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All Listings in L0K, Georgina

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
2986 MACLEAN LAKE NORTH SHORE Road, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$7,000,00012/1/2021
2986 MACLEAN LAKE N SHORE RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$7,000,00012/1/2021
3886 EAST SHORE ROAD, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$6,688,00012/1/2021
3886 EAST SHORE RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$6,688,00012/1/2021
1324 SPYGLASS POINT RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$6,500,00012/1/2021
1324 SPYGLASS POINT Road, Rama, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$6,500,00012/1/2021
B156 MOORLANDS DR, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$3,999,00012/1/2021
B156 MOORLANDS Drive, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$3,999,00012/1/2021
46 HERON POINT Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$3,890,00012/4/2021
4662 LINE 6 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$3,800,00012/1/2021
1881 REGIONAL RD. 50 RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$3,499,00012/1/2021
1551 UPPER BIG CHUTE Road, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$2,999,00012/1/2021
4326 MARR LANE, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$2,900,00012/1/2021
33 PARADISE BLVD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$2,499,64912/1/2021
2695 COUNTY 47 RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$2,100,00012/1/2021
47 RIVER Street, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$1,999,90012/1/2021
1403 RAMARA 47 RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,999,00012/1/2021
3067 OGDENS BEACH RD, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KGeorgina$1,899,90011/12/2021
1280 BLACK BEACH LANE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,849,00012/1/2021
3067 OGDENS BEACH Road, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KGeorgina$1,799,90012/3/2021
3067 OGDENS BEACH RD, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KGeorgina$1,799,90012/3/2021
3231 CRESCENT BAY Road, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$1,750,00011/22/2021
3231 CRESCENT BAY RD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$1,750,00011/22/2021
3468 13 Line N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$1,750,00012/1/2021
127 MASKINONGE Road, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$1,650,00012/1/2021
127 MASKINONGE RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$1,650,00012/1/2021
161 CAMPBELL BEACH RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,649,90012/1/2021
161 CAMPBELL BEACH Road, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,649,90012/1/2021
6057 CONCESSION ROAD BC Road, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$1,599,99912/1/2021
340 ROBINS POINT RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$1,599,90012/5/2021
340 Robins Point Road, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$1,599,90012/4/2021
499 YORK ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$1,599,00012/1/2021
400 LAKEVIEW Drive, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$1,590,00012/1/2021
3 THOROUGHBRED Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$1,524,90011/19/2021
3 THOROUGHBRED DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$1,524,90011/20/2021
10 AVERY POINT Road, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$1,500,00012/1/2021
10 AVERY POINT RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$1,500,00012/1/2021
4335 VASEY RD, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$1,499,99912/1/2021
230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE Road, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$1,475,00012/1/2021
230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$1,475,00012/1/2021
14 LONG POINT Road, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$1,450,00012/1/2021
2883 SUNNYDALE LANE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,399,90011/12/2021
2883 SUNNYDALE LANE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,399,90011/23/2021
6029 LINE 6 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$1,399,00012/1/2021
7260 GLEN ELLEN DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$1,390,00011/17/2021
30 MEADOWS AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$1,379,00012/1/2021
3298 HENDI Lane, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$1,290,00012/1/2021
1295 CONCESSION RD 10, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,290,00012/5/2021
3 PATRICIA CRES, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$1,200,00012/1/2021
6270 JIM MITCHELLS RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KGeorgina$1,199,90011/10/2021
6270 JIM MITCHELLS Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K1L0L0KGeorgina$1,199,90011/10/2021
B1790 REGIONAL ROAD 15 RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$1,199,80012/5/2021
74 TURTLE PATH, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,199,00012/1/2021
3 SOUTH ISLAND TR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,195,00012/1/2021
13 HENRY BALL Court, Warminster, Ontario L0K2G1L0KGeorgina$1,195,00012/1/2021
