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All Listings in K9A, Cobourg

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
94 ONTARIO STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3B3K9ACobourg$3,500,00010/2/2020
6 HAMILTON COURT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1V1K9ACobourg$2,690,00010/2/2020
6 HAMILTON CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1V1K9ACobourg$2,690,00010/2/2020
11 PEBBLE BEACH DRIVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2C2K9ACobourg$2,099,00010/2/2020
11 PEBBLE BEACH DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2C2K9ACobourg$2,099,00010/2/2020
7783 BICKLE HILL RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,999,90010/2/2020
785 KING STREET W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2P3K9ACobourg$1,799,90010/2/2020
61 SKYE VALLEY DR, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,790,00010/2/2020
61 SKYE VALLEY DRIVE, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,790,00010/2/2020
128 DURHAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3H4K9ACobourg$1,590,00010/2/2020
202 CHURCH STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3V9K9ACobourg$1,525,00010/2/2020
202 CHURCH ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3V9K9ACobourg$1,499,00010/29/2020
8501 MCBRIDE Road, Cold Springs, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$1,449,00010/2/2020
8501 MCBRIDE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$1,449,00010/2/2020
9668 COUNTY ROAD 2 RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,389,00010/2/2020
27 MCCARTY Drive, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A0K5K9ACobourg$1,375,00010/27/2020
351 WILLIAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A1K9ACobourg$1,250,00010/2/2020
1240 ALDER Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W5K9ACobourg$1,240,00010/16/2020
1240 ALDER RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W5K9ACobourg$1,240,00010/16/2020
247 KING E Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1L7K9ACobourg$1,224,99910/17/2020
785 NEW AMHERST BLVD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0G6K9ACobourg$1,175,00010/2/2020
1497 PENTECOSTAL RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,149,90010/3/2020
1497 PENTECOSTAL ROAD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,149,90010/2/2020
2093 CUNNINGHAM ROAD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,099,00010/2/2020
2093 CUNNINGHAM RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,099,00010/2/2020
53 SKYE VALLEY DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$989,99910/28/2020
1267 ALDER RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W5K9ACobourg$987,50010/9/2020
3072 STU BLACK RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$965,00010/2/2020
3072 STU BLACK Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$965,00010/2/2020
1316 ALDER Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J8K9ACobourg$965,00010/2/2020
7491 BETHEL GROVE Road, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$949,00010/22/2020
7491 BETHEL GROVE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$949,00010/22/2020
8260 ALBERT Court, Camborne, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$889,90010/14/2020
8260 ALBERT CRT, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$889,90010/15/2020
14 FOREST GLEN RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$885,00010/9/2020
14 FOREST GLEN ROAD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$885,00010/9/2020
4 ST LAWRENCE PLACE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4G8K9ACobourg$864,90010/2/2020
429 FOOTE Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0A3K9ACobourg$849,00010/5/2020
429 FOOTE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0A3K9ACobourg$849,00010/6/2020
2650 DIVISION Street N, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$799,90010/10/2020
313 PARKVIEW HILLS Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S3K9ACobourg$799,00010/2/2020
313 PARKVIEW HILLS DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S3K9ACobourg$799,00010/2/2020
51 COOPER Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K4K9ACobourg$799,00010/19/2020
183 ALBERT ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R5K9ACobourg$788,00010/2/2020
51 COOPER CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K4K9ACobourg$785,00010/2/2020
9128 DANFORTH Road E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$769,90010/6/2020
9128 DANFORTH RD E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$769,90010/8/2020
9128 DANFORTH RD E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$769,90010/14/2020
183 ALBERT Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R5K9ACobourg$750,00010/16/2020
2891 CORNISH HOLLOW Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$749,90010/2/2020
1047 OTTO DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5Y4K9ACobourg$749,90010/3/2020
2 DEERFIELD Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$729,90010/7/2020
2 DEERFIELD DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$729,90010/7/2020
374 WILLIAM Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A2K9ACobourg$729,00010/9/2020
374 WILLIAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A2K9ACobourg$729,00010/28/2020
953 CLARKE Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S8K9ACobourg$699,90010/24/2020
953 CLARKE CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S8K9ACobourg$699,90010/25/2020
341 BALL Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3J1K9ACobourg$699,00010/2/2020
148 UNIVERSITY AVE E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1E1K9ACobourg$699,00010/2/2020
317 HENRY STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3Y7K9ACobourg$679,90010/27/2020
8598 DALE Road, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$678,00010/5/2020
8598 DALE RD, Port Hope, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$678,00010/5/2020
8598 DALE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$678,00010/6/2020
3421 CROSSEN Road, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$665,00010/23/2020
