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All Listings in L0B, Clarington

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
2100 TAUNTON RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$5,400,0006/8/2021
445 TOWNLINE RD W, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BClarington$4,500,0006/3/2021
1610 CONCESSION RD 7 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$3,950,0006/2/2021
19 WESTLAKE ST, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$2,999,0006/2/2021
24 TAMBLYN RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$2,799,9006/2/2021
4071 MOUNTJOY RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$2,790,0006/11/2021
2795 9TH CONCESSION RD, Pickering, Ontario L0B1A0L0BClarington$2,295,0006/2/2021
18 RICHARD BUTLER DR N, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BClarington$2,000,0006/10/2021
1970 TAUNTON RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$1,990,0006/2/2021
3820 CONCESSION ROAD 6, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$1,950,0005/19/2021
3820 CONCESSION ROAD 6 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$1,950,0006/2/2021
46 IRWIN RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$1,799,9006/10/2021
6417 HOLT RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$1,779,0006/5/2021
50 PIER ST, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BClarington$1,700,0005/17/2021
236 SUMMIT DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BClarington$1,699,0006/3/2021
1375 TOWNLINE RD, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BClarington$1,660,0006/2/2021
15301 CARTWRIGHT QUARTER LINE E, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BClarington$1,599,9006/9/2021
57 LIONEL BYAM DR, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$1,599,0006/2/2021
654 VIEW LAKE RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$1,519,9006/2/2021
9709 MUD LAKE RD, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BClarington$1,499,9006/2/2021
9890 OLD SCUGOG RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$1,499,9006/2/2021
5134 SOLINA RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$1,499,9006/3/2021
7167 CARSCADDEN RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$1,498,8886/2/2021
2147 CONCESSION 10 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$1,400,0005/20/2021
1775 CONCESSION ROAD 6, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$1,400,0006/2/2021
8553 BEST RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$1,390,0006/2/2021
14995 REGIONAL RD 57, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$1,290,0006/2/2021
122 WAY ST, Whitby, Ontario L0B1C0L0BClarington$1,250,0005/24/2021
3985 CONCESSION ROAD 4 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$1,250,0006/12/2021
9420 BALDWIN ST, Whitby, Ontario L0B1C0L0BClarington$1,200,0006/2/2021
293 WILLIAMS POINT Road, Caesarea, Ontario L0B1E0L0BClarington$1,150,0006/2/2021
56 SONGBIRD CRES, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$1,100,0006/2/2021
143 WALDWEG, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$1,099,0006/3/2021
4060 MABELS RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BClarington$1,088,0006/4/2021
3476 SOMMERVILLE DR, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$999,9006/10/2021
1117 FLEETWOOD RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$998,8006/10/2021
34 MORRIS LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BClarington$949,9006/3/2021
14420 REGIONAL RD 57, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$899,9005/17/2021
2190 BOUNDARY RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$899,9005/23/2021
3125 CONCESSION 9 RD, Pickering, Ontario L0B1A0L0BClarington$899,8006/2/2021
9575 BALDWIN ST N, Whitby, Ontario L0B1A0L0BClarington$899,0005/20/2021
21253 CARTWRIGHT MANVERS RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$899,0005/27/2021
154 MORRIS LANE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BClarington$899,0006/2/2021
21253 CARTWRIGHT MANVERS RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$899,0005/28/2021
234 JANETVILLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$869,0006/2/2021
26 PERRY AVE, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$829,9005/26/2021
2224 CONCESSION ROAD 6 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$819,9996/2/2021
6073 LESKARD RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$799,9006/9/2021
4114 MABELS Road, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BClarington$799,9006/11/2021
4114 MABELS RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1L0L0BClarington$799,9006/11/2021
166 WILLIAMS POINT RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BClarington$779,0006/2/2021
4550 EDGERTON RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$774,9906/3/2021
47 CEDAR CRES, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$769,9006/2/2021
11861 OLD SCUGOG RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$749,9005/15/2021
66 MANVERS Drive, Janetville, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$699,9005/17/2021
66 MANVERS DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$699,9005/18/2021
5711 OCHONSKI RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1M0L0BClarington$699,9005/20/2021
2092 CONCESSION RD 9, Clarington, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$699,9006/2/2021
2092 CONCESSION RD 9 RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1B0L0BClarington$699,9006/4/2021
695 JANETVILLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1L0L0BClarington$689,9005/21/2021
695 JANETVILLE Road, Janetville, Ontario L0B1L0L0BClarington$689,9005/25/2021
695 JANETVILLE Road, Janetville, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$689,9006/7/2021
695 JANETVILLE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$689,9006/8/2021
4807 TRULLS RD, Clarington, Ontario L0B1J0L0BClarington$649,9005/21/2021
17 NEALS Drive, Janetville, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$629,0006/2/2021
17 NEALS DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$629,0006/2/2021
120 CEDAR GROVE DR, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BClarington$599,9996/2/2021
43 MCGILL DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$599,9006/9/2021
44 MANVERS Drive, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$599,9006/3/2021
44 MANVERS DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$599,9006/3/2021
97 WILLIAMS POINT RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BClarington$599,0006/2/2021
33 CEDAR Crescent, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$599,0005/26/2021
33 CEDAR CRES, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$599,0005/26/2021
534 VIEW LAKE RD, Scugog, Ontario L0B1K0L0BClarington$549,9006/2/2021
35 PLEASANT VIEW AVE, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BClarington$399,0006/2/2021
15 PINE ST, Scugog, Ontario L0B1E0L0BClarington$349,9006/3/2021
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