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All Listings in K7H,Perth

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
221 BOURGAIZE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$3,390,00010/2/2022
465 WINTON LANE, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$2,589,90010/2/2022
417 MINERS POINT ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$2,295,00010/2/2022
341 MILE POINT ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$1,998,90010/2/2022
2345 SCOTCH LINE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$1,599,90010/2/2022
146 BECK SHORE ROAD, Balderson, Ontario K7H3C8K7HPerth$1,399,90010/2/2022
197 BOURGAIZE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$1,350,00010/2/2022
125 WILSON STREET W, Perth, Ontario K7H2P5K7HPerth$1,200,00010/2/2022
631 PIKE LAKE ROUTE 12 ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$1,194,00010/2/2022
716 WEST POINT DRIVE, Rideau Ferry, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$1,100,00010/2/2022
510 CHERIE HILL Lane, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$1,000,00010/2/2022
146 RIDEAU STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$995,00010/2/2022
169 CEDAR CREST LANE, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$995,00010/2/2022
227 GEORGINA STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H3C9K7HPerth$979,00010/2/2022
209 RIDEAU STREET, Port Elmsley, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$975,00010/2/2022
796 BROOKE VALLEY ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C6K7HPerth$950,00010/2/2022
348 ELM GROVE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$949,90010/2/2022
12 GORE STREET W, Perth, Ontario K7H2L6K7HPerth$875,00010/2/2022
16758 HIGHWAY 7 HIGHWAY, Perth, Ontario K7H3C8K7HPerth$824,00010/2/2022
4389 SCOTCH LINE, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$799,9009/8/2022
284 BLACK LAKE ROUTE 2 ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$799,9009/14/2022
315 BATHURST CONCESSION 5 ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C9K7HPerth$789,9009/10/2022
107 PETER STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H1S4K7HPerth$759,00010/2/2022
205 SOMERVILLE DRIVE, Perth, Ontario K7H3C6K7HPerth$750,00010/2/2022
563 CHRISTIE LAKE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C6K7HPerth$749,90010/2/2022
3388 MCLACHLIN ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C3K7HPerth$725,00010/2/2022
146 TRILLIUM DRIVE, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$710,0009/8/2022
2518 RIDEAU FERRY ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$699,90010/2/2022
623 UPPER SCOTCH LINE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$699,9009/22/2022
113 POINTVIEW DRIVE, Port Elmsley, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$674,90010/2/2022
2469 SCOTCH LINE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H0E7K7HPerth$649,9009/22/2022
509 POWERS ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$649,90010/2/2022
3014 PIKE LAKE ROUTE 16C ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$649,50010/2/2022
2945 TENNYSON ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C8K7HPerth$649,00010/2/2022
177 BERNICE CRESCENT, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$649,00010/2/2022
13 DRUMMOND STREET W, Perth, Ontario K7H2J3K7HPerth$649,00010/2/2022
125 PETER STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H1S4K7HPerth$629,90010/2/2022
4210 SCOTCH LINE, Perth, Ontario K7H3P1K7HPerth$619,00010/2/2022
109 GRASSHOPPER POINT, Perth, Ontario K7H3C8K7HPerth$615,00010/2/2022
1 DECARIA BOULEVARD, Perth, Ontario K7H3P6K7HPerth$614,9009/24/2022
30 DECARIA BOULEVARD, Perth, Ontario K7H3P8K7HPerth$599,90010/2/2022
251 ROBERT RUN, Perth, Ontario K7H0G8K7HPerth$599,90010/2/2022
90 BECKWITH STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H0B2K7HPerth$599,0009/16/2022
2508 RIDEAU FERRY ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$599,0009/23/2022
00 GARDINER ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C8K7HPerth$574,90010/2/2022
562 ALTHORPE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C9K7HPerth$549,99910/2/2022
1284 POWERS ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$549,9009/7/2022
2 ISABELLA STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H2W5K7HPerth$549,90010/2/2022
218 GORE STREET E, Perth, Ontario K7H1K7K7HPerth$549,00010/2/2022
149 ROBERT RUN ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$519,90010/2/2022
42 COCKBURN STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H2B4K7HPerth$514,90010/2/2022
18 ELLIOTT STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H3A3K7HPerth$510,0009/20/2022
223 SUNDERLAND LANE, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$500,0009/24/2022
96 DRUMMOND EAST STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H1G8K7HPerth$499,00010/2/2022
2375 CHRISTIE LAKE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C6K7HPerth$489,00010/2/2022
460 BATHURST CONCESSION 5 ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C9K7HPerth$480,00010/2/2022
1025 BATHURST CONCESSION 7 ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C9K7HPerth$478,90010/2/2022
50 HARVEY STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H1W9K7HPerth$469,9009/13/2022
706 CHRISTIE LAKE NORTH SHORE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C6K7HPerth$449,90010/2/2022
3 FOSTER STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H1R3K7HPerth$449,90010/2/2022
298 BLACK LAKE ROUTE 1 ROUTE, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$449,9009/3/2022
5907 HIGHWAY 43 HIGHWAY, Perth, Ontario K7H3C7K7HPerth$449,9009/9/2022
8 CLYDE STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H2T6K7HPerth$439,0009/23/2022
8 BOULTON STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H2W3K7HPerth$435,00010/2/2022
9 RAILWAY STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H2Z6K7HPerth$429,9009/8/2022
1115 FORD ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C3K7HPerth$419,9009/29/2022
86 NORTH STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H2T3K7HPerth$399,90010/2/2022
10 ALVIN STREET, Perth, Ontario K7H2V7K7HPerth$399,90010/2/2022
100 SHERBROOKE STREET E, Perth, Ontario K7H1A5K7HPerth$374,50010/2/2022
18602 HIGHWAY 7 ROAD W, Perth, Ontario K7H3C6K7HPerth$359,00010/2/2022
1296 STANLEYVILLE ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C5K7HPerth$270,00010/2/2022
282 LEACH'S ROAD, Perth, Ontario K7H3C8K7HPerth$229,00010/2/2022
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