2022
570 FIRST Avenue, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$419,9006/1/2022
23 E EARLDOM Boulevard, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$399,9996/8/2022
23 EARLDOM BLVD, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$399,9996/8/2022
23 EARLDOM Boulevard, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$399,9996/29/2022
9841 HWY 12, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2G0L0KSevern$399,9006/1/2022
9841 12 Highway, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2G0L0KSevern$399,9006/1/2022
157 FIRST Avenue, Tay Twp, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$399,7776/1/2022
541 MARY Street, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$399,7776/9/2022
11 DELTA DR, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$399,0006/3/2022
10 RIDGE AVE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$399,0006/9/2022
10 RIDGE Avenue, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$399,0006/9/2022
37 YEOGER DRIVE Drive, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$399,0006/1/2022
347 ASSINIBOIA Street, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$399,0006/3/2022
250 KINGFISHER Avenue, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$349,9006/25/2022
250 KINGFISHER AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$349,9006/25/2022
#18 -230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$339,8006/20/2022
3938 LONGFORD MILLS RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$299,9006/1/2022
3938 LONGFORD MILLS Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KSevern$299,9006/1/2022
239 FOREST HARBOUR Parkway, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$289,0006/1/2022
239 FOREST HARBOUR PKWY, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KSevern$289,0006/1/2022
167 FIRST Avenue, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KSevern$279,9006/25/2022
210 LAKE DALRYMPLE Road, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$249,9006/1/2022
210 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$249,9006/1/2022
#17 -230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$219,9006/1/2022
230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE Road Unit# 7, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$175,0006/1/2022
230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE Road Unit# 8, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$175,0006/1/2022
##8 -230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$175,0006/1/2022
##7 -230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$175,0006/1/2022
230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE Road Unit# 5, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$160,0006/1/2022
##5 -230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$160,0006/1/2022
230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE Road Unit# 4, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$130,0006/1/2022
##4 -230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KSevern$130,0006/1/2022
40772 CENTRE RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1B0L0KSevern$88,5006/1/2022
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