297 BLACK RIVER RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$1,190,00012/1/2021
6 SOUTH ISLAND TR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,178,00011/10/2021
6 SOUTH ISLAND Trail, Lagoon City, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,178,00011/15/2021
6324 RAMA Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$1,150,00011/12/2021
6324 RAMA RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$1,150,00011/12/2021
520 HORSESHOE VALLEY Road E, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$1,100,00011/24/2021
1209 RAMARA ROAD 47 RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$1,099,98012/1/2021
24910 THORAH PARK BLVD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$1,099,00012/4/2021
1334 LITTLE CHUTE Lane, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$1,099,00012/1/2021
3637 SOUTHWOOD BEACH Boulevard, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$1,099,00012/2/2021
7807 BIRCH DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$1,088,00012/4/2021
1215 RAMARA RD 47 RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$999,99912/1/2021
6033 CONCESSION B/C Road, Ramara, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$999,99912/1/2021
7779 SOMERSET DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$999,99912/1/2021
47 POLLOCK AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$999,00012/1/2021
5164 SEVERN PINES Crescent, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$999,00012/2/2021
5164 SEVERN PINES CRES, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$999,00012/1/2021
95 BAYSHORE Drive, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$989,80011/24/2021
95 BAYSHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$989,80011/25/2021
147 JEPHSON ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$950,00012/1/2021
147 JEPHSON Street, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$950,00012/1/2021
3222 COX Drive, Washago, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$950,00012/1/2021
3222 COX DR, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$950,00012/1/2021
43 Meadows Avenue, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$949,90012/1/2021
43 MEADOWS AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$949,90012/1/2021
66 TERRY CLAYTON AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$949,90011/6/2021
813 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$949,00012/1/2021
813 LAKE DALRYMPLE Road, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$949,00012/1/2021
83 MOUNT ST. LOUIS Road W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$925,00011/8/2021
83 MOUNT ST. LOUIS RD W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$925,00011/9/2021
6 HICKORY Lane, Horseshoe Valley, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$925,00012/1/2021
1369 GERVAIS Road, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$899,90011/17/2021
1369 GERVAIS RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$899,90011/17/2021
37 ALPINE DR, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KGeorgina$899,90012/4/2021
37 ALPINE Drive, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K1N0L0KGeorgina$899,90012/4/2021
39 JARDINE ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$899,00012/1/2021
24067 WEIRS SDRD, Georgina, Ontario L0K1N0L0KGeorgina$899,00012/3/2021
24067 WEIRS SDRD, Georgina, Ontario L0K1N0L0KGeorgina$899,00012/5/2021
26 GOOSE BAY Lane, Seabright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$888,88812/1/2021
1236 BLACK BEACH Lane, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$829,90012/1/2021
1236 BLACK BEACH LANE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$829,90012/1/2021
2703 LONE BIRCH TR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$828,00012/1/2021
30 WILLOW CRES, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$799,90012/2/2021
97 MASKINONGE Road, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$799,90011/9/2021
97 MASKINONGE RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$799,90011/10/2021
99 TERRY CLAYTON AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$799,00012/1/2021
4 ISLAND 120, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$798,00012/1/2021
4 ISLAND 120, Muskoka Lakes Twp, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$798,00012/1/2021
120 HILLSIDE Drive, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$789,99911/22/2021
120 HILLSIDE DR E, Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$789,99911/22/2021
2367 LAKESHORE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$785,00012/1/2021
2367 LAKESHORE Drive, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$785,00012/1/2021
3554 JOHN ST, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$749,90012/1/2021
3187 MACLEAN LAKE NORTH SHORE Road, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$749,00011/11/2021
208 LAKE RD, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$699,99012/1/2021
208 LAKE Road, Georgian Bay, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$699,99012/1/2021
152 GEORGE Street, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$699,90012/1/2021
152 GEORGE ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$699,90012/1/2021
4 GEORGIAS Walk, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$699,90011/9/2021
