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All Listings in K2J, Nepean

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
60 CHATHAM GARDENS, Nepean, Ontario K2J3M6K2JNepean$1,299,00012/1/2021
2590 HALF MOON BAY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0Z1K2JNepean$1,199,90011/17/2021
785 LOGPERCH CIRCLE, Nepean, Ontario K2J6K3K2JNepean$1,199,00012/1/2021
2836 GRAND CANAL STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6E4K2JNepean$1,199,00011/21/2021
774 CAPPAMORE DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6V6K2JNepean$943,81012/1/2021
122 OAKFIELD CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5H6K2JNepean$899,99912/1/2021
507 BRETBY CRESCENT, Nepean, Ontario K2J5P8K2JNepean$899,90011/13/2021
190 CHEYENNE WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5S6K2JNepean$899,90011/14/2021
24 TIERNEY DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4T3K2JNepean$899,90012/1/2021
170 POINT PRIM CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6P6K2JNepean$899,00012/1/2021
110 FAIRLOP WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5B6K2JNepean$899,00011/15/2021
192 CHEYENNE WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5S7K2JNepean$898,88012/1/2021
758 CAPPAMORE DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6W3K2JNepean$892,84012/1/2021
111 CHENOA WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0M2K2JNepean$879,90011/19/2021
181 CHEYENNE WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5S6K2JNepean$875,00011/17/2021
227 ALEX POLOWIN AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6H4K2JNepean$869,80012/1/2021
116 REDCLIFF AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5J7K2JNepean$859,00011/18/2021
157 LONGSHIRE CIRCLE, Nepean, Ontario K2J4L2K2JNepean$855,00012/1/2021
180 GOLFLINKS DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5M8K2JNepean$849,90011/25/2021
721 CASHMERE TERRACE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6M2K2JNepean$834,80012/1/2021
417 NITTANY CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5P1K2JNepean$830,66712/1/2021
138 TARTAN DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J3S6K2JNepean$829,00012/1/2021
301 BAMBURGH WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5R2K2JNepean$824,90011/19/2021
155 POINT PRIM CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6P8K2JNepean$819,00012/1/2021
205 BROXBURN CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0N7K2JNepean$799,00012/1/2021
20 PONDHAWK WAY, Nepean, Ontario K2J5Z2K2JNepean$774,99912/1/2021
17 LIVEOAK CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1R5K2JNepean$750,00012/1/2021
8 NAKOTA WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4E9K2JNepean$749,90012/1/2021
712 DEVARIO CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6H3K2JNepean$749,80011/5/2021
35 DEWBERRY CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4N3K2JNepean$725,00011/24/2021
4 ST REMY DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J1A3K2JNepean$719,90011/30/2021
525 STURNIDAE STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6W9K2JNepean$699,90011/24/2021
4 FIELDCREST AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4W7K2JNepean$699,90011/23/2021
32 FABLE STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2A6K2JNepean$699,00011/17/2021
12 WHEELER STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J3C2K2JNepean$685,00012/1/2021
39 VESTA STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J3Y9K2JNepean$679,90012/1/2021
296 CLARIDGE DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5B9K2JNepean$674,90012/1/2021
47 RAFTUS SQUARE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2K9K2JNepean$659,90011/18/2021
167 HIGHBURY PARK DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5Y1K2JNepean$659,90011/23/2021
247 DEERFOX DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5H5K2JNepean$655,00012/1/2021
129 PORTRUSH AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5H9K2JNepean$650,00011/11/2021
26 BURNETTS GROVE CIRCLE, Nepean, Ontario K2J1N6K2JNepean$649,90011/8/2021
14 DEEVY STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2M4K2JNepean$609,90011/21/2021
24 OTTEN DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1J2K2JNepean$599,90011/11/2021
3 ORR STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1E5K2JNepean$599,90011/17/2021
217 HARTHILL WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0P2K2JNepean$599,90011/19/2021
32 TEDWYN DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J1T8K2JNepean$589,90011/5/2021
191 MOUNTSHANNON DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4N4K2JNepean$575,00012/1/2021
22 ALDGATE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2G4K2JNepean$549,90011/24/2021
219 ANDRE AUDET AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5W7K2JNepean$499,90012/1/2021
82 LYRID PRIVATE, Nepean, Ontario K2J6N3K2JNepean$474,90011/12/2021
174 CHAPMAN MILLS DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0B7K2JNepean$459,00012/1/2021
727 CHAPMAN MILLS DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J3V1K2JNepean$449,90011/18/2021
512 CLEARBROOK DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5X5K2JNepean$430,00011/24/2021
24 HENFIELD AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1J8K2JNepean$425,00011/12/2021
574 CHAPMAN MILLS DRIVE UNIT#B, Nepean, Ontario K2J3V2K2JNepean$399,90011/4/2021
551A CHAPMAN MILLS DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J0W7K2JNepean$399,90011/18/2021
551A CHAPMAN MILLS DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J5T2K2JNepean$399,90011/19/2021
51 SHERWAY DRIVE UNIT#3, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2K3K2JNepean$300,00011/25/2021
51 SHERWAY DRIVE UNIT#5, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2K3K2JNepean$299,90011/21/2021
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