K0L House Prices,Faraday

History Chart of Average Price And Total Listings,Faraday

Map of All Listings in K0L,Faraday

All Listings in K0L,Faraday

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
0 FIRE ROUTE 73, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$10,000,0006/1/2023
0 FIRE ROUTE 73 (SANDY POINT) Road, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$10,000,0006/1/2023
72 FRASER ESTATES Lane, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$4,788,0006/2/2023
75 DARLING DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$3,988,8886/2/2023
75 DARLING Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$3,988,8886/2/2023
65 FIRE ROUTE 21, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$3,800,0006/1/2023
1416 NORTHEY'S BAY Road, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L3E0K0L$3,649,0006/2/2023
3392 BASE Line, Peterborough, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$3,500,0005/1/2023
3392 BASE LINE, Keene, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$3,500,0006/1/2023
1634 NORTHEY'S BAY Road, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$3,398,0006/2/2023
1634 NORTHEY'S BAY RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$3,398,0006/2/2023
3409 KAWARTHA PARK Road, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$3,295,0006/2/2023
120 SECOND Line, Bailieboro, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$3,195,0006/1/2023
22 RORY DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$3,050,0006/8/2023
238 BAYSHORE Road, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$2,895,0006/2/2023
59 FIRE ROUTE 89D, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$2,895,0005/2/2023
59 FIRE ROUTE 89D, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$2,895,0005/2/2023
1728 WESTVIEW POINT Road, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$2,888,0006/2/2023
184 HALL DR, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$2,850,0005/15/2023
2860 10TH Line E, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$2,699,0006/1/2023
84 NORTH LAKE RD, Wollaston, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$2,590,0006/6/2023
84 NORTH LAKE Road, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$2,590,0006/6/2023
461 THE RIDGE RD, Wollaston, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$2,499,0006/2/2023
42 FIRE ROUTE 1, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$2,493,0005/2/2023
42 FIRE ROUTE 1, Lakefield, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$2,493,0006/2/2023
2 DARVELL LANE, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$2,400,0006/2/2023
1404 NORTHEY'S BAY RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L3E0K0L$2,399,0006/1/2023
144 LOIS LANE Lane, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$2,395,0006/2/2023
1726 BAY SHORE ROAD W, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$2,395,0006/2/2023
1726 BAY SHORE RD W, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$2,395,0006/2/2023
1080 CLYDESDALE RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$2,350,0006/2/2023
2520 THE RIDGE Road, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$2,300,0006/2/2023
3071 BEACHWOOD DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$2,299,9006/1/2023
3071 BEACHWOOD DR Drive, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$2,299,9006/1/2023
49 SPUR 2 Road, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$2,299,0006/2/2023
49 SPUR 2 RD, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$2,299,0006/2/2023
106 FIRE ROUTE 38, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$2,190,0006/2/2023
113 CROSS Road Unit# 1, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$2,115,0006/1/2023
1274 TATE Lane, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$2,100,0005/1/2023
5246 HIGHWAY 7 Highway, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$2,000,0006/1/2023
5246 HIGHWAY 7, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$2,000,0006/1/2023
5 ROCKY ACRES LANE, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,999,9006/1/2023
5 ROCKY ACRES Lane, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,999,9006/1/2023
149 RABBIT TRAIL Lane, Cardiff, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,999,9006/1/2023
149 RABBIT TRAIL LANE, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,999,9006/1/2023
161 FIRE ROUTE 267, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,999,0006/1/2023
56 TRILLIUM LANE, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,999,0006/2/2023
56 TRILLIUM Lane, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,999,0006/2/2023
1440 EASTVIEW Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,998,5006/2/2023
16 ALBERT STREET, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,995,0006/2/2023
16 ALBERT ST, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,995,0006/2/2023
200 FIRE ROUTE 246, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,995,0006/1/2023
1120 BAY LAKE Road, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,995,0006/1/2023
1120 BAY LAKE RD, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,995,0006/1/2023
142 ARNOTT DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,995,0006/2/2023
142 ARNOTT Drive, Smith-Ennismore, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,995,0006/2/2023
27323 HIGHWAY 28 S, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,995,0006/2/2023
27323 HWY 28 S, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,995,0006/1/2023
200 FIRE ROUTE 246, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,995,0006/1/2023
81 O-AT-KA Road, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$1,955,0006/6/2023
540 DENNE LANE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$1,899,9006/1/2023
1653 STENNER Road, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,899,5006/2/2023
404 GIFFORD Drive, Selwyn, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,899,5006/2/2023
1634 ELAND Court, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,888,9995/2/2023
1634 ELAND CRT, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,888,9995/2/2023
33 PINEWAY CRT, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,888,9956/2/2023
33 PINEWAY Court, Lakehurst, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,888,9956/2/2023
790 DOURO FOURTH LINE, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,875,0006/2/2023
2218 CEDARWOOD Lane, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,850,0006/2/2023
54 FIRE 15 Route, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,800,0006/2/2023
137 WHITE BOUNDARY Road, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,800,0006/2/2023
2295 STONY LAKE ISLAND 17, Peterborough, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,799,9996/6/2023
445 BEAVER LAKE Road, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,799,0006/2/2023
3396 HOPE MILL RD, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L2B0K0L$1,790,0005/1/2023
3396 HOPE MILL Road, Keene, Ontario K0L2B0K0L$1,790,0005/1/2023
1219 HARRINGTON LINE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,779,0005/9/2023
1219 HARRINGTON LINE, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,779,0005/9/2023
1219 HARRINGTON DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,779,0006/2/2023
704 BIRCHVIEW Road, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,750,0006/2/2023
15 FIRE ROUTE 2, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,750,0005/18/2023
15 FIRE ROUTE 2 RTE, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,750,0006/2/2023
85 KELLEHER RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,750,0006/1/2023
85 KELLEHER Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,750,0006/1/2023
15 FIRE ROUTE 2 (STONEY LAKE), Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,750,0006/1/2023
44 BRIDGE Street, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,710,0006/2/2023
44 BRIDGE ST, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,710,0006/2/2023
681 COUNTY 2 Road, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$1,700,0006/1/2023
390 WALKES RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$1,699,9006/6/2023
390 WALKES Road, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$1,699,9006/6/2023
28 ROSE ISLAND Road, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$1,699,0006/2/2023
452 CRESTVIEW RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,695,0006/1/2023
452 CRESTVIEW Road, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,695,0006/1/2023
91 IEKEL RD, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,695,0006/1/2023
91 IEKEL Road, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,695,0006/1/2023
8 SISKIN Lane, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$1,694,0006/2/2023
192 SUMCOT DR, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,690,0006/2/2023
192 SUMCOT Drive, Lakehurst, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,690,0006/2/2023
51 ISLAND Drive, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,689,9006/2/2023
196 SUMCOT DR, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,685,0006/1/2023
196 SUMCOT Drive, Lakehurst, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,685,0006/1/2023
5137 BOUNDARY Road, Bewdley, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$1,675,0006/7/2023
38 PHEASANT ST, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,650,0006/1/2023
64-D TARA Court, Maple Leaf, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$1,650,0005/2/2023
725 STEINKRAUSS DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$1,649,9006/2/2023
725 STEINKRAUSS Drive, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$1,649,9006/2/2023
191 BEAVER LAKE Road, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,629,9006/2/2023
3 LAKESHORE BLVD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,599,9006/2/2023
314 TOWER RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2X0K0L$1,599,9005/1/2023
3071 5TH LINE E, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,599,9005/1/2023
3033 FREEBURN Lane, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,599,0005/9/2023
1484 HAWKSWOOD Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,599,0006/8/2023
