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All Listings in K9A,Cobourg

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
9317 DANFORTH ROAD, EAST RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$2,999,9999/2/2022
3417B BURNHAM ST N, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5A3K9ACobourg$2,499,9009/2/2022
128 DURHAM Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3H4K9ACobourg$2,450,0009/18/2022
9340 DANFORTH RD E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,977,0009/2/2022
7290 TELEPHONE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,899,9999/2/2022
3003 THEATRE Road N, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,785,5009/21/2022
3003 THEATRE RD N, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,785,5009/21/2022
67 EAST HOUSE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K3K9ACobourg$1,749,9009/2/2022
4095 FRANK RITCHIE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,689,0009/2/2022
4095 FRANK RITCHIE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A7J7K9ACobourg$1,689,0009/2/2022
2189 LOVSHIN RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A0P7K9ACobourg$1,599,0009/2/2022
2189 LOVSHIN Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0P7K9ACobourg$1,599,0009/2/2022
4 FORESTVIEW CRT, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K9A0A8K9ACobourg$1,595,0009/2/2022
9692 DANFORTH RD E, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,590,0009/2/2022
8467 WILLIS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$1,550,0009/8/2022
271B TWEED Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R8K9ACobourg$1,498,0009/9/2022
271B TWEED ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R8K9ACobourg$1,498,0009/9/2022
7949 COUNTY ROAD 2 Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,489,0009/2/2022
7949 COUNTY RD 2 RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,489,0009/2/2022
458 WILLIAM Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A3K9ACobourg$1,485,0009/2/2022
458 WILLIAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A3K9ACobourg$1,485,0009/2/2022
3108 THEATRE RD N, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,450,0009/16/2022
705 WILKINS Gate, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0L3K9ACobourg$1,429,9009/2/2022
326 LAKESHORE DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1R7K9ACobourg$1,425,0009/2/2022
#200 -8326 SMYLIE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,399,9009/16/2022
252 LAKESHORE RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,388,8009/26/2022
3403 CROSSEN RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$1,380,0009/2/2022
3403 CROSSEN Road, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$1,380,0009/2/2022
421 FOOTE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0A4K9ACobourg$1,275,0009/24/2022
421 FOOTE Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0A4K9ACobourg$1,275,0009/24/2022
1969 JARVIS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4L1K9ACobourg$1,250,0009/11/2022
1306 ONTARIO Street, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,229,0009/20/2022
1306 ONTARIO ST, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,229,0009/20/2022
879 CHARLES WILSON Parkway, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0L2K9ACobourg$1,199,9009/2/2022
879 CHARLES WILSON PKWY, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0L2K9ACobourg$1,199,9009/2/2022
8591 DANFORTH Road W, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A0T6K9ACobourg$1,177,0009/16/2022
8591 DANFORTH RD W, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A0T6K9ACobourg$1,177,0009/16/2022
10353 COUNTY ROAD 2, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,149,0009/2/2022
310 WALTON ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3X2K9ACobourg$1,049,0009/24/2022
7106 TELEPHONE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$999,0009/2/2022
7106 TELEPHONE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$999,0009/2/2022
55 WELLER Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K3K9ACobourg$999,0009/2/2022
55 WELLER CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K3K9ACobourg$999,0009/2/2022
44 SKYE VALLEY DR, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$998,0009/7/2022
8744 MINIFIE Road, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$995,0009/2/2022
1303 ALDER Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J8K9ACobourg$989,0009/2/2022
1303 ALDER CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J8K9ACobourg$989,0009/2/2022
8537 DALE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$975,0009/2/2022
924 CADDY DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0B2K9ACobourg$975,0009/27/2022
924 CADDY Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0B2K9ACobourg$975,0009/26/2022
870 CARLISLE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0C2K9ACobourg$949,9009/2/2022
476 GULLY RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$949,9009/23/2022
870 CARLISLE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0C2K9ACobourg$949,9009/2/2022
476 GULLY Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$899,9009/28/2022
911 WESTWOOD Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B6K9ACobourg$899,9009/1/2022
911 WESTWOOD CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B6K9ACobourg$899,9009/1/2022
819 LONDON Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5X9K9ACobourg$899,0009/1/2022
819 LONDON ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5X9K9ACobourg$899,0009/2/2022
