L0E House Prices, Georgina

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Map of All Listings in L0E, Georgina

All Listings in L0E, Georgina

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
14800 RAVENSHOE RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$19,000,00011/12/2020
620 SUNSET BEACH RD, Richmond Hill, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$5,150,00011/2/2020
5068 Old Homestead Road, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$3,750,00011/2/2020
5068 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$3,750,00011/2/2020
18 WATER FRINGE DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$2,998,88811/2/2020
9625 OLD SHILOH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$2,188,80011/2/2020
428 PEFFERLAW RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,999,90011/2/2020
19090 BROCK RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$1,899,90011/2/2020
168 BETHEL SDRD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,890,00011/2/2020
3732 GLENWOODS AVE W, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,849,90011/2/2020
234 MOUNT PLEASANT TR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,849,00011/2/2020
4402 BASELINE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,700,00011/2/2020
58 MCRAE BEACH RD S, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,689,90011/2/2020
24937 KENNEDY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1K0L0EGeorgina$1,688,00011/2/2020
C520 REGIONAL ROAD 12 RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$1,675,00011/2/2020
24355 HIGHWAY 48 RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1A0L0EGeorgina$1,599,00011/5/2020
53 HUNTLEY DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$1,588,88811/2/2020
229 HEDGE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,550,00011/2/2020
162 MOORES BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,400,00011/2/2020
174 REGIONAL RD 39 RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EGeorgina$1,395,00011/2/2020
84 CARLEY RD N, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,299,00011/2/2020
34 RIVER ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,299,00011/2/2020
84 CARLEY Road, Sutton, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,299,00011/2/2020
43 BRULE LAKEWAY, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$1,295,00011/2/2020
991 FOX RD, Georgina Islands, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,289,99911/17/2020
18 PINE POST RD E, Georgina, Ontario L0E1P0L0EGeorgina$1,288,00011/11/2020
292 CATERING RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,250,00011/2/2020
26280 PARK RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,250,00011/2/2020
24762 WEIRS SDRD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$1,199,00011/2/2020
809 CHURCHILL LANE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$1,145,00011/17/2020
35 TIKVAH CIRC, Georgina, Ontario L0E1P0L0EGeorgina$1,125,00011/2/2020
20930 DALTON RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$1,100,00011/2/2020
433 LAKE DR E, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$1,090,00011/2/2020
61 HIGH ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$999,90011/2/2020
4 BELLACRE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$998,00011/27/2020
16 LAMBROOK DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$989,00011/2/2020
98 SIBBALD CRES, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$975,80011/2/2020
6328 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$960,00011/12/2020
29 VILLA DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$949,80011/2/2020
2 LAKESHORE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$938,00011/3/2020
35 BAMBURG ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$929,99911/10/2020
9573 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$929,00011/25/2020
7905 SMITH BLVD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$899,90011/2/2020
PTLT 13 CONCESSION 9, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$899,00011/17/2020
24 LAKESHORE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$859,90011/2/2020
144 MOORE'S BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$850,00011/5/2020
815 ROCKAWAY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$849,90011/2/2020
794 SEDORE AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$845,00011/5/2020
5877 LATIMER RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$829,00011/2/2020
41 LAMPKIN ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$799,00011/22/2020
37 MAPLE AVENUE AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$779,90011/4/2020
136 CAMERON ST E, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$759,90011/2/2020
3611 OLD HOMESTEAD RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$750,00011/2/2020
93 SUNSET BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$750,00011/4/2020
93 SUNSET BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$750,00011/5/2020
20 IRVING DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$749,90011/2/2020
124 LAIDLAW ST S, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$749,00011/5/2020
119 GEORGE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$749,00011/18/2020
14289 REGIONAL ROAD 39 RD, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EGeorgina$739,90011/2/2020
24067 WEIR'S SDRD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$709,00011/2/2020