314 TOWER Road, Reaboro, Ontario K0L2X0K0L$1,599,0005/1/2023
1219 HARRINGTON DRIVE, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,599,0006/2/2023
21 FIRE ROUTE 28 RTE, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,595,0006/2/2023
21 FIRE ROUTE 28, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,595,0006/2/2023
1058 ATHABASKA Road, Highlands East, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$1,595,0005/2/2023
125 SUGARBUSH CRES, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,590,0006/2/2023
113 CROSS Road Unit# 2, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,563,0006/1/2023
311B CLAYTON COVE Road, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$1,555,0006/2/2023
256 8TH LINE SOUTH DUMMER Road, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$1,549,9006/2/2023
256 8TH LINE S DUMMER RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$1,549,9006/2/2023
10 DARLING DRIVE, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,529,0006/1/2023
10 DARLING DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,529,0006/1/2023
104 BROWN Lane, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$1,500,0006/1/2023
45 FIRE ROUTE 223, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,500,0006/2/2023
45 FIRE ROUTE 223, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,500,0006/2/2023
284 IXL Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,500,0006/1/2023
284 IXL RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,500,0006/1/2023
74 APPLEWOOD DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,499,8885/11/2023
74 APPLEWOOD Drive, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,499,8885/11/2023
1188 NUFOREST DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,499,0005/1/2023
106 FLEMING BAY RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$1,499,0006/1/2023
2493 FIRE ROUTE 57, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,499,0006/2/2023
2493 FIRE ROUTE 57, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,499,0006/2/2023
1624 TARA Road, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,495,0006/2/2023
1531 MILL LINE RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$1,495,0006/2/2023
1531 MILL LINE Road, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$1,495,0006/2/2023
62 MARINE DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$1,475,0005/1/2023
62 MARINE Drive, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$1,475,0005/1/2023
113 CROSS Road Unit# 3, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,454,0006/1/2023
7648 BAMSEY DR, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$1,448,0006/3/2023
7648 BAMSEY Drive, Bewdley, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$1,448,0006/3/2023
55 MT NEBO Road, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,400,0006/6/2023
55 MT NEBO RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,400,0006/6/2023
613 COUNTY RD 8, Douro, Ontario K0L2B0K0L$1,399,9506/7/2023
613 COUNTY RD 8, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2B0K0L$1,399,9506/7/2023
130 Mystic Point Road, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,399,0005/2/2023
130 MYSTIC POINT RD, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,399,0005/2/2023
1931 PINEHURST AVENUE, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,395,0005/12/2023
156 GIL'S GULLY Lane, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$1,395,0005/2/2023
245 HANNAH Road, Bailieboro, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$1,395,0006/2/2023
2131 MCGILLIVRAY RD, Highlands East, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$1,388,0005/3/2023
879 CHEMONGVIEW DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,375,0005/1/2023
879 CHEMONGVIEW Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,375,0005/1/2023
48 BIRCH POINT DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,374,9006/1/2023
48 BIRCH POINT Drive, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,374,9006/1/2023
30 EDGEWATER DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,350,0006/2/2023
93 DOVE LANE, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$1,350,0006/2/2023
93 DOVE Lane, Apsley, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$1,350,0006/2/2023
2170 STONY LAKE ISLAND 6, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,350,0006/3/2023
38 ANSTRUTHER LAKE ISLAND 3 Island, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$1,349,0006/2/2023
1188 DAVID FIFE LINE S, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$1,330,0006/2/2023
4 ISLAND TERRACE, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,325,0006/2/2023
113 CROSS Road Unit# 5, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,318,0006/1/2023
75 CLIFF Lane, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,300,0005/2/2023
1121 HUMPHRIES LINE, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$1,299,9006/2/2023
1121 HUMPHRIES Line, Asphodel-Norwood Twp, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$1,299,9006/2/2023
546 FIRE ROUTE 93A, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,299,9005/2/2023
546 FIRE ROUTE 93 A, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,299,9005/2/2023
1729 13TH Line, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,299,9006/6/2023
1729 13TH LINE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,299,9006/6/2023
182 SUMCOT DR, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,299,9005/11/2023
182 SUMCOT Drive, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,299,9005/11/2023
373 GIFFORD DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,299,9006/5/2023
2524 BUCKHORN RD, Smith-Ennismore, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,299,0005/9/2023
2524 BUCKHORN RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,299,0005/9/2023
2170 CEDARWOOD Lane, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,299,0006/2/2023
2170 CEDARWOOD LANE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,299,0006/2/2023
2859B 10TH Line E, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,299,0006/1/2023
575 GOLF COURSE Road, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L3A0K0L$1,295,0006/2/2023
2131 MCGILLIVRARY Road, Cardiff, Ontario K0L0B9K0L$1,295,0006/2/2023
2131 MCGILLIVRAY Road, Cardiff, Ontario K0L0B9K0L$1,295,0006/6/2023
4383 HIGHWAY 7, Emily Twp, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,290,0006/2/2023
85 FIRE ROUTE 63B RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$1,290,0005/2/2023
473 BLAIRTON ROAD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$1,289,0006/6/2023
1037 EAST COMMUNICATION Road, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$1,288,0006/1/2023
26 JARDIN LANE, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$1,280,0006/4/2023
1268 COUNTY ROAD 38, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,280,0006/1/2023
1211 BRICK Road N, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,275,0006/2/2023
1211 BRICK RD N, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,275,0006/2/2023
108 MITCHELL Crescent, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,250,0006/2/2023
988 EAST ROAD Loop, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,250,0005/2/2023
294 BEST RD, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$1,250,0006/1/2023
108 MITCHELL CRES, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,250,0006/2/2023
1030 EIDERDOWN Drive, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3L0K0L$1,250,0006/1/2023
1906 EIGHTH LINE E, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,249,9006/1/2023
1906 8TH Line E, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,249,9006/1/2023
3501 HIGHWAY 7 RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,248,9006/2/2023
11 SEYMOUR Drive, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,229,0006/1/2023
126 FORESTVIEW DR, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,200,0006/2/2023
114 MOORE Lane, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,200,0006/1/2023
46 LANDON Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,200,0005/6/2023
573 BROWNS ROAD, Boulter, Ontario K0L1G0K0L$1,199,9996/1/2023
1167 GRIER Drive, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,199,0006/1/2023
11633 WAO FARQUHAR NORTH Shore, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$1,199,0006/1/2023
74 LAKEVIEW Drive, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$1,199,0006/1/2023
74 LAKEVIEW DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$1,199,0006/1/2023
11633 WAO FARQUHAR SHORE N, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$1,199,0006/1/2023
1713 WESLEMKOON LAKE Road, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$1,198,0006/2/2023
1713 WESLEMKOON LAKE RD, Limerick, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$1,198,0006/2/2023
1758 PAPINEAU LAKE Road, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$1,195,0005/2/2023
361 HANNAH Road Unit# 285, Bailieboro, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$1,190,0006/2/2023
35 CHEMONGVIEW ST, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,180,0006/2/2023
3286 KAWARTHA PARK ROAD, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,179,9006/2/2023
3286 KAWARTHA PARK RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$1,179,9006/2/2023
293 HILLSIDE DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,175,0006/1/2023
101 MITCHELL Crescent, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,159,0006/2/2023
28 NURSE AVE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,150,0005/1/2023
300 PENINSULA Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$1,150,0006/5/2023
300 PENINSULA RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$1,150,0005/2/2023
4006 COUNTY ROAD 36, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,150,0006/2/2023
5078 OAK HILLS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$1,150,0006/2/2023
28 NURSE Avenue, Selwyn, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,150,0005/1/2023
122 LAKEVIEW Drive, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,150,0005/1/2023
122 LAKEVIEW DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,150,0005/1/2023
6 FIRE ROUTE 46, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,129,0006/1/2023
