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All Listings in K9A, Cobourg

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
120 ONTARIO ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3B3K9ACobourg$2,250,00011/3/2021
120 ONTARIO ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3B3K9ACobourg$2,250,00011/4/2021
120 ONTARIO Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3B3K9ACobourg$2,250,00011/4/2021
8544 SMYLIE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,995,00011/3/2021
8544 SMYLIE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,995,00011/2/2021
198 BAGOT ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3G4K9ACobourg$1,899,90011/2/2021
3763 MULDER Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,895,00011/10/2021
3763 MULDER RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,895,00011/10/2021
7949 COUNTY RD 2, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$1,599,00011/2/2021
9688 DANFORTH Road E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,499,90011/18/2021
9688 DANFORTH RD E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,499,90011/18/2021
1577 MCEWEN RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,424,00011/2/2021
1577 MCEWEN Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$1,424,00011/2/2021
274 CLYDE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2S6K9ACobourg$1,399,90011/2/2021
173 TREMAINE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Z2K9ACobourg$1,150,00011/2/2021
173 TREMAINE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Z2K9ACobourg$1,150,00011/2/2021
252 LAKESHORE RD, Alnwick/Haldimand, Ontario K9A4J8K9ACobourg$999,90011/3/2021
2829 CORNISH HOLLOW RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$999,90011/2/2021
19 BROOK RD S, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4G2K9ACobourg$998,00011/19/2021
19 BROOK Road S, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4G2K9ACobourg$998,00011/18/2021
19 BROOK RD S, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4G2K9ACobourg$998,00011/18/2021
855 WILKINS Gate, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0B1K9ACobourg$978,00011/16/2021
286 HENRY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3Y6K9ACobourg$975,00011/19/2021
201 BAY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1P7K9ACobourg$969,00011/2/2021
452 FOOTE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0A3K9ACobourg$947,00011/2/2021
130 TREMAINE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Z3K9ACobourg$900,00011/10/2021
130 TREMAINE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Z3K9ACobourg$900,00011/10/2021
175 TREMAINE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Z2K9ACobourg$899,00011/2/2021
175 TREMAINE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2Z2K9ACobourg$899,00011/2/2021
359 COLLEGE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3V5K9ACobourg$890,00011/2/2021
171 BAGOT ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3G3K9ACobourg$876,00011/2/2021
9198 DALE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$869,00011/8/2021
9198 DALE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$869,00011/9/2021
715 ROBINSON Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N9K9ACobourg$864,90011/10/2021
715 ROBINSON DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N9K9ACobourg$864,90011/11/2021
981 FREI Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L4K9ACobourg$849,90011/2/2021
981 FREI ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5L4K9ACobourg$849,90011/2/2021
274 ROLLINGS ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0G8K9ACobourg$825,00011/9/2021
274 ROLLINGS Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A0G8K9ACobourg$825,00011/9/2021
968 GLENHARE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G4K9ACobourg$824,90011/2/2021
425 ROE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3L2K9ACobourg$799,90011/5/2021
908 HEENAN ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G9K9ACobourg$799,90011/18/2021
1277 ASHLAND DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5S5K9ACobourg$799,90011/2/2021
162 SPENCER ST E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1C4K9ACobourg$799,90011/8/2021
16 BUCK ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2K9K9ACobourg$789,00011/18/2021
4708 COUNTY RD 45 RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A0X2K9ACobourg$759,00011/27/2021
4708 COUNTY RD 45 Road, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A0X2K9ACobourg$759,00011/27/2021
903 HEENAN ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G9K9ACobourg$749,00011/2/2021
903 HEENAN Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G9K9ACobourg$749,00011/2/2021
985 CURTIS CRESCENT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W4K9ACobourg$739,00011/2/2021
6 PARKWOOD Drive, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J1K9ACobourg$720,00011/10/2021
6 PARKWOOD DR, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J1K9ACobourg$720,00011/10/2021
1049 GLENHARE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5B8K9ACobourg$699,90011/16/2021
8934 DALE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$699,90011/3/2021
8934 DALE Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$699,90011/3/2021
768 EWING ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5P1K9ACobourg$699,90011/12/2021
768 EWING Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5P1K9ACobourg$699,90011/12/2021
747 MUNSON Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N9K9ACobourg$699,90011/28/2021
747 MUNSON CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N9K9ACobourg$699,90011/28/2021
492 BURNHAM MANOR COURT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5C1K9ACobourg$699,00011/18/2021
492 BURNHAM MANOR CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5C1K9ACobourg$699,00011/18/2021
161 CARROLL CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5K6K9ACobourg$689,90011/5/2021
791 DAINTRY CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4Z3K9ACobourg$679,00011/2/2021
791 DAINTRY Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4Z3K9ACobourg$679,00011/2/2021
3620 BURNHAM ST N, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$674,90011/2/2021
375 KING Street W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N6K9ACobourg$650,00011/2/2021
375 KING ST W, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2N6K9ACobourg$650,00011/2/2021
131 ALBERT ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R2K9ACobourg$649,90011/2/2021
131 ALBERT STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2R2K9ACobourg$649,90011/2/2021
9078 DALE RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$649,90011/22/2021
370 JOHN Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3T5K9ACobourg$649,50011/2/2021
417 DUFFY ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5N3K9ACobourg$629,00011/9/2021
3455 ALBERTS Alley, Camborne, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$629,00011/26/2021
3455 ALBERTS ALLY, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$629,00011/26/2021
3999 MCINTOSH Street, Cold Springs, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$625,00011/16/2021
3999 MCINTOSH ST, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$625,00011/16/2021
620 EWING ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4X1K9ACobourg$624,90011/2/2021
27 LORRAINE Avenue, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$600,00011/12/2021
27 LORRAINE AVE, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$600,00011/12/2021
595 SANDMERE Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4N8K9ACobourg$599,90011/16/2021
595 SANDMERE CRES, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4N8K9ACobourg$599,90011/17/2021
56 BALLANTINE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G8K9ACobourg$585,00011/2/2021
134 GREEN ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3W2K9ACobourg$579,90011/3/2021
330 GEORGE Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3M1K9ACobourg$559,00011/11/2021
330 GEORGE ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3M1K9ACobourg$559,00011/11/2021
165 BURNHAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W5K9ACobourg$549,90011/17/2021
165 BURNHAM Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W5K9ACobourg$549,90011/17/2021
529 BURNHAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W8K9ACobourg$549,90011/18/2021
165 BURNHAM ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A2W5K9ACobourg$549,90011/18/2021
392 ONTARIO ST, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3B8K9ACobourg$529,90011/2/2021
392 ONTARIO STREET, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3B8K9ACobourg$529,90011/2/2021
7 UNIVERSITY AVE E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1C6K9ACobourg$525,00011/24/2021
7 UNIVERSITY Avenue E, Cobourg, Ontario K9A1C6K9ACobourg$525,00011/24/2021
908 FAIRBANKS RD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5G9K9ACobourg$509,90011/5/2021
908 FAIRBANKS Road, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3G9K9ACobourg$509,90011/8/2021
4016 BURNHAM Street N, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K9A4J9K9ACobourg$489,00011/2/2021
8390 DALE ROAD, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$399,90011/2/2021
8390 DALE RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K9A4J7K9ACobourg$399,90011/2/2021
849 EWING CRT, Cobourg, Ontario K9A5E4K9ACobourg$399,90011/2/2021
374 BALL Street, Cobourg, Ontario K9A3J2K9ACobourg$319,00011/29/2021
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