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All Listings in L0B,Scugog

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
9795 BALDWIN ST N, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BScugog$3,999,9989/2/2022
15 CALISTOGA DR, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BScugog$3,799,8009/7/2022
690 VIEW LAKE ROAD RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$3,699,8889/20/2022
7294 BAKER SCHOOL Road, Hampton, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$2,990,0009/2/2022
4071 DEVITTS RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BScugog$2,690,0009/2/2022
236 SUMMIT DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BScugog$2,590,0009/2/2022
19 WILSON HOUSE DR, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BScugog$2,360,0009/2/2022
233 YELVERTON RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$2,149,9009/15/2022
930 MYRTLE RD W, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BScugog$1,999,0009/12/2022
1869 REGIONAL 3 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$1,999,0009/2/2022
5641 SOLINA RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$1,939,9009/15/2022
4120 EDGERTON RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BScugog$1,899,9009/2/2022
3305 CONCESSION RD 8 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BScugog$1,889,9009/2/2022
14201 MCLAUGHLIN RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BScugog$1,810,0009/2/2022
150 TAMBLYN RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BScugog$1,699,9999/2/2022
5258 LANGMAID RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$1,699,9009/2/2022
4751 HIGHWAY 7A RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BScugog$1,649,9009/16/2022
6561 BOWMANVILLE AVE, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$1,599,9009/2/2022
3657 CONCESSION 4 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BScugog$1,500,0009/2/2022
69 SCUGOG POINT Crescent, Nestleton Station, Ontario L0B1L0L0BScugog$1,475,0009/2/2022
69 SCUGOG POINT CRES, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BScugog$1,475,0009/2/2022
5 PIER ST, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BScugog$1,475,0009/2/2022
4037 TOWNLINE RD N, Clarington, Ontario L0B1B0L0BScugog$1,399,8809/22/2022
40 SCUGOG POINT CRES, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BScugog$1,349,9009/13/2022
1498 TAUNTON RD E, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$1,329,9999/2/2022
9 CHURCH ST S, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BScugog$1,299,9009/2/2022
5393 SIXTH LINE, Erin, Ontario L0B1T0L0BScugog$1,259,0009/24/2022
25 SUMAC RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1B0L0BScugog$999,9999/2/2022
476 YELVERTON RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$999,9009/22/2022
1641 TAUNTON RD E, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$999,9009/8/2022
1641 TAUNTON RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$999,9009/11/2022
21 CEDAR CRES, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$999,0009/2/2022
2701 TOWNLINE RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BScugog$989,9009/2/2022
23 BRADLEY BLVD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$964,9009/2/2022
8 JOHNSTONE LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BScugog$929,9009/1/2022
8450 OLD SCUGOG RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$929,9009/16/2022
3796 HIGHWAY 7A, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BScugog$900,0009/1/2022
3 HARNESWORTH CRES, Hamilton, Ontario L0B0J2L0BScugog$899,9009/16/2022
681 JANETVILLE Road, Janetville, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$875,0009/13/2022
681 JANETVILLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$875,0009/13/2022
716 JANETVILLE ROAD, Janetville, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$839,9909/1/2022
716 JANETVILLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$839,9909/1/2022
4090 MABELS RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BScugog$799,9009/22/2022
7 CENTRE LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BScugog$799,0009/8/2022
116 CEDAR GROVE DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BScugog$785,5009/10/2022
116 CEDAR GROVE Drive, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BScugog$785,5009/10/2022
530 VIEW LAKE RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0BScugog$739,9009/10/2022
9035 ASHBURN RD, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BScugog$700,0009/1/2022
10700 OLD SCUGOG RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BScugog$699,9009/1/2022
92 CEDAR GROVE DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BScugog$699,0009/17/2022
#CAESARE -36 CENTRE LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BScugog$629,9009/24/2022
4950 MAIN ST, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BScugog$529,9009/22/2022
28 CENTRE LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BScugog$499,9009/1/2022
10126 LONG SAULT Road Unit# 2, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BScugog$399,9009/2/2022
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