6 FIRE ROUTE 46, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,129,0006/1/2023
38 RIVERSIDE Trail, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,125,0006/1/2023
38 RIVERSIDE TR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,125,0006/1/2023
281 RAINBOW DR, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$1,119,0006/2/2023
281 RAINBOW Drive, Bailieboro, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$1,119,0006/2/2023
1422 LEAFIELD LAKE Drive, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$1,100,0006/1/2023
110 FIRE RTE 85D, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$1,100,0006/2/2023
110 FIRE RTE 85D, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$1,100,0006/2/2023
25 FIRE ROUTE 296, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,099,9005/2/2023
1585 COUNTY ROAD 46, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$1,099,9006/1/2023
344 DOURO 1ST LINE, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2B0K0L$1,099,9005/1/2023
25 FIRE ROUTE 296 RTE, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,099,0005/2/2023
1131 CONNAUGHT Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,099,0005/2/2023
123 KENEDON DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,099,0005/1/2023
123 KENEDON Drive, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,099,0005/1/2023
668 COTTINGHAM Road, City Of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$1,099,0006/6/2023
#48 -389 COUNTRY RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$1,099,0006/8/2023
97 & 98 THAETER Lane, Boulter, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$1,089,0006/1/2023
1355 COUNTY RD 45, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$1,088,8806/1/2023
1134 COUNTY 2 RD, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$1,088,0005/12/2023
7 SEYMOUR DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,075,0005/1/2023
7 SEYMOUR DRIVE Drive, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,075,0005/1/2023
2063 8TH LINE E, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$1,050,0006/3/2023
63 ADAM & EVE RD, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,049,0006/2/2023
63 ADAM & EVE Road, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,049,0006/2/2023
387 CONCESSION ROAD 11 WEST, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$1,049,0005/1/2023
143 FORESTVIEW DR, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,045,0006/2/2023
143 FORESTVIEW Drive, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$1,045,0006/2/2023
1607 KINSALE RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$1,025,0006/5/2023
1135 MOODIE DRIVE, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$999,9006/2/2023
11047 COUNTY ROAD 45 RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$999,9005/1/2023
241 BUTLER DR, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L3E0K0L$999,9006/2/2023
241 BUTLER Drive, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L3E0K0L$999,9006/2/2023
1012 PAPINEAU LAKE Road, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$999,5006/6/2023
1243 YOUNG'S COVE RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$999,0006/2/2023
1243 YOUNG'S Cove, Smith-Ennismore, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$999,0006/2/2023
960 WESTLAKE Drive, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$999,0006/8/2023
960 WESTLAKE DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$999,0006/8/2023
528 CONCESSION RD 13 E ROAD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$995,0006/1/2023
220 CHARLORE PARK Drive, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$995,0005/9/2023
412 FITCH Lane, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$995,0006/2/2023
40 RIVERSIDE Trail, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$989,9005/1/2023
40 RIVERSIDE TR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$989,9005/1/2023
1196 CONNAUGHT Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$989,0006/2/2023
24 BANCROFT RIDGE Drive, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$989,0006/1/2023
1196 CONNAUGHT DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$989,0006/2/2023
1923 PRATTS MARINA RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$989,0006/2/2023
1923 PRATTS MARINA Road, Peterborough, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$989,0006/2/2023
8 AIRVIEW Drive, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$980,0006/1/2023
22 FIRE ROUTE 18A, R.R. #1 Road, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$980,0006/2/2023
2065 14TH LINE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$977,7796/2/2023
2065 14TH LINE, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$977,7796/2/2023
7953 HIGHWAY 28, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$975,0006/2/2023
1892 8TH LINE ASPHODEL, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$969,9005/1/2023
417 FIRE ROUTE 130, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$969,0006/2/2023
269 HILLSIDE Drive, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$969,0006/1/2023
269 HILLSIDE DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$969,0006/1/2023
40 SECOND LINE, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$969,0005/9/2023
28 WOODLAWN DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$955,0006/5/2023
591 COUNTY RD 40, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$950,0006/1/2023
591 COUNTY ROAD 40, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$950,0006/1/2023
336 BLAIRTON Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$949,9996/1/2023
72 CADILLAC Boulevard, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$949,9006/6/2023
115 MAPLE RIDGE Lane, Wollaston, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$949,9006/2/2023
2071 14TH Line, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$949,9005/1/2023
2071 14TH LINE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$949,9005/1/2023
9 FIRE ROUTE 265, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$949,9006/2/2023
9 FIRE ROUTE 265 Route, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$949,9006/2/2023
115 MAPLE RIDGE Lane, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$949,9006/2/2023
771 TRACEY'S HILL Road, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$949,9005/5/2023
94 ALBERT STREET, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$949,0006/8/2023
41 GODSON RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$949,0006/2/2023
41 GODSON Road, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$949,0006/2/2023
4647 ELEPHANT LAKE Road, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$949,0006/1/2023
6421 COUNTY ROAD 50, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$949,0006/7/2023
127 PAUDASH LAKE Road, Paudash, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$949,0006/2/2023
94 ALBERT ST, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$949,0006/8/2023
422 FIRE ROUTE 75, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$929,9006/1/2023
422 FIRE ROUTE 75, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$929,9006/2/2023
1207 NUFOREST DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$929,0006/2/2023
11 SPUR 1, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$929,0006/1/2023
11 SPUR 1, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$929,0006/1/2023
11047 COUNTY ROAD 45, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$920,0005/15/2023
52 RIVERSIDE Trail, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$909,9006/1/2023
48 RIVERSIDE Trail, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$909,9006/1/2023
52 RIVERSIDE TR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$909,9006/1/2023
48 RIVERSIDE TR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$909,9006/1/2023
6859 HIGHWAY 620, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$900,0006/2/2023
2221/23 COUNTY ROAD 620 RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$899,9996/2/2023
2221/2223 COUNTY 620 Road, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$899,9996/2/2023
57 MOORE'S LANE, Tudor & Cashel, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$899,9996/1/2023
4241 HWY 7, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$899,9005/1/2023
4241 HWY 7, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$899,9005/1/2023
1743 BARTON Drive, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$899,9006/2/2023
3113 COUNTY ROAD 2, Keene, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$899,9006/2/2023
1799 YOUNGS POINT ROAD RD S, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$899,9005/9/2023
121 FIRE ROUTE 267 RTE, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$899,9005/25/2023
121 FIRE ROUTE 267, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$899,9005/25/2023
2511 SELWYN BAY LANE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$899,9006/2/2023
2511 SELWYN BAY LANE, Lakefield, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$899,9006/2/2023
3183 SANDY POINT RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$899,9006/8/2023
3183 SANDY POINT Road, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$899,9006/8/2023
244 FIRE ROUTE 33, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$899,8006/1/2023
121 KENEDON DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
696 ISLAND 39 KASSHABOG LAKE Landing, Peterborough, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
696 ISLAND 39, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
13 BLUFF Road, Maple Leaf, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
686 EDENDERRY Line, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
15 TROTTERS Road, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
15 TROTTERS RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
139 FIRE ROUTE 64, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$899,0005/2/2023
959 BEAVER LAKE Road, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
331 FIRE ROUTE 23 RTE, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$899,0006/1/2023
113 HIGHWAY 127, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$899,0006/2/2023
5149 TOWER MANOR RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$898,5006/2/2023