1014 DENTON DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K2K9ACobourg$899,0009/1/2022
1254 ASHLAND DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S5K9ACobourg$899,0009/27/2022
288 KING ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1L8K9ACobourg$885,0009/27/2022
669 ROBINSON DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0J4K9ACobourg$880,0009/23/2022
908 CURTIS CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W1K9ACobourg$875,0009/24/2022
149 UNIVERSITY AVE E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1E2K9ACobourg$874,9009/1/2022
286 ROLLINGS Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1M6K9ACobourg$859,9009/1/2022
286 ROLLINGS ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1M6K9ACobourg$859,9009/1/2022
8262 ALBERT CRT, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$859,5009/27/2022
1277 ASHLAND DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S5K9ACobourg$849,9009/24/2022
337 BOOTH CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N5K9ACobourg$849,9009/1/2022
1001 ONTARIO ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3C8K9ACobourg$849,0009/2/2022
1001 ONTARIO STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3C8K9ACobourg$849,0009/1/2022
855 SMITH Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0C2K9ACobourg$849,0009/21/2022
855 SMITH RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0C2K9ACobourg$849,0009/21/2022
966 CLARKE CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S8K9ACobourg$845,0009/15/2022
966 CLARKE Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S8K9ACobourg$845,0009/15/2022
159 TREMAINE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Z2K9ACobourg$799,9999/24/2022
224 HUYCKE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K8K9ACobourg$799,9009/1/2022
224 HUYCKE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K8K9ACobourg$799,9009/1/2022
973 DENTON DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K2K9ACobourg$799,9009/24/2022
67 ABBOTT BLVD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4E5K9ACobourg$795,0009/16/2022
67 ABBOTT Boulevard, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4D5K9ACobourg$795,0009/16/2022
24 BURGESS CRES, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$795,0009/17/2022
24 BURGESS CRES, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$795,0009/19/2022
292 ROCKINGHAM CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W3K9ACobourg$785,0009/15/2022
292 ROCKINGHAM Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5W3K9ACobourg$785,0009/15/2022
279 SPRING ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3K3K9ACobourg$779,0009/17/2022
1040 TILLISON Avenue, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N3K9ACobourg$779,0009/1/2022
1040 TILLISON AVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N3K9ACobourg$779,0009/1/2022
169 CARROLL CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K6K9ACobourg$760,0009/1/2022
229 CARROLL CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5P8K9ACobourg$759,0009/1/2022
226 SUTHERLAND CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L3K9ACobourg$749,9009/3/2022
433 HENRY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3Z2K9ACobourg$749,9009/9/2022
208 KILLDEER CRES, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$749,5009/1/2022
1037 GLENHARE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G3K9ACobourg$749,0009/25/2022
787 DAINTRY CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4Z3K9ACobourg$748,7009/7/2022
911 HEENAN ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G9K9ACobourg$734,9009/1/2022
10 CATHERINE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3E4K9ACobourg$724,9009/1/2022
436 DUFFY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5M8K9ACobourg$724,9009/1/2022
436 DUFFY Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5M8K9ACobourg$724,9009/1/2022
662 JEFFREY CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4V6K9ACobourg$719,0009/24/2022
662 JEFFREY Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4V6K9ACobourg$719,0009/24/2022
15 SPRINGBROOK Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4H8K9ACobourg$699,9009/21/2022
15 SPRINGBROOK RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4H8K9ACobourg$699,9009/22/2022
262 SINCLAIR ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Y4K9ACobourg$699,9009/14/2022
169 HIBERNIA ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5R6K9ACobourg$699,9009/1/2022
26 COVERDALE AVE, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4H3K9ACobourg$699,9009/1/2022
8 CATHERINE ST, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A3E4K9ACobourg$699,9009/23/2022
9 BEHAN Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$699,9009/6/2022
9 BEHAN ROAD, COBOURG, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$699,9009/6/2022
10 CATHERINE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3E4K9ACobourg$699,9009/17/2022
136 MASSEY RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$699,0009/1/2022
136 MASSEY Road, Alnwick Twp, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$699,0009/1/2022
378 LAKESHORE DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1S1K9ACobourg$699,0009/1/2022
709 FISHER ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0H3K9ACobourg$699,0009/1/2022
329 BALL ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3J1K9ACobourg$699,0009/27/2022
547 SANDMERE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4R7K9ACobourg$689,0009/27/2022
