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All Listings in L0E,Brock

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
449 SUNSET BEACH RD, Richmond Hill, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$6,999,0002/2/2023
23095 MCCOWAN RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$5,599,9002/2/2023
111 VICTORIA ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1A0L0EBrock$5,499,9002/2/2023
5427 RAVENSHOE RD, East Gwillimbury, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$3,599,9002/5/2023
28700 HIGHWAY 48, Georgina, Ontario L0E1E0L0EBrock$3,499,0002/2/2023
25 PINERY LANE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EBrock$3,448,0002/1/2023
4988 BASELINE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$3,000,0002/1/2023
9025 OLD SHILOH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$2,695,0002/1/2023
1646 CONCESSION 11 RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EBrock$2,474,9992/1/2023
140 MOORE'S BEACH RD S, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$2,348,0002/1/2023
15 PORT ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$2,299,0002/1/2023
23197 MILES RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,788,0002/2/2023
11 HEDGE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,680,0002/6/2023
21025 LAKERIDGE RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$1,599,0002/1/2023
25 DOYLE BEACH LANE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,598,0002/1/2023
5020 Tyneside Road, Glanbrook, Ontario L0E1W0L0EBrock$1,490,0002/1/2023
5020 TYNESIDE RD, Hamilton, Ontario L0E1W0L0EBrock$1,490,0002/1/2023
18 MAPLE AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,429,0002/1/2023
796 MCNEIL RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EBrock$1,339,0002/1/2023
11 FRED COOPER WAY, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,328,8882/1/2023
18 AUDUBON WAY, Georgina, Ontario L0E1A0L0EBrock$1,325,0002/1/2023
5832 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,299,0002/1/2023
C205 DURHAM REG 12 RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EBrock$1,299,0002/1/2023
258 ZEPHYR Road, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EBrock$1,289,0001/14/2023
258 ZEPHYR RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EBrock$1,289,0001/14/2023
20812 DALTON Road, Sutton, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,275,0002/1/2023
20812 DALTON RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,275,0002/1/2023
6 KESTER LANE, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EBrock$1,260,0001/27/2023
15 GLENVIEW AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$1,225,0002/1/2023
36 BEECHENER ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$1,199,9002/1/2023
27071 KENNEDY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EBrock$1,149,0002/1/2023
1908 METRO RD N, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EBrock$999,0002/1/2023
91 BRULE LAKEWAY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EBrock$998,0002/1/2023
7889 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$995,0002/1/2023
8 GLENVIEW AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$989,9002/1/2023
144 GEORGE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$950,0002/1/2023
23983 WEIRS SDRD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$929,0002/1/2023
39 BURKE ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$899,8002/2/2023
130 SUNSET BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$849,0002/1/2023
155 WOODFIELD DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$849,0002/1/2023
8 NORTH ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$835,0002/1/2023
4 VINE AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$824,9001/21/2023
24 DELLA ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$799,8882/7/2023
781 ROCKAWAY RD W, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EBrock$779,0002/1/2023
20838 DALTON RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$779,0002/1/2023
49 BEAVERDALE CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$775,0002/1/2023
12931 DURHAM REGIONAL RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EBrock$748,0002/1/2023
260 HIGHWAY 48, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EBrock$699,9992/7/2023
7 ALBERT ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EBrock$699,0002/1/2023
23605 LAKERIDGE RD N, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EBrock$699,0002/1/2023
159 BRANDON Avenue, Coldwater, Ontario L0E1E0L0EBrock$699,0002/1/2023
83 GREW BLVD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EBrock$698,0002/1/2023
170 ST JOHN ST, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EBrock$634,9002/1/2023
148 LAIDLAW ST S, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EBrock$599,9002/1/2023
769 SEDORE AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EBrock$599,0001/13/2023
823 MONTSELL AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EBrock$599,0002/1/2023
124 ELIZABETH ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$599,0001/13/2023
30 O'DELL LANE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EBrock$599,0001/27/2023
12 EMERY CRT, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$579,0002/1/2023
21131 DALTON RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EBrock$574,9001/12/2023
28 KELSEY CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$574,9002/1/2023
246 PEFFERLAW RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$499,9002/3/2023
5 GLENVIEW AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$448,8002/6/2023
2 KELSEY CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EBrock$440,0002/1/2023
9 JOHNSTON ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EBrock$439,0002/3/2023
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