5149 TOWER MANOR Road, Bewdley, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$898,5006/2/2023
23466 HIGHWAY 62, Limerick, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$895,0005/2/2023
4241 HIGHWAY 7, Asphodel-Norwood Twp, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$889,9006/1/2023
9 EMILY CRT, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$889,0006/2/2023
5147 OAK HILLS RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$889,0006/2/2023
15 MENIE RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$880,8005/1/2023
15 MENIE Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$880,8005/1/2023
1166 PINE RIDGE Road, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$875,0006/1/2023
1166 PINE RIDGE RD, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$875,0006/1/2023
175 TATES Road, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$875,0006/2/2023
175 TATES RD, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$875,0006/2/2023
215D PARADISE LANDING Road, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$875,0006/7/2023
233 WHITFIELD Road, Fraserville, Ontario K0L1V0K0L$875,0006/2/2023
7071 LAKE ST, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$875,0006/1/2023
27 FIRE ROUTE 7, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L3E0K0L$875,0006/1/2023
32 FIRE ROUTE 15B, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$874,9006/2/2023
32 FIRE ROUTE 15B, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$874,9006/2/2023
972 SMITH Court, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$874,9005/1/2023
3 KING Street, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$869,9005/20/2023
244 6TH LINE W, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$869,0006/7/2023
244 6TH Line W, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$869,0005/1/2023
944 WEBSTER RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L3A0K0L$869,0005/18/2023
944 WEBSTER Road, Douro, Ontario K0L3A0K0L$869,0005/18/2023
424 COUNTY ROAD 38, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$865,0006/1/2023
64 FIRE ROUTE 17, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$859,9005/2/2023
64 FIRE ROUTE 17, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$859,9005/3/2023
6 STRINGER RD, Carlow/Mayo, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$850,0006/1/2023
1046 EDITH Crescent, Highlands East, Ontario K0L1R0K0L$850,0006/2/2023
7948 TAITS BEACH RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$850,0006/2/2023
7948 TAITS BEACH Road, Bewdley, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$850,0006/2/2023
7323 CAVAN Road, Bewdley, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$850,0005/26/2023
7323 CAVAN RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$850,0005/26/2023
39 HUMMINGBIRD Drive, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$850,0005/1/2023
823 MACKIE BAY, Addington Highlands, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$850,0006/1/2023
1034 MICHAEL Road, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$850,0006/1/2023
1151 CONNAUGHT Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$850,0005/9/2023
1151 CONNAUGHT DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$850,0005/10/2023
32990 HIGHWAY 62, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$850,0006/1/2023
567 11TH LINE MID-DUMMER RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$849,9995/1/2023
7 FIRE ROUTE 12C, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$849,9006/2/2023
7 FIRE ROUTE 12C, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$849,9006/2/2023
2003 HYBLA RD, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$849,9006/1/2023
2003 HYBLA Road, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$849,9006/1/2023
18 JACKSON RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$849,9006/1/2023
1122 EDWARD SANDERSON Road, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$849,9006/1/2023
1887 LAKEHURST RD, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$849,9006/6/2023
1887 LAKEHURST Road, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$849,9006/6/2023
1047 REDWOOD Lane, Highlands East, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$849,0006/2/2023
1175 ANSTRUTHER LAKE WAO Shore, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$849,0006/2/2023
45 CARFRAE CRT, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$849,0006/1/2023
45 CARFRAE Court, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$849,0006/1/2023
255 MUSKIE MILE LANE, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$849,0006/2/2023
255 MUSKIE MILE Lane, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$849,0006/2/2023
96 HIGH Street, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$849,0006/2/2023
80 CHARLORE PARK DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$848,8886/1/2023
291 WHITFIELD Road, Fraserville, Ontario K0L1V0K0L$839,9006/1/2023
8 LAKEVIEW DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$839,0005/1/2023
8 LAKEVIEW Drive, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$839,0005/1/2023
183 FIRE ROUTE 66, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$839,0006/2/2023
183 FIRE ROUTE 66, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$839,0006/2/2023
63 APPLEWOOD Drive, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$839,0006/1/2023
175 CEDAR Drive, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$839,0006/1/2023
1240 LAKEHURST RD, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$839,0006/6/2023
175 CEDAR DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$839,0006/6/2023
518 COUNTY ROAD 6 RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$835,0006/2/2023
518 COUNTY RD 6, Douro, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$835,0006/2/2023
352 QUARRY Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$834,9006/6/2023
352 QUARRY RD, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$834,9006/6/2023
1219 ROGER PLACE, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$829,9006/2/2023
51 WOODLAWN DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$829,9006/1/2023
1219 ROGER PL, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$829,9006/2/2023
51 WOODLAWN Drive, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$829,9006/2/2023
47 CHURCH LANE, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$825,0006/1/2023
47 CHURCH Lane, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$825,0006/1/2023
5048 RICE LAKE DR, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$825,0006/2/2023
9 HAGUE Boulevard, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$819,0006/2/2023
4727 ELEPHANT LAKE RD, Dysart et al, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$815,0006/1/2023
27 WAITE CRT, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$800,0005/6/2023
44B & 4 ARYHART LAKE RD, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$800,0006/2/2023
44B & 44C ARYHART LAKE RD, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$800,0006/2/2023
284 GRASSY RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$799,9995/1/2023
66 DARRELL DRAIN CRES, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$799,9995/1/2023
29 FIRE ROUTE 79B, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$799,9006/2/2023
1711 EAST ROAD LOOP, Maple Leaf, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$799,9006/1/2023
788 TRACEY'S HILL RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$799,9005/1/2023
788 TRACEY'S HILL Road, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$799,9005/1/2023
253 MUSKIE MILE LANE, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$799,9006/1/2023
13 HILLSIDE Drive, Smith-Ennismore, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$799,9006/8/2023
181 COUNTY ROAD 28, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$799,9006/2/2023
123 FIRE 70 RTE, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$799,9005/2/2023
123 FIRE 70 Route, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$799,9005/3/2023
65A PUFF BALL INN Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$799,9005/5/2023
29 FIRE ROUTE 79B, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$799,9006/2/2023
64 CEDARVIEW Drive, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$799,9006/6/2023
126 FIRE ROUTE 67, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$799,9005/17/2023
126 FIRE ROUTE 67, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$799,9005/17/2023
65A PUFF BALL INN RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$799,9005/23/2023
1158 PINE RIDGE RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$799,9006/1/2023
1158 PINE RIDGE Road, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$799,9006/1/2023
673 JOSEPH Street, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$799,9006/2/2023
6 WEST LANE, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$799,9006/1/2023
1005 COUNTY ROAD 6, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$799,9006/8/2023
6722 COUNTY ROAD 50 RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$799,9006/8/2023
1470 BIRCHVIEW RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$799,0006/1/2023
1470 BIRCHVIEW Road, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$799,0006/1/2023
801 HIGHWAY 127, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$799,0006/1/2023
1450 NORTHEY'S BAY Road, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$799,0005/2/2023
248 FIREROUTE 18 RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$799,0006/2/2023
7314 LOOP RD, Highlands East, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$799,0005/2/2023
133 FIRE ROUTE 214, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$799,0005/12/2023
401 HYBLA Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$799,0006/1/2023
105 FIRE ROUTE 25 RTE, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$799,0006/1/2023
1472 BIRCHVIEW Road, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$795,0006/2/2023
52 MILLPOND LANE, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$789,9006/8/2023
52 MILLPOND Lane, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$789,9006/8/2023