3421 CROSSEN RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$665,00010/24/2020
3434 BURNHAM Street N, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$659,00010/2/2020
3434 BURNHAM ST N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$659,00010/2/2020
3053 CORNISH HOLLOW Road, Hamilton, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$650,00010/27/2020
264 ROCKINGHAM COURT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W3K9ACobourg$649,90010/14/2020
264 ROCKINGHAM CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W3K9ACobourg$649,90010/15/2020
28 BURGESS CRES, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$649,90010/23/2020
28 BURGESS Crescent, Camborne, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$649,90010/23/2020
270 ROLLINGS ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1M6K9ACobourg$649,90010/2/2020
270 ROLLINGS Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0G8K9ACobourg$649,90010/2/2020
264 ROCKINGHAM CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W3K9ACobourg$649,90010/14/2020
709 PRINCE OF WALES Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0E1K9ACobourg$649,00010/8/2020
709 PRINCE OF WALES DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0E1K9ACobourg$649,00010/9/2020
224 BAY STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1P9K9ACobourg$599,90010/19/2020
3254 BURNHAM ST, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$599,00010/2/2020
122 ALBERT Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R3K9ACobourg$599,00010/17/2020
122 ALBERT ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R3K9ACobourg$599,00010/17/2020
164 ALBERT Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R4K9ACobourg$599,00010/15/2020
1044 RIDDELL Avenue, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5M8K9ACobourg$595,50010/15/2020
809 WESTWOOD Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4W1K9ACobourg$589,90010/16/2020
345 DIVISION Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3R5K9ACobourg$579,00010/17/2020
943 CORNELL Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5H3K9ACobourg$565,00010/5/2020
576 WILLOW Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2B3K9ACobourg$559,90010/22/2020
254 ST ANDREWS LANE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3G6K9ACobourg$549,00010/2/2020
1 DANIELS Drive, Brighton, Ontario K9A1H0K9ACobourg$549,00010/19/2020
226 SUTHERLAND CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L3K9ACobourg$539,00010/16/2020
964 FREI ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L5K9ACobourg$539,00010/19/2020
18 PARKWOOD Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J2K9ACobourg$535,00010/2/2020
18 PARKWOOD DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J2K9ACobourg$535,00010/2/2020
191 CARROLL CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5P7K9ACobourg$529,90010/19/2020
191 CARROLL Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5P7K9ACobourg$529,00010/2/2020
2633 DIVISION ST N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$525,00010/2/2020
2633 DIVISION Street N, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$525,00010/2/2020
897 WESTWOOD Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B4K9ACobourg$519,90010/23/2020
897 WESTWOOD CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B4K9ACobourg$519,90010/24/2020
455 KING Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N8K9ACobourg$505,00010/26/2020
455 KING ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2V8K9ACobourg$505,00010/29/2020
4558 COUNTRY ROAD 45 Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$500,00010/29/2020
216 KING ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N1K9ACobourg$499,90010/2/2020
144 SPENCER Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1C4K9ACobourg$499,00010/15/2020
440 CAMPBELL Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4C4K9ACobourg$499,00010/16/2020
431 MAJOR Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4C9K9ACobourg$495,00010/3/2020
495 HARDEN CRESCENT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1Z8K9ACobourg$489,90010/2/2020
495 HARDEN CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1Z8K9ACobourg$489,90010/3/2020
902 CURTIS Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W1K9ACobourg$479,00010/2/2020
902 CURTIS CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W1K9ACobourg$479,00010/2/2020
12 SPENCER ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2G3K9ACobourg$474,90010/17/2020
137 HENRY STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3Y2K9ACobourg$449,00010/6/2020
137 HENRY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3Y2K9ACobourg$449,00010/7/2020
575 SHIRLEY Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2A8K9ACobourg$439,90010/16/2020
575 SHIRLEY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2A8K9ACobourg$439,90010/17/2020
168 SPENCER Street E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1C4K9ACobourg$425,00010/5/2020
155 UNIVERSITY AVE E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1E2K9ACobourg$419,90010/2/2020
2225 DIVISION ST N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$399,90010/2/2020
2225 DIVISION Street N, Hamilton, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$399,90010/2/2020
181 FURNACE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2E7K9ACobourg$399,00010/2/2020
181 FURNACE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2E7K9ACobourg$399,00010/2/2020
858 EWING Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E3K9ACobourg$374,90010/5/2020
858 EWING CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E3K9ACobourg$374,90010/6/2020
934 WESTWOOD Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B6K9ACobourg$374,90010/22/2020
392 ONTARIO ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3B8K9ACobourg$349,90010/7/2020
392 ONTARIO STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3B8K9ACobourg$349,90010/7/2020
353 JOHN ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3T4K9ACobourg$299,90010/2/2020
353 JOHN Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3T4K9ACobourg$299,90010/2/2020
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