3700 SHADOW CREEK Road, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KGeorgina$699,90012/1/2021
2991 SOUTH SPARROW LAKE ROAD, Severn, Ontario L0K2B0L0KGeorgina$699,50011/5/2021
1 WINTERGREEN Circle, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$679,90011/10/2021
19 PINE Street, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$669,90012/1/2021
19 PINE ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$669,90012/1/2021
1253 RAMARA ROAD 47 RD, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$649,80011/11/2021
316 MARA RD, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$639,90012/1/2021
12 NANCY AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$619,00011/26/2021
1092 SUNRISE DR, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$615,00012/1/2021
1092 SUNRISE Drive, Ramara Township, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$615,00012/1/2021
28 HOWARD AVE, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$599,90012/3/2021
12168 16 COUNTY Road, Coldwater, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$599,90011/20/2021
12168 16 COUNTY RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1E0L0KGeorgina$599,90011/20/2021
1739 SANDHILL Road, Tay Twp, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$599,90012/2/2021
15 AMON DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$599,90012/5/2021
15 AMON Drive, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$599,90012/5/2021
296 TRANSCANADA BAY Road, Port Severn, Ontario L0K1S0L0KGeorgina$599,00012/1/2021
3411 HIGHVIEW Avenue, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KGeorgina$589,90011/10/2021
3130 ROBB Court, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K3C0L0KGeorgina$589,00011/11/2021
39 LAKE AVE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$584,00012/1/2021
49 BECKETT’S Side Road, Waubaushene, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$579,90011/18/2021
528 FIRST Avenue, Port McNicoll, Ontario L0K1R0L0KGeorgina$569,00012/1/2021
1141 RAMARA 47, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$559,90011/11/2021
384 MAIN STREET, Beaverton, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$549,90011/11/2021
7179 HWY 93 RD, Tay, Ontario L0K2E0L0KGeorgina$549,90012/2/2021
4 HUMMINGBIRD LANE, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$549,90011/9/2021
384 MAIN ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$549,90011/11/2021
13 BALL Street, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$549,90011/24/2021
13 BALL ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$549,90011/25/2021
8151 93 HIGHWAY, Tiny, Ontario L0K2E1L0KGeorgina$549,90012/2/2021
3584 PETER ST, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$549,90012/3/2021
3584 PETER Street, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$549,90012/3/2021
391 MAIN ST, Brock, Ontario L0K1A0L0KGeorgina$549,00012/1/2021
3323 PARK Road, Severn Twp, Ontario L0K1G0L0KGeorgina$549,00011/10/2021
10 RIDGE AVE, Ramara, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$499,90012/1/2021
10 RIDGE Avenue, Brechin, Ontario L0K1B0L0KGeorgina$499,90012/2/2021
9915 12 Highway W, Warminster, Ontario L0K2G0L0KGeorgina$499,90011/10/2021
9915 12 HIGHWAY W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2G0L0KGeorgina$499,90011/11/2021
9915 HIGHWAY 12 W, Oro-Medonte, Ontario L0K2G0L0KGeorgina$499,90011/12/2021
306 PINE ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$499,90012/2/2021
331 DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$499,00012/1/2021
331 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD Road, Sebright, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$499,00012/1/2021
61 HOYT AVE, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$499,00012/1/2021
362 MCNICOLL ST, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KGeorgina$499,00011/24/2021
362 MCNICOLL Street, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KGeorgina$499,00011/25/2021
5917 RAMA DALTON BOUNDAR RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$497,50012/3/2021
886 MONCK RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$450,00012/1/2021
313 PERCY Street, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$450,00012/1/2021
2721 CUMBERLAND RD, Severn, Ontario L0K1G0L0KGeorgina$449,90012/1/2021
2721 CUMBERLAND Road, Cumberland Beach, Ontario L0K1G0L0KGeorgina$449,90012/1/2021
509 NOTTINGHAM Street, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KGeorgina$449,00012/1/2021
509 NOTTINGHAM ST, Tay, Ontario L0K1R0L0KGeorgina$449,00012/1/2021
110 AMANDA ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2C0L0KGeorgina$424,90011/10/2021
371 WILLIAM STREET, Victoria Harbour, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$399,90011/11/2021
371 WILLIAM ST, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$399,90011/11/2021
200 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$349,90012/1/2021
200 LAKE DALRYMPLE Road, Carden, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$349,90012/1/2021
91 MITCHELLS BEACH Road, Tay, Ontario L0K2A0L0KGeorgina$319,90011/9/2021
#17 -230-232 LAKE DALRYMPLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0K1W0L0KGeorgina$279,90012/1/2021
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