1118 HUMPHRIES LINE Road, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$789,0005/1/2023
66 EDENDERRY Line, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$779,9006/3/2023
33 MARYANN Lane, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$779,9005/1/2023
66 EDENDERRY Line, Peterborough, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$779,9006/3/2023
17 HALCOMB Lane, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$779,0006/7/2023
165 QUEEN ST, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$779,0005/17/2023
165 QUEEN Street, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$779,0005/17/2023
#185 -5193 COOK ST, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$779,0006/1/2023
78 LAKESHORE BLVD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$778,9006/2/2023
78 LAKESHORE Boulevard, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$778,9006/2/2023
347 WESLEMKOON LAKE, Addington Highlands, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$775,0006/1/2023
27 VANLUVEN Lane, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$775,0006/1/2023
203 COUNTY ROAD 28, Bailieboro, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$775,0006/2/2023
203 COUNTY ROAD 28, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$775,0006/2/2023
7 NOAH LANE, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$775,0006/1/2023
39 WINDMILL POINT Lane, South Algonquin, Ontario K0L1M1K0L$775,0006/1/2023
9144 COUNTY ROAD 503, Irondale, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$774,9006/5/2023
9 PEACE RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$769,9006/2/2023
9 PEACE Road, Reaboro, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$769,9006/2/2023
1230 OJIBWAY Road, Highland Grove, Ontario K0L2A0K0L$769,0006/1/2023
29 CONCESSION Street W, Warkworth, Ontario K0L3K0K0L$764,9006/8/2023
3174 BUCKHORN Road, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$759,9006/2/2023
5605 HIGHWAY 620, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$759,9006/1/2023
3174 BUCKHORN RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$759,9006/2/2023
22 RIVERSIDE Boulevard, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$759,9006/3/2023
8 BANCROFT RIDGE Drive, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$759,0006/1/2023
1193 COUNTY ROAD 28, Fraserville, Ontario K0L1V0K0L$750,0005/1/2023
1193 COUNTY RD #28 RD, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1V0K0L$750,0005/1/2023
5159 BOUNDARY RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$750,0005/1/2023
502 SOUTH BAPTISTE LAKE RD, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$750,0006/1/2023
264 12TH LINE RD DUMMER RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$749,9996/1/2023
264 DUMMER 12TH LINE Road, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$749,9996/1/2023
52 JACKSON RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$749,9006/1/2023
426 BRADLEY BAY RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$749,9006/1/2023
2974 ANTELOPE Trail, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$749,9006/2/2023
90 ALLEN'S RD, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$749,9005/2/2023
90 ALLEN'S Road, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$749,9005/2/2023
800 HUNTER Street, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$749,9006/1/2023
800 HUNTER ST, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$749,9006/1/2023
210 COUNTY ROAD 28, Cavan Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$749,9006/2/2023
210 COUNTY ROAD 28, Bailieboro, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$749,9006/2/2023
101 DARRELL DRAIN Crescent, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$749,9005/1/2023
101 DARRELL DRAIN CRES, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$749,9005/1/2023
829 WESLEMKOON Lake, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$749,9006/1/2023
356 ALBION LAKE Drive, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$749,9006/1/2023
356 ALBION LAKE DR, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$749,9006/1/2023
6 LORD'S Drive, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$749,9006/2/2023
3694 HIGHWAY 28, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$749,5006/2/2023
9 CHARLOTTE CRES, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$749,0006/2/2023
15 RABBIT TRAIL Road, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$749,0006/8/2023
13 NOAH LANE, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$749,0006/1/2023
9 CHARLOTTE Crescent, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$749,0006/2/2023
244 FRIENDLY ACRES Road, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$749,0005/12/2023
1234 PRESTON RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$749,0006/1/2023
#185 -5193 COOK RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$749,0006/6/2023
608 FREDERICK ST, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$748,8006/2/2023
608 FREDERICK Street, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$748,8006/2/2023
117 KING Road, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$739,0005/18/2023
15 WHITE HART LANE, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$737,0006/1/2023
15 WHITE HART LANE Lane, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$737,0006/1/2023
42 BANCROFT RIDGE DR, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$729,9006/1/2023
42 BANCROFT RIDGE Drive, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$729,9006/1/2023
4525 COUNTY ROAD 29, Douro, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$729,9006/6/2023
71 KEELER Court, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$729,9006/1/2023
35581 HIGHWAY 28, McArthurs Mills, Ontario K0L2M0K0L$729,0006/1/2023
1261 BIRCHVIEW RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$729,0006/2/2023
103 HULL'S RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$724,9006/1/2023
103 HULL'S Road, North Kawartha Twp, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$724,9006/2/2023
87 MIKOLLA RD, Marmora and Lake, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$724,5006/1/2023
1643 DOURO 1ST LINE RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$719,0005/26/2023
1643 DOURO 1ST Line, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$719,0005/26/2023
18 NOAH Lane, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$714,9005/17/2023
681 CEDARVALE Crescent, Peterborough, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$714,0006/2/2023
1319 UPPER PAUDASH LAKE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$700,0006/1/2023
156 BENTLEY LAKE Loop, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$699,9995/2/2023
1277 UPPER PAUDASH Road, Cardiff, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$699,9996/2/2023
726 OLD NORWOOD Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$699,9006/1/2023
771 DONOGHUE CRES, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$699,9005/1/2023
140 STEWART RD, Carlow/Mayo, Ontario K0L1G0K0L$699,9005/2/2023
10 NOAH LANE, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$699,9006/1/2023
10 NOAH Lane, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$699,9006/1/2023
4 SHAMROCK AVE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$699,9005/1/2023
4 SHAMROCK Avenue, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$699,9005/1/2023
78 FIRE ROUTE 15A RTE, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$699,9005/2/2023
800 DERBY Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$699,9005/1/2023
1238 BIRCHVIEW Road, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$699,9005/2/2023
0 FIRE ROUTE 267, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$699,9006/1/2023
1244 YOUNGS COVE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$699,9006/6/2023
1244 YOUNGS Cove, Smith-Ennismore, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$699,9006/6/2023
906 HIGHLAND Road, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$699,9006/8/2023
5 HARLEY Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$699,0006/1/2023
17 WHISPERING WATERS Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$699,0006/6/2023
2724 MINK LAKE Road, Lake St. Peter, Ontario K0L2K0K0L$699,0005/2/2023
338 STEENBURG LAKE RD N, Limerick, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$699,0006/2/2023
390 PERCY BOOM RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$699,0006/1/2023
5 HEALEY FALLS DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$699,0005/1/2023
5 SHAMROCK Avenue, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$699,0005/1/2023
1216 LAKE LORRAINE RD, Highlands East, Ontario K0L2Y0K0L$699,0006/2/2023
2724 MINK LAKE RD, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L2K0K0L$699,0005/2/2023
5 FIRE ROUTE 46, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$699,0005/20/2023
5 FIRE ROUTE 46 Route, Peterborough, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$699,0005/20/2023
390 PERCY BOOM Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$699,0006/1/2023
5203 VALLEYVIEW CRES, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$695,0006/6/2023
12 LORDS DRIVE, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$694,9005/1/2023
12 LORD'S DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$694,9005/1/2023
31 FIRE ROUTE 96, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$689,9006/2/2023
97 BIRCH POINT DRIVE, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$689,9006/1/2023
2648 DUMMER-ASPHODEL Road, Douro, Ontario K0L3A0K0L$689,9006/2/2023
2648 DUMMER-ASPHODEL RD, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L3A0K0L$689,9006/2/2023
97 BIRCH POINT DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$689,9006/1/2023
179 REGINA Bay, Weslemkoon, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$689,9006/1/2023
279 REGINA Bay, Weslemkoon, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$689,9006/1/2023
77 EMILY MANOR DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$689,9006/8/2023
77 EMILY MANOR Drive, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$689,9006/8/2023
6517 COUNTY ROAD 30, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$689,0006/1/2023
6517 COUNTY ROAD 30, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$689,0006/1/2023