232 RUTTAN Terrace, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5X6K9ACobourg$679,9009/1/2022
232 RUTTAN TERR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5X6K9ACobourg$679,9009/1/2022
605 MACKECHNIE CRESCENT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4Y1K9ACobourg$679,0009/2/2022
605 MACKECHNIE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4Y1K9ACobourg$679,0009/2/2022
930 FAIRBANKS RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5H1K9ACobourg$675,0009/1/2022
142 MUNROE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1C1K9ACobourg$674,9009/7/2022
455 KING ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N8K9ACobourg$670,0009/16/2022
455 KING Street W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N8K9ACobourg$670,0009/16/2022
179 BURNHAM Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W5K9ACobourg$659,0009/17/2022
179 BURNHAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W5K9ACobourg$659,0009/17/2022
614 NORMA ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2T8K9ACobourg$649,9009/1/2022
830 EWING CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E2K9ACobourg$644,9009/1/2022
705 FISHER ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0H3K9ACobourg$644,9008/30/2022
52 MEREDITH CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4M9K9ACobourg$639,0009/1/2022
963 D'ARCY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4B6K9ACobourg$639,0009/20/2022
162 QUEEN ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4T8K9ACobourg$630,0009/1/2022
158 QUEEN ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4T8K9ACobourg$630,0009/1/2022
162 QUEEN Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4T8K9ACobourg$630,0009/1/2022
158 QUEEN Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4T8K9ACobourg$630,0009/1/2022
376 ANNE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1G6K9ACobourg$629,9009/9/2022
248 SUTHERLAND Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L3K9ACobourg$625,0009/19/2022
248 SUTHERLAND CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L3K9ACobourg$625,0009/20/2022
616 HAYDEN CRESCENT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Y2K9ACobourg$612,0009/1/2022
616 HAYDEN CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Y2K9ACobourg$612,0009/1/2022
158 JAMES ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1H3K9ACobourg$610,0009/1/2022
537 SHIRLEY Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2A4K9ACobourg$609,9009/23/2022
537 SHIRLEY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2A4K9ACobourg$609,9009/23/2022
538 SHIRLEY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2A5K9ACobourg$609,0009/15/2022
209 KING Street W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N2K9ACobourg$599,9009/14/2022
209 KING ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N2K9ACobourg$599,9009/14/2022
934 CORNELL Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5H3K9ACobourg$599,9009/11/2022
934 CORNELL CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5H3K9ACobourg$599,9009/11/2022
869 ONTARIO ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3C6K9ACobourg$599,0009/1/2022
869 ONTARIO Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3C6K9ACobourg$599,0009/1/2022
555 BURWASH ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1Y5K9ACobourg$599,0009/1/2022
857 EWING CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E3K9ACobourg$598,0009/15/2022
857 EWING Court, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E3K9ACobourg$598,0009/9/2022
857 EWING CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E3K9ACobourg$598,0009/9/2022
357 CAMPBELL ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4C1K9ACobourg$593,0009/18/2022
661 EWING ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N7K9ACobourg$589,0009/1/2022
593 BURNHAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2X3K9ACobourg$574,9009/1/2022
593 BURNHAM Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2X3K9ACobourg$574,9009/1/2022
2 JANE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1K3K9ACobourg$574,9009/3/2022
2 JANE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1K3K9ACobourg$574,9009/4/2022
4738 COUNTY RD. 45 RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$550,0009/1/2022
267 UNIVERSITY Avenue W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2H8K9ACobourg$509,9009/1/2022
267 UNIVERSITY AVE W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2H8K9ACobourg$509,9009/1/2022
22 CARLETON BLVD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$499,9009/1/2022
22 CARLETON Boulevard, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$499,9009/1/2022
395 WILLIAM STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A1K9ACobourg$499,0009/27/2022
#A -395 WILLIAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3A1K9ACobourg$499,0009/27/2022
4082 COUNTY RD 45, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0X2K9ACobourg$489,5009/1/2022
13 JAMES Street E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1G8K9ACobourg$475,0009/1/2022
13 JAMES ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1G8K9ACobourg$475,0009/1/2022
326 BALL Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3J2K9ACobourg$469,0009/1/2022
326 BALL ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3J2K9ACobourg$469,0009/1/2022
1979 JARVIS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$449,0009/1/2022
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