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All Listings in K2J,Ottawa

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
408 DUNDONALD DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J0G7K2JOttawa$1,399,99912/2/2022
98 BLACKSHIRE CIRCLE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5M1K2JOttawa$1,289,90012/2/2022
12 MELVILLE DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2E9K2JOttawa$1,289,00012/2/2022
103 LOCHHOUSE WALK, Nepean, Ontario K2J6A4K2JOttawa$1,275,00012/2/2022
405 TARTARUGA LANE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0C9K2JOttawa$1,229,00012/2/2022
348 CLOYNE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6W4K2JOttawa$1,139,00012/2/2022
700 MONDEGO TERRACE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0M4K2JOttawa$1,100,00012/2/2022
125 PALOMA CIRCLE, Nepean, Ontario K2J6E1K2JOttawa$1,100,00012/3/2022
2118 HELENE CAMPBELL ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6A6K2JOttawa$1,100,00012/2/2022
404 BLACKLEAF DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J5S5K2JOttawa$1,095,00012/2/2022
44 WOODFORD WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4B9K2JOttawa$1,075,00012/2/2022
394 KILSPINDIE RIDGE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6A3K2JOttawa$1,049,90012/2/2022
347 HAILEYBURY STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0N5K2JOttawa$1,049,90012/2/2022
122 RYLAND STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4V3K2JOttawa$1,027,98812/2/2022
533 STURNIDAE STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6X1K2JOttawa$999,99912/2/2022
605 PINAWA CIRCLE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5Y2K2JOttawa$999,90012/2/2022
156 POINT PRIM CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0K6K2JOttawa$999,90012/2/2022
2745 GRAND VISTA CIRCLE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0W6K2JOttawa$999,90011/16/2022
2631 FALLINGWATER CIRCLE, Nepean, Ontario K2J0R7K2JOttawa$999,00011/12/2022
1117 APOLUNE STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5P5K2JOttawa$998,00011/23/2022
1117 APOLUNE STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6N8K2JOttawa$998,00012/1/2022
603 BIDWELL SQ, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0L1K2JOttawa$988,00012/2/2022
2616 RIVER MIST ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6W3K2JOttawa$980,00012/2/2022
27 TOLCHACO COURT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6V7K2JOttawa$974,99011/7/2022
669 RYE GRASS WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6Z8K2JOttawa$974,90012/5/2022
3 BENTGRASS GREEN, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4Y1K2JOttawa$949,90011/12/2022
1841 HAIKU ST, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6W6K2JOttawa$949,00012/6/2022
13 IRISH ROSE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4T7K2JOttawa$935,00012/2/2022
417 CALLISTO WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0Z3K2JOttawa$929,90012/2/2022
531 CARINA CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0Z4K2JOttawa$900,00012/2/2022
325 TOURMALINE CRES, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5X4K2JOttawa$899,90012/2/2022
386 HAILEYBURY STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0X8K2JOttawa$899,90012/2/2022
10 BURNTWOOD AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4P4K2JOttawa$899,80011/10/2022
3 BENTGRASS GREEN, Nepean, Ontario K2J4Y1K2JOttawa$899,00012/1/2022
65 SAN MATEO DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5H4K2JOttawa$879,80011/9/2022
13 BURNTWOOD AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4N9K2JOttawa$878,00012/2/2022
31 SAN MATEO DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5H4K2JOttawa$875,00012/2/2022
1035 APOLUNE STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6T5K2JOttawa$874,90012/2/2022
36 FIELDCREST AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4Y8K2JOttawa$849,90012/2/2022
3132 TRAVERTINE WAY, Nepean, Ontario K2J6X1K2JOttawa$839,90012/2/2022
253 TURNBUCKLE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6V7K2JOttawa$829,99012/3/2022
19 JERRILYNN CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1H3K2JOttawa$799,90012/2/2022
47 SARRAZIN WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4A5K2JOttawa$799,90012/2/2022
63 PEACOCK CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J3N8K2JOttawa$799,90012/1/2022
653 PERSEUS AVENUE, Nepean, Ontario K2J3V5K2JOttawa$799,00012/2/2022
2222 RIVER MIST ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0S1K2JOttawa$798,00012/2/2022
43 SETTLERS RIDGE WAY, Nepean, Ontario K2J4T8K2JOttawa$789,90012/2/2022
3061 TRAVERTINE WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6W6K2JOttawa$789,00012/2/2022
23 COPPERMINE STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6P5K2JOttawa$775,00012/2/2022