26 LORD'S DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$689,0006/1/2023
40 GOLFVIEW Drive, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$689,0005/2/2023
26 LORDS Drive, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$689,0006/1/2023
1900 14TH LINE SMITH LINE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$679,9006/1/2023
1900 14TH Line, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$679,9006/1/2023
2108 HOWARD Drive, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$679,8885/2/2023
10 HILL DR, Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$679,0006/2/2023
10 HILL Drive, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$679,0006/2/2023
373 OLD L'AMABLE Road, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$679,0006/1/2023
46 FIRE ROUTE 3, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$678,9006/3/2023
252 QUEEN Street, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$675,0005/1/2023
1054 KULLY TR, Highlands East, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$675,0006/8/2023
486 BAKER RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$675,0006/1/2023
486 BAKER Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$675,0006/1/2023
3875 LOOP Road, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$674,9006/1/2023
4395 HIGHWAY 7, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$674,9005/5/2023
24 FR 58, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$674,9005/2/2023
24 FIRE ROUTE 58, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$674,9005/2/2023
26733 HIGHWAY 62 SOUTH, L'Amable, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$670,0006/2/2023
105 FORD Street, Warsaw, Ontario K0L3A0K0L$669,9006/2/2023
5799 COUNTY ROAD 30 Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$669,9006/1/2023
639 PENINSULA ROAD, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$669,0006/5/2023
31 MCLEAN Road, Maple Leaf, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$659,9005/10/2023
706 PERCY BOOM Road, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$659,9005/9/2023
72 APPLEWOOD DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$659,9006/1/2023
7005 HUNTER ST, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$659,0005/1/2023
16 SHERBOURNE Street S, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$659,0006/1/2023
7005 HUNTER Street, Hamilton Twp, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$659,0005/1/2023
480 COUNTY 48 Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$659,0006/8/2023
31603 HIGHWAY 28 E, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$659,0005/3/2023
667 FOLEY RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$654,9005/1/2023
667 FOLEY RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$654,9005/4/2023
69 QUARRY Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$650,0006/1/2023
6 & 14 WESLEMKOON LAKE Road, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$650,0006/2/2023
256 PERCY BOOM Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$650,0005/9/2023
49 FIRE ROUTE 96 RTE, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$650,0006/6/2023
49 FIRE ROUTE 96 Route, Havelock, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$650,0006/6/2023
75 COW ISLAND, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$649,9996/2/2023
16 KAWARTHA DRIVE, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$649,9006/2/2023
71 LUCERNE LAKE Drive, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$649,9005/18/2023
185 COUNTY ROAD 28, Cavan-Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$649,9006/1/2023
31 DEWART Lane, Indian River, Ontario K0L2B0K0L$649,9006/1/2023
71 LUCERNE LAKE DR, Faraday, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$649,9006/1/2023
9 CEDAR CIRCLE Unit# RR#2, Lakehurst, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$649,9006/2/2023
2548 BIRDS HALL Lane, Selwyn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$649,9004/27/2023
2548 BIRDS HILL Lane, Selwyn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$649,9006/2/2023
243 GLORY Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$649,9006/6/2023
34 QUEEN ST, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$649,9005/20/2023
2476 COUNTY RD 46 Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$649,5006/1/2023
1032 EAST COMMUNICATION RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$649,0006/2/2023
1032 EAST COMMUNICATION Road, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$649,0006/2/2023
173 BAY LAKE Road, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$649,0006/4/2023
1126 ANDERSON RD, Highlands East, Ontario K0L2Y0K0L$649,0006/6/2023
1126 ANDERSON Road, Tory Hill, Ontario K0L2Y0K0L$649,0006/6/2023
290 WESLEMKOON LAKE, Addington Highlands, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$649,0006/1/2023
1037 NORWALK Road, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$649,0006/1/2023
2099 WHITE LAKE RD W, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$647,9006/2/2023
2099 WHITE LAKE ROAD W, Douro, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$647,9006/2/2023
35 WHITE HART Lane, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$644,9006/1/2023
4 FRANCIS STREET, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$639,9006/2/2023
213 NORTH INDIAN RD, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$639,0006/2/2023
178 BURLEIGH Street, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$634,9006/8/2023
391 MT. NEBO RD, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$630,0005/12/2023
391 MT. NEBO Road, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$630,0005/12/2023
33 HONEYSUCKLE Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$629,9005/1/2023
33 HONEYSUCKLE RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$629,9005/1/2023
91 ISLAND 19A, Smith-Ennismore, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$629,9005/2/2023
1063 SERPENT MOUNDS Road, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$629,9005/3/2023
11 COWANS DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$629,9005/25/2023
11 COWANS Drive, Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$629,9005/25/2023
46 WILLIAM Street, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$629,9006/2/2023
58 STIMEARS LAKE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$629,0006/8/2023
205 MCLEAN Road, Maple Leaf, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$628,9006/1/2023
9 CONCESSION 12 W, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$625,0006/1/2023
9 CONCESSION 12 W, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$625,0006/1/2023
314 INDIAN Trail, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$624,9006/2/2023
314 INDIAN TR, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$624,9006/2/2023
249 KENNEDY Road, Boulter, Ontario K0L1G0K0L$620,0006/1/2023
#215 -5193 COOK RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$617,5006/2/2023
5193 COOK Road Unit# 215, Bewdley, Ontario K0L1E0K0L$617,5006/2/2023
55 SECOND Street, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$609,0006/1/2023
107 NELSON Drive, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$609,0006/1/2023
77 RIVER RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$600,0006/1/2023
1545 SOUTH BAPTISTE LAKE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$600,0006/1/2023
50 LONG ISLAND, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$600,0006/2/2023
50 LONG ISLAND, Bailieboro, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$600,0006/2/2023
246 HICKEY TR, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$599,9996/1/2023
1569 G WESLEMKOON LAKE Road, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$599,9995/2/2023
33 MCLEAN AVE, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$599,9996/1/2023
33 MCLEAN Avenue, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$599,9995/5/2023
33 MCLEAN Avenue, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$599,9996/1/2023
105 FRONT Street W, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$599,9996/6/2023
5 PINEWAY Court, Lakehurst, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$599,9906/2/2023
4395 HIGHWAY 7, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$599,9006/8/2023
32 MAPLE Avenue, Norwood, Ontario K0L1V0K0L$599,9006/1/2023
205 GLORY Road, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$599,9006/2/2023
205 GLORY RD, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$599,9006/7/2023
1569G WESLEMKOON LAKE RD, Limerick, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$599,9006/2/2023
3286 LAKEFIELD ROAD, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$599,9005/17/2023
711 PERCY BOOM Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$599,9006/1/2023
8 FIRE ROUTE 18B Route, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$599,9006/2/2023
8 FR 18B RTE, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$599,9006/2/2023
5 MAPLE AVE E, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$599,9006/8/2023
5 MAPLE Avenue E, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$599,9006/8/2023
3796 HIGHWAY 28, Young's Point, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$599,8006/2/2023
1011 SOPHIA Road, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$599,8006/1/2023
36 FRASER LAKE ROAD, Boulter, Ontario K0L1G0K0L$599,0006/2/2023
2988 LOOP Road, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$599,0006/2/2023
62 CENTENNIAL LANE, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L2Z0K0L$599,0006/1/2023
1387 STRAGGLE LAKE Drive, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$599,0005/2/2023
827 BRETHOUR RD, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$599,0006/1/2023
122 COW Island, Peterborough, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$599,0006/2/2023
122 COW ISLAND, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$599,0006/2/2023
320 MAPLE Lane, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$599,0006/2/2023
1496 ASPHODEL 7TH Line, Asphodel-Norwood Twp, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$599,0005/3/2023
1236 HEATHER GLEN ROAD, Norwood, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$599,0006/1/2023