46 RAVENCREST RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$699,90011/2/2020
95 HIGH ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$699,90011/19/2020
24050 HIGHWAY 48, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$699,90011/2/2020
409 LAKE DRIVE SOUTH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$699,00011/2/2020
67 CAROLYN ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$699,00011/17/2020
61 VIRGINIA BLVD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$698,00011/2/2020
13130 REGIONAL ROAD 39 RD N, Uxbridge, Ontario L0E1T0L0EGeorgina$689,80011/2/2020
12 DAVID CRES, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$675,50011/2/2020
21375 BROCK RD, Brock, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$675,00011/5/2020
17 WATERFRONT DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$659,90011/24/2020
5714 RAVENSHOE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$659,90011/19/2020
147 MOORE'S BEACH RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$649,90011/2/2020
1597 METRO RD N, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$649,90011/9/2020
20818 DALTON RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$649,90011/28/2020
70 SANDRA DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$629,90011/19/2020
31406 LAKE RIDGE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$599,99911/2/2020
181 FORESTRY DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$599,90011/2/2020
181 FORESTRY Drive, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$599,90011/2/2020
10 RIVER WAY, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$599,90011/2/2020
17 WEST ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$599,90011/17/2020
128 VIRGINIA BLVD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$590,88011/2/2020
11 WEST ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$589,90011/19/2020
40 ROSEMARY LANE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$589,00011/24/2020
118 MUNRO ST W, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$585,00011/2/2020
6561 SMITH BLVD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$579,00011/2/2020
30 LINDELL RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$559,00011/2/2020
25774 MCCOWAN RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$549,90011/2/2020
32 FARLEY CIRC, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$549,90011/2/2020
49 JACKSON'S POINT AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$549,90011/2/2020
803 MONTSELL AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$549,90011/17/2020
96 & 98 MAPLE AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$538,00011/2/2020
94 VIRGINIA BLVD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$535,00011/27/2020
6 SUMACH DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$534,90011/20/2020
32 SNOOKS RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$529,90011/2/2020
65 STATION RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$529,00011/2/2020
31442 LAKERIDGE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$509,00011/16/2020
32 JACKSONS POINT AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$499,90011/2/2020
27 YORK ST, East Gwillimbury, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$499,90011/2/2020
522 DUCLOS POINT RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$499,90011/2/2020
245 PEFFERLAW RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$499,00011/2/2020
12 HADDEN RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$499,00011/21/2020
66 HIGH ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$494,90011/2/2020
24 DELLA ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$479,00011/10/2020
31314 LAKERIDGE RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$479,00011/2/2020
11 HERON DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$479,00011/12/2020
11 HERON DR, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$479,00011/14/2020
21079 DALTON RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$469,90011/2/2020
21023 DALTON RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$465,00011/19/2020
87 DUNKIRK AVE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$459,00011/2/2020
73 BLUE HERON DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$449,90011/2/2020
42 FARLEY CIRC, Georgina, Ontario L0E1S0L0EGeorgina$449,00011/2/2020
818 SOUTH DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$425,00011/2/2020
58 RIVER ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$399,99911/2/2020
56 BLUE JAY BLVD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$399,90011/2/2020
18 SEVENTH ST, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$399,90011/2/2020
101 CRONSBERRY RD, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$399,90011/17/2020
28 THOMPSON DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$389,00011/28/2020
10 PINEVIEW CRT, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$369,90011/2/2020
92 DAMSEL CIRC, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$354,90011/24/2020
122 WOODFIELD DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1N0L0EGeorgina$354,90011/26/2020
344 LOON RD, Georgina Islands, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$319,00011/2/2020
120 ROXANNA DR, Georgina, Ontario L0E1R0L0EGeorgina$315,00011/2/2020
55 LAIDLAW ST S, Brock, Ontario L0E1E0L0EGeorgina$299,90011/27/2020
20 PINERY LANE, Georgina, Ontario L0E1L0L0EGeorgina$289,00011/2/2020
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