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All Listings in L0E,Georgina

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
30 TURNER ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1P0L0EGeorgina$18,000,0009/2/2022
449 SUNSET BEACH RD, Richmond Hill, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$6,999,9999/2/2022
23095 MCCOWAN RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$5,599,9009/22/2022
111 VICTORIA ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1A0L0EGeorgina$5,499,9009/21/2022
5 BIRCH KNOLL RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$3,880,0009/2/2022
178 MOORES BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$3,699,0009/2/2022
4988 BASELINE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$3,500,0009/2/2022
C520 REGIONAL RD 12 RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$3,499,0009/2/2022
25 PINERY LANE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$3,448,0009/9/2022
10500 CONCESSION 3 RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EGeorgina$3,100,0009/2/2022
14309 CONCESSION 1 RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EGeorgina$3,000,0009/2/2022
21375 BROCK RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$2,890,0009/11/2022
1646 CONCESSION 11 RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$2,799,0009/2/2022
44 MALONE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$2,750,0009/2/2022
78 CARLEY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$2,200,0009/2/2022
78 CARLEY Road, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$2,200,0009/2/2022
549 LAKE DR E, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$2,199,0009/16/2022
23256 HIGHWAY 48, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$1,999,0009/2/2022
523 LAKE DR E, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$1,998,0009/2/2022
140 MOORE'S BEACH RD S, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,988,8009/5/2022
23197 MILES RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,950,0009/2/2022
20 AUDUBON WAY, Georgina, Ontario L0E1A0L0EGeorgina$1,848,0009/8/2022
25175 WARDEN AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,777,0009/16/2022
773 MCNEIL RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$1,749,0009/2/2022
22 EDITH ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$1,729,8009/2/2022
30 BRULE LAKEWAY, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$1,729,0009/2/2022
6 BURNIE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,699,0009/8/2022
5020 Tyneside Road, Glanbrook, Ontario L0E1W0L0EGeorgina$1,650,0009/8/2022
853 LAKE DR E, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$1,599,0009/23/2022
56 LAKESHORE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,599,0009/17/2022
7807 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,550,0009/2/2022
22642 YORK DURHAM LINE, East Gwillimbury, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,500,0009/2/2022
431 LAKE DR E, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$1,495,0009/15/2022
357 BALDWIN RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1A0L0EGeorgina$1,490,0009/7/2022
20 VILLA DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,488,8889/27/2022
538 DUCLOS POINT RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,479,0009/2/2022
6766 OLD SHILOH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,468,0009/2/2022
5945 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,459,9009/2/2022
50 MCRAE BEACH RD S, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,450,0009/2/2022
28 GOLFVIEW CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,399,9999/28/2022
5832 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,399,0009/23/2022
89 RIVER ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,350,0009/28/2022
89 RIVER ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,350,0009/29/2022
22050 SIMCOE ST, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$1,349,9009/2/2022
C205 DURHAM REG 12 RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$1,315,0009/13/2022
154 IRVING DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,299,0009/8/2022
4769 BASELINE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,299,0009/29/2022
5 ANNE PEGG CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,299,0009/2/2022
20 BEECHENER ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,250,0009/2/2022
12849 CONCESSION 2 RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EGeorgina$1,249,9009/2/2022
C365 CONCESSION RD 11, Cannington, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$1,249,9009/16/2022
C365 CONCESSION RD 11, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$1,249,9009/16/2022
8369 SMITH BLVD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,199,9009/27/2022
22999 HWY 48, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,100,0009/24/2022
23133 KENNEDY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,098,80010/2/2022
17 ANNE PEGG CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$999,99910/2/2022
31 CREEK DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$999,99910/2/2022
31 CREEK Drive, Pefferlaw, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$999,99910/2/2022
62 PROSSER CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$999,8889/7/2022
121 MOORES BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$998,80010/2/2022
13175 REGIONAL ROAD 39, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EGeorgina$995,0009/8/2022
27 ALLEN DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$985,00010/2/2022
20555 SIDEROAD 18A RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$974,9009/11/2022
41 BAMBURG ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$949,00010/2/2022
851 LAKE DR E, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$899,99910/2/2022
39 BURKE ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$899,80010/2/2022
39 FRANKLIN BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$899,00010/2/2022
781 ROCKAWAY RD W, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$899,00010/2/2022
3 CREEK DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$874,90010/2/2022
234 PEFFERLAW RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$859,00010/2/2022
129 GEORGE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$835,00010/2/2022
5 ANNE PEGG CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R1L0EGeorgina$799,9009/22/2022
807 SEDORE AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$799,89810/1/2022
176 ST JOHN ST, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$775,00010/1/2022
46 JACKSONS POINT AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$770,00010/1/2022
27020 KENNEDY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$760,00010/1/2022
51 JOHNSTON ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$759,0009/13/2022
12931 DURHAM ROAD 39 RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EGeorgina$748,00010/1/2022
10 SUMACH DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$738,00010/1/2022
9765 MORNING GLORY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$725,00010/1/2022
2290 CONCESSION 11, Cannington, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$724,90010/1/2022
2290 CONCESSION 11 RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$724,90010/1/2022
98 DUNKIRK AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$699,90010/1/2022
98 DUNKIRK Avenue, Sutton, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$699,90010/1/2022
12 HALMAR PARK, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$699,90010/1/2022
28 WANICKI RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$699,90010/1/2022
537 EAGLE RD, Georgina Islands, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$699,00010/1/2022
823 MONTSELL AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$698,88810/1/2022
62 BRULE LAKEWAY, Jackson's Point, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$688,8889/21/2022
773 WILLOWVIEW RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$678,0009/7/2022
28 BROOK CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$674,90010/1/2022
75 ST JOHN ST, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$659,90010/1/2022
73 BLUE HERON DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$659,00010/1/2022
62 BRULE LAKE WAY, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$659,0009/29/2022
753 THIRD AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$658,00010/1/2022
15 CORNERS AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$649,9779/14/2022
15 CORNERS AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$649,97710/1/2022
536 LOON RD, Georgina Islands, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$649,90010/1/2022
197 LAIDLAW ST S, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$629,90010/1/2022
775 MCNEIL RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$599,90010/1/2022
25 KAY AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$590,00010/1/2022
25 KAY Avenue, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$590,00010/1/2022
17 JUNO CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$574,9009/16/2022
819 SOUTH DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$569,00010/1/2022
90 HIGH ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$475,90010/1/2022
94 SUNKIST RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$419,0009/15/2022
94 SUNKIST Road, York, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$419,0009/15/2022
1529 CHIEF JOSEPH SNAKE RD, Georgina Islands, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$399,00010/1/2022
38 SUMACH DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$350,00010/1/2022
#339 -285 CRYDERMANS SIDE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1A0L0EGeorgina$229,0009/9/2022
#339 -285 CRYDERMANS SIDE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1A0L0EGeorgina$229,00010/1/2022
1241 CHIEF JOSEPH SNAKE RD, Georgina Islands, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$225,00010/1/2022
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