1 PRINCESS Street, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$599,0006/1/2023
167 BROOKS Lane, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$599,0006/2/2023
167 BROOKS LANE, Wollaston, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$599,0006/2/2023
2540 COUNTY RD 44 Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$598,0005/10/2023
2540 COUNTY RD 44 RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$598,0005/10/2023
577 WESLEMKOON LAKE Road, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$595,0006/2/2023
1449 MAXWELL SETTLEMENT Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$590,0006/6/2023
210-212 MARKET ST, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$589,9995/1/2023
210-212 MARKET Street, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$589,9995/1/2023
210 MEYERS ISLAND Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$589,5005/1/2023
118 ALBERT Street W, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$589,0006/1/2023
118 ALBERT ST W, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$589,0006/1/2023
301B TERRYS Lane, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$585,0006/1/2023
2456 CRAFT POINT Lane, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$579,9996/2/2023
2456 CRAFT POINT LANE, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$579,9996/2/2023
8 FIRE ROUTE 27, Trent Lakes, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$579,9006/2/2023
229 CHEMAUSHGON Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$579,9005/2/2023
9 COLBOURNE Street, Smith-Ennismore, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$579,9006/2/2023
9 COLBOURNE ST, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$579,9006/2/2023
54 LAKE Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L2M0K0L$579,0005/25/2023
1831 SOUTH BAPTISTE LAKE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$575,0006/1/2023
1312 LORRAINE LAKE RD, Tory Hill, Ontario K0L2Y0K0L$575,0005/26/2023
26547 HIGHWAY 62 S, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$569,9006/7/2023
1084 SOUTH ALGONQUIN RD, Dysart et al, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$569,5006/1/2023
1084 ALGONQUIN Road, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$569,5006/1/2023
469 MADAWASKA Road, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$560,0006/2/2023
4167 LOOP ROAD, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$559,9006/1/2023
11 BRADSHAW Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$559,0006/1/2023
669 MYSTIC Crescent, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$559,0005/15/2023
669 MYSTIC CRES, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$559,0005/16/2023
52 COW ISLAND, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$555,0006/1/2023
691 ROBINSON RD, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$555,0006/7/2023
52 COW Island, Peterborough, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$555,0006/1/2023
188D GRANNY'S Lane, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$549,9986/3/2023
902 WESLEMKOON LAKE ROAD, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$549,9006/1/2023
4422 HIGHWAY 7, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$549,9006/2/2023
902 WESLEMKOON LAKE RD, Addington Highlands, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$549,9006/2/2023
2880 OLD BURLEIGH Road, Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$549,9005/15/2023
33 FIRE ROUTE 11, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$549,9006/1/2023
2595 NORTH SCHOOL RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$549,9006/1/2023
2595 NORTH SCHOOL Road, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$549,9006/1/2023
25412 HIGHWAY 62 SOUTH, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$549,9006/1/2023
765 ANSTRUTHER LAKE WAO, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$542,0005/2/2023
4012 HIGHWAY 28, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$539,9005/1/2023
1345 LOOP Road, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L2Y0K0L$537,0006/8/2023
191 PARK LANE, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$534,9505/1/2023
191 PARK LANE, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$534,9505/1/2023
58 QUEEN STREET, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$532,0006/1/2023
104 BALACLAVA Street, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$530,0005/1/2023
104 BALACLAVA ST, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$530,0005/1/2023
906 BRINKLOW RD, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$529,9006/2/2023
4 CEDARVIEW Drive, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$529,0005/3/2023
45 WOLLASTON LAKE Road, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$525,0006/2/2023
164 RUSAW Road, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$525,0006/1/2023
25 MAXWELL SETTLEMENT Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$525,0005/2/2023
659 6TH LINE BELMONT, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$525,0005/1/2023
25A REIDS Road, Madawaska, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$525,0005/20/2023
121 JULIAN LAKE RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L3E0K0L$524,9005/2/2023
121 JULIAN LAKE Road, Peterborough, Ontario K0L3E0K0L$524,9005/2/2023
90 WELLINGTON Street, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$524,9005/18/2023
33333 HIGHWAY 62, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$524,9006/6/2023
27891 HWY 28 SOUTH, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$515,0006/1/2023
203 CENTRE Street S, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$509,0006/1/2023
85 BURLEIGH Street, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$499,9996/2/2023
52 CLYDE STREET, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$499,9005/1/2023
52 CLYDE ST, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$499,9005/1/2023
89 SASKATOON AVENUE, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$499,9005/3/2023
28 COUNTY ROAD 40, Asphodel-Norwood Twp, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$499,9005/11/2023
41 MAXWELL SETTLEMENT Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,9005/2/2023
423 MAXWELL SETTLEMENT Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,9006/1/2023
898 CHURCH STREET, Warsaw, Ontario K0L3A0K0L$499,9005/1/2023
389 MALLARD LAKE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,9006/1/2023
709 COUNTY ROAD 38 RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$499,9005/1/2023
709 COUNTY RD 38, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$499,9005/1/2023
47 QUEEN ST W, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$499,9005/1/2023
47 QUEEN Street W, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$499,9005/1/2023
89 SASKATOON AVE S, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$499,9005/6/2023
73 RIDGE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,9005/3/2023
83 BAY ST E, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$499,9005/15/2023
83 BAY Street E, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$499,9005/15/2023
858 TARA Road, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$499,9006/1/2023
829 CHARLES Street, Bridgenorth, Ontario K0L1H0K0L$499,9006/2/2023
710 ROSE ISLAND Road, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$499,9006/8/2023
5129 WESLEMKOON LAKE Road, Gilmour, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$499,0005/2/2023
1033 LEGACY Road, Tory Hill, Ontario K0L2Y0K0L$499,0005/17/2023
## 295 -5679 ARROWHEAD RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$499,0006/2/2023
174 PARADISE LANDING, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$499,0006/1/2023
1207 ANSTRUTHER LAKE WAO, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$499,0006/2/2023
2787 LOOP Road, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$499,0006/1/2023
814 MUSCLOW-GRENVW RD N, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,0006/1/2023
814 MUSCLOW-GRENVW Road, Birds Creek, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,0005/18/2023
616B BRONSON Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,0005/12/2023
391 HANNAH RD, Hamilton Township, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$499,0006/2/2023
338 OLD WELSH Road, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,0005/18/2023
814 MUSCLOW-GREENVIEW Road, Birds Creek, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$499,0006/1/2023
1093 GRACE RIVER RD, Highlands East, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$499,0006/1/2023
85 BRIDGE Street S, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$495,0005/1/2023
85 BRIDGE ST S, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$495,0005/1/2023
1345 JEFFREY Road, Tory Hill, Ontario K0L2Y0K0L$490,0006/1/2023
41 OLD L'AMABLE Road, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$489,9006/1/2023
41 OLD L'AMABLE Road, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$489,9005/5/2023
1372 COUNTY ROAD 45, Hastings, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$489,9006/1/2023
1372 COUNTY ROAD 45, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$489,9006/1/2023
67 MATHISON ST E, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$489,8005/1/2023
1394 LITTLE STRAGGLE LAKE Drive, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$489,0005/9/2023
115 RIVER Road, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$485,0006/8/2023
6373 HIGHWAY 30, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$480,0006/1/2023
4272 HIGHWAY 7, Asphodel-Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$479,9005/1/2023
4272 HIGHWAY 7, Norwood, Ontario K0L2V0K0L$479,9005/1/2023
18 ONTARIO Street, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$479,9006/1/2023
29312 HIGHWAY 28 S, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$475,0006/1/2023
373 BEL TWP 3RD LINE, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$475,0005/9/2023
373 BEL TWP 3RD Line, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$475,0005/9/2023
37 PELLISSIER STREET, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$474,9005/5/2023
48 COUNTY ROAD 40, Asphodel-Norwood Twp, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$469,9006/1/2023