225 HARTHILL WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0P2K2JOttawa$774,90011/9/2022
2303 RIVER MIST ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0T4K2JOttawa$769,90012/2/2022
17 STRADWICK AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2X3K2JOttawa$764,00012/2/2022
266 DES SOLDATS RIENDEAU STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5Z4K2JOttawa$759,90012/2/2022
38 TEEVENS DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2E4K2JOttawa$750,00012/2/2022
2219 WATERCOLOURS WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5J8K2JOttawa$750,00012/2/2022
3009 FRESHWATER WAY, Nepean, Ontario K2J5J8K2JOttawa$750,00012/3/2022
558 MILLARS SOUND WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J3V4K2JOttawa$749,90012/1/2022
3593 CAMBRIAN ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0S4K2JOttawa$749,90012/6/2022
67 APPLEDALE DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4W6K2JOttawa$749,80012/2/2022
29 MONTANA WAY, Nepean, Ontario K2J4M5K2JOttawa$749,00012/1/2022
2068 ELEVATION RD, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6W9K2JOttawa$729,00011/12/2022
21 KNOLLSBROOK DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J1K7K2JOttawa$725,00012/2/2022
41 CLARIDGE DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J5A3K2JOttawa$724,90012/2/2022
91 LARKIN DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J1B9K2JOttawa$719,90012/2/2022
157 CLARIDGE DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5G9K2JOttawa$718,80012/2/2022
147 LARKIN DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1J1K2JOttawa$699,90012/3/2022
35 EDGEWARE DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4X3K2JOttawa$699,90012/2/2022
53 LARKIN DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1B1K2JOttawa$699,90012/2/2022
615 PAUL METIVIER DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0X9K2JOttawa$699,90011/9/2022
66 WATERSHIELD RIDGE, Nepean, Ontario K2J5A4K2JOttawa$699,90012/1/2022
129 OAKFIELD CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5H8K2JOttawa$699,80011/21/2022
2 LIVEOAK CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1R6K2JOttawa$694,90011/10/2022
1 BENCHLAND STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4C9K2JOttawa$684,90012/2/2022
3 GAMMA COURT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J3X1K2JOttawa$674,90011/12/2022
18 KADEER WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1J7K2JOttawa$674,90012/2/2022
124 HIGHBURY PARK DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5Y1K2JOttawa$670,00012/2/2022
87 HOULAHAN STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J3Y7K2JOttawa$659,90011/9/2022
140 DEERFOX DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4X5K2JOttawa$659,00012/2/2022
70 MALVERN DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J1M1K2JOttawa$649,90012/2/2022
11 GLEESON WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5A2K2JOttawa$639,90012/2/2022
32 BOULDER WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4R6K2JOttawa$639,90012/2/2022
17 BARRAN STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K2J1G3K2JOttawa$635,21012/5/2022
652 BROAD COVE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6H5K2JOttawa$624,90011/22/2022
52 LARKIN DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4H8K2JOttawa$624,90012/2/2022
634 PAUL METIVIER DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0Y2K2JOttawa$624,90011/8/2022
57 TEEVENS DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J2E3K2JOttawa$610,00012/2/2022
172 LARKIN DRIVE, Nepean, Ontario K2J1H9K2JOttawa$600,00011/8/2022
226 DEERFOX DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4Z2K2JOttawa$579,90011/11/2022
84 PHEASANT RUN DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2R5K2JOttawa$574,50011/10/2022
51 LYRID PRIVATE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6N3K2JOttawa$499,90012/2/2022
444 VIA VERONA AVENUE UNIT#B, Ottawa, Ontario K2J6B3K2JOttawa$489,90012/2/2022
284 KELTIE PRIVATE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0A2K2JOttawa$449,90012/1/2022
512 CLEARBROOK DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5X5K2JOttawa$424,90012/6/2022
103 FRASER FIELDS WAY UNIT#F, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5V1K2JOttawa$424,90012/1/2022
239 KELTIE PRIVATE, Ottawa, Ontario K2J0A2K2JOttawa$399,90012/2/2022
55 MONTANA WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K2J4M3K2JOttawa$399,90011/22/2022
135 HARTHILL WAY UNIT#G, Ottawa, Ontario K2J5V1K2JOttawa$370,00011/9/2022
8 SWEETBRIAR CIRCLE UNIT#1, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2K4K2JOttawa$349,90012/2/2022
51 SHERWAY DRIVE UNIT#5, Ottawa, Ontario K2J2K3K2JOttawa$329,00012/1/2022
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