3 FOREST HILL Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$469,9006/1/2023
227 RUSSETT RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$469,9005/9/2023
227 RUSSETT Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$469,9005/9/2023
5550 HWY 620, Wollaston, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$469,0006/2/2023
23 KENEDON Drive, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L2W0K0L$469,0005/1/2023
80 FRANK Street, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$460,0005/11/2023
1649 CEDAR VALLEY Road, Fraserville, Ontario K0L1V0K0L$459,9005/1/2023
1649 CEDAR VALLEY RD, Cavan Monaghan, Ontario K0L1V0K0L$459,9005/1/2023
2886 AIRPORT Road W, Highland Grove, Ontario K0L2A0K0L$459,0006/1/2023
776 LOWER TURRIFF Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$450,0006/2/2023
16 MIRA Street, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$450,0006/1/2023
27455 HIGHWAY 62 S, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$449,9006/6/2023
1419 CLEMENT LAKE Road, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$449,9005/3/2023
5466 HIGHWAY 620 RD N, Wollaston, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$449,9005/2/2023
12 MEADOW Court, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$449,0006/1/2023
7686 HIGHWAY 620 E, Limerick, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$449,0006/1/2023
217 ROLLIES POINT Road, Curve Lake, Ontario K0L1R0K0L$449,0006/1/2023
217 ROLLIES POINT RD, Curve Lake First Nation 35, Ontario K0L1R0K0L$449,0006/1/2023
29496 HIGHWAY 62 N, Hastings Highlands, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$449,0006/1/2023
170 & 178 OLD L'AMBLE Road, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$448,9005/12/2023
170 & 178 OLD L'AMABLE Road, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2R0K0L$448,9006/1/2023
22 RANNEY Street N, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$445,0005/5/2023
679 UPPER TURRIFF Road, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$445,0006/1/2023
25879 ON-62, L'Amable, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$439,9006/2/2023
500 HASTINGS Street N, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$429,9005/2/2023
2679 WESTVIEW Road, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$429,9006/2/2023
30 PAUDASH SCHOOL ROAD, Faraday, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$429,0006/1/2023
202 QUEEN Street, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$429,0005/1/2023
202 QUEEN ST, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$429,0005/1/2023
1145 HAGEN Road, Highland Grove, Ontario K0L2A0K0L$425,0006/1/2023
1040 BILL MCLAREN Trail, Harcourt, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$425,0006/1/2023
86 SPRUCEDALE ST, Highlands East, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$425,0006/1/2023
3402 ISLAND 340, Buckhorn, Ontario K0L1J0K0L$425,0006/8/2023
93 OTTAWA Street E, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$425,0005/11/2023
78 BRIDGE Street E, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$425,0006/1/2023
1040 BILL MCLAREN TR, Dysart et al, Ontario K0L1X0K0L$425,0006/1/2023
661 CHURCH Street, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L2Z0K0L$425,0006/8/2023
2153 LOOP RD, Highlands East, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$419,9006/1/2023
5294 HIGHWAY 620, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$419,0006/2/2023
30281 B HIGHWAY 62 N, Birds Creek, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$409,9005/2/2023
22 CARD Road, Lake St. Peter, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$409,0006/1/2023
428 13 CONC, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1Y0K0L$400,0005/1/2023
92 LAKESIDE DR, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$399,9005/1/2023
132 NEWKIRK Boulevard, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$399,9006/1/2023
0 ISLAND 3, Selwyn, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$399,9006/2/2023
92 LAKESIDE Drive, Ennismore Township, Ontario K0L1T0K0L$399,9005/1/2023
486 WESLEMKOON LAKE RD, Tudor & Cashel, Ontario K0L1W0K0L$399,9006/2/2023
11 HILLCRESCENT DR, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$399,9005/1/2023
11 HILLCRESCENT Drive, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$399,9005/1/2023
1582 11TH LINE W, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$399,9005/1/2023
219 ROLLIES POINT Road, Curve Lake, Ontario K0L1R0K0L$399,9005/1/2023
0 ISLAND 3, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$399,9006/2/2023
1044 ESTATES Road, Highlands East, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$399,9005/5/2023
295 COUNTY ROAD 46, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$399,9006/1/2023
295 COUNTY ROAD 46 RD, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$399,9006/1/2023
54 ALBERT RD, Wollaston, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$399,9006/8/2023
419 ALBION LAKE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$399,8006/1/2023
310 ROBINSON LAKE Road, Limerick, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$399,5006/1/2023
5 MATHISON Street W, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Twp, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$399,0006/1/2023
18 OLD L'AMABLE RD, Bancroft, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$399,0006/1/2023
18 OLD L'AMABLE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L2L0K0L$399,0006/1/2023
3677 HIGHWAY 28, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K0L2H0K0L$399,0006/6/2023
25 IRETON Street, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$396,0005/9/2023
18 PINE RIDGE Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$390,0006/1/2023
54 LONG ISLAND, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$389,9006/2/2023
54 LONG ISLAND W, Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario K0L1B0K0L$389,9006/2/2023
1636 FORT STEWART Road, Carlow, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$389,0006/1/2023
112 MILL Street, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$385,0006/1/2023
28 GEORGE ST EAST, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$385,0006/1/2023
230B BETTY Lane, Coe Hill, Ontario K0L1P0K0L$379,9006/1/2023
11 COWE ST, Hiawatha First Nation, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$379,0006/1/2023
11 COWE Street, Keene, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$379,0006/1/2023
405 HIAWATHA Line, Keene, Ontario K0L2B0K0L$375,0006/2/2023
405 HIAWATHA LINE, Hiawatha First Nation, Ontario K0L2B0K0L$375,0006/2/2023
104 BRIDGE ST W, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$375,0006/1/2023
2276 COUNTY 620 RD, North Kawartha, Ontario K0L1A0K0L$369,9005/2/2023
12 SHERBOURNE Street N, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$359,9005/2/2023
950 COUNTY ROAD 38, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$350,0006/2/2023
152A JAMIESON Lane, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$350,0005/15/2023
950 COUNTY ROAD 38, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$350,0006/2/2023
8958 COUNTY RD 50, Havelock, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$349,9005/13/2023
8958 COUNTY RD 50, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, Ontario K0L1Z0K0L$349,9005/13/2023
15 CEDAR Road, Highlands East, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$349,9006/1/2023
66 BRIDGE Street E, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$349,9006/1/2023
15 MAGNOLIA RD, Highlands East, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$349,9006/6/2023
15 MAGNOLIA Street, Cardiff, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$349,9006/7/2023
3761 5TH LINE Line E, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$349,0005/14/2023
3761 5TH LINE E, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$349,0005/15/2023
19 GRAPHITE Road, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$335,0006/2/2023
3 LARCH Street, Cardiff, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$329,9006/8/2023
4991 COUNTY ROAD 30, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$325,0006/6/2023
15 LARCH STREET, Cardiff, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$319,9005/11/2023
214 RIVER RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$319,9005/1/2023
214 RIVER Road, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$319,9006/1/2023
934 COUNTY 38 RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$319,9006/1/2023
214 RIVER RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$319,9006/1/2023
4 ROLLIE'S BAY RD E, Curve Lake First Nation 35, Ontario K0L1R0K0L$314,9005/1/2023
59 HASTINGS Street S, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$299,9006/1/2023
2814 RIVER Avenue, Young's Point, Ontario K0L3G0K0L$299,9005/1/2023
737 HASS Road, Boulter, Ontario K0L1G0K0L$299,0005/18/2023
50 ROLLIES Bay, Curve Lake, Ontario K0L1R0K0L$299,0006/1/2023
226B PETERSON Road, Maynooth, Ontario K0L2S0K0L$298,9006/1/2023
10 EASTON AVENUE, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$297,0006/2/2023
2722 MONCK Road, Cardiff, Ontario K0L1M0K0L$259,0006/2/2023
2146 LOOP Road, Wilberforce, Ontario K0L3C0K0L$250,0005/18/2023
207 PAUDASH STREET, Hiawatha, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$249,9006/1/2023
64 ROLLIES POINT Road, Curve Lake, Ontario K0L1R0K0L$249,9006/6/2023
207 PAUDASH ST, Hiawatha First Nation, Ontario K0L2G0K0L$249,9006/1/2023
64 ROLLIES POINT RD, Curve Lake First Nation 35, Ontario K0L1R0K0L$249,9006/6/2023
2749 MUSCLOW-GREENVIEW Road, Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0K0L$239,9006/1/2023
928B COUNTY ROAD 38 RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$229,0006/1/2023
261 BROWNS Road, Boulter, Ontario K0L1G0K0L$225,9006/7/2023
345 VICTORIA Street, Campbellford, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$225,0006/8/2023
345 VICTORIA ST, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$225,0006/8/2023
7765A COUNTY ROAD 50 RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$224,9005/26/2023
7665A COUNTY ROAD 50 RD, Trent Hills, Ontario K0L1L0K0L$224,9006/1/2023
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